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Vince Martin and Fred Neil singles
In the late 50s and early 60s, both Vince and Fred put out half a dozen singles each. Too confusing to list here.
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Vince Martin 45s
Fred Neil 45s

Long Black Veil / Bottom Of The Glass
Dill-Wilkin (2:28) / Neil (2:45)
Capitol 5017, 5/63


Tear Down The Walls
Elektra EKS-7248
Back Cover

Side One
I Know You Rider arr Martin-Neil 3:12
Red Flowers Neil 2:37
Tear Down The Walls Neil 2:38
Weary Blues arr Martin-Neil 4:16
Toy Balloon Martin 1:53
Baby Neil 4:34
Side Two
Morning Dew Dobson 4:13
I'm A Drifter Edmonson 2:32
Linin' Track Neil 2:41
Wild Child In A World Of Trouble Neil 2:19
Dade County Jail Neil 3:04
I Got 'Em arr Martin-Neil 3:09
Lonesome Valley arr Martin-Neil 3:07
Fred Neil-guitar, vocals
Vince Martin-guitar, vocals
Felix Pappalardi-guitarron, bass
John Sebastian-harmonica
Produced by: Jac Holzman


Tear Down The Walls / I Know You Rider
Neil (2:38) / arr Martin-Neil (3:12)
Elektra EK-45008, 7/64


Bleecker & MacDougal
Elektra EKS-7293
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Bleecker & MacDougal Neil 2:14
Blues On The Ceiling Neil 2:22
Sweet Mama Neil 2:40
Little Bit Of Rain Neil 2:21
Country Boy Neil 2:26
Other Side Of This Life Neil 2:34
Mississippi Train Neil 2:16
Side Two
Travelin' Shoes Neil 2:15
The Water Is Wide Neil 4:16
Yonder Comes The Blues Neil 1:53
Candy Man Neil 2:28
Handful Of Gimme Neil 2:15
Gone Again Neil 3:15
Fred Neil-guitar, vocals
Pete Childs-dobro, guitar
John Sebastian-harmonica
Felix Pappalardi-bass
Douglas Hatelid-bass
Produced by: Paul Rothchild

Note: Reissued in 1970 as Little Bit Of Rain

Dolphins / Badi-Da
Neil (3:51) / Neil (3:35)
Capitol 5786, 11/66


Fred Neil
Capitol ST-2665
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Dolphins Neil 3:51
I've Got A Secret (Didn't We Shake Sugaree) Neil 4:35
That's The Bag I'm In Neil 3:33
Ba-De-Da Neil 3:35
Faretheewell (Fred's Tune) Neil 4:00
Side Two
Everybody's Talkin' Neil 2:58
Everything Happens Neil 2:17
Sweet Cocaine Neil 2:05
Green Rocky Road Neil 3:35
Cynicrustpetefredjohn Raga Neil 7:27
Fred Neil-guitar, vocals
Pete Childs-guitar
Cyrus Faryar-bouzouki, guitar
John Forsha-guitar
Jimmy Bond-bass
Billy Mundi-drums, percussion
Alan Wilson-harp
Produced by: Nick Venet

Note: Reissued in 1969 as Everybody's Talkin'

Dolphins³ / I've Got A Secret
Neil (2:36) / Neil (4:35)
Capitol 2047, 11/67


Capitol ST-2862
Back Cover

Side One
Felicity (Take 5) Neil 2:10
Please Send Me Someone To Love (Take 2) Neil 3:33
Merry-Go-Round (Take 1) Neil 5:40
Look Over Yonder (Take 1) Neil 8:00
Side Two
Fools Are A Long Time Comin' (Take 1) Metoyer-Neil 5:10
Looks Like Rain (Take 1/Take 2) Neil 7:10
Roll On Rosie (Take 1) Neil 8:20
Fred Neil-guitar, vocals
Cyrus Faryar-guitar
Peter Childs-guitar
Eric Hord-guitar
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Jimmy Bond-bass
Produced by: Nick Venet


Felicity / Please Send Me Someone To Love
Neil (2:11) / Neil (3:34)
Capitol 2091, 1/68

Everybody's Talkin (Echoes) / That's The Bag I'm In
Neil (2:58) / Neil (3:33)
Capitol 2256, 8/68

I Can't Escape From You / Summerwind
Williams (3:12) / Martin (3:45)
Capitol 2565, 7/69


If The Jasmine Don't Get You... The Bay Breeze Will
Capitol ST-231
Back Cover

Side One
Snow Shadows Martin 6:55
I Can't Escape From You Williams 3:12
Summerwind Martin 3:45
Danville Girl trad, arr Martin 4:31
Side Two
Yonder Comes The Sun Martin 8:07
Jasmine (If The Jasmine Don't Get You The Bay Breeze Will) Martin 13:07
Vince Martin-guitar, vocals
Charlie McCoy-guitar
Fred Carter, Jr-guitar
John Buck Wilkin-guitar
Lloyd Green Murray-pedal steel guitar
Henry Strzelecki-bass
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenneth Buttrey-drums
M Harman, Jr-drums
Produced by: Nickolas Venet

Note: Recorded in Nashville, with musicians who had just fininshed recording Dylan's Nashville Skyline

Everybody's Talkin' / Badi-Da
Neil (2:58) / Neil (3:35)
Capitol 2604, 8/69


Other Side Of This Life
Capitol SM-657
Back Cover

Alternate Cover

Alternate Back Cover

Side One
Introduction - 0:22
Other Side Of This Life Neil 2:43
Roll On Rosie Neil 3:45
Dolphins Neil 4:36
That's The Bag I'm In Neil 2:48
Sweet Cocaine Neil 3:13
Everybody's Talkin' Neil 3:35
Side Two
Come Back Baby Neil 2:33
Ba-De-Da Neil 2:48
Prettiest Train Neil 4:31
Ya Don't Miss Your Water Neil 2:32
Felicity Neil 1:34
Fred Neil-guitar, vocals
with (side one):
Monte Dunn-guitar
with (side two):
Dino Valente-guitar
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Vince Martin-guitar, vocal (Ba-De-Da)
Stephen Stills-guitar, vocal (Prettiest Train) [uncredited]
Gram Parsons-piano, vocal (Ya Don't Miss Your Water)
Les McCann-piano (Come Back Baby)
Jimmy Bond-bass
Harvey Brooks-bass
Billy Mundi-drums
Produced by: Howard Solomon

Note: Side one live at The Elephant, Woodstock, NY; side two outakes


The Bag I'm In H P Lovecraft (HP Lovecraft) 11/67
  Richie Havens (Richie Havens' Record) ?/69
  Buzzy Linhart (Music) 6/71
Blues On The Ceilin' Tim Hardin (This Is) 9/67
Country Boy and Bleeker Street H P Lovecraft (HP Lovecraft) 11/67
The Dolphins Judy Henske (45) [as Dolphins In The Sea] 3/67
  Dion (Dion) ?/68
  Linda Ronstadt (Hand Sown Home Grown) 3/69
  It's A Beautiful Day (Marrying Maiden) ?/70
The Dolphin The Youngbloods (Ride The Wind) 2/71
   Tim Buckley recorded Dolphins in London, 1968; released in 2004
Everybody's Talkin' Spanky & Our Gang (45) [as Echoes] 8/68
  Nilsson (Aerial Ballet) 8/68
Just A Little Bit Of Rain Judy Henske (Little Bit of Sunshine... Little Bit of Rain) ?/65
  The Stone Poneys (The Stone Poneys) 1/67
The Other Side Of This Life Judy Henske (Little Bit of Sunshine... Little Bit of Rain) ?/65
  The Lovin' Spoonful (Do You Believe in Magic?) 11/65
  The Animals (Animalism) 12/66
  The Youngbloods (The Youngbloods) 1/67
  Growing Concern (Growing Concern) ?/68
  Jefferson Airplane (Bless It's Pointed Little Head) 2/69
Tear Down The Walls Judy Collins (Judy Collins' Concert) 8/64
Wild Child (World of Trouble) Tom Rush (Tom Rush) ?/70


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