Jefferson Airplane
The Great! Society!! ♦ Hot Tuna ♦ Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship 

These first two singles are by Marty Balin, wannbe pop star:

Nobody But You / You Made Me Fall
Burgess (2:22) / Robertson (2:04)
Challenge 9146, 4/62

I Specialize In Love / You Are The One
Balin-Collis (1:58) / Fuller (?)
Challenge 9156, 7/62


Let's skip ahead a few years and a local group with a dynamic lead singer:

Someone To Love / Free Advice
Slick (2:01) / Slick (2:00)
North Beach 101, 2/66

as by The Great!! Society!!

Note: Early concerts at The Matrix were released in 1968. Group info is there.

It's No Secret / Runnin' 'Round This World
Balin (2:40) / Balin-Kantner (2:40)
RCA 8679, 2/66

Come Up The Years / Blues From An Airplane
Balin-Kantner (2:33) / Balin-Spence (2:13)
RCA Victor 8848, 5/66

Bringing Me Down / Let Me In
Balin-Kantner (2:25) / Balin-Kantner (2:55)
RCA Victor 8967, 9/66


Takes Off
RCA LSP-3584
9/15/66 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Blues From An Airplane Balin-Spence 2:10
Let Me In Balin-Kantner 2:55
Bringing Me Down Balin-Kantner 2:22
It's No Secret Balin 2:37
Tobacco Road Warnick 3:26
Runnin' 'Round This World Balin-Kantner 2:40
Side Two
Come Up The Years Balin-Kantner 2:30
Run Around Balin-Kantner 2:35
Let's Get Together Powers 3:32
Don't Slip Away Balin-Spence 2:31
Chauffeur Blues Melrose 2:25
And I Like It Balin-Kaukonen 3:16
Signe Toly Anderson-vocals (lead on Chauffeur Blues)
Marty Balin-guitar, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen-guitar, vocals
Paul Kantner-guitar, vocals
Jack Casady-bass
Skip Spence-drums
Produced by: Matthew Katz, Tommy Oliver

Note: There were several issues of this album. With and without Runnin' 'Round This World and censored/uncensored Let Me In and Run
. Check the Discogs link for more details. No UK release until 1971.

Skip Spence to Moby Grape, jazz drummer Lather joins
Grace Slick replaces baby-bearing, retiring Signe Anderson
My Best Friend / How Do You Feel³
Spence (2:59) / Mastin (2:33)
RCA Victor 9063, 1/67

"A Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In"(Jan 14, 1967)
Somebody To Love / She Has Funny Cars
Slick-Slick (2:54) / Balin-Kaukonen (3:03)
RCA Victor 9140, 2/67 BB


Surrealistic Pillow
RCA LSP-3766
2/67 BB RS500
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
She Has Funny Cars Balin-Kaukonen 3:03
Somebody To Love Slick-Slick 2:54
My Best Friend Spence 2:59
Today Balin-Kantner 2:57
Comin' Back To Me Balin 5:18
Side Two
3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds Balin 3:39
DCBA-25 Kantner 2:33
How Do You Feel? Mastin 3:26
Embryonic Journey(as if you didn't know: Jorma solo) Kaukonen 1:51
White Rabbit Slick 2:27
Plastic Fantastic Lover Balin 2:33
Grace [Slick]-piano, organ, recorder, vocals
Marty [Balin]-guitar, vocals
Jorma [Kaukonen]-lead & rhythm guitar, vocals
Paul [Kantner]-guitar, vocals
Jack [Casady]-bass, fuzz bass, rhythm guitar
Spencer [Dryden]-drums, percussion
Jerry Garcia-musical and spiritual adviser [uncredited guitar on Today, Comin' Back, and Plastic Fantastic (maybe)]
Produced by: Rick Jarrad

Note: The Brits hosed this album. See the blue note.

White Rabbit / Plastic Fantastic Lover
Slick (2:29) / Balin (2:35)
RCA Victor 9248, 6/67 BB

Magic Mountain Music Festival(June 10-11, 1967)
Monterey International Pop Festival(June 16-18, 1967)
Ballad Of You And Me And Pooneil² / Two Heads
Kantner (4:45) / Slick (3:10)
RCA Victor 9297, 8/67 BB

Watch Her Ride / Martha
Kantner (3:11) / Kantner (3:21)
RCA Victor 9389, 11/67 BB


After Bathing At Baxter's
RCA LSO-1511
11/27/67 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
   The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil Kantner 4:30
   A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, Shortly Dryden-Blackman-Thompson 1:42
   Young Girl Sunday Blues Balin-Kanter 3:29
The War Is Over    
   Martha Kantner 3:21
   Wild Tyme (H) Kantner 3:05
Hymn To An Older Generation    
   The Last Wall Of The Castle Kaukonen 2:46
   rejoyce Slick 4:00
Side Two
How Suite It Is    
   Watch Her Ride Kantner 3:11
   Spare Chaynge Casady-Dryden-Kaukonen 9:05
Shizoforest Love Suite    
   Two Heads Slick 3:10
   Won't You Try/Saturday Afternoon Kantner 5:01
Grace Slick-piano, organ, recorder, vocals
Marty Balin-guitar, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen-lead guitar, sitar, vocals
Paul Kantner-guitar, vocals
Jack Casady-bass
Spencer Dryden-drums, percussion, horn arrangement
Produced by: Al Schmitt  

Greasy Heart / Share alittle Joke (With The World)²
Slick (3:19) / Balin (3:08)
RCA Victor 9496, 3/68 BB

This great Greasy Heart Ad
Greasy Heart Ad

appeared in Rolling Stone #9 (4/27/68)

Conspicuous Only In Its Absence
Columbia CS-9624
3/68 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Sally, Go 'Round The Roses Sanders-Stevens 6:32
Didn't Think So Slick 3:23
Grimly Forming Vandergeler 3:54
Somebody To Love Slick-Slick 4:28
Side Two
Father Bruce Miner-Slick-Slick-Slick 3:31
Outlaw Blues Dylan 2:28
Often As I May Slick 3:43
Arbitration Vandergeler 4:59
White Rabbit Slick 6:15
Grace Slick-vocals
Darby Slick-lead guitar
David Miner-rhythm guitar
Peter Vandergelder-bass, flute, sax
Jerry Slick-drums

Note: Recorded at The Matrix, late 65

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(May 18-19, 1968)
Didn't Think So³ / Sally Go 'Round The Roses³
Slick (2:30) / Sanders-Stevens (2:18)
Columbia 4-44583, 8/68

as by Grace Slick And The Great Society, both are edited tracks from Conspicuous Only In Its Absence

 ➜ Live: 5/3-4, Fillmore East; released 1998: Live At The Fillmore East 

Life Magazine
The New Rock
June 28, 1968

click to go read the issue article by Zappa, lotssa bands, good issue
Newport [CA] Pop Festival(Aug 3-4, 1968)

How It Was
Columbia CS-9702
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Harmony Reissue Cover

with three Graces!
Side One
That's How It Is Miner 2:35
Darkly Smiling Slick 3:06
Nature Boy Ahbez 3:06
You Can't Cry Miner 3:13
Side Two
Daydream Nightmare Miner 4:30
Everybody Knows Slick 2:33
Born To Be Burned Slick-Slick 3:16
Father Miner-Slick-Slick-Slick 6:41
Grace Slick-vocals
Darby Slick-lead guitar
David Miner-rhythm guitar
Peter Vandergelder-bass, flute, sax
Jerry Slick-drums

Note: Recorded at The Matrix, late 65
Both albums re-released in 1971 as double album (Collector's Item From The San Francisco Scene)—see note 2 and a surprise in the last note.

Crown Of Creation
RCA LSP-4058
9/68 BB
Back Cover

Dog Poster

This is Robert Kennedy's dog (allegedly)
Poster Back

Side One
Lather Slick 2:55
In Time Balin-Kantner 4:07
Triad Crosby 4:54
Star Track Kaukonen 3:09
Share A Little Joke Balin 3:04
Chushingura Dryden 1:17
Side Two
If You Feel Balin-Blackman 3:30
Crown Of Creation Kantner 2:52
Ice Cream Phoenix Cockey-Kaukonen 2:59
Greasy Heart Slick 3:25
The House At Pooneil Corners Balin-Kantner 5:46
Grace Slick-piano, organ, vocals
Marty Balin-guitar, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen-guitar, electric chicken, vocals
Paul Kantner-guitar, vocals
Jack Casady-Yggdrasil bass
Spencer Dryden-piano, organ, drums, steel balls
Minority Groups:
Gary Blackmore-nose solo
Tim Davis-congas
Dan Woody-bongos
Charles Cockey-guitar, vocals
David Crosby-guitar
Bill Goodwin-talking drums
Gene Twombly-sound effects
Produced by: Al Schmitt

Note: Bomb photo: Hiroshima (courtesy USAF)

Crown Of Creation / Lather
Kantner (2:52) / Slick (2:55)
RCA Victor 9644, 10/68 BB

On Nov 19,
AP Wire Story

the group did something that The Beatles duplicated in Jan 69. Both groups got in some trouble (YouTube link)!
Monterey Pop(Dec 26, 1968)

Bless Its Pointed Little Head
RCA LSP-4133
2/69 BB
Back Cover


Poster Back

Side One
Clergy† - 1:32
3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds‡ Balin 4:37
Somebody To Love‡ Slick 3:46
Fat Angel† Leitch 7:29
Rock Me Baby‡ Traditional 7:40
Side Two
The Other Side Of This Life‡ Neil 6:35
It's No Secret‡ Balin 3:22
Plastic Fantastic Lover‡ Balin 3:40
Turn Out The Lights† Casady-Dryden-Kantner-Kaukonen-Slick :58
Bear Melt† Casady-Dryden-Kantner-Kaukonen-Slick 11:06
Grace Slick-keyboards, vocals
Marty Balin-guitar, bass (Fat Angel), vocals
Jorma Kaukonen-lead guitar, vocals
Paul Kantner-guitar, vocals
Jack Casady-bass, rhythm guitar (Fat Angel)
Spencer Dryden-drums
Bill Thompson-poster art
Produced by: Al Schmitt

Note: Recorded live at the †Fillmore East (11/28-30/68) and ‡Fillmore West (10/24-26/68)

Plastic Fantastic Lover / The Other Side Of This Life
Balin (3:40) / Neil (6:35)
RCA Victor 0150, 5/69

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival [69](May 23-25, 1969)
Atlantic City Pop Festival(August 1-3, 1969)
Woodstock Music & Art Fair(Aug 15-18, 1969)
TV Guide Program Listing

=WABC, New York (EST)
Dick Cavett Show: "Woodstock Hangover," Aug 19, 1969, ABC
Dick gets hip with Joni, C&S, and the Airplane right after the upstate mud-fest (see note below).

Note: (cont'd) Only time "m*therf*ck*r was said on TV It was taped the day before (Monday afternoon) and that's why Jimi was
excused). Joni sings "Chelsea" and Stills does "4+20" and they join the f*ck*rs at the end with "Somebody To Love." Classic TV!
Read about the show @ wiki or Dangerous Minds—your choice. 

Volunteers / We Can Be Together
Balin-Kantner (2:03) / Kantner (5:50)
RCA Victor 0245, 10/69 BB

Sesame Street: "Grace sings Jazz Numbers," in taped spots through the first season.
Denny Zeitlin composed the music. More details at: Muppet Wiki

RCA LSP-4238
11/69 BB RS500
Back Cover

Inside Cover

"Newspaper" Insert Front

"Newspaper" Insert Back—lyrics

Quadrophonic Cover

Side One
We Can Be Together† Kantner 5:50
Good Shepherd arr Kaukonen 4:22
The Farm Blackman-Kantner 2:55
Hey Fredrick† Slick 8:31
Side Two
Turn My Life Down Kaukonen 2:55
Wooden Ships† Crosby-Kantner-Stills 6:00
Eskimo Blue Day Kantner-Slick 6:31
A Song For All Seasons† Dryden 3:30
Meadowlands - 1:01
Volunteers† Balin-Kantner 2:03
Grace Slick-piano, organ, recorder, vocals
Marty Balin-percussion, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen-guitar, vocals
Paul Kantner-guitar, vocals
Jack Casady-bass
Spencer Dryden-drums
Nicky Hopkins-piano†
Stephen Stills-Hammond Organ (Turn My Life Down)
Jerry Garcia-Pedal steel guitar (The Farm)
David Crosby-music, sailboat (Wooden Ships)
Joey Covington-congas on (Turn My Life Down), chair on (Eskimo Blue Day)
Ace Of Cups: Mary Gannon, Marilyn Hunt, Diane Hursh, Denise Jewkes-vocals (The Farm and Turn My Life Down)
Produced by: Al Schmitt

Note: In 1973, RCA issued a quadrophonic release of Volunteers (see note for cover).
There are quite a few diferences in the recordings (check out Volunteers!).

 ➜ Live: 11/28-29, Fillmore East; released 2007: Sweeping Up The Spotlight 

Palm Beach Music and Art Festival(Nov 28-30, 1969)
Altamont Speedway Free Festival(Dec 6, 1969)
Spencer Dryden to New Riders of the Purple Sage, replaced by Joey Covington.
Marty Balin to wander and produce Grootna.
Woodstock(Mar 26, 1970)
Have You Seen The Saucers?¹ / Mexico¹
Kantner (3:37) / Slick (2:07)
RCA Victor 0343, 5/70


Hot Tuna
RCA LSP-4353
6/70 BB
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Hesitation Blues trad, arr Casady-Kaukonen 5:05
How Long Blues Carr 3:24
Uncle Sam Blues trad, arr Casady-Kaukonen 5:04
Don't You Leave Me Here Morton 2:50
Death Don't Have No Mercy Davis 6:10
Side Two
Know Your Rider trad, arr Casady-Kaukonen 3:59
Oh Lord, Search My Heart Davis 3:47
Winin' Boy Blues Morton 5:25
New Song (For the Morning) Kaukonen 4:55
Mann's Fate Kaukonen 5:20
Jorma Kaukonen-acoustic guitar, vocals
Jack Casady-bass
Willow Scarlett-harmonica
Produced by: Al Schmitt

Note: Recorded September 16 to 24, 1969, New Orleans House, Berkeley

Blows Against The Empire
RCA LSP-4448
11/70 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Mau Mau (Amerikon) Kantner-Slick-Covington 6:33
The Baby Tree Sorrels 1:42
Let's Go Together Kantner 4:11
A Child Is Coming Kantner-Slick-Crosby 6:15
Side Two
Blows Against The Empire
Sunrise Slick 1:54
Hijack Kantner-Slick-Balin-Blackman 8:18
Home Kantner-Sawyer-Nash :37
Have You Seen The Stars Tonite Kantner-Crosby 3:42
XM Kantner-Sawyer-Garcia-Hart 1:22
Starship Kantner-Slick-Balin-Blackman 7:07
Paul Kantner-guitar, vocals
Grace Slick-keyboards, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen-guitar
Jack Casady-bass
Joey Covington-drums, percussion
Phil Sawyer-guitar
Jerry Garcia-guitar, banjo
Peter Kaukonen-guitar
David Freiberg-violin, vocals
David Crosby-guitar, vocals
Graham Nash-percussion, vocals
Harvey Brooks-bass
Mickey Hart-drums
Bill Kreutzmann-drums
Produced by: Paul Kantner

Note: Thanks to Kurt Vonnegut, Robert A. Heinlein, Michael Cooney, Jean Genet, Mike Lipskin, Buckminster Fuller, Theodore Sturgeon,
A. A. Milne, John Lear and The Bear - James Boyd, thanks

Gimme Shelter(Dec 6, 1970)
Go Ride The Music: Winter 71, NET
The Airplane and Quicksilver (studio and live) perform for NET's Fanfare series.

First Pull Up, Then Pull Down
RCA Victor LSP-4550
6/71 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Side One
John's Other Creach 8:12
Candy Man Davis 5:44
Been So Long Kaukonen 3:42
Want You To Know Carter 4:23
Side Two
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning Davis 8:08
Never Happen No More Blind Blake 3:47
Come Back Baby Hopkins 9:28
Jorma Kaukonen-guitar, vocals
Jack Casady-bass
Papa John Creach-violin
Willow Scarlett-harmonica
Sammy Piazza-drums
Produced by: Al Schmitt

Note: recorded April, 1971 at Chateau Liberté, Los Gatos, California

Been So Long¹ / Candy Man³
Kaukonen (3:42) / Davis (3:59)
RCA Victor 0528, 9/71

Been So Long is a studio recording, although the label states live recording

Grunt FTR-1001
9/71 BB
Back Cover

Bark came in this bag

Back of bag

Bag opened

Poster Front

Poster Back

Side One
When The Earth Moves Again Kantner 3:51
Feel So Good Kaukonen 4:35
Crazy Miranda Slick 3:21
Pretty As You Feel Casady-Covington-Kaukonen 4:25
Wild Turkey Kaukonen 4:35
Side Two
Lawman Slick 2:40
Rock & Roll Island Kantner 3:40
Third Week In The Chelsea Kaukonen 4:40
Never Argue With A German If You're Tired Or European Song Slick 4:31
Thunk Covington 2:57
War Movie Kantner 4:41
Grace Slick-keyboards, vocals
Paul Kantner-guitar, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen-guitar, vocals
Jack Casady-bass
Joey Covington-drums, vocals
Papa John Creach-violin (When The Earth Moves Again, Pretty As You Feel, Wild Turkey)
Bill Lander-vocals (War Movie)
Carlos Santana [uncredited]-lead guitar (Pretty As You Feel)
Michael Shrieve [uncredited]-drums (Pretty As You Feel)
Will Scarlett [uncredited]- harmonica (Third Week in the Chelsea)
Produced by: Jefferson Airplane

Note: One of the more elaborate packages: LP came in brown bag (with credits on reverse), regular LP jacket, and doubled-sided poster
Too bad the music wasn't as neat!

Pretty As You Feel³ / Wild Turkey
Covington-Casady-Kaukonen (3:07) / Kaukonen (4:43)
Grunt 65-0500, 10/71 BB

Sunfighter / China
Kantner (3:50) / Slick (3:13)
Grunt 65-0503, 11/71

A-side as by Paul Kantner With The Edwin Hawkins Singers; B-side as by Grace Slick

Paul Kantner & Grace Slick
Grunt FTR-1002
11/71 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Booklet (sample)

Side One
Silver Spoon Slick 5:40
Diana - Part 1 Kantner-Slick 0:52
Sunfighter Kantner 3:50
Titanic Sawyer 2:25
Look At The Wood Kantner-Slick 2:08
When I Was A Boy I Watched The Wolves Kantner-Slick 4:59
Side Two
Million Kantner 4:02
China Slick 3:17
Earth Mother Traylor 3:16
Diana - Part 2 Kantner-Slick 1:01
Universal Copernican Mumbles Gleeson-Kantner-Vierra 2:03
Holding Together Kantner-Slick 7:40
Paul Kantner-vocals, rhythm guitar
Grace Slick-vocals, piano
Craig Chaquico-lead guitar (Earth Mother)
Jorma Kaukonen-lead guitar (Look at the Wood)
Jack Taylor-guitar, vocals (Earth Mother)
Jerry Garcia-guitar (When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves, Million, and Holding Together)
Peter Kaukonen-guitar (Sunfighter), mandolin (When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves)
Papa John Creach-electric violin (Silver Spoon, Earth Mother)
Bill Laudner-vocals (Million)
Jack Casady-bass (Silver Spoon, China)
Spencer Dryden-drums (Earth Mother)
Shelley Silverman-drums (When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves)
Joey Covington-drums (Silver Spoon, Sunfighter, China, and Holding Together)
Chris Wing-drums (China)
David Crosby-vocals
Graham Nash-Arp, vocals
Pat Gleeson-moog, piano
John Vierra-synthesizer, keyboards
Phill Sawyer-sound effects (Titanic)
Edwin Hawkins Singers-vocals (Sunfighter)
Steven Schuster-flute, sax, horn arrangements (Sunfighter, China)
Tower of Power-horns (Sunfighter, China)
Produced by: Paul Kantner & Grace Slick

Note: Album came with 16-page booklet


Good Stuff From 2400 Fulton

Here's a goody that was quite welcome in '74. Previously unissued tracks from the early days with Signe to a track done for Bark (Up Or Down). Plus three hard-to-find single tracks. All choice quality stuff, hand-picked by Bill Thompson, their long-time manager.

Of special note are three songs recorded for Pillow, but lay unheard until now. Go To Her was reprised from an early Signe sung version. J P P and Morning are the other two.

Early Flight
Grunt CYL1-0437
2/74 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
High Flying Bird Wheeler 2:30
Runnin' Round This World(non-LP 45) Balin-Kantner 2:21
It's Alright Kantner-Spence 2:15
In The Morning Kaukonen 6:25
J P P McStep B Blues Spence 2:48
Side Two
Go To Her Estes-Kantner 3:58
Up Or Down P Kaukonen 6:18
Mexico(non-LP 45) Slick 2:05
Have You Seen The Saucers?(non-LP 45) Kantner 3:37
Signe Toly Anderson-vocals (first three tracks only)
Grace Slick-vocals (rest of album)
Marty Balin-guitar, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen-lead guitar, vocals
Paul Kantner-rhythm guitar, vocals
Jack Casady-bass
Skip Spence-drums (first three tracks only)
Spencer Dryden-drums (except where the other guys play)
Joey Covington-drums (Up Or Down), percussion (Have You Seen the Saucers?)
Jerry Garcia-guitar (In The Morning and J P P McStep B Blues)
John Paul Hammond-harmonica (In The Morning)
Produced by: original producers, Jafferson Airplane

Note: P Kaukonen is Jorma's brother, Peter


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