Judy Collins

Maid Of Constant Sorrow
Elektra EKL-209
Back Cover

Side One
Maid Of Constant Sorrow arr Collins 2:35
The Prickilie Bush arr Collins 3:25
Wild Mountain Thyme arr Collins 2:30
Tim Evans MacColl 2:51
Sailor's Life arr Collins 2:41
Bold Fenian Man arr Collins 2:44
Side Two
Wars Of Germany arr Collins 3:10
O Daddy Be Gay arr Collins 2:34
I Know Where I'm Going arr Collins 1:50
John Riley arr Collins 3:30
Pretty Saro arr Collins 3:03
The Rising of the Moon arr Collins 4:07
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Erik Darling-banjo
Fred Hellerman-guitar
Produced by: Jac Holzman


Golden Apples Of The Sun
Elektra EKL-222
Back Cover

Side One
Golden Apples Of The Sun Yeats-Collins 3:55
Bonnie Ship The Diamond arr Raim 2:19
Little Brown Dog arr Collins 3:12
Twelve Gates To The City arr Raim 3:17
Christ Child Lullaby arr Collins 2:55
Great Selchie Of Shule Skerry (Child #113) arr Collins 5:03
Side Two
Tell Me Who I'll Marry arr Raim 3:46
Fannerio arr Collins 3:05
Crow On The Cradle Carter 3:25
Lark In The Morning arr Collins 0:56
Sing Hallelujah Settle 2:39
Shule Aroon arr Collins 3:17
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Bill Lee-bass
Walter Raim-guitar, banjo
Produced by: Jac Holzman


Elektra EKS-7243
3/63 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Anathea† Wood-Roth 4:00
Bullgine Run arr McGuinn 2:05
Farewell† Dylan 3:25
Hey, Nelly Nelly Silverstein-Friedman 2:46
Ten O'Clock All Is Well† Camp-Gibson 3:43
The Dove† MacColl 2:12
Masters Of War† Dylan 3:21
Side Two
In The Hills Of Shiloh† Silverstein-Friedman 3:35
The Bells Of Rhymney Davies-Seeger 4:04
Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)† Guthrie-Hoffman 4:35
Settle Down† Settle 2:21
Come Away Melinda† Minkoff-Hellerman 2:45
Turn! Turn! Turn! / To Everything There Is A Season† Ecclesiastes-Seeger 3:35
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Jim McGuinn-guitar, banjo, arranger†
Walter Raim-banjo, guitar
Bill Takas-bass
Produced by: Jac Holzman, Mark Abramson


Turn! Turn! Turn! / Farewell
Ecclesiastes-Seeger (2:54) / Dylan (2:37)
Elektra 45008, ?/64

promo issue only?

Judy Collins' Concert
Elektra EKS-7280
Back Cover

Side One
Winter Sky Wheeler 3:44
The Last Thing On My Mind Paxton 3:25
Tear Down The Walls Neil 2:18
Bonnie Boy Is Young Trad. 4:11
Me And My Uncle Phillips 2:46
Wild Rippling Water Trad. 3:23
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll Dylan 5:28
Side Two
My Ramblin' Boy Paxton 4:58
Red-Winged Blackbird Wheeler 2:15
Coal Tattoo Wheeler 2:48
Cruel Mother Trad 5:43
Bottle Of Wine Paxton 2:23
Medgar Evers Lullaby Weissman 3:35
Hey, Nelly, Nelly Silverstein-Friedman 2:59
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Steve Mandell-banjo, guitar
Chuck Israels-bass, cello
Produced by: Mark Abramson

Note: Recorded 3/21/64 at Town Hall in New York

Fifth Album
Elektra EKS-7300
9/65 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Pack Up Your Sorrows‡ Fariņa-Marden 3:10
The Coming Of The Roads Wheeler 3:31
So Early, Early In The Spring Traditional 3:04
Tomorrow Is A Long Time Dylan 4:04
Daddy You've Been On My Mind Dylan 2:52
Thirsty Boots† Andersen 4:57
Side Two
Mr Tambourine Man Dylan 5:20
Lord Gregory Traditional 3:28
In the Heat Of The Summer Ochs 3:21
Early Morning Rain Lightfoot 3:10
Carry It On‡ Turner 2:44
It Isn't Nice Dane-Reynolds 2:58
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Eric Weissberg-guitar, vocals
Danny Kalb-guitar
John Sebastian-harmonica†
Chuck Israels-bass
Bill Takas-bass
Bill Lee-bass
Richard Fariņa-dulcimer‡
Jerry Dodgion-flute
Bob Sylvester-cello
Produced by: Jac Holzman, Mark Abramson

Note: It Isn't Nice recorded live at Town Hall, March 21, 1964

I'll Keep It With Mine¹ / Thirsty Boots³
Dylan (2:57) / Andersen (2:55)
Elektra 45601, 11/65

Yup, that's Al Kooper's swirling Hammond organ
Hard Lovin' Loser / I Think It's Going To Rain Today
Fariņa (2:37) / Newman (2:46)
Elektra 45610, 11/66 BB


In My Life
Elektra EKS-7320
11/66 BB
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues* Dylan 5:03
Hard Lovin' Loser* Fariņa 2:37
Pirate Jenny* Blitzstein-Brecht-Weill 4:02
Suzanne Cohen 4:21
La Colombe Brel-Clayre 5:03
Side Two
   Homage To Marat; People's Reaction; Marat We're
   Poor; Four Years He Fought; Poor Old Marat
Weiss-Mitchell-Peaslee 5:33
I Think It's Going To Rain Today* Newman 2:46
Sunny Goodge Street* Leitch 2:55
Liverpool Lullaby Kelly 2:57
Dress Rehearsal Rag* Cohen 5:19
In My Life Lennon-McCartney 2:53
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joshua Rifkin-arranger*
Produced by: Mark Abramson



Elektra EKS-74012
11/67 BB
Back Cover

From Rolling Stone #2: an ad and a brief

Side One
Michael From Mountains Mitchell 3:10
Since You've Asked Collins 2:34
Sisters Of Mercy Cohen 2:31
Priests Cohen 4:55
A Ballata Of Francesco Landini-Lasso! Di Donna Landini 4:34
Side Two
Both Sides Now Mitchell 3:14
La Chanson De Vieux Amants (The Song Of Old Lovers) Brel 4:40
Sky Fell Collins 1:47
Albatross Collins 4:51
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye Cohen 3:28
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joshua Rifkin-arranger
Produced by: Mark Abramson


Both Sides Now / Who Knows Where The Time Goes¹
Mitchell (3:14) / Denny (4:20)
Elektra 45639, 10/68 BB

acoustic version of Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Elektra EKS-74033
11/68 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Hello, Hooray Kempf 4:07
Story Of Isaac Cohen 3:30
My Father Collins 4:55
Someday Soon Tyson 3:43
Who Knows Where The Time Goes Denny 4:20
Side Two
Poor Immigrant Dylan 4:04
First Boy I Loved Williamson 6:29
Bird On A Wire Cohen 4:37
Pretty Polly arr Collins-Sahl 5:47
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Stephen Stills-guitar, bass
James Burton-dobro, guitar
Buddy Emmons-steel guitar
Michael Sahl-organ, piano, harpsichord
Mike Melvoin-keyboards
Van Dyke Parks-piano
Chris Ethridge-bass
Jim Gordon-percussion, drums
Produced by: David Anderle


Someday Soon / My Father
Tyson (3:43) / Collins (4:55)
Elektra 45649, 1/69 BB

Chelsea Morning¹ / Pretty Polly
Mitchell (3:15) / arr Collins-Sahl (5:40)
Elektra 45657, 6/69 BB

Recorded for the Who Knows album, didn't make the cut—that's Stephen pickin'
Turn! Turn! Turn! To Everything There Is A Season / Pack Up Your Sorrows
Ecclesiastes-Seeger (3:35) / Farina-Marden (3:10)
Elektra 45680, 11/69 BB


Whales & Nightingales
Elektra EKS-75010
11/12/70 BB
Back Cover



Side One
Song For David Baez 3:25
Sons Of Brel-Jouannest-Blau-Shuman 2:21
The Patriot Game Behan 4:05
Prothalamium Sahl-Kramer 1:37
Oh, Had I A Golden Thread Seeger 3:55
Gene's Song arr Murrow 1:23
Farewell To Tarwathie arr Collins 5:13
Side Two
Time Passes Slowly Dylan 3:30
Marieke Brel-Jouannest 3:12
Nightingale I Collins 2:14
Nightingale II Collins-Rifkin 5:16
Simple Gifts arr Collins 1:28
Amazing Grace arr Collins 4:04
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Richard Bell-guitar, piano
David Rea-guitar
David Grisman-keyboards
Paul Harris-keyboards
Gene Taylor-bass
Bill Lee-bass
Sue Evans-percussion, drums
Paul Prestopino
Warren Smith
Greg Thomas
Gene Murrow
Jerry Mathews
Joshua Rifkin-arranger, conductor
Produced by: Mark Abramson

Note: Humpback Whales courtesy of Roger Payne and The New York Zoological Society

Amazing Grace / Nightingale I
arr Collins (4:04) / Collins (2:14)
Elektra 45709, 12/70 BB


Elektra EKS-75014
11/2/71 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Insert Side One

Insert Side Two

Side One
Joan Of Arc Cohen 5:55
Four Strong Winds Tyson 3:45
Vietnam Love Song Bentley-Black 3:56
Innisfree Camp-Yeats 3:16
Song For Judith (Open The Door) Collins 4:05
Side Two
All Things Are Quite Silent arr Collins 2:47
Easy Times Collins-Keach 3:25
Chelsea Morning Mitchell 3:15
Blue Raincoat Cohen 5:34
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Dylan 6:45
Judy Collins-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Ry Cooder-guitar (solo on Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues)
Richard Bell-guitar, piano
Gene Taylor-bass
Sue Evans-percussion, drums
Choir: Paul Johnson, John Cooke, Nancy Carlen, Fritz Richmond,
Bob Zachary, Randy Nauert, Glenda Bickel, Tom Carvey,
Vanessa Chartoff, Jolin Cooke
Produced by: Mark Abramson

Note: Recorded during Judy's 1970 tour

Open The Door (Song For Judith) / Innisfree
Collins (4:05) / Camp-Yeats (3:20)
Elektra 45755, 11/71 BB



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