Linda Ronstadt
The Stone Poneys

The Stone Poneys
Capitol ST-2666
1/30/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Reissue Back Cover

Side One
Sweet Summer Blue And Gold Edwards-Kimmel 2:18
If I Were You Edwards-Kimmel 1:58
Just A Little Bit Of Rain Neil 2:20
Bicycle Song (Soon New) Edwards-Kimmel 1:53
Orion Campbell 3:20
Wild About My Lovin' Traditional 3:50
Side Two
Back Home Edwards 2:00
Meredith (On My Mind) Edwards-Kimmel 2:10
Train And The River Edwards-Kimmel 2:20
All The Beautiful Things Edwards-Kimmel 1:55
2:10 Train Albertano-Campbell 3:20
Linda Ronstadt-vocals, finger cymbals
Kenny Edwards-guitar, vocals
Bob Kimmel-guitar, vocals
John Forsha-guitar
Cyrus Faryar-bouzouki, guitar
Pete Childs-guitar
James Bond-bass
Billy Mundi-drums
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Nick Venet

Note: In 1975, after the massive success of Heart Like A Wheel, Capitol reskinned the first album to make a few bucks (see last 2 notes).
The reissue managed #172 on Billboard's Album Chart (6/28/75).

Sweet Summer Blue And Gold / All The Beautiful Things
Edwards-Kimmel (2:30) / Edwards-Kimmel (1:55)
Capitol 5868, 1/67

One For One / Evergreen, Pt 1
DeLone-Silverman (2:55) / Kimmel (3:10)
Capitol 5910, 6/67


Evergreen Volume 2
Capitol ST-2763
6/12/67 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
December Dream Braheny 3:30
Song About The Rain Gillette 2:40
Autumn Afternoon Kimmel 2:35
I've Got To Know Polland 2:38
Evergreen Part One Kimmel 3:10
Evergreen Part Two Edwards-Kimmel 3:33
Side Two
Different Drum Nesmith 2:45
Driftin' Kimmel 2:30
One For One DeLone-Silverman 2:50
Back On The Street Again Gillette 1:50
Toys Of Time Kimmel 1:50
New Hard Times Smith 3:00
Linda Ronstadt-vocals
Kenny Edwards-guitar, sitar, vocals (Evergreen Part One)
Bob Kimmel-guitar
Pete Childs-guitar
Stephen Gillette-guitar, vocals (Back On The Street Again)
Dennis Budimir-guitar
Bernie Leadon-guitar (Different Drum)
James Bond-bass
Joe Osborne-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
Don Randi-harpsichord
Harry Hyams, Norman Botnick, Jesse Ehrlich, William Kurasch-viola, cello
Sid Sharp, Robert Sushel, Stanley Plummer, Leonard Malarsky-violin
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Nick Venet


Different Drum³ / I've Got To Know
Nesmith (2:35) / Polland (2:38)
Capitol 2004, 10/67 T20

as by Stone Poneys Featuring Linda Ronstadt; harpsichord solo edited (now standard issue)
So Fine¹ / Everybody Has Their Own Ideas¹
Otis (2:17) / Kimmel (2:27)
Sidewalk 937, 12/67

1965 recordings to capitalize on Different Drum, withdrawn

What did Linda Ronstadt and The Turtles do for the holidays one year ?? 

Up To My Neck In High Muddy Water / Carnival Bear¹
Herald-Wakefield-Yellin (2:30) / Howard (2:56)
Capitol 2110, 2/68 BB

as by Linda Ronstadt & The Stone Poneys

Linda Ronstadt, Stone Poneys & Friends: Volume 3
Capitol ST-2863
4/29/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
   Golden Song
   Love Is A Child
By The Fruits Of Their Labors Edwards-Kimmel 2:05
Hobo Buckley 3:00
A Star And A Stone Edwards-Kimmel 3:33
Let's Get Together Powers 3:10
Side Two
Up To My Neck In High Muddy Water Herald-Wakefield-Yellin 2:35
Aren't You The One Buckley 2:30
Wings Buckley 3:00
Some Of Shelly's Blues Nesmith 2:10
Stoney End Nyro 3:35
Linda Ronstadt-vocals
Kenny Edwards-guitar (quit during recording sessions)
Bob Kimmel-guitar
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Nick Venet


Linda to solo career, Kenny to session work (some with Linda)/producing,
and Bob started a concert series at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica.
Some of Shelly's Blues / Hobo (Mornin' Glory)
Nesmith (2:10) / Buckley (3:00)
Capitol 2195, 5/68

as by Stone Poneys Featuring Linda Ronstadt

Hand Sown... Home Grown
Capitol ST-208
3/17/69 [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Hand Sown
Baby You've Been On My Mind Dylan 2:31
Silver Threads And Golden Needles Reynolds-Rhodes 2:19
Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad Newman 2:41
A Number And A Name Campbell-Gillette 3:03
Only Mama That'll Walk The Line Bryant 2:28
The Long Way Around Edwards 2:17
Home Grown
Break My Mind Loudermilk 2:52
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Dylan 3:43
It's About Time Douglas 3:05
We Need A Lot More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock & Roll) Raney 2:30
The Dolphins Neil 4:21
Linda Ronstadt-vocals
with [uncredited on album]:
Ken Edwards-acoustic guitar
Pete Childs-acoustic guitar
Bob Kimmel-acoustic guitar
Cyrus Faryar-acoustic guitar, bouzouki
Clarence White-electric guitar
Red Rhodes-pedal steel guitar
John Forsha-acoustic & electric guitar
Larry Knechtel-keyboards
James Bond, Jr-bass
Billy Mundi-drums
§Cover Photo-Ed Caraeff
Produced by: Chip Douglas


The Long Way Around / The Dolphins
Edwards (2:17) / Neil (4:21)
Capitol 2438, 3/70


Silk Purse
Capitol ST-407
4/13/70 BB [UK: 9/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Lovesick Blues Friend-Mills 2:00
Are My Thoughts With You? Newbury 2:47
Will You Love Me Tomorrow Goffin-King 2:20
Nobody's White 2:50
Louise Siebel 3:22
Side Two
Long, Long Time White 4:18
Mental Revenge Tillis 2:40
I'm Leaving It All Up to You Harris-Terry 2:15
He Dark The Sun Clark-Leadon 2:31
Life Is Like A Mountain Railway arr Mazer-Ronstadt 3:23

Note: Recorded in Nashville

Linda Ronstadt-vocals
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenny Buttrey-drums
Gary White-vocal (Louise)
The Beechwood Rangers-accompaniment (Life Is Like A Mountain Railway)
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Elliot Mazer


Will You Love Me Tomorrow? / Lovesick Blues
Goffin-King (2:20) / Friend-Mills (2:00)
Capitol 2767, 3/70

Long Long Time³ / Nobodys
White (2:59) / White (2:50)
Capitol 2846, 6/70 BB

7th Big Sur Folk Festival(10/3/70) Linda with Swamp Water
(She's A) Very Lovely Woman¹ / The Long Way Around
Rhodes (2:56) / Edwards (2:17)
Capitol 3021, 12/70 BB

I Fall To Pieces / Can It Be True¹
Cochran-Howard (3:06) / Karlin-Kymry (2:26)
Capitol 3210, 10/71

A-side recorded live at The Troubador; B-side from movie The Marriage Of A Young Stockbroker


Best Contractual Obligation Album Ever

When Linda went solo, success was tough to achieve. One more excellent (but poor selling) album followed Silk Purse. She then signed with David Geffen's Asylum Records in 1973, but owed Capitol one more record.

And what a record it was. A #1 album and a #1 hit single. You're No Good is THE break-up song (first recorded by Dee Dee Warwick).

Heart Like A Wheel
Capitol ST-11358
11/11/74  #1  [UK: 1/75]
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve Front

Inner Sleeve Back

Side One
You're No Good Ballard 3:40
It Doesn't Matter Anymore Anka 3:26
Faithless Love Souther 3:13
Dark End Of The Street Moman-Pennington 3:55
Heart Like A Wheel McGarrigle 3:08
Side Two
When Will I Be Loved Everly 2:52
Willing George 3:01
I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) Williams 2:44
Keep Me From Blowing Away Craft 3:10
You Can Close Your Eyes Taylor 3:10
Linda Ronstadt-vocals
Andrew Gold-guitar, ukulele, piano
Bob Warford-guitar
John David Souther-acoustic guitar, harmony vocals (Faithless Love)
Eddie Black, Glenn Frey, John Boylan, John Starling, Paul Craft-guitar
Danny Pendleton-steel guitar (Keep Me From Blowing Away)
Herb Pedersen-banjo (Faithless Love)
Chris Ethridge, Emory Gordy, Tom Guidera, Tim Schmit-bass
Dennis St John, Russ Kunkel, Lloyd Myers, Don Henley-drums
Peter Asher-percussion, cowbell, backing vocals
Richard Feves-double bass (Heart Like A Wheel)
Dennis Karmazyn-cello (Heart Like A Wheel)
David Campbell-viola (Heart Like A Wheel)
Maria Muldaur-harmony vocals (Heart Like A Wheel)
Emmy Lou Harris-harmony vocals (I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You))
Clydie King, Shirley Matthews, Wendy Waldman, Cissy Houston, Joyce Nesbitt, Herb Pedersen-backing vocals
§Cover Photo-Len Correa
Produced by: Peter Asher


You're No Good / I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
Ballard (3:40) / Williams (2:44)
Capitol 3990, 11/74  #1 



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