Linda Ronstadt
The Stone Poneys

The Stone Poneys
Capitol ST-2666
Back Cover

Side One
Sweet Summer Blue And Gold Edwards-Kimmel 2:18
If I Were You Edwards-Kimmel 1:58
Just A Little Bit Of Rain Neil 2:20
Bicycle Song (Soon New) Edwards-Kimmel 1:53
Orion Campbell 3:20
Wild About My Lovin' Traditional 3:50
Side Two
Back Home Edwards 2:00
Meredith (On My Mind) Edwards-Kimmel 2:10
Train And The River Edwards-Kimmel 2:20
All The Beautiful Things Edwards-Kimmel 1:55
2:10 Train Albertano-Campbell 3:20
Linda Ronstadt-vocals
Kenny Edwards-guitar, vocals
Bob Kimmel-guitar, vocals
John Forsha-guitar
Cyrus Faryar-bouzouki, guitar
Pete Childs-guitar
James Bond-bass
Billy Mundi-drums
Produced by: Nick Venet


Sweet Summer Blue And Gold / All The Beautiful Things
Edwards-Kimmel (2:30) / Edwards-Kimmel (1:55)
Capitol 5868, 1/67

One For One / Evergreen, Pt 1
DeLone-Silverman (2:55) / Kimmel (3:10)
Capitol 5910, 6/67


Evergreen Volume 2
Capitol ST-2763
6/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
December Dream Braheny 3:30
Song About The Rain Gillette 2:40
Autumn Afternoon Kimmel 2:35
I've Got To Know Polland 2:38
Evergreen Part One Kimmel 3:10
Evergreen Part Two Edwards-Kimmel 3:33
Side Two
Different Drum Nesmith 2:45
Driftin' Kimmel 2:30
One For One DeLone-Silverman 2:50
Back On The Street Again Gillette 1:50
Toys Of Time Kimmel 1:50
New Hard Times Smith 3:00
Linda Ronstadt-vocals
Kenny Edwards-guitar, sitar, vocals (Evergreen Part One)
Bob Kimmel-guitar
Pete Childs-guitar
Stephen Gillette-guitar
Dennis Budimir-guitar
James Bond-bass
Joe Osborne-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
Don Randi-harpsichord
Harry Hyams, Norman Botnick, Jesse Ehrlich, William Kurasch-viola, cello
Sid Sharp, Robert Sushel, Stanley Plummer, Leonard Malarsky-violin
Produced by: Nick Venet


Different Drum / I've Got To Know
Nesmith (2:35) / Polland (2:38)
Capitol 2004, 10/67 BB

as by Stone Poneys Featuring Linda Ronstadt

What do Linda Ronstadt and The Turtles have in common ??

Up To My Neck In High Muddy Water / Carnival Bear¹
Herald-Wakefield-Yellin (2:30) / Howard (2:56)
Capitol 2110, 2/68 BB

as by Linda Ronstadt & The Stone Poneys
So Fine¹ / Everybody Has Their Own Ideas¹
Otis (2:17) / Kimmel (2:27)
Sidewalk 937, ?/68

1965 recordings to capitalize on Different Drum, withdrawn

Linda Ronstadt, Stone Poneys & Friends: Volume 3
Capitol ST-2863
Back Cover

Side One
   Golden Song
   Love Is A Child
By The Fruits Of Their Labors Edwards-Kimmel 2:05
Hobo Buckley 3:00
A Star And A Stone Edwards-Kimmel 3:33
Let's Get Together Powers 3:10
Side Two
Up To My Neck In High Muddy Water Herald-Wakefield-Yellin 2:35
Aren't You The One Buckley 2:30
Wings Buckley 3:00
Some Of Shelly's Blues Nesmith 2:10
Stoney End Nyro 3:35
Linda Ronstadt-vocals
Kenny Edwards-guitar (quit during recording sessions)
Bob Kimmel-guitar
Produced by: Nick Venet


Linda to solo career, others drift aimlessly along California coast
Some of Shelly's Blues / Hobo (Mornin' Glory)
Nesmith (2:10) / Buckley (3:00)
Capitol 2195, 5/68

as by Stone Poneys Featuring Linda Ronstadt

Hand Sown... Home Grown
Capitol ST-208
Back Cover

Hand Sown
Baby You've Been On My Mind Dylan 2:31
Silver Threads And Golden Needles Reynolds-Rhodes 2:19
Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad Newman 2:41
A Number And A Name Campbell-Gillette 3:03
Only Mama That'll Walk The Line Bryant 2:28
The Long Way Around Edwards 2:17
Home Grown
Break My Mind Loudermilk 2:52
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Dylan 3:43
It's About Time Douglas 3:05
We Need A Lot More Of Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock & Roll) Raney 2:30
The Dolphins Neil 4:21
Linda Ronstadt-vocals
with [uncredited on album]:
Ken Edwards-acoustic guitar
Pete Childs-acoustic guitar
Bob Kimmel-acoustic guitar
Cyrus Faryar-acoustic guitar, bouzouki
John T. Forsha-acoustic & electric guitar
James E. Bond, Jr-bass
Billy Mundi-drums
Produced by: Chip Douglas


The Long Way Around / The Dolphins
Edwards (2:17) / Neil (4:21)
Capitol 2438, 3/70


Silk Purse
Capitol ST-407
3/70 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Lovesick Blues Friend-Mills 2:00
Are My Thoughts With You? Newbury 2:47
Will You Love Me Tomorrow Goffin-King 2:20
Nobody's White 2:50
Louise Siebel 3:22
Side Two
Long, Long Time White 4:18
Mental Revenge Tillis 2:40
I'm Leaving It All Up to You Harris-Terry 2:15
He Dark The Sun Clark-Leadon 2:31
Life Is Like A Mountain Railway arr Mazer-Ronstadt 3:23

Note: Recorded in Nashville

Linda Ronstadt-vocals
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenny Buttrey-drums
Gary White-vocal (Louise)
The Beechwood Rangers-vocals (Life Is Like A Mountain Railway)
Produced by: Elliot Mazer


Will You Love Me Tomorrow? / Lovesick Blues
Goffin-King (2:20) / Friend-Mills (2:00)
Capitol 2767, 3/70

Long Long Time³ / Nobodys
White (2:59) / White (2:50)
Capitol 2846, 6/70 BB

(She's A) Very Lovely Woman¹ / The Long Way Around
Rhodes (2:56) / Edwards (2:17)
Capitol 3021, 12/70 BB

I Fall To Pieces / Can It Be True
Cochran-Howard (3:06) / Karlin-Kymry (2:26)
Capitol 3210, 10/71

A-side recorded live at The Troubador; B-side from movie The Marriage Of A Young Stockbroker


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