It's A Beautiful Day

 ➜ Live: 5/23-25/68, Fillmore Auditorium; released 2013: Live At The Fillmore '68 

The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(8/31-9/1/68)
Bulgaria¹ / Aquarian Dream
LaFlamme (2:41) / Uzilevsky (2:47)
San Francisco Sound 7, 11/68

Note: The B-side is NOT by IADB. It's a Matthew Katz studio group, with vocal by Mark Uzilevsky.
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It's A Beautiful Day
San Francisco Sound SFS-11790
6/69 BB [UK: 6/69] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

San Francisco Sound Label

Side One
White Bird LaFlamme-LaFlamme 6:06
Hot Summer Day LaFlamme-LaFlamme 5:46
Wasted Union Blues LaFlamme 4:00
Girl With No Eyes LaFlamme-LaFlamme 3:49
Side Two
Bombay Calling LaFlamme-Wallace 4:25
Bulgaria LaFlamme 6:10
Time Is LaFlamme 9:42
David LaFlamme-violin, vocals
Linda LaFlamme-organ, piano, celesta, harpsichord
Pattie Santos-vocals, tambourine, bells, percussion
Hal Wagenet-guitar
Mitchell Holman-bass
Val Fuentes-drums
Bruce Steinberg-harmonica (Hot Summer Day)
§Cover Art-George Hunter/Globe Propaganda; Painting-Kent Hollister
Produced by: David LaFlamme

Note: Re-released by Columbia (CS-9768) after contract signed

White Bird³ / Wasted Union Blues³
LaFlamme-LaFlamme (3:07) / LaFlamme (2:50)
Columbia 44928, 7/69

Seattle Pop Festival(7/25, 26/69)
Woodstock lost coin flip to Santana in Bill Graham's office
New Orleans Pop Festival(8/30, 31, 9/1/69)

Linda and David divorce, Freb Webb replaces her (in the band, silly)

4/18/70: Royal Albert Hall, London
The Sound Of The Seventies festival, with Santana (headliner) & Taj Mahal

Marrying Maiden
Columbia CS-1058
6/70 BB [UK: 7/70] UK
Back Cover

Side One
Don And Dewey LaFlamme 5:10
The Dolphins Neil 4:25
Essence Of Now Holman 3:15
Hoedown LaFlamme 2:25
Soapstone Mountain LaFlamme 4:15
Side Two
Waiting For The Song Wagenet 1:15
Let A Woman Flow LaFlamme-Santos 4:25
It Comes Right Down To You Lewis-Webb 3:10
Good Lovin' Holman-Webb 4:55
Galileo Wagenet 3:00
Do You Remember The Sun? Lewis-Webb 3:05
David LaFlamme-violin, guitar, flute, vocals
Pattie Santos-percussion, vocals
Hal Wagenet-guitar, vocals
Fred Webb-keyboards, French horn, vocals
Mitchell Holman-bass, jew's harp, vocals
Val Fuentes-drums, vocals
Richard Olsen-clarinet
Jerry Garcia-banjo (Hoedown), pedal steel guitar (It Comes Right Down To You)
§Cover Art-James William Redo III, Roberto Perez-Diaz
Produced by: Brent Dangerfield, It's A Beautiful Day


Atlanta Pop Festival(7/5/70)
Soapstone Mountain³ / Good Lovin'
LaFlamme (2:46) / Holman-Webb (4:55)
Columbia 4-45152, 10/70

Do You Remember The Sun / The Dolphins
Lewis-Webb (3:03) / Neil (4:25)
Columbia 4-45309, 1/71

Celebration Of Life(6/21-28/71)

Choice Quality Stuff/Anytime
Columbia KC-30734
11/71 BB [UK: ?/72]
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet

Choice Quality Stuff
Creed Of Love LaFlamme 3:38
Bye Bye Baby Fuentes-Webb 3:20
The Grand Camel Suite Gregory 2:48
No Word For Glad Taylor 3:05
Lady Love Taylor 2:45
Words Fowler 2:55
Place Of Dreams Dawe-Webb 3:02
Oranges & Apples LaFlamme 2:25
Anytime LaFlamme-Taylor-Webb 3:31
Bitter Wine Dawe-Webb 3:02
Misery Loves Company Taylor 2:54
David LaFlamme-lead vocals, violin, rhythm guitar
Pattie Santos-vocals
Billy Gregory-guitar, acoustic guitar
Hal Wagenet-guitar, acoustic guitar
Fred Webb-organ, piano, French horn, harp, vocals
Tom Fowler-bass
Mitchell Holman-bass
Val Fuentes-drums, vocals
Sid Page-violin (Bitter Wine)
Bruce Steinberg-harmonica
Rolf "Boots" Stuart-flute
Coke Escovedo-congas
Jose Areas-timbales
Gregg Rolie-piano
  horns on Anytime:
Robert Ferreira-alto sax
Charles Peterson-baritone sax
Van Hughes-trombone
Bill Atwood-trumpet
§Cover Art-George Bennett
Produced by: David LaFlamme


A live album in 72, David quit later that year, but the band continued for another year.
They reformed for special events.


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