The Lovin’ Spoonful
John Sebastian ♦ Zal Yanovsky 

Do You Believe In Magic? / On The Road Again
Sebastian (2:05) / Sebastian (1:52)
Kama Sutra 201, 8/65 BB

You Didn't Have To Be So Nice / My Gal
Boone-Sebastian (2:31) / Boone-Butler-Kweskin-Jacobsen-Sebastian-Yanovsky (2:30)
Kama Sutra 205, 11/65 BB


Do You Believe in Magic?
Kama Sutra KLPS-8050
11/65 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Do You Believe In Magic Sebastian 2:04
Blues In The Bottle arr Spoonful 2:10
Sportin' Life arr Spoonful 4:02
My Gal arr Spoonful 2:30
You Baby Mann-Spector-Weill 2:55
Fishin' Blues arr Spoonful 1:58
Side Two
Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? Sebastian 2:00
Wild About My Lovin' arr Spoonful 2:38
Other Side Of This Life Neil 2:30
Younger Girl Sebastian 2:23
On The Road Again Sebastian 1:52
Night Owl Blues [instrumental] Sebastian 3:00
John Sebastian-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Zalman Yanovsky-guitar, vocals (Blues In The Bottle, On The Road Again)
Steve Boone-bass, vocals
Joe Butler-drums (You Baby, Other Side Of This Life)
Produced by Erik Jacobsen

Note: Chart date is from 2nd pass, boosted by Daydream (highest on intial release was #71, 2/19/66)

The Big TNT Show(January, 1966)
Daydream / Night Owl Blues
Sebastian (2:18) / Sebastian (3:00)
Kama Sutra 208, 2/66 BB


Kama Sutra KLPS-8051
3/66 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Daydream Sebastian 2:23
There She Is Sebastian 1:55
It's Not Time Now Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:45
Warm Baby Sebastian 2:00
Day Blues Butler-Sebastian 3:12
Let The Boy Rock And Roll Butler-Sebastian 2:32
Side Two
Jug Band Music Sebastian 2:49
Didn't Want To Have To Do It Sebastian 2:06
You Didn't Have To Be So Nice Boone-Sebastian 2:29
Bald Headed Lena Porryman-Sneed 2:22
Butchie's Tune Boone-Sebastian 2:48
Big Noise From Speonk Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:34
John [Sebastian]-guitar, harmonica, autoharp, vocals
Zal [Zalman Yanovsky]-guitar, vocals, lead vocal (Bald Headed Lena)
Steve [Boone]-bass, piano, vocals
Joe [Butler]-drums
John Curley-guitar, harmonica, autoharp
Produced by Erik Jacobsen


Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind? / Didn't Want To Have To Do It
Sebastian (2:00) / Sebastian (2:06)
Kama Sutra 209, 4/66 BB

According to legend, the two "girls" were Joan & Mini Baez
What's Shakin' album, 6/66
Summer In The City / Butchie's Tune
Sebastian-Boone (2:39) / Sebastian-Boone (2:34)
Kama Sutra 211, 7/66  1 


In Woody Allen's "What's Up Tiger Lily?"
Kama Sutra KLPS-8053
9/66 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Introduction to Flick Allen-Maxwell 2:03
Pow (Theme From "What's Up, Tiger Lily?") Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:28
Gray Prison Blues Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:15
Pow Revisited Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:30
Unconscious Minute Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:05
Fishin' Blues Traditional 1:58
Side Two
Respoken Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 1:48
A Cool Million Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:20
Speakin' Of Spoken Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:40
Lookin' To Spy Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:30
Phil's Love Theme Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:15
End Title Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky 4:05
John Sebastian-guitar, harmonica, autoharp, vocals
Zalman Yanovsky-guitar, vocals
Steve Boone-bass, piano, vocals
Joe Butler-drums
Produced by Jack Lewis


Rain On The Roof / Pow! (Theme from What's Up Tiger Lily?)
Sebastian (2:11) / Boone-Butler-Sebastian-Yanovsky (2:28)
Kama Sutra 216, 10/66 BB

What's Up Tiger Lily?(November 2)

Hums Of
Kama Sutra KLPS-8054
11/66 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Lovin' You Sebastian 2:25
Bes' Friends Sebastian 1:52
Voodoo In My Basement Sebastian 2:35
Darlin' Companion Sebastian 2:22
Henry Thomas Sebastian 1:40
Full Measure Sebastian-Boone 2:40
Side Two
You And Me And Rain On The Roof Sebastian 2:13
Coconut Grove Sebastian-Yanovsky 2:38
Nashville Cats Sebastian 2:34
4 Eyes Sebastian 2:53
Summer In The City Sebastian-Boone 2:39
John Sebastian-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Zalman Yanovsky-guitar, banjo, vocals (lead on Voodoo in My Basement)
Steve Boone-bass, piano, organ, percussion
Joe Butler-drums, percussion, lead vocal (Full Measure)
Henry Diltz-clarinet
Artie Schroeck-electric piano (Summer in the City)
Produced by Erik Jacobsen


You're A Big Boy Now(December 9)
Nashville Cats / Full Measure
Sebastian (2:34) / Sebastian-Boone (2:40)
Kama Sutra 219, 12/66 BB / BB

Darling Be Home Soon / Darlin' Companion
Sebastian (3:32) / Sebastian (2:22)
Kama Sutra 220, 2/67 BB

A-side from film "You're A Big Boy Now"
Six O'Clock / You're A Big Boy Now (The Finale)
Sebastian (2:38 / Sebastian (2:28)
Kama Sutra 225, 4/67 BB

B-side from film "You're A Big Boy Now"
Zally returned to Canada after pot bust in San Francisco (he gave up dealer to avoid deportation—other musicians not pleased). Jerry Yester added as guitarist
As Long As You're Here / ereH er'uoY sA gnoL sA
Bonner-Gordon (2:09) / Bonner-Gordon (2:09)
Buddah 12, 9/67

B-side is instrumental version backwards

Everything Playing
Kama Sutra KLPS-8061
9/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
She Is Still A Mystery Sebastian 3:00
Priscilla Millionaira Sebastian 2:20
Boredom Sebastian 2:23
Six O'Clock Sebastian 2:38
Forever Boone 4:24
Side Two
Younger Generation Sebastian 2:40
Money Sebastian 2:01
Old Folks Butler 3:04
Only Pretty, What A Pity Butler-Yester 3:04
Try A Little Bit Sebastian 3:04
Close Your Eyes Sebastian-Yester 2:44
John Sebastian-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Jerry Yester-guitar, vocals
Steve Boone-bass, vocal (Priscilla Millionaira)
Joe Butler-drums
Produced by The Lovin' Spoonful & Joe Wissert


She Is Still A Mystery / Only Pretty, What A Pity
Sebastian (3:00 / Butler-Yester (3:04)
Kama Sutra 239, 10/67 BB

Money / Close Your Eyes
Sebastian (2:01) / Sebastian-Yester (2:44)
Kama Sutra 241, 12/67 BB

John Sebastian to solo career (see below)
Never Going Back / Forever
Stewart (2:44) / Boone (4:24)
Kama Sutra 250, 7/68 BB


Alive And Well In Argentina
Buddah BDS-5019
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Side One
Raven In A Cage Yanovsky-Yester-Yester 2:51
You Talk Too Much Kamile-Smeck 2:31
Last Date Cramer 3:03
Little Bitty Pretty One Byrd 2:57
Alive And Well In Argentina de-Boeuf-Rapport-Yanovsky 3:27
Side Two
Brown To Blue Franks-Jones-Mathis 2:27
Priscilla Millionaira Sebastian 2:10
I Almost Lost My Mind Hunter 3:10
Hip Toad Yester-Yester 2:05
Lt Schtinkckhausen Yanovsky-Yester 6:11
Zalman Yanovsky-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jerry Yester-guitar
Joe Butler-drums
Produced by: Zalman Yanovsky & Jerry Yester

Note: Reissued in 1970 with the single As Long As You're Here added as track six on side one.

(Till I) Run With You³ / Revelation: Revolution '69³
Bonner-Gordon (2:02) / Butler-Finiz (2:05)
Kama Sutra 251, 9/68

She's A Lady / The Room Nobody Lives In
Sebastian (1:45) / Sebastian (3:05)
Kama Sutra 254, 11/68 BB

Me About You³ / Amazing Air
Bonner-Gordon (2:43) / Bonner-Gordon (2:50)
Kama Sutra 255, 1/69 BB


Revelation: Revolution ’69
Kama Sutra KLPS-8073
Back Cover

Side One
Amazing Air Bonner-Gordon 2:50
Never Going Back† Stewart 2:48
The Prophet Butler-Finiz 2:45
Only Yesterday Dino-Sembello 2:43
War Games Butler 7:02
Side Two
(Till) I Run With You Bonner-Gordon 2:52
Jug Of Wine Dino-Sembello 2:31
Revelation: Revolution '69 Butler-Finiz 2:29
Me About You Bonner-Gordon 3:48
Words Dino-Sembello 2:18
Jerry Yester-guitar, vocals
Steve Boone-bass, vocals
Joe Butler-drums
Produced by Bob Finiz "with special assistance from Joe Butler"
†Produced by Chip Douglas

Note: Issued as by: The Lovin' Spoonful Featuring Joe Butler

And so ends America's goodtime answer to The Beatles. John's a stoned solo star, Jerry Yester joins up with Judy Henske and Steve Boone buys a sailboat and lives the Caribbean.
Woodstock Music & Art Fair(Aug 15-18) John Sebastian
6th Big Sur Folk Festival(Sept 13-14) John Sebastian
Rainbows All Over Your Blues / You're A Big Boy Now
Sebastian (2:26) / Sebastian (2:46)
MGM K-14142, ?/70


Note: Sebastian's first two solo albums were mired in legal tussle betwixt Reprise and MGM
see notes and this handy link for more details

John B Sebastian
Reprise RS-6379
1/70 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Tie-dye Lyric Sheet!

MGM also releases album

Released on MGM (SE-4654) at the same time (using a stolen
master), withdrawn due to contract disputes.
MGM Back Cover

Side One
Red-Eye Express Sebastian 2:53
She's A Lady Sebastian 1:43
What She Thinks About Sebastian 3:00
Magical Connection Sebastian 2:46
You're A Big Boy Now Sebastian 2:46
Rainbows All Over Your Blues Sebastian 2:26
Side Two
How Have You Been Sebastian 4:07
Baby, Don't Ya Get Crazy Sebastian 2:56
The Room Nobody Lives In Sebastian 3:10
Fa-Fana-Fa Sebastian 2:43
I Had A Dream Sebastian 2:42
John Sebastian-guitar, harmonica, percussion, vocals
Paul Harris-organ, piano
David Crosby-guitar (She's A Lady, Baby, Don't Ya Get Crazy)
Stephen Stills-guitar (She's A Lady)
Danny Weiss-guitar
Buddy Emmons-steel guitar, Moog synthesizer
Buzzy Linhart-vibes (Magical Connection), vocal (Fa-Fana-Fa)
Harvey Brooks-bass
Ray Neopolitan-bass
Dallas Taylor-drums
Reinol Andino-conga
Gayle Levant-harp
Bruce Langhorne-tambourine
Burt Collins-horn
Jose Cuervo-horn
Mr Beutens and Mrs Stanley and Friends-flute, lute, viola
Graham Nash-vocals
The Ikettes-vocals (Baby, Don't Ya Get Crazy)
Produced by Paul Rothchild


Woodstock(March 26)
Magical Connection / Fa-Fana-Fa
Sebastian (2:46) / Sebastian (2:43)
Reprise 0902, 4/70

What She Thinks About / Red-Eye Express
Sebastian (3:00) / Sebastian (2:53)
Reprise 0918, 5/70

Atlanta International Pop Festival [70](July 3-5)
New York Pop(July 17-19)
Summer Festival For Peace(August 6)
Goose Lake International Music Festival(August 7-9)
Isle of Wight Festival of Music [70](August 26-30)

Cheapo-Cheapo Productions Presents Real Live
Reprise MS-2036
4/71 BB
Back Cover

MGM releases another album

Released on MGM (SE-4720) in 9/70, the recording was basically a
bootleg, and Reprise forced withdrawl. In the spring of 71, Reprise
released the "official" live recording.
MGM Back Cover

Live One
Mobile Line Duren-Stampfel 1:25
Lovin' You Sebastian 1:25
Fishin' Blues Sebastian-Stampfel 2:20
Younger Girl Sebastian 2:35
Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? Sebastian 1:58
Rooty-Toot Lewis 1:33
In The Still Of The Night Parris 2:16
Blue Suede Shoes Perkins 1:32
Nashville Cats Sebastian 2:05
Live Too
Waiting For A Train Rodgers 2:25
My Gal Boone-Jacobsen-Muldaur 2:33
Younger Generation Sebastian 2:45
Darling Be Home Soon Sebastian 3:20
Blues For Dad And JB's Happy Harmonica Sebastian-Sebastian 3:05
Amy's Theme Sebastian 1:38
Goodnight Irene Ledbetter-Lomax 4:14
John Sebastian-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Dan Armstrong-guitar
Lucian Barnes-guitar
Paul Harris-keyboards
Produced by Paul Rothchild


Celebration At Big Sur(April 9) John Sebastian
I Don't Want Nobody Else / Sweet Muse
Sebastian (3:16) / Sebastian (3:54)
Reprise 1026, 7/71


The Four Of Us
Reprise MS-2041
8/71 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Well, Well, Well arr White 2:20
Black Snake Blues Chenier 2:28
I Don't Want Nobody Else Sebastian 3:16
Apple Hill Sebastian 3:09
Black Satin Kid Sebastian 2:38
We'll See Sebastian 2:05
Sweet Muse Sebastian 3:54
Side Two
The Four Of Us
   The Four Of Us
   Lashes LaRue
   Red Wing, Colorado
Sebastian 17:12
John Sebastian-guitar, harmonica, percussion, piano, vocals
with (Side One):
Dallas Taylor-drums
Paul Harris-piano
Kenny Altman-bass
Felix Pappalardi-bass (Apple Hill)
Greg Reeves-bass (Well, Well, Well)
with (Side Two):
John Barbata-drums
Kenny Altman-bass
Mac Rabinac [Dr John]-piano (The Four Of Us)
The Esso Trinidad Steel Band-pan drums (The Four Of Us)
Produced by Paul Rothchild


We'll See / Well, Well, Well
Sebastian (2:05) / arr White (2:20)
Reprise 1050, 11/71



John Sebastian Covers
Darling Be Home Soon Joe Cocker (Joe Cocker!) 11/69
Didn't Want To Have To Do It Julie Driscoll (Jools & Brian) 10/67
  Rotary Connection (Rotary Connection) 10/67
Good Time Music The Beau Brummels (45) 12/65
The Room Nobody Lives In Mama Cass Elliott (Dream A Little Dream) 10/68


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