Judy Henske
Jerry Yester & Judy Henske ♦ Rosebud 

Judy Henske
Elektra EKS-7231
Back Cover

Side One
Low Down Alligator Traditional 2:17
Empty Bed Blues Johnson 3:07
Ballad Of Little Romy arr Henske 2:30
Wade In The Water arr Henske 2:47
Hooka Tooka arr Henske 3:13
I Know You Rider arr Henske 1:50
Side Two
Lily Langtree Henskee 1:53
Lilac Wine Chappell-Shelton 3:31
Love Henry arr Henske 3:37
Every Night When The Sun Goes In arr Henske 3:50
Salvation Army Song arr Henske 4:22
Judy Henske-vocals
John Forsha-guitar
Jimmy Bond-bass
John (Streamline) Ewing-trombone
Onzy Matthews-orchestral arrangements
Produced by: Mark Abramson


I Know You Rider / Love Henry
arr Henske (1:50) / arr Henske (3:37)
Elektra 45004, 5/63

Charlotte Town / High Flyin' Bird
arr Henske (1:50) / Wheeler (2:55)
Elektra 45007, 11/63


High Flying Bird
Elektra EKS-7421
Back Cover

Side One
High Flying Bird Wheeler 2:55
Buckeye Jim arr Henske 2:53
Till The Real Thing Comes Along Holiner-Nichols-Cahn-Chaplin-Freeman 3:04
Oh, You Engineer Henske-Silverstein 2:29
Baltimore Oriole Carmichael-Webster 2:24
Columbus Stockade - 1:57
Side Two
Blues Chase Up A Rabbit - 2:36
Lonely Train arr Henske 2:33
Duncan & Brady arr Henske 1:51
God Bless The Child Holiday 2:16
Good Old Wagon arr Henske 2:16
You Are Not My First Love Windsor-Howard 2:00
Charlotte Town arr Henske 1:50
Judy Henske-vocals
Jack Marshall-guitar
John Forsha-12 string guitar
Bill Montgomery-bass
Earl Palmer-drums
John (Streamline) Ewing-trombone
Produced by:


Til The Real Thing Comes Along / Lonely Train
Cahn-Chaplin-Freeman-Holiner-Nichols (2:59) / arr Henske (2:32)
Elektra 45010, ?/64


Little Bit Of Sunshine... Little Bit Of Rain
Mercury SR-61010
Back Cover

Side One
Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird) Hilliard-Bacharach 3:03
Feeling Good Newley-Bricusse 3:14
I Loves You Porgy Gershwin-Heyward-Gershwin 3:40
The Other Side Of This Life Neil 2:35
He Needs Me Hamilton 3:05
Blues My Naughty Sweeties Gives To Me Swan-Stone-McCarron-Morgan 2:15
Side Two
She Doesn't Know Scott-Scott 3:05
Crazy He Calls Me Sigman-Russell 3:05
Silver Dollar Palmer-VanNess 2:29
Baby Enzel 2:18
Just A Little Bit Of Rain Neil 2:24
Some Of These Days Brooks 1:48
Judy Henske-vocals
Produced by:


Crazy He Calls Me / Baby
Sigman-Russell (3:05) / Enzel (2:18)
Mercury 72387, 3/65

Bye-Bye Blackbird¹ / Let The Good Times Roll¹
Dixon-Henderson (2:20) / Delaney (2:52)
Reprise 0458, 4/66


The Death Defying
Reprise RS-6203
Back Cover

Side One
Hey Babe Anderson [Andersen] -
Betty And Dupree arr Henske -
Sing A Rainbow Hamilton -
Saved Lieber-Stoller -
Side Two
I've Been Loving You Too Long Redding-Butler -
Ace In The Hole Mitchell-Dempsey -
Danny Boy arr Henske -
Nobody Knows Dillard-Jayne -
Judy Henske-vocals
John Forsay-guitar
Tommy Tedesco-guitar
Jack Nitzsche-arranger, conductor
Produced by: Herb Cohen

Note: Subtitled The First Concert Album, in this case a live studio concert

Road To Nowhere¹ / Sing A Rainbow
Goffin-King (2:45) / Hamilton (1:45)
Reprise 0485, 6/66

Day To Day¹ / Dolphins In The Sea¹
Hatlelid (2:58) / Neil (2:32)
Reprise 0587, 3/67

Snowblind / Horses On A Stick
Henske-Yester-Yanovsky (3:07) / Henske-Yester (2:10)
Straight 102, ?/68


Farewell Aldebaren
Straight! STS-1052
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Snowblind Henske-Yester-Yanovsky 3:07
Horses On A Stick Henske-Yester 2:10
Lullaby Henske-Yester 2:55
St Nicholas Hall Henske-Yester 3:35
Three Ravens Henske-Yester 3:30
Side Two
Raider Henske-Yester 5:12
Mrs Connor Henske-Yester 2:17
Rapture Henske-Yester 4:09
Charity Henske-Yester 3:17
Farewell Aldebaran Henske-Yester 4:21
Judy Henske-vocals
Jerry Yester-vocals, guitar, piano, harmonium, toy zither, Marxophone, Chamberlain Tape Organ, organ,, bass, Moog synthesizer
Zal Yanovsky-guitar, bass
John Forsha-12 string guitar
Dick Rossmini-guitar
Joe Osborn-bass
Jerry Scheff-bass
Larry Beckett-drums
Toxie French-drums
Eddie Hoh-drums
Bernie Krause-Moog synthesizer (Farewell Aldebaran)
Ry Cooder-mandolin
David Lindley-bowed banjo
"David's friend" [Solomon Feldthouse?]-hammer dulcimer
Produced by: Zal Yanovsky & Jerry Yester


Western Wisconsin / Lazy¹
Henske-Yester (3:40) / Henske-Yester-Doerge (2:46)
Reprise 0964, ?/71


Straight/Reprise RS-6426
Back Cover

Side One
Panama Henske-Yester 3:32
Le Soleil Henske-Yester 2:35
Reno Henske-Yester 3:45
Western Wisconsin Henske-Yester 3:50
Lorelei Henske-Yester 3:52
Side Two
Salvation Doerge-Henske 4:15
Lullabye II (Summer Carol) Henske-Yester 2:28
The Yum Yum Man Doerge-Henske 3:35
Roll Home Cheyenne Henske-Yester 3:37
Flying To Morning Doerge-Henske 4:21
Judy Henske-vocals
Jerry Yester-bass, guitar, banjo, autoharp, vocals
Craig Doerge-keyboards, vibes, concertina, vocals
John Seiter-drums, percussion, krytale bells, vocals
David Vaught-bass
Ray Brown-bass and Barry Zweig-guitar (Roll Home Cheyenne)
Buddy Emmons-pedal steel on (Yum Yum Man)
Mike Deasy-guitar on (Salvation and Reno)
Barry Zweig-Guitar (Western Wisconsin)
Produced by: Jerry Yester


Roll Home Cheyenne / Reno
Henske-Yester (3:37) / Henske-Yester (3:45)
Reprise 1036, 9/71



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