Richie Havens

Newport Folk Festival(July 21-24, 1966)
I Can't Make It Anymore / Morning Morning
Lightfoot (2:48) / Kupferberg (2:17)
Verve/Folkways 5022, 8/66

I've Gotta Go¹ / Morning Morning
Reed-Mason-Walker (3:01) / Kupferberg (2:17)
Verve/Forecast 5039, 3/67


Mixed Bag
Verve/Forecast FTS-3006
8/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
High Flyin' Bird Wheeler 3:34
I Can't Make It Anymore Lightfoot 2:47
Morning, Morning Kupferberg 2:17
Adam Havens 3:34
Follow Merrick 6:20
Side Two
Three Day Eternity Havens 2:14
Sandy Cousineau 3:10
Handsome Johnny Gossett-Havens 3:52
San Francisco Bay Blues Fuller 2:30
Just Like A Woman Dylan 4:45
Eleanor Rigby Lennon-McCartney 2:39
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-guitar
Howard Collins-guitar
Paul Harris-keyboards
Harvey Brooks-bass
Bill LaVorgna-drums
Produced by: John Court


No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed / Three Day Eternity
Havens (2:53) / Havens (2:15)
Verve/Forecast 5068, 10/67


Something Else Again
Verve/Forecast FTS-3034
11/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed† Havens 2:58
Inside Of Him† Havens 4:27
The Klan(Richie solo) Grey-Grey 4:31
Sugarplums† Court 2:54
Don't Listen To Me† Havens 4:25
Side Two
From The Prison(Richie solo) Merrick 3:40
Maggie's Farm† Dylan 4:35
Somethin' Else Again† Havens 7:26
New City† Havens-Court 2:50
Run, Shaker Life arr Havens 5:45
Richie Havens-vocals, guitar, sitar, tambura, bongos
Jeremy & The Satyrs:
   Jeremy Steig-flute
   Adrian Guillery-guitar
   Warren Bernhardt-keyboards
   Eddie Gomez-bass
   Donald MacDonald-drums
Paul Williams-guitar
Don Payne-bass
Skip Prokop-drums
Denny Gerrard-drums
Produced by: John Court


Richie Havens' Record
Douglas SD-779
Back Cover

Side One
I'm On My Way - 2:33
Babe I'm Leaving - 4:32
Down In The Valley - 3:57
Norah's Dove - 3:33
I'm Gonna Make You Glad* - 1:40
Side Two
Chain Gang - 2:48
Daddy Roll 'Em - 2:37
Drown In My Own Tears - 4:17
It Hurts Me* - 2:58
The Bag I'm In - 3:44
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-guitar*
and others

C C Rider / Oxford Town
Havens (3:25) / Dylan (3:17)
Douglas 100-012, 7/68

Newport Folk Festival(July 25-28, 1968)
Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head / Indian Rope Man
Havens-Price (2:44) / Havens-Roth-Price (2:59)
Verve/Forecast 5092, 9/68


Electric Havens
Douglas SD-780
10/68 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Oxford Town Dylan 3:20
900 Miles From Home Havens 3:46
I'm A Stranger Here Havens 5:45
My Own Way Havens 1:30
Side Two
Boots And Spanish Leather Dylan 5:44
C C Rider Havens 3:20
3:10 To Yuma Havens 3:15
Shadow Town Havens 4:00
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-guitar
and others

Note: All of these Douglas releases were recordings from the mid-60s that were overdubbed and released without Havens' permission.

Richard P Havens, 1983
Verve/Forecast FTS-3047-2
12/68 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover


Side One
Stop Pulling And Pushing Me Havens 1:45
For Haven's Sake Havens 7:00
Strawberry Fields Forever Lennon-McCartney 3:34
What More Can I Say John Havens 4:35
Side Two
I Pity The Poor Immigrant Dylan 3:06
Lady Madonna Lennon-McCartney 1:55
Priests Cohen 5:10
Indian Rope Man** Havens-Price-Roth 3:00
Cautiously Hayden 3:55
Side Three
Just Above My Hobby Horse's Head Havens-Roth 2:52
She's Leaving Home Lennon-McCartney 4:00
Putting Out The Vibration, And Hoping It Comes Home Havens-Roth 2:50
The Parable Of Ramon* Havens-Roth 7:15
Side Four
A Little Help From My Friends* Lennon-McCartney 5:25
Wear Your Love Like Heaven* Leitch 4:45
Run, Shaker Life/Do You Feel Good* arr Havens/Havens 8:30
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-guitar
Arnie Moore-bass
Carter Collins-congas
Teddy Orwin-guitar
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Weldon Myrick-steel guitar
Warren Bernhardt-keyboards
Ken Lauber-piano
John Ord-piano, organ
Paul Harris-piano
Charlie Smalls-piano
Carol Hunter-bass
Stephen Stills-bass
Brad Campbell-bass
Eric Oxindine-bass
Jymm Fairs-bass
Skip Prokop-drums
Don MacDonald-drums
Paul Humphrey-drums
Daniel Ben Zegbulon-conga
Jeremy Steig-flute
Colin Walcott-sitar
Diane Comins-harp
Produced by: John Court**, Richie Havens & Mark Roth

Note: *Live recordings: Santa Monica Civic Center, 7/12/68

Miami Pop Festival(Dec 26-28, 1968)
Atlanta International Pop Festival(July 4-5, 1969)
Rocky Raccoon¹ / Stop Pulling And Pushing Me
Lennon-McCartney (3:50) / Havens (1:45)
Stormy Forest 650, 7/69

Woodstock Music & Art Fair(Aug 15-18, 1969)
Isle of Wight Festival of Music(Aug 30-31, 1969)
There's A Hole In The Future / Minstrel From Gault
Havens (1:59) / Havens-Roth (3:28)
Stormy Forest 651, 9/69

Handsome Johnny¹ / Sandy¹
Gossett-Havens (?) / Cousineau (3:10)
Stormy Forest 652, 10/69


Stormy Forest SFS-6001
12/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Open Our Eyes Lumkins 2:48
Minstrel From Gault Havens-Roth 3:28
It Could Be The First Day Havens 2:15
Ring Around The Moon Havens 2:05
Baby Blue Dylan 4:50
Side Two
There's A Hole In The Future Havens 1:59
I Started A Joke Gibb-Gibb-Gibb 2:51
Prayer Havens 2:54
Tiny Little Blues Havens 1:57
Shouldn't All The World Be Dancing Havens 7:58
Richie Havens-guitar, auto-harp, vocals
Dave Bronberg-forward & backward dobro guitar (Tiny Little Blues)
Paul Williams-guitar
Monte Dunn-guitar
Warren Bernhardt-organ
Ken Lauber-piano
Eric Oxindine-bass
Bill LaVorgna-drums
Daniel Ben Zebulon-drums, congas
Stormy Forest Singers-vocals (Open Our Eyes)
Produced by: Richie Havens & Mark Roth


Winter Festival For Peace(Jan 28, 1970)
Woodstock(Mar 26, 1970)
Atlanta International Pop Festival [70](July 3-5, 1970)
New York Pop(July 17-19, 1970)
Summer Festival For Peace(Aug 6, 1970)
Isle of Wight Festival of Music [70](Aug 26-30, 1970)
To Give All Your Love Away / Nobody Knows¹
Havens (?) / Bergman-Bergman (?)
Stormy Forest 653, 11/70


Alarm Clock
Stormy Forest SFS-6005
12/70 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Here Comes The Sun Harrison 3:43
To Give All Your Love Away Havens 2:48
Younger Men Grow Older Havens-Roth 3:34
Girls Don't Run Away Havens 4:17
End Of The Seasons Havens 3:38
Side Two
Some Will Wait Havens 2:40
Patient Lady Havens 4:45
Missing Train Havens 4:55
Alarm Clock Havens-Roth 5:17
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-guitar
Alan Hand-piano
Eric Oxindine-bass
Bill LaVorgna-drums
Daniel Ben Zebulon-congas
Produced by: Richie Havens & Mark Roth

Note: Here Comes The Sun recorded live at the Cellar Door, Washington

Here Comes The Sun³ / Younger Men Grow Older
Harrison (2:36) / Havens-Roth (3:50)
Stormy Forest 656, 2/71

I've Got To Get To Know Myself¹ / Missing Train
Havens-Roth (3:30) / Havens (4:55)
Stormy Forest 658, 7/71

Think About The Children¹ / Fire And Rain
Meehan-Scott (3:00) / Taylor (4:57)
Stormy Forest 660, 10/71


The Great Blind Degree
Stormy Forest SFS-6010
10/71 BB
Back Cover

Side One
What About Me Valente 6:11
Fire & Rain Taylor 6:23
Tommy Townshend 1:28
In These Flames Brown 3:52
Side Two
Think About The Children Meehan-Scott 4:20
Fathers & Sons Stevens 6:45
Teach Your Children Nash 3:45
What Have We Done Kaufman 4:26
Richie Havens-guitar, vocals
Paul Williams-electric guitar, lead guitar
Malcolm Cecil, Robert Margouleff-Moog synthesizer
Emile Latimer-drums, percussion, congas
Jeffrey Kaufman-Orchestra arrangments
Produced by: Richie Havens


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