One Hit Wonders

There were many, many groups that put out a couple great singles or one great album and then seemed to disappear. This page features some of those artists. Granted not all of the groups here were "one and done," and some probably deserve their own page (Fever Tree and Cat Mother are on the break-out list), but these are their best achievements.

Note: This is one of the original web site pages and was heavily influenced by Richie Unterberger. Just so you know!


The Blue Things

Pretty Thing-Oh¹ / Just Two Days Ago¹
Stecklein (2:10) / Stecklein (2:17)
Ruff 1002 8692, 5/65

I Must Be Doing Something Wrong / La Do Da Da¹
Chapman-Scott-Stecklein (2:20) / Hawkins-Lewis (2:47)
RCA 8692, 10/65

Doll House / The Man On The Street
Barton (2:26) / Carson (2:17)
RCA 8860, 5/66


The Blue Things
RCA Victor LSP-3603
Back Cover

Side One
High Life Chapman-Stecklein 2:14
Girl Of The North Country Dylan 2:24
Doll House Barton 2:26
La Do Da Da Hawkins-Lewis 2:19
Look Homeward Angel Gold 2:20
It Ain't No Big Thing, Babe Stecklin 2:15
Side Two
Ain't That Lovin' You, Babe Reed 2:24
I Can't Have Yesterday Stecklin 2:31
Now's The Time Stecklein 2:13
The Man On The Street Carson 2:17
I Must Be Doing Something Wrong Chapman-Scott-Stecklein 2:15
Honor The Hearse Self 2:13
Val Stecklein-guitar, vocals
Larry Burton-guitar, vocals
Mike Chapman-guitar, vocals
Richard Scott-bass, vocals
Bobby Day-drums
Produced by: Felton Jarvis


The Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind¹ / One Hour Cleaners¹
Chapman-Stecklein (2:47) / Chapman-Scott-Stecklein (2:44)
RCA 8998, 9/66

You Can Live In Our Tree¹ / Twist And Shout¹
Stecklein-Wilson (3:05) / Medley-Russell (2:45)
RCA 9203, 5/67

Somebody Help Me¹ / Yes, My Friend¹
Edwards (2:02) / Barnes-Ford (1:58)
RCA 9308, 9/67




Jake Holmes

You Can't Get Love¹ / Think I'm Being Had¹
Holmes (3:13) / Holmes (2:18)
Tower 313, 2/67


The Above Ground Sound Of
Tower ST-5079
Back Cover

Side One
Lonely Holmes 2:33
Did You Know? Holmes 2:48
She Belongs To Me Holmes 2:10
Too Long Holmes 2:42
Genuine Imitation Life Holmes 3:55
Side Two
Dazed And Confused Holmes 3:46
Penny's Holmes 2:34
Hard To Keep My Mind On You Holmes 1:58
Wish I Was Anywhere Else Holmes 2:45
Signs Of Age Holmes 4:00
Jake Holmes-guitar, vocals
Ted Irwin-lead guitar
Rick Randle-bass
Produced by: Maximillion Proco


Genuine Imitation Life / Hard To Keep My Mind On You
Holmes (3:13) / Holmes (2:18)
Tower 392, 1/68

Dazed And Confused / Penny's
Holmes (3:46) / Holmes (2:34)
Tower 393, ?/68



Jake Holmes
Allen & Grier / Jake Holmes


Clear Light

Clear Light
Elektra EKS-74011
9/67 BB
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Black Roses Dios-Clear Light 2:08
Sand Lubahn 2:37
A Child's Smile Ney-Clear Light 1:33
Street Singer Copeland-Noonan 3:15
The Ballad of Freddie & Larry De Young-Schuckett 2:00
With All In Mind Seal 3:00
Side Two
Mr Blue Paxton 6:24
Think Again Lubahn 1:37
They Who Have Nothing Seal 2:33
How Many Days Have Passed Seal 2:20
Night Sounds Loud Lubahn 2:25
Cliff De Young-vocals
Bob Seal-guitar, vocals
Ralph Schuckett-keyboards
Doug Lubahn-bass
Dallas Taylor-drums
Mikchael Ney-drums, percussion
Produced by: Paul Rothchild


Black Roses / She's Ready To Be Free¹
Dios-Clear Light (2:08) / Clear Light (1:56)
Elektra 45622, 9/67

B-side from the movie The President's Analyst



The David

40 Miles¹ / Bus Token¹
Hansen (2:33) / ? (?)
20th Century Fox 6663, 12/66

People Saying, People Seeing¹ / 40 Miles¹
Hansen (1:47) / Hansen (2:33)
20th Century Fox 6675, 6/67


Another Day, Another Lifetime
VMC 124
Back Cover (mono release)

Side One
Another Day, Another Lifetime/I Would Like To Know Hansen 5:50
I'm Not Alone Hansen 1:48
Sweet December Hansen 3:05
Tell Me More Hansen 2:25
Not To You Hansen 3:58
Side Two
Professor Crawford Hansen 2:40
Time M Hansen 4:50
So Much More Hansen 2:16
Mirrors Of Wood Hansen 3:40
Of Our Other Days Hansen 2:05
Warren Hansen-organ, piano, plasmatar, vocals
Mark Bird-guitar
Chuck Spieth-bass
Tim Harrison-drums
Produced by: ?


I'm Not Alone / Sweet December
Hansen (1:48) / Hansen (3:05)
VMC 716, 1/68




Van Dyke Parks

45Cat List: Van Dyke Parks
Singles with Van Dyke Parks (artist, producer, arranger, writer).

Number Nine¹ / Do What You Wanta¹
Parks (2:40) / Parks (2:10)
MGM K-13441, 1/66

as by The Van Dyke Parks
Come To The Sunshine¹ / Farther Along¹
Parks (2:52) / Parks (2:27)
MGM K13570, 11/66

Donovan's Colours (Part 1) / Donovan's Colours (Part 2)²
Leitch (3:39) / Leitch (3:19)
Warner Bros 7026, 5/67

as by George Washington Brown

Song Cycle
Warner Bros WS-1727
Back Cover

Side One
Vine Street Newman 3:40
Palm Desert Parks 3:07
Widow's Walk Parks 3:13
Laurel Canyon Blvd Parks :28
The All Golden Parks 3:46
Van Dyke Parks Public Domain :57
Side Two
Public Domain Parks 2:34
Donovan's Colours Leitch 3:38
The Attic Parks 2:56
Laurel Canyon Blvd Parks 1:19
By The People Parks 5:53
Potpourri Parks 1:08
Van Dyke Parks-keyboards, arranger, vocals
with (among others):
Ron Elliott-guitar
Randy Newman-piano
Produced by: ?


The Eagle And Me¹ / On The Rolling Sea When Jesus Speaks To Me¹
Arlen-Harburg (2:30) / Spence (2:25)
Warner Bros 7409, 7/70


Note: As a composer, arranger, and session player, you'll find VDP scattered thru-out this website. Especially Smile.


Wiki article on VDP



Parahighway / Rampant Generalities
Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner (2:31) / Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner (3:12)
RCA 9506, 1/68


RCA LSP-3940
Back Cover

Side One
Auto Salvage Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner 5:37
Burglar Song Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner 2:20
Rampant Generalities Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner 3:10
Our Life As We Lived It/Good Morning Blues Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner 6:30
Side Two
Ancestral Wants Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner 3:50
A Hundred Days Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner 2:15
Land Of Their Dreams Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner 3:07
Parahighway Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner 2:35
The Great Brain Robbery/Glimpses Of The Next World's World Boone-Danaher-Davenport-Turner 5:15
Thomas Danaher-guitar, vocals
Rick Turner-dulcimer, banjo, guitar
Darius Davenport-bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, vocals
Skip Boone-bass, piano
Produced by: Bob Cullen




The Loading Zone

Times Are Gonna Be Different¹ / I Couldn't Care Less¹
Pylypiw (2:28) / Pylypiw (2:48)
Columbia 4-43938, 11/66

Don't Lose Control³ / Danger, Heartbreak Ahead
Fauerso (2:59) / Hunter-Paul-Stevenson (3:37)
RCA 9538, ?/68


The Loading Zone
RCA LSP-3959
Back Cover

Side One
No More Tears Fauerso-Shapiro 3:12
Love Feels Like Fire Dozier-Holland-Holland 2:40
Don't Loose Control (Of Your Soul) Fauerso 3:21
I Can't Please You Robbins 4:07
Shop Around Gordy Jr-Robinson 3:50
The Bells Marks-Ward 3:55
Side Two
Kalui Yuga-Loo Fauerso 3:23
God Bless The Child Herzog-Holiday 4:45
Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead Hunter-Paul-Stevenson 3:34
Can I Dedicate Fauerso 9:37
Linda Tillery-vocals
Paul Fauerso-organ, piano, vocal
Peter Shapiro-lead guitar
Steve Dowler-rhythm guitar
Bob Kridle-bass
George Newcom-drums
Todd Anderson-tenor sax
Patrick O'Hara-trombone
Frank Davis-drums (Can I Dedicate)
Produced by: Rick Jarrard


No More Tears / Can I Dedicate³
Fauerso-Shapiro (3:12) / Fauerso (3:15)
RCA 9620, ?/68

as by Linda Tillery & The Loading Zone



The Rose Garden

Next Plane To London / Flower Town
Gist, Jr (2:30) / Boudin-Di Rose-Fowley-Fleming-Groshong-Noreen (3:10)
Atco 45-6510, 10/67

If My World Falls Through / Here's Today
O'Dell (2:36) / Noreen-Vickery (2:25)
Atco 45-6564, 3/68


The Rose Garden
Atco SD33-225
Back Cover

Side One
Next Plane To London Gist, Jr 2:30
I'm Only Second Higgins-Vegas 3:12
February Sunshine Geary-Vegas 2:37
Coins Of Fun Metzger-Vegas 2:58
Rider Trad 2:55
Side Two
She Belongs To Me Dylan 3:54
Flower Town Boudin-Di Rose-Fowley-Fleming-Groshong-Noreen 3:10
Till Today Clark 3:12
Look What You've Done Farrell-Johnston 3:05
Long Time Clark 1:58
Diana Di Rose-lead vocals, acoustic guitar
John Noreen-lead guitar, lead vocals
James Groshong-guitar, vocals
William Fleming-bass
Bruce Boudin-drums
Produced by: Brian Stone, Charles Greene, Pat Pipolo




Frumious Bandersnatch

Frumious Bandersnatch [EP]
Muggles Gramophone Works (no #)
Side One
Hearts To Cry King 5:04
Misty Cloudy Winkelman 1:55
Side Two
Cheshire King 7:03
Jimmy Warner-guitar [solo], vocals
David Denny-lead guitar, vocals
Bob Winkelman-rhythm guitar, vocals
Ross Valory-bass, vocals
Jackson King-drums, vocals
Produced by: ?

Note: This EP respectfully dedicated to the Mills Brothers


Fever Tree

Note: Fever Tree now have their very own page!


Notes From The Underground

Notes From The Underground [EP]
Changes EP-601
Side One
Where Does Love Go Mandell-O'Connor-Sokolow 2:40
Down In The Basement Mandell-O'Connor 2:30
Side Two
What Am I Doing Here Sokolow 2:15
Got To Get Out Of This Dream Mandell 3:10
Fred Sokolow-lead guitar, banjo, vocals
Mark Mandell-rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Mike O'Connor-bass, vocals
Peter Ostwald-drums
Jim Work-piano
Produced by: Chris Strachwitz, Notes From The Underground


Down In The Basement / I Wish I Was A Punk
Mandell-O'Connor (2:13) / Mandell (2:33)
Vanguard VRS 35073, 8/68


Notes From The Underground
Vanguard VSD-6502
Back Cover

Side One
Follow Me Down O'Connor-Rose 5:40
I Wish I Was A Punk Mandell 2:33
Mainliner Gale 2:59
Down In The Basement Mandell-O'Connor 2:13
What Am I Doing Here Sokolow 2:16
Side Two
Where I'm At O'Connor-Rose 2:58
Cantalope Island Hancock 4:24
Why Did You Put Me On Mandell 2:40
Tristesse Mandell-Sokolow 3:08
Who Needs Me Mandell-Sokolow 5:28
Fred Sokolow-lead guitar, mandolin, banjo, tambourine, vocals
Mark Mandell-rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Skip Rose-piano, electric piano, organ, harpsichord
Mike O'Connor-bass, vocals
Peter Ostwald-drums
Produced by: Sam Charters




Arthur Brown

Fire / Rest Cure
Brown-Crane (2:52) / Brown-Crane (2:42)
Atlantic 2556, 8/68 BB


The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
Atlantic SD-8190 (also Track SD-8190)
9/68 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Prelude/Nightmare Brown 3:30
Fanfare/Fire Poem Brown-Craine 1:53
Fire Brown-Crane-Finesilver-Ker 2:55
Come And Buy Brown-Crane 5:45
Time/Confusion Brown-Crane 5:18
Side Two
I Put A Spell On You Hawkins 3:38
Spontaneous Apple Creation Brown-Crane 2:51
Rest Cure Brown-Crane 2:39
I've Got Money Brown 3:05
Child Of My Kingdom Brown-Crane 5:05
Arthur Brown-vocals
Vincent Crane-keyboards, vibes, musical arrangements and orchestration
Sean Nicholas-bass
Drachen Theaker-drums
Produced by: Kit Lambert

Note: Child Of My Kingdom was edited from the UK version to 6:25 (label is wrong)
The US stereo version features overdubbed horns and strings (to mask poor drumming)

Nightmare³ / I Put A Spell On You
Brown (2:50) / Hawkins (3:41)
Track 2582, 11/68




The Group Image

A Mouth In The Clouds
Community Records A-101
Back Cover

Side One
Aunt Ida The Group Image 5:00
A Way To Love You All The Time The Group Image 2:50
Moonlit Dip The Group Image 5:45
Voices Calling Me The Group Image 3:30
New Romancing The Group Image 2:50
Side Two
Hiya The Group Image 6:08
Banana Split The Group Image 6:15
My Man The Group Image 1:55
Grew Up All Wrong The Group Image 2:50
The Treat The Group Image 5:30
Sheila Darla-vocals
Dr Hok-lead guitar
Freddy Knuckles-rhythm guitar
William Guy Merrill-rhythm guitar
Black Doug-bass
Professor Leon Luther Rix-drums
Produced by: Vinny Testa




The Good Rats

Note: Pretty good group outta Long Island. Disappeared until 1974.

The Hobo / The Truth Is Gone
Pepi Marchello (2:38) / Pepi Marchello (4:40)
Kapp K-946, 10/68


The Good Rats
Kapp KS-3580
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
We Are The Good Rats P Marchello 1:54
Joey Ferrari P Marchello 2:38
For The Sake Of Anyone P Marchello 5:00
Anybody Got The Time P Marchello 2:25
My Back Is Achin' (And My Mind Is No Better) P Marchello 2:38
Side Two
The Hobo P Marchello 2:35
If You Stay By Me C Marchello-P Marchello 3:20
Gotta Get Back P Marchello 3:55
The Truth Is Gone P Marchello 4:15
Family Portrait Marchand-Wayne 2:57
Peppi Marchello-lead vocals, harmonica
Mickey Marchello-guitar, vocals
Crazy Artie-bass
Denny Ryan-drums [uncredited]
Produced by: Barry Oslander, Ron Haffkine



Official Good Rats Web site



Here I Stand³ / Widow
Storm (2:45) / Coefield-Pipkin-Pipkin-Storm (4:04)
Ode ZS7-116, 12/68


Music From "Lil Brown"
Ode Z12-44010
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Paint It Black Jagger-Richards 7:35
Light My Fire Densmore-Krieger-Manzarek-Morrison 4:37
Here I Stand Storm 4:17
Side Two
Louie Louie/Ode To Billie Joe Berry/Gentry 5:40
Widow Coefield-Pipkin-Pipkin-Storm 4:04
Savin' All My Love Coefield-Pipkin-Pipkin-Storm 3:03
You Take Advantage Of Me Tynes 3:44
Brice Coefield-vocals
Gary Pipkin-vocals
Chester Pipkin-guitar, vocals
Ed Wallace-vocals
Freddie Wills-vocals
Produced by: Lou Adler

Note: Who played what is not known

From Africa With Love¹ / Savin' All My Love
Coefield-Pipkin (2:40) / Coefield-Pipkin-Pipkin-Storm (3:03)
Ode ZS7-126, 12/69





Miss Teach / We Feel Fine
Gallucci-Hawks (3:00) / Gallucci-Newman (4:33)
Coliseum 45-2712, 11/68


Coliseum DS-51004
Back Cover

Opening Cover

This banner was wrapped around the jacket
Inside Cover

Open Back Cover


Side One
We Feel Fine Gallucci-Newman 4:33
Friendly Birds Gallucci 4:50
Miss Teach Gallucci-Hawks 3:22
The Spiritual Death Of Howard Greer Gallucci-Newman 9:31
Side Two
Down At Circes Place Gallucci-Newman 3:52
Alesha And Others Gallucci-Hawks 3:05
Seventy-Five Gallucci-Newman 10:58
Jeff Hawks-vocals
Joey Newman-guitar, vocals
Don Gallucci-keyboards, vocals
Bruce Hauser-bass, vocals
John Bordonaro-drums, percussion, vocals
Produced by: Gene Shiveley




Eire Apparent

Rock 'N' Roll Band¹ / Yes, I Need Someone
Graham-Taylor (3:24) / Cox-Graham-Lutton-Stewart (3:08)
Buddah 201 039 [UK], 3/69

Guitar by Jimi Hendrix

Buddah BDS-5031
Back Cover

Side One
Yes I Need Someone Cox-Graham-Lutton-Stewart 3:13
Got To Get Away Graham 3:20
The Clown Stewart 2:50
Mr Guy Fawkes Cox 5:55
Someone Is Sure To (Want You) Graham 2:36
Side Two
Morning Glory Cox 3:26
Magic Carpet Graham 2:51
Captive In The Sun Cox 4:39
Let Me Stay Cox-Graham-Lutton-Stewart 2:39
1026 Graham-Stewart 4:10
Ernie Graham-lead vocals, guitar
Mick Cox-guitar
Chris Stewart-bass
Dave Lutton-drums
Jimi Hendrix-guitar
Robert Wyatt, Noel Redding-backing vocals (The Clown)
Produced by: Jimi Hendrix (except 1026, Jack Hunt)


Yes, I Need Someone / Let Me Stay
Cox-Graham-Lutton-Stewart (3:08) / Cox-Graham-Lutton-Stewart (3:33)
Buddah BDA-67, 8/69




Cat Mother & The All Night News Boys

Good Old Rock 'n' Roll / Bad News
Chin-Equine-Michaels-Packer-Smith (3:05) / Chin-Equine (3:09)
Polydor 24-4023, 6/69 BB


The Street Giveth... and the Street Taketh Away
Polydor 24-4001
6/11/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Good Old Rock 'n' Roll Chin-Equine-Michaels-Packer-Smith 3:05
Favors Chin-Equine-Michaels-Packer-Smith 3:25
Charlie's Waltz Chin 3:39
How I Spent My Summer Smith 3:50
Marie Chin-Packer-Smith 3:34
Probably Won't Smith 4:47
Side Two
Can You Dance to It? Smith 4:54
Bramble Bush Michaels 5:00
Bad News Chin-Equine 3:09
Boston Burglar Chin-Equine-Michaels-Packer-Smith 3:42
Track in "A" Chin-Equine-Michaels-Packer-Smith 9:35
Bob Smith-organ, drums, piano, vocals
Charlie Chin-banjo, guitar, vocals
Michael Equine-guitar, drums, vocals
Roy Michaels-bass, guitar, vocals
Larry Packer-guitar, mandolin, violin, vocals
Produced by: Jimi Hendrix

Note: Good Old Rock 'n' Roll includes a medley of ole RnR hits:
Sweet Little Sixteen, Long Tall Sally, Chantilly Lace, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, Blue Suede Shoes, Party Doll

Can You Dance To It?³ / Marie³
Smith (3:55) / Chin-Packer-Smith (2:47)
Polydor 24-4023, 9/69


Note: Most of the group moved to Mill Valley and released a few more albums.



Sweet Thursday

Getting It Together¹ / Mary On The Runaround¹
Mark (3:10) / Mark (3:03)
Tetragrammaton T-1512, 12/68


Sweet Thursday
Tetragrammaton T-112
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Dealer Mark 5:43
Jenny Mark 3:46
Laughed At Him Mark 5:10
Cobwebs Odgers 3:23
Rescue Me Mark 3:41
Side Two
Molly Odgers 3:04
Sweet Francesca Mark 3:57
Side Of The Road Davies 4:50
Gilbert Street Gunning 10:22
Jon Mark-guitar, vocals
Alun Davies-guitar, vocals
Nicky Hopkins-keyboards
Brian Odgers-bass, woodwind
Harvey Burns-percussion
Produced by: Hugh Murphy


Jon Mark to  John Mayall



Martha Velez

Tell Mama / Swamp Man
Carter-Terrell-Daniels (2:13) / Velez-Bellinger (2:52)
Sire 4111, 6/69


Fiends & Angels
Sire SES-97008
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
I'm Gonna Leave You† Johnson-Whitfield 4:02
Swamp Man Velez-Bellinger 2:52
A Fool For You Charles 4:41
In My Girlish Days† Lawlar 2:40
Very Good Fandango Velez :37
Tell Mama Carter 2:11
Side Two
Feel So Bad† Hopkins 5:04
Drive Me Daddy Humes 4:49
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry† Dylan 2:55
Come Here Sweet Man Velez 5:00
Let The Good Times Roll Lee 2:51
Martha Velez-vocals
uncredited with:
Eric Clapton-guitar†
Paul Kossoff-guitar
Stan Webb-guitar
Spit James-guitar
Richard Hayward-guitar
Christine McVie-keyboards
Brian Auger-organ
Mick Weaver-keyboards
Jack Bruce-bass
Andy Sylvester-bass
Gary Thain-bass
Jim Capaldi-drums
Keef Hartley-drums
Dave Bidwell-drums
Mitch Mitchell-drums
Duster Bennett-harmonica
Chris Mercer-saxophone
Chris Wood-saxophone
John Almond-saxophone
Jeff Condon-horn
Terry Noonan-horn
Bud Parkes-horn
Derek Wadsworth-horn
Produced by: Mike Vernon




Thunderclap Newman

Something In The Air² / Wilhelmina¹
Keene (3:53) / Newman (2:55)
Track 2656, 8/69 BB


Hollywood Dream
Track SD-8264
9/70 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Insert

Side One
Hollywood #1 Keen 3:15
The Reason Keen 3:50
Open The Door, Homer Dylan 3:00
Look Around Keen 2:56
Accidents Keen 9:40
Side Two
Wild Country Keen 4:15
When I Think Keen 3:07
The Old Cornmill Keen 4:00
I Don't Know Keen 3:45
Hollywood Dream (Instrumental) McCulloch 3:05
Hollywood #2 Keen 2:53
Something In The Air Keen 3:55
John "Speedy" Keen-drums, percussion, conga, glockenspiel, gong, maraccas, tambourine, organ, guitar, vocals
Andy Newman-flute, piano, glockenspiel, kazoo, oboe, sax, cor anglais, tin whistle, bells, finger cymbals, vocals
Jimmy McCulloch-guitar, maraccas
Bijou Drains [Pete Townshend]-banjo, bass
Chris Morphet-harmonica
Produced by: Pete Townshend


Accidents² / I See It All¹
Keen (3:49) / McCulloch (2:50)
Track 45-T-2718, 3/70

This version of Accidents is an entirely different recording
Something In The Air³ / I See It All¹
Keen (3:53) / McCulloch (2:50)
Track 2769, 10/70



Thunderclap Newman


"Spider" John Koerner & Willie Murphy

Magazine Lady / Friends And Lovers
Koerner-Murphy (2:40) / Koerner-Murphy (3:05)
Elektra EK-45654, 8/69


Running, Jumping, Standing Still
Elektra EKS-74041
Back Cover

Side One
Red Palace Koerner-Murphy 5:31
I Ain't Blue Koerner-Murphy 3:45
Bill And Annie Koerner-Murphy 4:27
Old Brown Dog Koerner-Murphy 8:10
Side Two
Running, Jumping, Standing Still Koerner-Murphy 5:40
Sidestep Koerner-Murphy 4:11
Magazine Lady Koerner-Murphy 2:40
Friends And Lovers Koerner-Murphy 3:05
Sometimes I Can't Help Myself Koerner-Murphy 3:35
Good Night Koerner-Murphy 4:10
"Spider" John Koerner-guitar, vocals
Willie Murphy-piano, electric bass, vocals (Old Brown Dog, Sidestep)
John Wilce-banjo, mandolin
Sandy Konikoff-drums
Todd Anderson-horns
Ken Jenkins-trombone, tenor saxophone, cello, acoustic bass
Produced by: Frazier Mohawk






Cotillion SD-9017
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Thumbnail Screwdriver Cole-Cole 5:30
The Tube Exuding Cole-Cole 3:50
They Live The Life Cole-Cole 9:23
Side Two
BBY Cole-Cole 4:40
Yellow Butterfly Cole-Cole 4:15
Too Late Rogers 3:40
Shrieking Finally Cole-Cole 7:28
Dan Cole-vocals, percussion
Jon Cole-bass, vocals
Norman Rogers-guitar, percussion, vocals
Phil Thayer-keyboard, saxophone, flute, percussion
Roger North-drums, percussion
Produced by: Quill


Note: No singles released



Hampton Grease Band

Music To Eat
Columbia G-30555
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Halifax Hampton-Phillips 19:36
Side Two
Maria Phillips 5:27
Six Hampton-Kelling 19:31
Side Three
Evans - (17:48)
   a: Egyptian Beaver Fields-Hampton-Holbrook-Kelling-Phillips 5:18
   b: Evans Fields-Hampton-Holbrook-Kelling-Phillips 12:30
Lawton Fields-Phillips 7:48
Side Four
Hey Old Lady And Bert's Song Hampton-Kelling 3:19
Hendon - (20:13)
   a: Spray Paint Fields-Hampton-Holbrook-Kelling-Phillips 1:15
   b: Major Bones Fields-Hampton-Holbrook-Kelling-Phillips 2:05
   c: Sewell Park Fields-Hampton-Holbrook-Kelling-Phillips 5:18
   d: Improvisation Fields-Hampton-Holbrook-Kelling-Phillips 11:35
Bruce Hampton-vocals, trumpet
Glenn Phillips-guitar, saxophone
Harold Kelling-guitar, vocals
Mike Holbrook-bass
Jerry Fields-percussion, vocals
Produced by: The Hampton Grease Band, Tom McNamee



Bruce Hampton bio @ wiki



Full Time Woman³ / Is It All Over
Stewart (3:24) / Neuwirth (3:47)
Columbia 4-45461, 9/71


Columbia C-31033
Back Cover

Side One
I'm Funky DeLone-O'Hara-Silverman 5:27
Road Fever Dewey-Smith 5:18
Going To Canada DeLone-Henry-Silverman 4:17
Waitin' For My Ship Delone-Silverman 5:06
Side Two
That's What You Get Rizzo-Silverman-Smith 4:26
Full Time Woman Stuart 4:28
Young Woman's Blues Smith 3:35
Customs (Is It All Over?) Neuwirth 3:45
Your Grandmother Loves You/I She It DeLone-Henry-Silverman 5:40
Anna Rizzo-lead vocals
Vic Smith-lead guitar, bottleneck guitar, vocals
Slim Chance [Austin De Leon]-rhythm guitar, vocals
Richard Sussman-piano
Kelly Bryan-bass
Dewey DaGreaze [Greg Dewey]-drums, vocals
Jack Bonus-saxophone
Michael Lafferty-trombone
Bennet Friedman-clarinet
Carol Garrett, Terry Adams-strings
Seducer: Marty Balin, Grootna


Waitin' For My Ship³ / That's What You Get
Delone-Silverman (3:19) / Rizzo-Silverman-Smith (?)
Columbia -45538, 1/72




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