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Raga (4 A.M. At Frank's)
ESP 1078
?/68 [UK: N/R]
Side One
Raga Katzen-Linhart-Rock 16:07
Side Two
Raga Katzen-Linhart-Rock 16:00
Buzz Linhart-guitar, vibraphone, vocals
James Rock-bass, vocals
Serge Katzen-percussion, vocals
Frank Eventoff-flute
Produced by:

Note: Recorded at Frank's loft in Baltimore in 1964

Philips PHS-600-291
1/69 [UK: 6/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Insert

Side One
Yellow Cab Hardin 5:27
Willie Jean Linhart 10:38
Step Into My Wildest Dreams Linhart 5:32
I Wish I Could Find... Linhart 3:18
Side Two
Sing Joy Calles 18:36
End Song Linhart 3:04
Buzzy Linhart-rhythm guitar, vocals
Eyes Of Blue (Irish band):
  Raymond "Taff" Williams-lead guitar
  Phil Ryan-mellotron, organ
  Ritchie Francis-bass
  John Weathers-drums, timpani
on Sing Joy:
Big Jim Sullivan-sitar
Keshav Sathe-tabla
§Cover Photo-Dunstand Pereira
Produced by: Lou Reizner

Yellow Cab³ / End Song
Hardin (2:57) / Linhart (3:04)
Philips 40599, 4/69


Eleuthera ELS-3601
2/71 [UK: 8/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

72 Reissue Cover

Bye-bye Doug, Doug, and John
Side One
The Bag I'm In Neil 3:45
Reputation Hardin 4:20
Time To Go Linhart 4:57
Talk About A Morning Linhart 6:33
Side Two
If You Love Me Linhart 3:49
Everybody's Got (And Don't You Know) Linhart 2:55
Mother's Red Light Linhart 4:22
Kilpatrick's Defeat Gayle-Klingman 2:50
Searching Leiber-Stoller 5:36
Buzzy Linhart-rhythm guitar, percussion, vibraphone, vocals
Douglas Rauch-bass, guitar, percussion, lead guitar (Mother's Red Light)
Doug Rodriguez-lead guitar, percussion
John Siomos-drums
David Bromberg-dobro guitar (Kilpatrick's Defeat)
Mark "Moogy" Klingman-piano, organ
§Art Direction-Frank Yandolino; Cover Photo-Frank Ufert
Produced by: Music and Eddie Kramer

Note: Issued as by Music, although everyone calls it Buzzy's 2nd album, as it was reissued with first album in 1972 (see last note)
One of the first albums recorded at Jimi's Electric Lady Studios. Go here for info links.

Talk About A Morning³ / Kilpatrick's Defeat
Linhart (3:13) / Gayle-Klingman (2:55)
Kama Sutra KA-526, 6/71

as by Buzzy Linhart & Music

Bill Taxas and Leon Rix in from Ten Wheel Drive

The Time To Live Is Now
Kama Sutra KSBS-2037
9/71 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
The Time To Live Is Now Linhart 2:41
There's No Need Kaplan 3:40
Comin' Home Rix 3:13
Heaven Linhart 3:27
Crazy Linhart 3:33
Let's Get Together Powers 5:39
Side Two
Leila Brooker-Linhart 2:04
I Don't Ever Want To Say Goodbye Linhart 2:53
The Love's Still Growing Linhart 4:58
Friends Klingman-Linhart 3:12
Cheat-Cheat-Lied/Hit The Road Jack Linhart/Mayfield 8:05
Good Face Linhart-Rodrigues 1:36
Buzzy Linhart-guitar, vibes, vocals
Bill Takas-bass, vocals (Comin' Home)
Luther Rix-drums
Jeannie Linhart-vocal (The Love's Still Growing)
Kenny Ascher-piano (There's No Need)
§Cover Photo-Bruce Elkus Studios
Produced by: Linhart, Takas, Rix

Buzzy released two more albums, co-wrote "(You Got To Have) Friends" (Bette Midler's theme song).
He continued to be a valued session guy on vibes and percussion.


Get a Buzzy-restored copy of 4 AM At Frank's
Excellent documentary on Youtube: Famous: The Buzzy Linhart Story (2006)


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