Buzzy Linhart
Seventh Sons

Raga (4 A.M. At Frank's)
ESP 1078
Side One
Raga Katzen-Linhart-Rock 16:07
Side Two
Raga Katzen-Linhart-Rock 16:00
Buzz Linhart-guitar, vibraphone, vocals
James Rock-bass, vocals
Serge Katzen-percussion, vocals
Frank Eventoff-flute
Produced by:

Note: Recorded at Frank's loft in Baltimore in 1964

Philips PHS-600-291
Back Cover

Lyric Insert

Side One
Yellow Cab Hardin 5:27
Willie Jean Linhart 10:38
Step Into My Wildest Dreams Linhart 5:32
I Wish I Could Find... Linhart 3:18
Side Two
Sing Joy Calles 18:36
End Song Linhart 3:04
Buzzy Linhart-rhythm guitar, vocals
Raymond "Taff" Williams-lead guitar
Phil Ryan-mellotron, organ
Ritchie Francis-bass
John Weathers-drums, timpani
Big Jim Sullivan-sitar (Sing Joy)
Keshav Sathe-tabla (Sing Joy)
Produced by: Lou Reizner

Yellow Cab³ / End Song
Hardin (2:57) / Linhart (3:04)
Philips 40599, 4/69

Talk About A Morning³ / Kilpatrick's Defeat
Linhart (3:13) / Gayle-Klingman (2:55)
Kama Sutra KA-526, 6/71

as by Buzzy Linhart & Music

Eleuthera ELS-3601
Back Cover

Side One
The Bag I'm In Neil 3:45
Reputation Hardin 4:20
Time To Go Linhart 4:57
Talk About A Morning Linhart 6:33
Side Two
If You Love Me Linhart 3:49
Everybody's Got (And Don't You Know) Linhart 2:55
Mother's Red Light Linhart 4:22
Kilpatrick's Defeat Gayle-Klingman 2:50
Searching Leiber-Stoller 5:36
Buzzy Linhart-rhythm guitar, percussion, vibraphone, vocals
Douglas Rauch-bass, guitar, percussion, lead guitar (Mother's Red Light)
Doug. Rodriguez-lead guitar, percussion
John Siomos-drums
David Bromberg-dobro guitar (Kilpatrick's Defeat)
Mark "Moogy" Klingman-piano, organ
Produced by: Music and Eddie Kramer

Note: Reissued with first album in 1972

The Time To Live Is Now
Kama Sutra KSBS-2037
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
The Time To Live Is Now Linhart 2:41
There's No Need Kaplan 3:40
Comin' Home Rix 3:13
Heaven Linhart 3:27
Crazy Linhart 3:33
Let's Get Together Powers 5:39
Side Two
Leila Brooker-Linhart 2:04
I Don't Ever Want To Say Goodbye Linhart 2:53
The Love's Still Growing Linhart 4:58
Friends Klingman-Linhart 3:12
Cheat-Cheat-Lied/Hit The Road Jack Linhart/Mayfield 8:05
Good Face Linhart-Rodrigues 1:36
Buzzy Linhart-guitar, vibes, vocals
Bill Takas-bass, vocals
Luther Rix-drums
Jeannie Linhart-vocal (The Love's Still Growing)
Kenny Ascher-piano (There's No Need)
Produced by: Linhart, Takas, Rix


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