John Mayall
John Mayall's Bluesbreakers

Crawling Up A Hill / Mr James
Mayall (-) / Mayall (-)
Decca F-11900 [UK], 5/64

John's first single

Eric Clapton from The Yardbirds

Lonely Years / Bernard Jenkins
Mayall (-) / Clapton (-)
Purdah 45-3502 [UK], 8/66

as by John Mayall & Eric Clapton

Note: Just John & Eric in a room—spellbinding

Parchman Farm / Key To Love
Allison (2:21) / Mayall (2:05)
London 20016, 11/66


Clapton to Cream, quiting before the album came out

Peter Green from The Peter B's

Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton
London PS-492
1/67 RS500 [UK: 7/66] T20
Back Cover

Slowhand reads Beano, do you?

Side One
All Your Love Rush 3:33
Hideaway King-Thompson 3:15
Little Girl Mayall 2:35
Another Man arr Mayall 1:45
Double Crossing Time Clapton-Mayall 3:02
What'd I Say Charles 4:25
Side Two
Key To Love† Mayall 2:06
Parchman Farm Allison 2:20
Have You Heard† Mayall 5:55
Rambling On My Mind Johnson 3:07
Steppin' Out† Frazier 2:30
It Ain't Right Jacobs 2:40
John Mayall-organ, harmonica, piano, vocals
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocal (Rambling On My Mind)
John McVie-bass
Hughie Flint-drums
John Almond-baritone sax†
Alan Skidmore-tenor sax†
Derek Healey-trumpet†
§Cover Photo-David Wedgbury
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: Album also referred to as "Beano" (the comic Eric is perusing—see note 2). See the comic at 45worlds .
Horns added in post-production.
Learn much more about Clapton, Mayall, and recording this album at YouTube channel: five watt world (auto run video).

All Your Love / Hideaway
Rush (3:35) / King-Thompson (3:14)
London 20024, 4/67

as by John Mayall With Eric Clapton And The Blues Breakers

With Paul Butterfield (EP)
Decca DFE-R8673 [UK EP]
N/R [UK: 4/67]
Side One
All My Life Robinson 4:25
Riding On The L&N Hampton-Purley 2:32
Side Two
Little By Little London-Wells 2:47
Eagle Eye Mayall 2:52
John Mayall-organ, guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals
Peter Green-guitar, vocals
John McVie-bass
Aynsley Dunbar-drums
Paul Butterfield-harmonica, vocals
Produced by: Mike Vernon


Dunbar to Jeff Beck (briefly), then formed his own group—Mick Fleetwood to the drummers' stool

A Hard Road
London PS-502
7/67 [UK: 2/67] T20
Back Cover

Side One
A Hard Road Mayall 3:06
It's Over Mayall 2:46
You Don't Love Me Cobbs 2:45
The Stumble King-Thompson 2:48
Another Kinda Love† Mayall 2:56
Hit The Highway Mayall 2:12
Leaping Christine† Mayall 2:20
Side Two
Dust My Blues James 2:44
There's Always Work Mayall 1:30
The Same Way† Green 2:07
The Supernatural Green 2:50
Top Of The Hill Mayall 2:36
Someday After Awhile (You'll Be Sorry) King 2:56
Living Alone Mayall 2:21
John Mayall-organ, guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals
Peter Green-guitar, vocals (You Don't Love Me, The Same Way)
John McVie-bass
Aynsley Dunbar-drums
John Almond-baritone sax†
Alan Skidmore-tenor sax†
Ray Warleigh-wind†
§Cover Art-John Mayall
Produced by: Mike Vernon


Green & McVie to Fleetwood Mac

Mick Taylor and Keef Hartley join

Telephone Blues / I'm Your Witch Doctor
Mayall (3:56) / Mayall (2:09)
Immediate 502, 9/67

with Eric Clapton, released in UK 10/65
1/9-21/68: Cafe au Go-Go, New York

London PS-529
1/68 BB [UK: 9/67] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Oh, Pretty Woman Williams 3:30
Stand Back Baby Mayall 1:43
My Time After Awhile Badger-Feinberg-Geddins 5:05
Snowy Wood Mayall-Taylor 3:52
Man Of Stone Kirkland 2:22
Tears In My Eyes Mayall 4:14
Side Two
Driving Sideways King-Thompson 3:48
The Death Of JB Lenoir Mayall 4:21
I Can't Quit You Baby Dixon 4:28
Streamline Mayall 3:10
Me And My Woman Barge 3:52
Checkin' Up On My Baby Williamson 3:46
John Mayall-organ, piano, harmonica, slide guitar, vocals
Mick Taylor-guitar
John McVie-bass
Keef Hartley-drums
Rip Kant-bar sax
Chris Mercer-tenor sax
§Cover Photos-Pete Smith
Produced by: Mike Vernon


Suspicions / Oh, Pretty Woman
Mayall (2:50) / Williams (3:30)
London 20035, 1/68

Jenny / Picture On The Wall
Mayall (4:20) / Williams (3:03)
London 20037, 4/68


The Blues Alone
London PS-534
5/68 BB [UK: 11/67] UK
Back Cover

Side One
Brand New Start(John solo) Mayall 3:22
Please Don't Tell Mayall 2:30
Down The Line(John solo) Mayall 3:43
Sonny Boy Blow Mayall 3:49
Marsha's Mood(John solo) Mayall 3:13
No More Tears Mayall 3:11
Side Two
Catch That Train(John solo) Mayall 2:17
Cancelling Out Mayall 4:19
Harp Man Mayall 2:42
Brown Sugar Mayall 3:44
Broken Wings Mayall 4:16
Don't Kick Me Mayall 3:11
John Mayall-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals, celeste (Harp Man), drums (Brand New Start, Marsha's Mood)
Keef Hartley-drums
§Cover Design-John Mayall
Produced by: Mike Vernon & John Mayall


Broken Wings / Sonny Boy Blow
Mayall (4:16) / Mayall (3:49)
London 20039, 5/68


Hartley "fired"—starts own group: Keef Hartley Band (with Mayall's help).

Bare Wires
London PS-537
8/68 BB [UK: 6/68] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One: Bare Wires Suite
Bare Wires Mayall 1:25
Where Did I Belong? Mayall 3:05
I Started Walking Mayall 2:20
Open Up A New Door Mayall 3:00
Fire Mayall 3:45
I Know Now Mayall 5:25
Look In The Mirror† Mayall 2:51
Another Side
I'm A Stranger Mayall 5:11
No Reply Mayall-Taylor 3:07
Hartley Quits Taylor 2:53
Killing Time Mayall 4:45
She's Too Young Mayall 2:20
Sandy Mayall 3:45
John Mayall-vocals, harmonica, piano, harpsichord, organ, harmonium, guitar
Mick Taylor-lead guitar
Tony Reeves-bass, string bass
Jon Hiseman-drums, percussion
Chris Mercer-sax
Dick Heckstall-Smith-sax
Henry Lowther-cornet, violin
§Album Design-John Mayall
Produced by: Mike Vernon & John Mayall


Walking On Sunset / Living Alone
Mayall (2:50) / Mayall (2:25)
London 20042, 12/68


Blues From Laurel Canyon
London PS-545
1/69 BB [UK: 12/68] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Vacation Mayall 2:47
Walking On Sunset Mayall 2:50
Laurel Canyon Home Mayall 4:33
2401 Mayall 3:42
Ready To Ride Mayall 3:32
Medicine Man Mayall 2:43
Somebody's Acting Like A Child Mayall 3:27
Side Two
The Bear Mayall 4:40
Miss James Mayall 2:30
First Time Alone Mayall 4:49
Long Gone Midnight Mayall 3:27
Fly Tomorrow Mayall 8:59
John Mayall-organ, harmonica, guitar, vocals
Mick Taylor-guitar, slide guitar
Steve Thompson-bass
Colin Allen-drums
Peter Green-guitar (First Time Alone)
§Cover Photo-Steve LaVere (in Laurel Canyon)
Produced by: John Mayall


Taylor to The Rolling Stones

Newport Jazz Festival(7/5/69)
Mid-West Rock Festival(7/26/69)

Looking Back
London PS-562
8/69 BB [UK: 8/69] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Mr James(UK 45, 5/64) Mayall 2:48
Blues City Shakedown(UK 45, 4/65) Mayall 2:21
Stormy Monday(1966 live recording) Walker 4:33
So Many Roads(UK 45, 10/66) Paul 4:40
Looking Back(UK 45, 10/66) Watson 2:34
Sitting In The Rain(UK 45, 1/67) Mayall 2:56
Side Two
It Hurts Me Too(UK 45, 6/67) London 2:52
Double Trouble(UK 45, 6/67) Rush 3:18
Suspicions (Pt 2)(UK 45, 10/67) Mayall 5:27
Jenny(UK 45, 2/68) Mayall 4:38
Picture On The Wall(UK 45, 2/68) Mayall 3:01
John Mayall-harmonica, slide guitar, guitar, tambourine, vocals
Members from earlier editions, including:
Bernie Watson-guitar (Mr James)
Roger Dean-guitar (Blues City Shakedown)
Eric Clapton-guitar (Stormy Monday)
Mick Taylor-guitar (Suspicions (Pt 2))
Peter Green-guitar (remainder)
Jack Bruce-bass (Stormy Monday)
among others-see wiki for complete breakdown
§Cover Photo-Bob Gordon
Produced by: John Mayall


Jon Mark from Sweet Thursday

Don't Waste My Time / Don't Pick A Flower
Mayall-Thompson (3:10) / Mark-Mayall (3:52)
Polydor 14004, 9/69 BB


The Turning Point
Polydor 24-4004
9/69 BB [UK: 10/69] T20
Back Cover

Lyric Insert

Lyric Insert

Side One
The Laws Must Change Mayall 6:13
Saw Mill Gulch Road Mayall 4:38
I'm Gonna Fight For You JB Mayall 5:11
So Hard To Share Mayall 6:43
Side Two
California Mayall-Thompson 9:14
Thoughts About Roxanne Mayall-Thompson 7:50
Room To Move Mayall 4:34
John Mayall-harmonica, slide guitar, guitar, tambourine, vocals
Jon Mark-acoustic finger-style guitar
Johnny Almond-sax, flute
Steve Thompson-bass
§Cover Art-John Mayall
Produced by: John Mayall

Note: Recorded live at The Fillmore East, 7/12/69

Room To Move³ / Saw Mill Gulch Road
Mayall (2:52) / Mayall (4:38)
Polydor 14010, 12/69

Moving On / Nature's Disappearing
Mayall (3:21) / Mayall (5:56)
Polydor 14051, 1/70


Empty Rooms
Polydor 24-4010
2/70 BB [UK: 3/70] T20
Back Cover

Insert with info and lyrics

Side One
Don't Waste My Time Mayall-Thompson 3:10
Plan Your Revolution Mayall 2:36
Don't Pick A Flower Mark-Mayall 3:52
Something New Mark-Mayall 4:37
People Cling Together Mayall 2:52
Waiting For The Right Time Mark-Mayall 5:33
Side Two
Thinking Of My Woman Mayall 2:27
Counting The Days Mayall 5:31
When I Go Mayall 4:44
Many Miles Apart Mayall 2:55
To A Princess Mayall 3:31
Lying In My Bed Mayall 4:21
John Mayall-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, Moog synthesizer, vocals
Jon Mark-guitar
John Almond-sax
Steve Thompson-bass
Larry Taylor-bass (To A Princess)
§Cover Photo-Bob Gordon
Produced by: To a Princess


The Diary Of A Band
London PS-570
2/70 BB [UK: 1/68] UK
Back Cover

Side One
Blood On The Night Mayall 9:05
Edmonton-Cooks Ferry Inn Mayall (Talk) 2:56
I Can't Quit You Baby Dixon 10:02
Side Two
   Keef Hartley Interview
   Anzio Ann
   Keef Hartley Interview And John Mayall Interview
   Snowy Wood
   John Mayall Interview
   The Lesson
Mayall (Talk)
My Own Fault Mayall 11:25
God Save The Queen Bull 2:50
John Mayall-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocal
Mick Taylor-guitar
Keith Tillman-bass
Paul Williams-bass
Keef Hartley - drums
Chris Mercer-tenor and baritone saxes
Dick Heckstall-Smith-tenor and soprano saxes
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Subtitled: Selected Highspots From Sixty Hours Of Bluesbreakers Club Recordings, recorded 1967

Jon Mark & John Almond form Mark-Almond

Mandel & Taylor from Canned Heat

USA Union
Polydor 24-4022
10/70 BB [UK: 12/70] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Nature's Disappearing Mayall 5:50
You Must Be Crazy Mayall 3:55
Night Flyer Mayall 5:35
Off The Road Mayall 2:50
Possessive Emotions Mayall 5:20
Side Two
Where Did My Legs Go? Mayall 3:45
Took The Car Mayall 4:05
Crying Mayall 6:25
My Pretty Girl Mayall 4:20
Deep Blue Sea Mayall 5:10
John Mayall-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Harvey Mandel-guitar
Larry Taylor-bass
Don "Sugarcane" Harris-violin
§Cover Photo-Tapani Tapanainen
Produced by: John Mayall


Back To The Roots
Polydor 25-3002
3/71 BB [UK: 6/71] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

24-page Booklet included

Side One
Prisons On The Road¹ Mayall 4:16
My Children³ Mayall 5:08
Accidental Suicide¹²³ Mayall 6:15
Groupie Girl³ Mayall 3:52
Blue Fox Mayall 3:41
Side Two
Home Again¹ Mayall 4:55
Televison Eye³ Mayall 7:31
Marriage Madness² Mayall 3:34
Looking At Tomorrow¹ Mayall 6:53
Side Three
Dream With Me³ Mayall 5:19
Full Speed Ahead² Mayall 5:20
Mr Censor Man² Mayall 4:42
Force Of Nature¹²³ Mayall 6:32
Boogie Albert Mayall 2:16
Side Four
Goodbye December¹³ Mayall 5:23
Unanswered Questions³ Mayall 4:40
Devil's Tricks² Mayall 7:45
Travelling Mayall 4:38
John Mayall-guitar, harmonica, piano, keyboards, vocals
with (in various combinations):
Eric Clapton-guitar¹
Mick Taylor-guitar²
Harvey Mandel-guitar³
Jerry McGee-guitar
John Almond-flute, sax
Larry Taylor-bass, guitar
Steve Thompson-bass
Keef Hartley-drums
Paul Lagos-drums
Joe Yuele-drums
§Album Design-John Mayall
Produced by: John Mayall

Note: To see who plays with who on what (and see the booklet), check out this Discogs link!

Live In Europe
London PS-589
4/71 BB [UK: 1/68] UK
Back Cover

Side One
The Train Mayall 13:20
Crying Shame Mayall 10:52
Side Two
Local Boy Makes Good (Introduction - Speech) - 4:00
Help Me Bass-Dixon 7:08
Blues In B-flat Mayall 4:45
Soul Of A Short Fat Man Hartley-Mayall 6:05
John Mayall-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocal
Mick Taylor-guitar
Keith Tillman-bass
Keef Hartley-drums
Chris Mercer-tenor, baritone saxes
Dick Heckstall-Smith-tenor, soprano saxes
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Subtitled: More selected Highspots of Bluesbreakers Club Recordings, recorded 1967
In the UK, album was titled The Diary Of A Band, Volume 2, with a cover similar to Vol 1.

Polydor 5012
10/71 BB [UK: 11/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Memories Mayall 5:00
Wish I Knew A Woman Mayall 5:17
The City Mayall 4:54
Home In A Tree Mayall 3:21
Separate Ways Mayall 4:14
Side Two
The Fighting Line Mayall 4:02
Grandad Mayall 4:38
Back From Korea Mayall 5:10
Nobody Cares Mayall 3:56
Play The Harp Mayall 5:21
John Mayall-harmonica, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jerry McGee-guitar
Larry Taylor-bass
§Album Design-John Mayall
Produced by: John Mayall


John continued performing, occasionally reforming the Bluesbreakers name.


Official John Mayall web site


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