Jon Mark and Johnny Almond from John Mayall

Blue Thumb BTS-27
5/71 BB
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
The Ghetto Mark 6:05
The City   11:30
   Grass And Concrete Mark  
   Taxi To Brooklyn Mark  
   Speak Easy It's A Whiskey Scene Mark  
Tramp And The Young Girl Mark 4:55
Side Two
Love   11:49
   Renaissance Mark  
   Prelude Mark  
   Pickup Mark  
   Hotel Backstage Mark  
Song For You Sutton 8:25
Jon Mark-classical guitar, guitar, bass, percussion, lead vocals
Johnny Almond-saxophone, vibraphone, vocals, congas, flutes
Tommy Eyre-concert piano, electric piano, vocals, organ, flute, percussion, guitar
Rodger Sutton-bass, percussion, vocals
Brass And Harmony Arrangements-Johnny Almond, Tommy Eyre
Produced by: Hugh Murphy


The City³ / The Ghetto³
Mark (2:54) / Mark (4:39)
Blue Thumb BTA-201, 5/71


Blue Thumb BTS-32
11/71 BB
Back Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Side One: The Sausalito Bay Suite
The Bridge Mark 5:52
The Bay Mark 5:31
Solitude Mark 6:05
Friends Mark 4:10
Side Two: Journey Through New England
One Way Sunday Mark 5:30
Sunset Sutton 6:25
Ballad Of A Man Mark 11:42
Jon Mark-lead vocals, classical guitar, guitar, percussion
Johnny Almond-saxophones, flutes, vibraphone, percussion, harmony vocals
Tommy Eyre-concert piano, electric piano, flute, guitar, percussion, harmony vocals
Roger Sutton-vocals, bass, percussion, cello
Dannie Richmond-drums, percussion, harmony vocals
Produced by: Tommy Li Puma




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