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Fleetwood Mac Alpha Listing
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
If You Wanna Be Happy / Jodrell Blues
Guida-Royster () / Bardens ()
Columbia DB-7862, 3/66 [UK]

Issued as by The Peter B's and was Peter Green's recording debut
Peter Green to John Mayall
I Believe My Time Ain't Long / Rambling Pony
James (2:55) / Green (2:37)
Blue Horizon 3051, 11/67 [UK]

as by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, shown cause it's the first one and it has a pic sleeve!
Black Magic Woman / Long Grey Mare
Green (2:55) / Green (2:13)
Epic 10351, 6/68


Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac
Epic BN-26402
8/68 BB
Back Cover

Cleaner UK Cover

Side One
My Heart Beat Like A Hammer Spencer 2:56
Merry Go Round Green 4:05
Long Grey Mare Green 2:13
Hell Hound On My Trail Johnson, arr Green 1:57
Shake Your Moneymaker James 2:53
Looking For Somebody Green 2:50
Side Two
No Place To Go Burnett 3:19
My Baby's Good To Me Spencer 2:44
If I Loved Another Woman Green 2:58
Cold Black Night Spencer 3:15
The World Keep On Turning Green 2:27
Got To Move Williamson 3:21
Peter Green-guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer-slide guitar, piano, vocals
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
Bob Brunning-bass (Long Grey Mare only)
Produced by: Mike Vernon


Need Your Love So Bad¹ / No Place To Go
John (3:46) / Burnett (3:19)
Epic 10386, 8/68

Albatross / Jigsaw Puzzle
Green (3:07) / Kirwan (1:33)
Epic 10436, 1/69


English Rose
Epic BN-26446
1/69 BB
Back Cover

Equivalent UK Cover

UK Inside Cover

About half from here chopped
3 tracks ended up here

Love these three covers and titles!

Side One
Stop Messin' Round Adams-Green 2:18
Jigsaw Puzzle Blues Kirwan 1:33
Doctor Brown Brown 3:13
Something Inside Of Me Kirwan 3:54
Evenin' Boogie Spencer 2:39
Love That Burns Adams-Green 5:04
Side Two
Black Magic Woman Green 2:46
I've Lost My Baby Spencer 4:14
One Sunny Day Kirwan 3:09
Without You Kirwan 4:32
Coming Home James 2:38
Albatross Green 3:07
Peter Green-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer-slide guitar, piano, vocals
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
Christine McVie-keyboards
Steve Gregory, Dave Howard–alto sax (Evening Boogie)
Johnny Almond, Roland Vaughan–tenor sax (Evening Boogie)
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: The earlier UK version, Mr Wonderful, featured naturalist Mick, whilst we got him in drag.
Oh, and Epic dropped tracks, added singles, you know typical US botch job.

Man Of The World¹ / Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite¹
Green (2:36) / Spencer (2:35)
Immediate IM-080 [UK], 4/69

B-side as by Earl Vince & The Valiants [Jeremy Spencer]
Rattlesnake Shake / Coming Your Way
Green (3:27) / Kirwan (3:47)
Reprise 0860, 9/69


Then Play On
Reprise RS-6368
9/19/69 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Track Listings

Side One
Coming Your Way Kirwan 3:46
Closing My Eyes Green 4:50
Fighting For Madge Fleetwood 2:42
When You Say Kirwan 4:30
Showbiz Blues Green 3:50
Underway Green 3:03
Side Two
Although The Sun Is Shining Kirwan 2:21
Rattlesnake Shake Green 3:30
Searching For Madge McVie 6:56
My Dream Kirwan 3:28
Like Crying Kirwan 2:21
Before The Beginning Green 3:25
Peter Green-guitar, vocals
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer-occasional piano
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
Christine McVie-keyboards
Produced by: Fleetwood Mac

Note: The greatest record Fleetwood Mac ever made—suffered from trackitis betwixt the UK, US, & the US reissue in 1970.
Read the whole story here, cause I ain't repeating it! (see last note)

Oh Well (Pt I) / Oh Well (Pt II)
Green (3:32) / Green (5:45)
Reprise 0883, 11/69 BB

That's Peter on cello and Sandra Elsdon on recorder in part two

Blues Jam In Chicago, Vol 1
Blue Horizon BH-4803
Reissue Cover

Reissue Back Cover

Side One
Watch Out Green 4:10
Ooh Baby Burnett 3:15
South Indiana [Take 1] Horton 3:12
South Indiana [Take 2] Horton 2:48
Last Night Jacobs 4:55
Red Hot Jam Green 4:36
Side Two
I'm Worried James 3:22
I Held My Baby Last Night James 4:04
Madison Blues James 4:35
I Can't Hold Out James 3:35
I Need Your Love Horton 3:20
I Got The Blues Horton 3:50
Blues Jam In Chicago, Vol 2
Blue Horizon BH-4805
Side One
The World's In A Tangle Lane 4:55
Talk With You Kirwan 3:22
Like It This Way Kirwan 3:45
Someday Soon Baby Spann 7:02
Hungry Country Girl Spann 5:37
Side Two
Black Jack Blues Brown 4:49
Every Day I Have The Blues Memphis Slim 4:30
Rockin' Boogie Spencer 3:45
Sugar Mama Burnett 4:03
Homework Clark-Perkins-Rush 3:18
Peter Green-guitar, vocals
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer-guitar, vocals
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
Walter "Shakey" Horton-harmonica
Buddy Guy-guitar
Honey Boy Edwards-guitar
Willie Dixon-bass
Otis Spann-piano
SP Leary-drums
JT Brown-sax, vocal
Produced by: Mike Vernon

Note: Recorded January 4, 1969, Chess Ter-Mar Studios, Chicago
Both albums were reissued together as Fleetwood Mac In Chicago in 1975 (see notes).

 ➜ Live: 2/5-7, Boston Tea Party; released 1998: Live At The Boston Tea Party 

The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Prong Crown)¹ / World In Harmony¹
Green (4:34) / Green (3:24)
Reprise 0925, 6/70

Peter Green goes nuts, quits, makes interesting solo record

Kiln House
Reprise RS-6408
9/18/70 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
This Is The Rock Spencer 2:45
Station Man Kirwan-McVie-Spencer 5:49
Blood On The Floor Spencer 2:44
Hi Ho Silver [AKA Honey Hush] Kirkeby-Waller 3:05
Jewel Eyed Judy Fleetwood-Kirwan-McVie 3:17
Side Two
Buddy's Song Holly 2:08
Earl Gray Kirwan 4:01
One Together Spencer 3:23
Tell Me All the Things You Do Kirwan 4:10
Mission Bell Hodges-Michael 2:32
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals
Jeremy Spencer-guitar, vocals
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
Christine McVie-keyboards, vocals (not yet a full-time member)
Produced by: Fleetwood Mac

Note: Cover art by Christine McVie, "Kiln House" was a country house where the band lived and worked.

Jerermy Spencer is nuts, quits

The End Of The Game
Reprise RS-6436
Back Cover

Side One
Bottoms Up Green 9:05
Timeless Time Green 2:37
Descending Scale Green 8:17
Side Two
Burnt Foot Green 5:16
Hidden Depth Green 4:54
The End of the Game Green 5:08
Peter Green-guitar
Zoot Money-piano
Nick Buck-organ, keyboards, piano
Alex Dmochowski-bass
Godfrey McLean-percussion, drums
Produced by: Peter Green


Jewel-Eyed Judy / Station Man³
Fleetwood-Kirwan-McVie (3:17) / Kirwan-McVie-Spencer (5:11)
Reprise 0984, 1/71

Dragonfly¹ / The Purple Dancer¹
Davies-Kirwan (2:47) / Fleetwood-Kirwan-McVie (5:02)
Reprise RS-27010 [UK], 3/71


Future Games
Reprise RS-6465
9/3/71 BB
Green Cover

First pressings had the yellow cover.
Green Back Cover

Side One
Woman Of 1,000 Years Kirwan 8:20
Morning Rain Perfect 6:22
What A Shame Fleetwood-Kirwan-McVie-Perfect-Welch 2:12
Future Games Welch 8:15
Side Two
Sands Of Time Kirwan 7:35
Sometimes Kirwan 6:25
Lay It All Down Welch 4:32
Show Me A Smile Perfect 3:19
Danny Kirwan-guitar, vocals
Bob Welch-guitar, vocals
Christine McVie-keyboards, vocals
John McVie-bass
Mick Fleetwood-drums
John Perfect-sax (What A Shame)
Produced by: Fleetwood Mac

Note: Timings listed are not accurate!

Sands Of Time³ / Lay It All Down
Kirwan (3:00) / Welch (4:32)
Reprise 1057, 11/71

Danny Kirwan sees God, quits
Fleetwood Mac become LA-based, coke-fueled, lounge act—then a witch joins...


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