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Yardbirds Alpha Listing
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
I Wish You Would / A Certain Girl
Arnold (2:15) / Toussaint (2:15)
Epic 9709, 8/64

I Wish You Would misspelled on first issues
Eric Clapton to John Mayall
For Your Love / Got To Hurry
Gouldman (2:28) / Gomelsky (2:34)
Epic 9790, 4/65 BB


For Your Love
Epic BN-26167
6/65 BB
Back Cover

Side One
For Your Love Gouldman 2:30
I'm Not Talking† Allison 2:33
Putty (In Your Hands) Patton-Rodgers-Rogers 2:18
I Ain't Got You Carter 2:00
Got To Hurry Gomelsky-Rasputin 2:33
I Ain't Done Wrong† Relf 3:39
Side Two
I Wish You Would Arnold 2:19
A Certain Girl Neville 2:18
Sweet Music Bowie-Cobbs-Lance 2:30
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Demarais 2:46
My Girl Sloopy† Farrell-Russell 5:38
Keith Relf-vocals, harp
Eric Clapton-lead guitar
Jeff Beck-lead guitar († only)
Chris Dreja-rhythm guitar
Paul Samwell-Smith-bass
Jim McCarty-drums
Produced by: Mickie Most


Heart Full Of Soul / Steeled Blues¹
Gouldman (2:27) / Beck-Relf (2:36)
Epic 9823, 7/65 BB

I'm A Man / Still I'm Sad
McDaniel (2:33) / McCarty-Samwell-Smith (2:57)
Epic 9857, 10/65 BB


Having A Rave Up With
Epic BN-26177
11/15/65 BB RS500
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
You're A Better Man Than I Hugg-Hugg 3:17
Evil Hearted You Gouldman 2:24
I'm A Man McDaniel 2:37
Still I'm Sad McCarty-Samwell-Smith 2:57
Heart Full Of Soul Gouldman 2:28
The Train Kept A-Rollin' Bradshaw-Mann-Kay 3:26
Side Two
Smokestack Lightning Burnett 5:35
Respectable Isley-Isley-Isley 5:28
I'm A Man McDaniel 4:24
Here 'Tis McDaniel 5:04
Keith Relf-vocals, harp
Jeff Beck-lead guitar (side one only)
Eric Clapton-lead guitar (side two only)
Chris Dreja-rhythm guitar
Paul Samwell-Smith-bass
Jim McCarty-drums
Produced by: Mickie Most

Note: Side One features singles and some odd tracks
Side two from UK release, Five Live Yardbirds, recorded 3/20/64, Marquee Club, London (see notes)

Sonny Boy Williamson & The Yardbirds
Mercury SR-61071
Back Cover

1970 Reissue Cover

Side One
Bye, Bye Bird Dixon-Williamson 2:23
Pontiac Blues Williamson 3:45
Take It Easy Baby Williamson 4:09
I Don't Care No More Williamson 3:18
Do The Weston Williamson 4:00
Side Two
Mister Downchild Williamson 3:56
23 Hours Too Long Williamson 5:04
Out Of Water Coast Williamson 3:00
Baby Don't Worry Williamson 4:28
Sonny Boy Williamson-vocal, harmonica
with: The Yardbirds
Eric Clapton-guitar
Chris Dreja-guitar
Jim McCarty-drums
Paul Samwell-Smith-bass
Keith Relf-handclapping, shouting and foot-tapping
Produced by: Horst Lippmann, Giorgio Gomelsky

Note: The Yardbirds accompany Sonny Boy during a live performance at the Craw-Daddy Club, London, on December 8, 1963.

Shapes Of Things / I'm Not Talking
Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith (2:35) / Allison (2:31)
Epic 9891, 2/66

Shapes Of Things / New York City Blues
Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith (2:35) / Dreja-Relf (4:19)
Epic 10006, 3/66 BB

reissued with new B-side
Over Under Sideways Down / Jeff's Boogie
Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith (2:21) / Beck (2:22)
Epic 10035, 6/66 BB

Mr Zero / Knowing
Lind (2:46) / Relf (1:55)
Epic 5-10044, 6/66


Over Under Sideways Down
Epic BN-26210
8/66 BB RS500
Back Cover

UK Cover

Known as Roger The Engineer
UK Back Cover

Side One
Lost Woman Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 3:12
Over Under Sideways Down Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 2:21
I Can't Make Your Way Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 2:22
Farewell Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 1:28
Hot House Of Omargarashid Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 2:35
Side Two
Jeff's Boogie Beck 2:22
He's Always There McCarty-Samwell-Smith 2:27
Turn Into Earth Samwell-Smith-Simon 3:11
What Do You Want? Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 3:22
Ever Since The World Began Beck-Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 2:05
Keith Relf-vocals, harp
Jeff Beck-lead guitar
Chris Dreja-rhythm guitar
Paul Samwell-Smith-bass
Jim McCarty-drums
Produced by: Mickie Most

Note: The mono version contains several different mixes.

Happenings Ten Years Time Ago / The Nazz Are Blue¹
Beck-McCarty-Page-Relf (2:54) / Beck (3:01)
Epic 10094, 11/66 BB

Jeff Beck-lead vocal (The Nazz Are Blue); with Jimmy Page on A-side; UK B-side was Psycho Daisies (2nd pic sleeve)
Shapes In My Mind / Blue Sands
Napier-Bell (2:38) / Groin (2:10)
Epic 5-10110, 11/66

Blow-Up(December 18)
Jeff Beck to Solo career
Little Games / Puzzles¹
Wainman-Spiro (2:33) / Dreja-McCarty-Page-Relf (2:01)
Epic 10156, 3/67 BB


Greatest Hits
Epic BN-26246
3/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Shapes Of Things(non-LP 45) McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 2:24
Still I'm Sad McCarty-Samwell-Smith 2:59
New York City Blues(non-LP 45) Relf 4:17
For Your Love Gouldman 2:27
Over Under Sideways Down Drega-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 2:22
Side Two
I'm A Man McDaniel 3:25
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago(non-LP 45) Beck-McCarty-Page-Relf 2:49
Heart Full Of Soul Gouldman 2:28
Smokestack Lightning Burnett 5:35
I'm Not Talking Allison 2:30


Ha Ha Said The Clown¹ / Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor
Hazzard (2:29) / McCarty-Page (2:41)
Epic 10204, 7/67 BB

A-side: Keith Relf and studio musicians

Little Games
Epic BN-26313
7/24/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Little Games Spiro-Wainman 2:22
Smile On Me Dreja-McCarty-Page-Relf 3:14
White Summer Page 3:42
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor McCarty-Page 2:35
Glimpses Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Page 4:12
Side Two
Drinking Muddy Water Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Page 2:47
No Excess Baggage Atkins-D'Errico 2:26
Stealing, Stealing Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Page 2:18
Only The Black Rose Relf 2:45
Little Soldier Boy McCarty-Page-Relf 2:30
Keith Relf-vocals, harp
Jimmy Page-guitar
Chris Dreja-bass
Jim McCarty-drums
with: [uncredited]
Nicky Hopkins-keyboards (Goodnight Sweet Josephine)
Ian Stewart-piano (Drinking Muddy Water)
John Paul Jones-bass
Produced by: Mickie Most
Ten Little Indians¹ / Drinking Muddy Water
Nilsson (2:14) / Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Page (2:50)
Epic 10248, 10/67 BB

Jimmy Page forms New Yardbirds, soon to become  Led Zeppelin 
Keith Relf & Jim McCarty duo as Together (one UK 45), then form Renaissance, continuing below...
Goodnight Sweet Josephine¹ / Think About It¹
Hazzard (2:43) / McCarty-Page-Relf (3:45)
Epic 10303, 3/68

Island¹ / The Sea¹
McCarty-Relf (3:32) / McCarty-Relf (3:02)
Island WIP 6079 [UK], 1/70

Noted here because of the completely different version of Island and the non-LP B-side

Elektra EKS-74068
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Kings & Queens McCarty-Relf 10:55
Innocence McCarty-Relf 7:05
Side Two
Island McCarty-Relf 5:57
Wanderer Hawken-McCarty 4:00
Bullet McCarty-Relf 11:24
Keith Relf-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Jane Relf-percussion, vocals
John Hawken-piano, harpsichord
Louis Cennamo-bass
Jim McCarty-percussion, vocals
Produced by: Paul Samwell-Smith

Note: This edition of Renaissance didn't last long. The Annie Haslam-led edition bears no resemblance to this group.

Live Yardbirds! Featuring Jimmy Page
Epic E-30615
Back Cover

Side One
The Train Kept A-Rollin' Bradshaw-Kay-Mann 3:10
You're A Better Man Than I Hugg-Hugg 6:50
I'm Confused Holmes 6:47
My Baby Shuman-Ragovoy 3:00
Side Two
Over Under Sideways Down Dreja-McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 2:39
Drinking Muddy Water Dreja-McCarty-Page-Relf 3:16
Shapes Of Things McCarty-Relf-Samwell-Smith 2:48
White Summer Page 4:19
I'm A Man McDaniel 11:59
Keith Relf-vocals, harp
Jimmy Page-guitar
Chris Dreja-bass
Jim McCarty-drums
Produced by: Mickie Most

Note: Recorded live at The Anderson Theatre, New York, Mar 30, 1968 (with audience sounds dubbed in from a bull fight—not kidding).
Album was withdrawn within weeks of release. Read why.


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