Canned Heat

Rollin' and Tumblin'³ / Bullfrog Blues
Morganfield (2:04) / Cook-Hite-Taylor-Vestine-Wilson (2:05)
Liberty 55979, 6/67

Monterey International Pop Festival

Canned Heat
Liberty LST-7526
7/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Rollin' and Tumblin' Morganfield 3:05
Bullfrog Blues Cook-Hite-Taylor-Vestine-Wilson 2:17
Evil Dixon 2:20
Goin' Down Slow Oden 3:43
Catfish Blues arr Cook-Hite-Taylor-Vestine-Wilson 6:42
Side Two
Dust My Broom James 3:14
Help Me Williamson-Williamson 3:07
Big Road Blues Vestine 3:36
The Story Of My Life Jones 3:38
The Road Song Cook-Hite-Taylor-Vestine-Wilson 3:09
Rich Woman Cook-Hite-Taylor-Vestine-Wilson 2:50
Bob Hite-vocals
Henry Vestine-guitar
Alan Wilson-slide guitar, harmonica, vocals
Larry Taylor-bass
Frank Cook-drums
Ray Johnson-piano
Produced by: Cal Carter


Evil Woman / World In A Jug
Weiss (2:55) / Hite (3:23)
Liberty 56005, 10/67


Boogie With
Liberty LST-7541
1/21/68 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Evil Woman Weiss 2:55
My Crime Canned Heat 3:56
On The Road Again Oden 4:55
World In A Jug Hite 3:23
Turpentine Moan Canned Heat 2:55
Whiskey Headed Woman #2 Canned Heat 2:51
Side Two
Amphetamine Annie Canned Heat 3:33
An Owl Song Wilson 2:41
Marie Laveau Vestine 5:10
Fried Hockey Boogie Taylor 11:04
Bob "The Bear" Hite-vocals
Henry "Sunflower" Vestine-guitar
Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson-bottle neck guitar, harp, vocals
Larry "The Mole" Taylor-bass
Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra-drums
Dr John-piano, horn arrangements
Sunnyland Slim–piano (Turpentine Moan)
Produced by: Dallas Smith


On The Road Again³ / Boogie Music³
Oden (3:33) / Tatman (2:59)
Liberty 56038, 4/68 BB

Originally, Boogie Music was the "A" side, until it was flipped in Texas
The Chipmunk Song¹/ Christmas Blues¹
Bagdarsarian (2:57) / Canned Heat (2:33)
Liberty 56079, 10/68

A-side as by Canned Heat & The Chipmunks (say what? !! )

Living The Blues
Liberty LST-27200
11/1/68 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

71 Reissue Cover

Side One
Pony Blues arr Canned Heat 3:47
My Mistake Wilson 3:21
Sandy's Blues Hite 6:46
Going Up The Country Wilson 2:51
Walking By Myself Rodgers 2:28
Boogie Music Tatman 3:00
Side Two
One Kind Favor arr Tatman 4:44
   I Hebulosity (Owl: Jaw Harp, John Fahey: Guitar)
   II Rollin' And Tumblin' (Owl: Jaw Harp)
   III Five Owls (Owl: Four Harps, Owl: Guitar)
   IV Bear Wires (Bear: Vocal, John Mayall: Piano)
   V Snooky Flowers (Fito: Drums, Mole: Congas)
   VI Sunflower Power (RMS Is Truth) (Sunflower: Five Guitars)
   VII Raga Kafi (Owl: Chromatic Harp)
   VII Icebag (Sunflower: Guitar)
   IX Childhood's End (Owl: Jaw Harp)
Canned Heat 19:54
Side Three
Refried Boogie (Part I) Canned Heat 20:10
Side Four
Refried Boogie (Part II) Canned Heat 20:50
Bob "The Bear" Hite-vocals
Henry "Sunflower" Vestine-guitar
Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson-slide guitar, jaw harp, vocals
Larry "The Mole" Taylor-bass, congas
Adolfo "Fido" de la Parra-drums
Joe Sample-piano (Sandy's Blues)
Dr John Creaux (The Night Tripper)-piano, horn arrangement (Boogie Music)
Jim Horn-flute (Going Up The Country)
Charley Patton-guitar (Boogie Music)
Henry Sims-violin (Boogie Music)
John Fahey-guitar (as noted in Refried Boogie)
John Mayall-piano (as noted in Refried Boogie, Walking By Myself)
Produced by:Canned Heat & Skip Taylor

Note: Side 3 & 4 recorded 100% live at the Kaleidoscope, Hollywood
The original Lp had a :15 tag of Henry Sims' 1929 Tell Me Man Blues at the end of Boogie Music (missing from most CDs)

Going Up The Country³ / One Kind Favor
Wilson (2:30) / arr Tatman (4:44)
Liberty 56077, 11/68 BB

Time Was³ / Low Down (And High Up)¹
Wilson (2:35) / de la Parra-Hite-Taylor-Vestine-Wilson (2:50)
Liberty 56097, 2/69 BB


Liberty LST-7618
7/8/69 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Same All Over Canned Heat 2:51
Change My Ways Wilson 2:47
Canned Heat Hite 4:22
Sic 'Em Pigs Hite-White 2:41
I'm Her Man Leigh 2:55
Time Was Wilson 3:21
Side Two
Do Not Enter Wilson 2:50
Big Fat (The Fat Man) Domino, arr Hite 1:57
Huautla Wolf 3:33
Get Off My Back Wilson 5:10
Down In The Gutter, But Free Canned Heat 5:37
Bob Hite-vocals, harmonica
Alan Wilson-slide guitar, lead vocals (Change My Ways, Time Was, Get Off My Back)
Henry Vestine-lead guitar, bass (Down In The Gutter, But Free), PSA announcement (Sic 'Em Pigs)
Larry Taylor-bass, guitar (Down In The Gutter, But Free)
Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra-drums
Ernest Lane-piano, organ (Same All Over)
Mark Naftalin-piano, organ (I'm Her Man, Down In The Gutter, But Free)
Mike Pacheco-percussion
Javier Batise, Skip Diamond, Elliot Ingber-backup vocals (Same All Over)
Produced by: Canned Heat & Skip Taylor


Poor Moon¹ / Sic' Em Pigs³
Wilson (2:45) / Hite-White (1:58)
Liberty 56127, 7/69

Speaking of the moon, what were Neil & Buzz doing on July 20  ?? 
Get Off My Back / Change My Ways
Wilson (5:10) / Wilson (2:47)
Liberty 56140, 10/69


Janus JLS-3009
12/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Spoonful Dixon 2:25
Big Road Blues Cook-Hite-Taylor-Vestine-Wilson 2:01
Rollin' And Tumblin'(without harmonica) Waters 2:10
Got My Mojo Working Morgenfield 2:36
Pretty Thing Dixon 1:49
Side Two
Louise Burnett 2:35
Dimples Hooker 2:35
Can't Hold On Much Longer Jacobs 2:15
Straight Ahead Cook-Hite-Taylor-Vestine-Wilson 2:30
Rollin' And Tumblin'(with harmonica) Muddy Waters 2:16
Bob Hite-vocals
Alan Wilson-slide guitar, vocals, harmonica
Henry Vestine-lead guitar
Stuart Brotman-bass
Frank Cook-drums
Produced by: Johnny Otis

Note: Recorded 1966

Future Blues³ / Goin' Up The Country (live)¹
de la Parra-Hite-Mandel-Taylor-Wilson (2:17) / Wilson (2:50)
Liberty 56180, 5/70

B-side, as featured in the film "Woodstock"

Future Blues
Liberty LST-11002
8/3/70 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Kanned Korn Komix

20-page comic book included in first issues
Side One
Sugar Bee Shuler 2:39
Shake It And Break It Wilson 2:34
That's All Right Crudup 4:15
My Time Ain't Long Wilson 3:46
Skat Wilson 2:40
Let's Work Together Harrison 2:49
Side Two
London Blues Wilson 5:32
So Sad (The World's In A Tangle) de la Parra-Hite-Mandel-Taylor-Wilson 7:57
Future Blues de la Parra-Hite-Mandel-Taylor-Wilson 3:02
Bob Hite-vocals
Harvey Mandel-guitar
Alan Wilson-guitar, vocals
Ernest Lane-keyboards
Larry Taylor-bass
Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra-drums
Dr John-piano, horn arrangements (Skat, London Blues)
Ernest Lane-piano (Future Blues)
Produced by: Canned Heat & Skip Taylor


Let's Work Together / I'm Her Man
Harrison (2:45) / Leigh (2:55)
Liberty 56151, 8/70 BB

Alan Wilson Sept 3, 1970, Topanga Canyon, overdose
"Blind Owl" was an unheralded guitar picker
Woolly Bully¹ / My Time Ain't Long
Samudio (2:30) / Wilson (3:49)
Liberty 56217, 1/71


Live At Topanga Corral
Wand WDS-693
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Bullfrog Blues Canned Heat 7:21
Sweet Sixteen Josea-King 10:57
I'd Rather Be The Devil Leigh 5:10
Side Two
Dust My Broom James 5:46
Wish You Would Arnold 8:03
When Things Go Wrong Leigh 9:08
Bob "The Bear" Hite-lead vocals
Alan Wilson -vocals, harmonica, slide guitar
Henry Vestine-lead guitar
Larry Taylor-bass
Fito de la Parra-drums
Produced by: Skip Taylor, Canned Heat

Note: Actually recorded at The Kaleidoscope, Hollywood in 68/69 (same as Refried Boogie?)

Mandel & Taylor to  John Mayall  

Hooker 'N' Heat
Libery LST-35002
1/15/71 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Messin' With The Hook Hooker 2:17
The Feelin' Is Gone Hooker 4:31
Send Me Your Pillow Hooker 3:39
Sittin' Here Thinkin' Hooker 4:11
Meet Me In The Bottom Hooker 3:34
Side Two
Alimonia Blues Hooker 4:28
Drifter Hooker 4:39
You Talk Too Much Hooker 3:08
Burning Hell Besman-Hooker 3:55
Bottle Up And Go Hooker 2:20
Side Three
The World Today Hooker 7:22
I Got My Eyes On You Hooker 4:21
Whiskey And Wimmen Hooker 4:33
Just You And Me Hooker 7:37
Side Four
Let's Make It Hooker 4:04
Peavine Hooker 5:00
Boogie Chillun No 2 Besman-Hooker 11:35
John Lee Hooker-guitar, vocals (solo Side A, Side B1-B4)
Henry Vestine-guitar (C3, C4, D)
Alan Wilson-harmonica (C3, C4, D1, D3), piano (B5, C1), guitar (C2)
Tony de la Barreda-bass (C3, C4, D)
Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra-drums (C3, C4, D)
Produced by: Skip Taylor

Note: That's Owl's photo in the frame on the wall. He died before the cover shot.

Whiskey And Wimmen³ / Let's Make It
Hooker (2:25) / Hooker (3:50)
United Artists 50779, 4/71

as by Canned Heat & John Lee Hooker

Concert (Recorded Live In Europe)
United Artists UAS-5509
6/71 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
That's All Right Mama Crudup 24:23
Bring It On Home Dixon  
Pulling Hair Blues Taylor-Wilson  
Side Two
Back Out On The Road/On The Road Again Wilson-Hite/Wilson 22:33
London Blues Wilson  
Let's Work Together Harrison  
Goodbye For Now de la Parra-Mandel  
Bob "The Bear" Hite-vocals
Harvey Mandel-guitar
Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson-guitar, vocals
Larry "The Mole" Taylor-bass
Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra-drums
Produced by: Canned Heat & Skip Taylor

Note: Recorded at Royal Albert Hall and other venues during 1970 European tour
Album released in England a full year ahead of us!

Long Way From L A² / Hill's Stomp
Baker (2:44) / Hill (3:03)
United Artists 50831, 8/71


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