Keef Hartley Band

Deram DES-18024
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Side One
Sacked (including Hearts And Flowers) arr Hartley 0:40
Confusion Theme Cruickshank-Hartley 1:05
The Halfbreed Cruickshank-Dines-Hartley 6:07
Born To Die Dines-Hartley-Hewitson-Thain 9:58
Sinnin' For You Dines-Finnegan-Hartley-Hewitson 5:51
Side Two
Leavin' Trunk Estes 5:55
Just To Cry Finnegan-Lowther 6:20
Too Much Thinking Dines-Finnegan-Thain 5:30
Think It Over King 5:00
Too Much To Take (Speech) - 0:31
Keef Hartley-drums
Miller Anderson-guitar, vocals
Spit James-guitar
Peter Dines-organ, harpsichord
Gary Thain-bass
Henry Lowther-trumpet, violin, arrangements
Lyn Dobson-flute, tenor sax
Chris Mercer-tenor sax
Harry Beckett-trumpet
Produced by: Neil Slaven


Woodstock Music & Art Fair(Aug 15-18)
Waiting Around / Halfbreed³
Hartley-Hewiston-James-Thain (2:29) / Cruickshank-Dines-Hartley (4:40)
Deram 45-85053, 10/69


The Battle Of North West Six
Deram DES-18035
Full Cover

Side One
The Dansette Kid/Hartley Jam For Bread Hartley-Hewitson-James-Thain 3:59
Don't Give Up Hartley-Hewitson-James-Thain 4:07
Me And My Woman Barge 4:24
Hickory Hartley-Hewitson-James-Thain 2:45
Don't Be Afraid Dines-Hartley-Hewitson-James-Thain 4:25
Side Two
Not Foolish, Not Wise Hartley-Hewitson-James-Thain 3:58
Waiting Around Hartley-Hewitson-James-Thain 2:29
Tadpole Hartley-Hewitson-Thain 7:06
Poor Mabel (You're Just Like Me) Hartley-Hewitson-James-Thain 3:11
Believe In You Hartley-Hewitson-Thain 5:23
Keef Hartley-drums, percussion
Miller Anderson-guitars, vocals
Spit James-guitar
Mick Weaver-organ, piano, percussion
Gary Thain-bass
Barbara Thompson-baritone sax, flute
Chris Mercer, Jim Jewell-tenor sax
Lynn Dobson-tenor sax, flute
Mike Davis-trumpet
Harry Beckett-trumpet, flugelhorn
Henry Lowther-trumpet, flugelhorn, violin
Ray Warleigh-flute (Hickory)
Mick Taylor-guitar (Believe In You)
Henry Lowther-brass arrangements
Produced by: Neil Slaven


Don't Be Afraid³ / Don't Give Up
Dines-Hartley-Hewitson-Thain (2:55) / Hartley-Hewitson-Thain (4:07)
Deram 45-85060, 4/70


The Time Is Near
Deram DES-18047
8/70 BB
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Inside Cover

Side One
Morning Rain Anderson 3:00
From The Window Anderson 3:28
The Time Is Near Anderson 10:09
Side Two
You Can't Take It With You Anderson 7:19
Premonition Caswell 4:24
Another Time Another Place Anderson 2:35
Change Anderson 4:00
Keef Hartley-drums, percussion
Miller Anderson-electric & acoustic guitars, vocals
Stuart Wicks-piano, organ
Gary Thain-bass
Dave Caswell-flugelhorn, trumpet, electric piano, vocals
Jim Jewell-tenor sax
Henry Lowther-trumpet, flugelhorn
Lyle Jenkins-flute, tenor sax
Del Roll-percussion
Produced by: Keef Hartley, Neil Slaven


Roundabout³ / Roundabout (Part 2)³
Anderson (2:55) / Anderson (4:20)
Deram 45-85069, 1/71


Deram DES-18057
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
You Can Choose Anderson 5:28
Plain Talkin' Anderson 3:23
Theme Song/En Route/Theme Song Reprise Anderson/Hartley-Thain 8:05
Side Two
Overdog Anderson 4:20
Roundabout Anderson 6:06
Imitations From Home Hartley 3:34
We Are All The Same Anderson 4:41
Keef Hartley-drums, percussion
Miller Anderson-guitar, vocals
Peter Dines, Mick Weaver-keyboards
Gary Thain-bass
Jon Hiseman, Keef Hartley-drums, percussion
Lyle Jenkins-tenor sax, flute
Dave Caswell-trumpet, flugelhorn
Johnny Almond-flute (Theme Song/En Route/Theme Song)
Ingrid Thomas, Joan Knighton, Valerie Charrington-backing vocals
Mr & Mrs G A Orme (Preston)-vocals (Imitations From Home)
Produced by: Keef Hartley, Neil Slaven



Keef Hartley Band


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