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I'm Gettin' Tired (Of Drinkin' And Gamblin')¹ / Rootin' Tootin'¹
Bruce (2:30) / Bruce (2:52)
Polydor 56036 [UK], 12/65

Recorded after Jack left Graham Bond, but before joining Manfred Mann
Wrapping Paper¹ / Cat's Squirrel
Brown-Bruce (2:42) / Trad (3:00)
Reaction 591007 [UK], 10/66

First UK 45, A-side not released stateside (hardly power trio stuff)
I Feel Free / NSU
Brown-Bruce (2:48) / Bruce (2:43)
Atco 6462, 12/66


Fresh Cream
Atco SD 33-206
1/67 BB RS500
Back Cover

UK Cover

US—UK Track Differences

Side One
I Feel Free Brown-Bruce 2:48
NSU Bruce 2:42
Sleepy Time Time Bruce-Godfrey 4:18
Dreaming Bruce 1:57
Sweet Wine Baker-Godfrey 3:16
Side Two
Cat's Squirrel Trad, arr Splurge 2:59
Four Until Late Johnson 2:06
Rollin' And Tumblin' Waters 4:42
I'm So Glad James 3:56
Toad Baker 5:09
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Jack Bruce-bass, harmonica, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, vocals
Produced by: Robert Stigwood

Note: Only case of UK/US Trackitis in Cream catalog: see last note (just a swap)

Strange Brew / Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Clapton-Collins-Pappalardi (2:45) / Clapton-Sharp (2:30)
Atco 6488, 6/67

Spoonful - Part I¹ / Spoonful - Part II¹
Dixon (2:25) / Dixon (2:28)
Atco 6522, 11/67

studio recording from first UK album

Disraeli Gears
Atco SD 33-232
11/67 BB RS500
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Strange Brew Clapton-Collins-Pappalardi 2:45
Sunshine Of Your Love Brown-Bruce-Clapton 4:08
World Of Pain Collins-Pappalardi 3:05
Dance The Night Away Brown-Bruce 3:31
Blue Condition Baker 3:26
Side Two
Tales of Brave Ulysses Clapton-Sharp 2:50
SWLABR Brown-Bruce 2:32
We're Going Wrong Bruce 3:25
Outside Woman Blues Reynolds 2:20
Take It Back Brown-Bruce 3:05
Mother's Lament Trad 1:47
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Jack Bruce-bass, harmonica, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, vocals
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: If, after all those years, you don't know: She Was Like A Bearded Rainbow

Sunshine Of Your Love³ / SWLABR
Brown-Bruce-Clapton (3:03) / Brown-Bruce (2:30)
Atco 6544, 12/67 BB

Anyone For Tennis (The Savage Seven Theme)¹ / Pressed Rat And Warthog
Clapton-Sharp (2:37) / Baker-Taylor (3:18)
Atco 6575, 4/68 BB

From that movie

Wheels Of Fire
Atco SD 2-700
7/68  1  RS500
Full Foil Cover

Inside Cover

UK Studio Back Cover

UK Live Cover

UK Live Back Cover

In The Studio
Side One
White Room Brown-Bruce 4:56
Sitting On Top Of The World Burnett 4:56
Passing The Time Baker-Taylor 4:31
As You Said Brown-Bruce 4:19
Side Two
Pressed Rat And Warthog Baker-Taylor 3:13
Politician Brown-Bruce 4:11
Those Were The Days Baker-Taylor 2:52
Born Under A Bad Sign Bell-Jones 3:08
Deserted Cities Of The Heart Brown-Bruce 4:36
Live At The Fillmore
Side Three
Crossroads Johnson 4:13
Spoonful Dixon 16:44
Side Four
Train Time Bruce 6:52
Toad Baker 15:53
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Jack Bruce-bass, guitar, harmonica, cello, keyboards, recorder, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, glockenspiel, marimba, tambourine, tympani, tubular bells, vocals, recitation
Felix Pappalardi-organ, trumpet, viola, Swiss hand bells
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: Ony Toad was recorded at the Fillmore Auditorium (3/7/68). The others were from shows at Winterland (3/8 & 3/10/68)
US issues on shiny foil; UK released as separate albums—see notes for details

White Room³ / Those Were The Days
Brown-Bruce (3:04) / Baker-Taylor (2:52)
Atco 6617, 9/68 BB

Rock 'N' Roll Circus: never aired (filmed 12/11/68)
Eric joins The Stones & Friends to record TV special—never aired (now on DVD).
Crossroads / Passing The Time
Johnson (4:16) / Baker-Taylor (4:31)
Atco 6646, 1/69 BB

live version from Wheels Of Fire
Clapton and Baker to Blind Faith
Bruce to solo career (all continue below)

Atco SD-7001
2/5/69 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover


Side One
I'm So Glad James 9:11
Politician Brown-Bruce 6:19
Side Two
Sitting On Top Of The World Burnett 5:01
Badge Clapton-Harrison 2:45
Doing That Scrapyard Thing Brown-Bruce 3:14
What A Bringdown Baker-Taylor 3:56
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Jack Bruce-bass, organ, harmonica, piano, keyboards, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, percussion, vocals
L'Angelo Misterioso [George Harrison]-guitar (Badge)
Felix Pappalardi-bass, piano, viola, mellotron
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: I'm So Glad, Politician & Sitting On Top Of The World were recorded live in concert (10/19/68 at The Forum, LA)

Badge / What A Bringdown
Clapton-Harrison (2:43) / Baker-Taylor (3:56)
Atco 6668, 3/69 BB

Steve Winwood in from Traffic to form first "super group."
Change of address from June 23, 1969 / Sales Office
no credits either side
Island Promo, 6/69 [UK]

Blind Faith in an uncredited jam (same both sides), no single in US until 1977!

 ➜ Live debut: 6/7/69, Hyde Park; released 2006: London Hyde Park 1969 DVD ONLY 

Blind Faith
Atco SD33-304 (A or B)
8/69  1 
Back Cover

"A" Cover

"A" Back Cover

Rare UK Cover

Rare UK Back Cover

Side One
Had To Cry Today Winwood 8:49
Can't Find My Way Home Winwood 3:17
Well, All Right Allison-Holly-Mauldin-Petty 4:28
Presence Of The Lord Clapton 4:50
Side Two
Sea Of Joy Winwood 5:22
Do What You Like Baker 15:20
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood-organ, bass, guitar, piano, vocals
Rick Grech-bass, violin, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, percussion
Produced by: Jimmy Miller

Note: Record came in two different covers. "B" cover is shown; see notes for cover "A"
The UK rushed out a different cover (see BRG notes) fearing stocking issues with the girl. It's now super rare!

One mediocre album and short US tour, then Clapton goes  solo
Winwood, Grech & Baker stay together for Ginger Baker's Air Force, below

Songs For A Tailor
Atco SD33-306
9/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune Bruce-Brown 3:39
Theme For An Imaginary Western Bruce-Brown 3:27
Tickets To Water Falls Bruce-Brown 2:59
Wierd Of Hermiston Bruce-Brown 2:20
Rope Ladder To The Moon Bruce-Brown 2:51
Side Two
The Ministry Of Bag Bruce-Brown 2:47
He The Richmond Bruce-Brown 3:34
Boston Ball Game Bruce-Brown 1:44
To Isengard Bruce-Brown 5:28
The Clearout Bruce-Brown 2:36
Jack Bruce-bass, organ, piano, cello, vocals
L'Angelo Misterioso [George Harrison]-guitar (Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune)
Chris Spedding-guitar
Felix Pappalardi-percussion, vocals, guitar
Jon Hiseman-drums
John Marshall-drums
John Mumford-trombone
Dick Heckstall-Smith-sax
Art Theman-sax
Harry Beckett-trumpet
Henry Lowther-trumpet
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi


Ginger Baker's Air Force
Atco SD2-703
3/70 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Da Da Man McNair 7:16
Early In The Morning arr Baker 11:13
Side Two
Don't Care Baker-Winwood 12:32
Toad Baker 12:59
Side Three
Aiko Biaye Kabaka-Osei 13:00
Man Of Constant Sorrow arr Baker-Laine 3:50
Side Four
Do What You Like Baker 11:47
Doin' It Baker 5:26
Ginger Baker-drums, percussion, African percussion, tympani, vocals (Early In The Morning)
Denny Laine-guitars, vocal (Early In The Morning, Man Of Constant Sorrow)
Steve Winwood-Hammond organ, bass, vocals (Don't Care, Do What You Like)
Graham Bond-Hammond organ, alto sax, vocals (Aiko Biaye)
Ric Grech-bass, violin
Chris Wood-tenor sax, flute
Harold McNair-tenor & alto sax, alto flute
Bud Beadle-soprano, baritone, alto & tenor sax
Jeanette Jacobs-vocals (Da Da Man, Don't Care)
Remi Kabaka-drums, percussion
Phil Seamen-drums, percussion
Produced by: Jimmy Miller, Ginger Baker

Note: Recorded at Royal Albert Hall, on January, 15 1970

Live Cream
Atco SD 33-328
4/70 BB
Back Cover

Side One
N.S.U.† Bruce 10:13
Sleepy Time Time† Bruce-Godfrey 6:50
Lawdy Mama* arr Clapton 2:47
Side Two
Sweet Wine† Baker-Godfrey 15:08
Rollin' And Tumblin'‡ Waters 6:36
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Jack Bruce-bass, harmonica, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, vocals
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi (*Ahmet Ertegun)

Note: Lawdy Mama studio recording, all others live
†Winterland, 3/9-10/68, ‡Fillmore Auditorium, 3/7/68

Winwood starts solo career, reforms Traffic instead
Man Of Constant Sorrow¹ / Doin' It³
arr Baker-Laine (3:31) / Baker, Grech (3:38)
Atco 6750, 5/70 BB

A-side credit: 'Featuring Denny Laine' and is a studio recording

Ginger Baker's Air Force 2
Atco SD33-343
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Let Me Ride Staples 4:22
Sweet Wine Baker-Godfrey 3:34
Do U No Hu Yor Phrenz R? Baker 5:40
We Free Kings Baker 4:22
Side Two
I Don't Want To Go On Without You Berns-Wexler 3:56
Toady Baker 8:21
12 Gates Of The City Bond 4:05
Ginger Baker-drums, tympani, tubular bells, African drums, vocals
Ken Craddock-guitars, Hammond organ, piano, vocals
Colin Gibson-bass
Graham Bond-alto sax, Hammond organ, piano, vocals
Steve Gregory-tenor sax, flutes
Bud Beadle-baritone, alto & tenor sax
Diane Stewart-vocals
Catherine James-vocals
Neemoi "Speedy" Acquaye-drums, percussion, African drums
Denny Laine-guitars, piano, vocals
Rick Grech-bass
Harold McNair-tenor & alto sax, flutes
Aliki Ashman-vocals
Rocki Dzidzornu-percussion, conga
Produced by: Denny Laine, Ginger Baker, Graham Bond, Rick Grech


Ginger travels to Nigeria, starts working with Fela Ransom-Kuti.

Things We Like
Atco SD33-349
Back Cover

Side One
Over The Cliff Bruce 2:49
Statues Bruce 7:21
Sam Enchanted Dick:
   Sam Sack
   Rill's Thrills
Born To Be Blue Torme-Wells 4:13
Side Two
HCKHH Blues Bruce 8:54
Ballad For Arthur Bruce 7:28
Things We Like Bruce 3:28
Jack Bruce-bass, keyboards, vocals
John McLaughlin-guitar
Dick Heckstall-Smith-sax
Jon Hiseman-drums
Produced by: Jack Bruce

Note: Recorded 1968 and was Jack's first solo project

Atunde! (We Are Here), Pt. II¹ / Atunde! (We Are Here), Pt. I¹
Baker-Lawai-Sarumi (3:32) / Baker-Lawai-Sarumi (4:15)
Atco 45-6816, 7/71

as by Ginger Baker Drum Choir

Harmony Row
Atco SD33-365
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Can You Follow? Bruce-Brown 1:27
Escape To The Royal Wood (On Ice) Bruce-Brown 3:38
You Burned The Tables On Me Bruce-Brown 3:41
There's A Forest Bruce-Brown 1:42
Morning Story Bruce-Brown 4:46
Folk Song Bruce-Brown 4:06
Side Two
Smiles And Grins Bruce-Brown 5:54
Post War Bruce-Brown 4:15
A Letter Of Thanks Bruce-Brown 2:52
Victoria Sage Bruce-Brown 4:57
The Consul At Sunset Bruce-Brown 4:00
Jack Bruce-bass, keyboards, vocals
Chris Spedding-guitar
John Marshall-percussion
Produced by: Jack Bruce



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