Blind Faith ♦ Jack Bruce ♦ Ginger Baker's Air Force 

I'm Gettin' Tired (Of Drinkin' And Gamblin')¹ / Rootin' Tootin'¹
Bruce (2:30) / Bruce (2:52)
Polydor 56036 [UK], 12/65

Recorded after Jack left Graham Bond, but before joining Manfred Mann

Eric Clapton from John Mayall, Jack Bruce from Manfred Mann, Ginger Baker from Graham Bond Organization.

Wrapping Paper / Cat's Squirrel
Brown-Bruce (2:42) / Trad (3:00)
Reaction 591007 [UK], 10/66 UK

First UK 45, A-side not released stateside (hardly power trio stuff)
I Feel Free / NSU
Brown-Bruce (2:48) / Bruce (2:43)
Atco 6462, 12/66 T20


Fresh Cream
Atco SD 33-206
1/67 BB RS500 [UK: 12/66] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

US—UK Track Differences

Side One
I Feel Free Brown-Bruce 2:48
NSU Bruce 2:42
Sleepy Time Time Bruce-Godfrey 4:18
Dreaming Bruce 1:57
Sweet Wine Baker-Godfrey 3:16
Side Two
Cat's Squirrel Trad, arr Splurge 2:59
Four Until Late Johnson 2:06
Rollin' And Tumblin' Waters 4:42
I'm So Glad James 3:56
Toad Baker 5:09
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals (lead on Four Until Late)
Jack Bruce-bass, harmonica, lead vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, vocals
§Cover Art-Paragon Publicity
Produced by: Robert Stigwood

Note: Only case of UK/US Trackitis in Cream catalog: see last note (just a swap). Spoonful appears on Best Of in 1969.

3/25-4/2/67: RKO 58th St Theatre
Murray The K's Music In The Fifth Dimension
Two songs only, many times a day. Disraeli Gears recorded in the city right after the series concluded.
Strange Brew / Tales Of Brave Ulysses
Clapton-Collins-Pappalardi (2:45) / Clapton-Sharp (2:30)
Atco 6488, 6/67 T20

Spoonful - Part I¹ / Spoonful - Part II¹
Dixon (2:25) / Dixon (2:28)
Atco 6522, 11/67

studio recording from first UK album

Disraeli Gears
Atco SD 33-232
11/67 T20 RS500 [UK: 11/67] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Strange Brew Clapton-Collins-Pappalardi 2:45
Sunshine Of Your Love Brown-Bruce-Clapton 4:08
World Of Pain Collins-Pappalardi 3:05
Dance The Night Away Brown-Bruce 3:31
Blue Condition Baker 3:26
Side Two
Tales of Brave Ulysses Clapton-Sharp 2:50
SWLABR Brown-Bruce 2:32
We're Going Wrong Bruce 3:25
Outside Woman Blues Reynolds 2:20
Take It Back Brown-Bruce 3:05
Mother's Lament Trad 1:47
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals (lead on Strange Brew, Outside Woman Blues)
Jack Bruce-bass, harmonica, guitar, keyboards, lead vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, percussion, vocals (lead on Blue Condition)
§Cover Art-Martin Sharp
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: If, after all those years, you don't know: She Was Like A Bearded Rainbow

Sunshine Of Your Love³ / SWLABR
Brown-Bruce-Clapton (3:03) / Brown-Bruce (2:30)
Atco 6544, 12/67 T20 UK

Anyone For Tennis (The Savage Seven Theme)¹ / Pressed Rat And Warthog
Clapton-Sharp (2:37) / Baker-Taylor (3:18)
Atco 6575, 4/68 BB UK

From that movie below
The Savage Seven(5/24/68)
Soundtrack album contains unique track

Wheels Of Fire
Atco SD 2-700
6/68  #1  RS500 [UK: 8/68] T20
Full Foil Cover

Inside Cover

UK Studio Back Cover

UK Live Cover

UK Live Back Cover

In The Studio
Side One
White Room Brown-Bruce 4:56
Sitting On Top Of The World Burnett 4:56
Passing The Time Baker-Taylor 4:31
As You Said Brown-Bruce 4:19
Side Two
Pressed Rat And Warthog Baker-Taylor 3:13
Politician Brown-Bruce 4:11
Those Were The Days Baker-Taylor 2:52
Born Under A Bad Sign Bell-Jones 3:08
Deserted Cities Of The Heart Brown-Bruce 4:36
Live At The Fillmore
Side Three
Crossroads Johnson 4:13
Spoonful Dixon 16:44
Side Four
Train Time Bruce 6:52
Toad Baker 15:53
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals (lead on Crossroads)
Jack Bruce-bass, guitar, harmonica, cello, keyboards, recorder, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, glockenspiel, marimba, tambourine, tympani, tubular bells, recitation (Pressed Rat And Warthog)
Felix Pappalardi-organ, trumpet, viola, Swiss hand bells
§Cover Art-Martin Sharp
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: Ony Toad was recorded at the Fillmore Auditorium (3/7/68). The others were from shows at Winterland (3/8 & 3/10/68)
US issues on shiny foil; UK released as separate albums—see notes for details

White Room³ / Those Were The Days
Brown-Bruce (3:04) / Baker-Taylor (2:52)
Atco 6617, 9/68 T20 UK

Clapton and Baker to Blind Faith
Bruce to solo career (all continue below)
Rock 'N' Roll Circus: never aired (filmed 12/11/68)
Eric joins The Stones & Friends to record TV special—never aired (now on DVD).
Crossroads / Passing The Time
Johnson (4:16) / Baker-Taylor (4:31)
Atco 6646, 1/69 BB

live version from Wheels Of Fire

Atco SD-7001
2/5/69 T20 [UK: 2/69]  #1 
Back Cover

Inside Cover


Side One
I'm So Glad James 9:11
Politician Brown-Bruce 6:19
Side Two
Sitting On Top Of The World Burnett 5:01
Badge Clapton-Harrison 2:45
Doing That Scrapyard Thing Brown-Bruce 3:14
What A Bringdown Baker-Taylor 3:56
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals (lead on Badge)
Jack Bruce-bass, organ, harmonica, piano, keyboards, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, percussion, vocals
L'Angelo Misterioso [George Harrison]-guitar (Badge)
Felix Pappalardi-bass, piano, viola, mellotron
§Cover Photo-Roger Phillips; Center Painting-Roger Hane
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: I'm So Glad, Politician & Sitting On Top Of The World were recorded live in concert (10/19/68 at The Forum, LA)

Badge / What A Bringdown
Clapton-Harrison (2:43) / Baker-Taylor (3:56)
Atco 6668, 3/69 BB T20


Steve Winwood in from Traffic to form first "super group."

Change of address from June 23, 1969 / Sales Office
no credits either side
Island Promo [UK], 6/69

Blind Faith in an uncredited jam (same both sides), no single in US until 1977!

 ➜ Live debut: 6/7/69, Hyde Park; released 2006: London Hyde Park 1969 DVD ONLY 

Best Of Cream
Best Of Cream

Atco SD 33-291, 7/69 T20 [UK: 10/69] T20
includes studio version of Spoonful from 1st UK album

Blind Faith
Atco SD33-304 (A or B)
7/69  #1  [UK: 8/69]  #1 
Back Cover

"A" Cover

"A" Back Cover

UK Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Had To Cry Today Winwood 8:49
Can't Find My Way Home Winwood 3:17
Well, All Right Allison-Holly-Mauldin-Petty 4:28
Presence Of The Lord Clapton 4:50
Side Two
Sea Of Joy Winwood 5:22
Do What You Like Baker 15:20
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood-organ, bass, guitar, piano, vocals
Rick Grech-bass, violin, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, percussion
§Cover Photos-Bob Seideman, Spaceship-Mick Milligan, Cover Art (B)-Stanley Miller
Produced by: Jimmy Miller

Note: Record came in two different covers. "B" cover is shown; see notes for cover "A"—UK got a gatefold and used inside as "clean" cover.
Lots of misinformation about the covers. Read more at wiki .

7/12/69: Madison Square Garden, New York
Debut was supposed to at the Newport Jazz Festival site on the 11th, but was cancelled due to riots at the actual festival the week before. Delany & Bonnie and Free opened.
Mid-West Rock Festival(7/26/69)
One mediocre album and short US tour, then Clapton goes  solo
Winwood, Grech & Baker stay together for Ginger Baker's Air Force, below

Songs For A Tailor
Atco SD33-306
10/69 BB [UK: 8/69] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune Bruce-Brown 3:39
Theme For An Imaginary Western Bruce-Brown 3:27
Tickets To Water Falls Bruce-Brown 2:59
Wierd Of Hermiston Bruce-Brown 2:20
Rope Ladder To The Moon Bruce-Brown 2:51
Side Two
The Ministry Of Bag Bruce-Brown 2:47
He The Richmond Bruce-Brown 3:34
Boston Ball Game Bruce-Brown 1:44
To Isengard Bruce-Brown 5:28
The Clearout Bruce-Brown 2:36
Jack Bruce-bass, organ, piano, cello, vocals
L'Angelo Misterioso [George Harrison]-guitar (Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune)
Chris Spedding-guitar
Felix Pappalardi-percussion, vocals, guitar
Jon Hiseman-drums
John Marshall-drums (Rope Ladder To The Moon, He The Richmond)
Horns on Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune, The Ministry Of Bag, Boston Ball Game, 1967:
  John Mumford-trombone
  Dick Heckstall-Smith-sax
  Art Theman-sax
  Harry Beckett-trumpet
  Henry Lowther-trumpet
§Cover Photo-Roger Phillips
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi


Ginger Baker's Air Force
Atco SD2-703
4/70 BB [UK: 2/70] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Da Da Man McNair 7:16
Early In The Morning arr Baker 11:13
Side Two
Don't Care Baker-Winwood 12:32
Toad Baker 12:59
Side Three
Aiko Biaye Kabaka-Osei 13:00
Man Of Constant Sorrow arr Baker-Laine 3:50
Side Four
Do What You Like Baker 11:47
Doin' It Baker 5:26
Ginger Baker-drums, percussion, African percussion, tympani, vocals (Early In The Morning)
Denny Laine-guitars, vocal (Early In The Morning, Man Of Constant Sorrow)
Steve Winwood-Hammond organ, bass, vocals (Don't Care, Do What You Like)
Graham Bond-Hammond organ, alto sax, vocals (Aiko Biaye)
Ric Grech-bass, violin
Chris Wood-tenor sax, flute
Harold McNair-tenor & alto sax, alto flute
Bud Beadle-soprano, baritone, alto & tenor sax
Jeanette Jacobs-vocals (Da Da Man, Don't Care)
Remi Kabaka-drums, percussion
Phil Seamen-drums, percussion
§Cover Art-Martin Sharp
Produced by: Jimmy Miller, Ginger Baker

Note: Recorded at Royal Albert Hall, on January, 15 1970

Live Cream
Atco SD 33-328
4/70 T20 [UK: 6/70] T20
Back Cover

Side One
N.S.U.† Bruce 10:13
Sleepy Time Time† Bruce-Godfrey 6:50
Lawdy Mama* arr Clapton 2:47
Side Two
Sweet Wine† Baker-Godfrey 15:08
Rollin' And Tumblin'‡ Waters 6:36
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Jack Bruce-bass, harmonica, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Stephen Paley
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi (*Ahmet Ertegun)

Note: Lawdy Mama studio recording, all others live
†Winterland, 3/9-10/68, ‡Fillmore Auditorium, 3/7/68

Winwood starts solo career, reforms Traffic instead

Man Of Constant Sorrow¹ / Doin' It³
arr Baker-Laine (3:31) / Baker, Grech (3:38)
Atco 6750, 5/70 BB

A-side credit: 'Featuring Denny Laine' and is a studio recording

Ginger Baker's Air Force 2
Atco SD33-343
11/70 [UK: 9/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Let Me Ride Staples 4:22
Sweet Wine Baker-Godfrey 3:34
Do U No Hu Yor Phrenz R? Baker 5:40
We Free Kings Baker 4:22
Side Two
I Don't Want To Go On Without You Berns-Wexler 3:56
Toady Baker 8:21
12 Gates Of The City Bond 4:05
Ginger Baker-drums, tympani, tubular bells, African drums, vocals
Ken Craddock-guitars, Hammond organ, piano, vocals
Colin Gibson-bass
Graham Bond-alto sax, Hammond organ, piano, vocals (Let Me Ride, 12 Gates Of The City)
Steve Gregory-tenor sax, flutes
Bud Beadle-baritone, alto & tenor sax
Diane Stewart-vocals
Catherine James-vocals
Neemoi "Speedy" Acquaye-drums, percussion, African drums
Denny Laine-guitars, piano, vocal (I Don't Want To Go On Without You)
Rick Grech-bass
Harold McNair-tenor & alto sax, flutes
Aliki Ashman-vocals
Rocki Dzidzornu-percussion, conga
§Cover Art-Ginger Baker, Inside Art-Ginger & Liz Baker
Produced by: Denny Laine, Ginger Baker, Graham Bond, Rick Grech


Ginger travels to Nigeria, starts working with Fela Ransom-Kuti.

Things We Like
Atco SD33-349
2/71 [UK: 1/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Over The Cliff Bruce 2:49
Statues Bruce 7:21
Sam Enchanted Dick:
   Sam Sack
   Rill's Thrills
Born To Be Blue Torme-Wells 4:13
Side Two
HCKHH Blues Bruce 8:54
Ballad For Arthur Bruce 7:28
Things We Like Bruce 3:28
Jack Bruce-bass, keyboards, vocals
John McLaughlin-guitar
Dick Heckstall-Smith-sax
Jon Hiseman-drums
§Cover Photo-Roger Brown
Produced by: Jack Bruce

Note: Recorded 1968 and was Jack's first solo project

Atunde! (We Are Here), Pt. II¹ / Atunde! (We Are Here), Pt. I¹
Baker-Lawai-Sarumi (3:32) / Baker-Lawai-Sarumi (4:15)
Atco 45-6816, 7/71

as by Ginger Baker Drum Choir

Harmony Row
Atco SD33-365
7/71 [UK: 9/71]
Full Cover

Inside Cover 1

Inside Cover 2

Side One
Can You Follow? Bruce-Brown 1:27
Escape To The Royal Wood (On Ice) Bruce-Brown 3:38
You Burned The Tables On Me Bruce-Brown 3:41
There's A Forest Bruce-Brown 1:42
Morning Story Bruce-Brown 4:46
Folk Song Bruce-Brown 4:06
Side Two
Smiles And Grins Bruce-Brown 5:54
Post War Bruce-Brown 4:15
A Letter Of Thanks Bruce-Brown 2:52
Victoria Sage Bruce-Brown 4:57
The Consul At Sunset Bruce-Brown 4:00
Jack Bruce-bass, keyboards, vocals
Chris Spedding-guitar
John Marshall-percussion
§Cover Photo-Roger Brown
Produced by: Jack Bruce



Last Blast From The Original Power Trio

1968 was the year that Cream stormed the US, laying down long jams and stretching minds at venues such as The Grande Ballroom in Detroit. In the spring, Clapton, Bruce & Baker played four days in San Francisco (Fillmore and Winterland). To the "Live At The Fillmore" and "Live Cream" records, we now add three more recordings from that series.

The first three tracks are from the last US tour and you can almost feel the tensions rising—soloing over each other in a fight for stage supremacy. They'd break up after the tour.

Live Cream Volume II
Atco SD-7005
3/72 BB [UK: 6/72] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Deserted Cities Of The Heart Bruce-Brown 4:32
White Room Bruce-Brown 5:39
Politician Bruce-Brown 5:05
Tales Of Brave Ulysses† Clapton-Sharp 4:44
Side Two
Sunshine Of Your Love‡ Bruce-Brown-Clapton 7:22
Steppin' Out† Frazier 13:42
Eric Clapton-guitar, vocals
Jack Bruce-bass, harmonica, vocals
Ginger Baker-drums
§Cover Art-Stanislaw Zagorski, Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Felix Pappalardi

Note: Original issues mis-titled Steppin' Out as Freddie King's Hideaway
recorded at:
Oakland Coliseum Arena (10/4/68)
†Winterland Ballromm (3/10/68)
‡Winterland Ballromm (3/9/68)



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