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Donovan Alpha Listing
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
Catch The Wind² / Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do?¹
Leitch (2:17) / Leitch (2:56)
Hickory 1309, 4/65 BB T20

London Phil Orch strings and vocal echo version; Was his first UK single, too (Pye 7N-15801, 3/65)
Colours² / Josie
Leitch (2:44) / Leitch (3:25)
Hickory 1324, 6/65 BB T20

with harmonica

Catch The Wind
Hickory LPS-123
6/65 BB [UK: 5/65] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Josie Leitch 3:26
Catch The Wind Leitch 2:53
The Alamo Bowers 3:04
Cuttin' Out Leitch 2:17
Car Car Guthrie 1:30
Keep On Truckin' arr Leitch 1:46
Side Two
Gold Watch Blues Softly 2:30
To Sing For You Leitch 2:42
You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond arr Leitch 4:00
Tangerine Puppet Leitch 1:50
Donna Donna Kevess-Schwartz-Secunda-Secunda-Zeitlin 2:55
Ramblin' Boy Kevess-Schwartz-Secunda-Secunda-Zeitlin 2:35
Donovan-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Brian 'Liquorice' Locking-bass
Skip Alan [Alan Skipper]-drums
Gypsy Dave [David Mills]-kazoo (Keep On Truckin')
Produced by: Terry Kennedy, Peter Eden, Geoff Stephens

Note: Album titled What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid in UK (see notes)

Newport Folk Festival(7/22/65) with Joan Baez
Shindig: 8/11/65,
Catch The Wind Colours, Colours
Shindig: 9/30/65,
Universal Soldier / Do You Hear Me Now?¹
Sainte-Marie (2:11) / Jansch (1:45)
Hickory 1338, 9/65 BB


Hickory LPS-127
11/65 BB [UK: 10/65] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Universal Soldier Sainte-Marie 2:11
To Try For The Sun Leitch 3:36
Sunny Goodge Street Leitch 2:55
Colours Leitch 2:44
Circus Of Sour Bernath 1:50
Summer Day Reflection Song Leitch 2:11
Side Two
Candy Man Leitch 3:25
Jersey Thursday Leitch 2:13
Belated Forgiveness Plea Leitch 2:54
The Ballad Of A Crystal Man Leitch 3:50
Little Tin Soldier Phillips 3:02
Ballad Of Geraldine Phillips 4:38
Donovan-banjo, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Shawn Phillips-12-string guitar (Summer Day Reflection Song, Jersey Thursday)
Harold McNair-flute
Brian 'Liquorice' Locking-bass
Skip Alan [Alan Skipper]-drums
§Cover Photo-Jack Pia
Produced by: Peter Eden, Geoff Stephens, Terry Kennedy

Note: For the US album, Hickory took off Bert Jansch's Deed I Do and added the hit single

The Big TNT Show(1/16/66)
Joanie, The Lovin' Spoonful, The Byrds, more
Hullabaloo: 3/7/66,
You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond³ / The Little Tin Soldier
arr Leitch (2:50) / Phillips (2:58)
Hickory 1375, 3/66

To Try For The Sun / Turquoise
Leitch (3:37) / Leitch (3:29)
Hickory 1402, 7/66 UK

UK Chart info is for the B-side
Sunshine Superman³ / The Trip²
Leitch (3:05) / Leitch (4:25)
Epic 10045, 7/66  #1  T20


Sunshine Superman
Epic BN-26217
8/26/66 T20 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

UK Cover

A pastische of US Sunshine Superman and Mellow Yellow releases, 6/67
UK Back Cover

Side One
Sunshine Superman Leitch 3:05
Legend Of A Girl Child Linda Leitch 6:36
Three King Fishers Leitch 3:07
Ferris Wheel Leitch 4:03
Bert's Blues Leitch 3:46
Side Two
Season Of The Witch Leitch 4:46
The Trip Leitch 4:26
Guinevere Leitch 3:33
The Fat Angel Leitch 4:01
Celeste Leitch 4:00
Donovan-guitar, vocals
Eric Ford-guitar
Bobby Ray-bass
'Fast' Eddy Hoh-drums
Jimmy Page-guitar (Sunshine Superman)
John Paul Jones-bass(Sunshine Superman)
John Cameron-harpsichord, arrangements
Lenny Maitlin-organ (Season Of The Witch, Celeste)
Don Brown-lead guitar (Season Of The Witch)
Spike Heatley-bass
Bobby Orr-drums
Candy John Carr-bongos
A Friend [Cyrus Faryar]-violin
Shawn Phillips-sitar
§Cover Design-Dick Smith; UK Art-Mick Taylor, Sheena McCall
Produced by: Mickie Most

Note: Fat Angel was written for Cass Elliott; Three King Fishers should be titled Twelve King Fishers
Linda is Linda Lawrence, Brian Jones' then girlfriend. She was Donovan's muse and inspired many songs (source ).
Not released (in this form anyway) in England due to legal tussle twixt Pye (UK label) and Epic (see notes)

The Real Donovan
Hickory LPS-135
9/66 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Turquoise(non-LP 45) Leitch 3:19
Oh Deed I Do(UK vers Fairytale) Jansch 2:05
Catch The Wind Leitch 2:53
Remember The Alamo Powers 3:04
The Ballad Of The Crystal Man Leitch 3:15
Colours Leitch 2:44
Side Two
Hey Gyp(non-LP 45) Leitch 3:13
Belated Forgiveness Plea Leitch 2:53
Ramblin' Boy Leitch 2:35
The War Drags On(non-LP 45) Softly 3:43
Josie Leitch 3:26
To Try For The Sun Leitch 3:37

Note: First of a few Hickory recomps to cash-in on Donovan's success. This ones here 'cause of the noted tracks.
There were other Hickory albums, see Discogs for them.

Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) / The War Drags On
Leitch (2:45) / Softley (3:43)
Hickory 1417, 10/66

Mellow Yellow / Sunny South Kensington
Leitch (3:47) / Leitch (3:48)
Epic 10098, 10/66 T20 T20

Epistle To Dippy / Preachin' Love¹
Leitch (3:09) / Leitch (2:39)
Epic 10127, 1/67 T20

Jimmy Page plays guitar on the A-Side.

Mellow Yellow
Epic BN-26239
2/10/67 T20 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Mellow Yellow Leitch 3:42
Writer In The Sun Leitch 4:28
Sand And Foam Leitch 3:17
The Observation Leitch 2:21
Bleak City Woman Leitch 2:22
Side Two
House Of Jansch Leitch 2:43
Young Girl Blues Leitch 3:45
Museum Leitch 2:54
Hampstead Incident Leitch 4:40
Sunny South Kensington Leitch 3:48
Donovan-guitar, harmonica, vocals
John Cameron- piano, harpsichord, organ, celesta
Danny Thompson, Spike Heatley-bass guitar
Phil Seamon-drums
Harold McNair-flute (Writer In The Sun, The Observation, House Of Jansch)
Big Jim Sullivan-electric guitar (Bleak City Woman)
Eric Ford-electric guitar (Sunny South Kensington)
Shawn Phillips-sitar (Sunny South Kensington)
Pat Halling-violin (Museum)
on Mellow Yellow:
John McLaughlin, Joe Moretti–rhythm guitar
John Paul Jones-bass
Bobby Orr-drums
Danny Moss, Ronnie Ross–sax
Paul McCartney-vocals [uncredited]
§Cover Art-Mick Taylor, Sheena McCall
Produced by: Mickie Most

Note: Not released in England due to legal tussle twixt Pye (UK label) and Epic (see Sunshine, above)

Dont Look Back(5/17/67)
Dononvan sings about Bob on his 1965 British Tour
Sunny Goodge Street / Summer Day Reflection Song
Leitch (2:52) / Leitch (2:04)
Hickory 1470, 7/67

from Fairytale, 1965 Hickory LP
There Is A Mountain / Sand And Foam
Leitch (2:38) / Leitch (3:17)
Epic 10212, 8/67 T20 T20

clips from Newport Folk Festivals 1963-1966
Wear Your Love Like Heaven: "Donovan ," Fall 67,
Karl Ferris put together this film of Donovan. Songs are: Three King Fishers, Oh! Gosh, Wear Your Love Like Heaven,
and Ferris Wheel. Flower power in colour.
Wear Your Love Like Heaven / Oh Gosh
Leitch (2:26) / Leitch (1:52)
Epic 10253, 12/67 BB


A Gift From A Flower To A Garden
Epic B2N-171
12/67 T20 [UK: 4/68] T20
Back Cover

with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Wear Your Love Like Heaven

For Little Ones

Phonograph Record/The First
Side One
Wear Your Love Like Heaven Leitch 2:26
Mad John's Escape Leitch 2:16
Skip-A-Long Sam Leitch 2:23
Sun Leitch 3:13
There Was A Time Leitch 1:59
Side Two
Oh Gosh Leitch 1:42
Little Boy In Corduroy Leitch 2:33
Under The Greenwood Tree Shakespeare-Leitch 1:53
The Land Of Doesn't Have To Be Leitch 2:32
Someone Singing Leitch 2:44
Phonograph Record/The Second
Side Three
Song Of The Naturalist's Wife Leitch 2:50
The Enchanted Gypsy Leitch 3:15
Voyage Into The Golden Screen Leitch 3:10
Isle Of Islay Leitch 2:20
The Mandolin Man And His Secret Leitch 3:28
Lay Of The Last Tinker Leitch 1:45
Side Four
The Tinker And The Crab Leitch 2:50
Widow With Shawl (A Portrait) Leitch 2:57
The Lullaby Of Spring Leitch 3:22
The Magpie Leitch 1:26
Starfish-On-The-Toast Leitch 2:38
Epistle To Derroll Leitch 5:42
Donovan-vocals, guitar, harmonica, whistling
Harold McNair-flute
Candy John Carr-bongos
with: (Record One)
Eric Leese-guitar
Mike O'Neil-organ, piano, harpsichord
Mike Carr-vibraphone
Cliff Barton-bass
Jack Bruce-bass (Someone's Singing)
Keith Webb-drums
with: (Record Two)
Ken Baldock-double bass
Tony Carr-drums, bells, congas, Turkish and finger cymbals
§Cover Design & Photo-Karl Ferris
Produced by: Mickie Most

Note: Against Donovan's wishes, Epic also released as two separate records Wear Your Love Like Heaven BB (Epic BN-26349) and
For Little Ones BB (BN-26350). See notes for covers.
Came with a folder that contained the lyrics to all the songs on record two printed on multi-colour, textured paper, with drawings by
Mick Taylor and Sheena McCall. See them @ 45worlds .
Derroll is Derroll Adams, a singer and banjo player who was an early influence.

Poor Cow(1/31/68)
Film includes unique Donovan song
Jennifer Juniper / Poor Cow¹
Leitch (2:40) / Leitch (2:56)
Epic 10300, 2/68 BB T20

B-side credit: from the Motion Picture Poor Cow

Note: Poor Cow was the original plug side, thus the earlier picture sleeve.
More about the song history here (it was originally written for a Lord Of The Rings film as envisioned by Donovan)

Hurdy Gurdy Man / Teen Angel¹
Leitch (3:15) / Leitch (2:16)
Epic 10345, 5/68 BB T20

see album for players on A-side

In Concert
Epic BN-26386
7/68 T20 [UK: 9/68]
Back Cover

Los Angeles Times Ad

Side One
Isle Of Islay Leitch 4:23
Young Girl Blues Leitch 6:09
There Is A Mountain Leitch 3:11
Poor Cow Leitch 3:21
Celeste Leitch 5:21
The Fat Angel Leitch 3:19
Guinevere Leitch 2:40
Side Two
Widow With Shawl (A Portrait) Leitch 3:30
Preachin' Love Leitch 5:05
The Lullaby Of Spring Leitch 3:08
Writer In The Sun Leitch 4:36
Pebble And The Man Leitch 3:27
Rules And Regulations Leitch 2:33
Mellow Yellow Leitch 4:21
Donovan-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Harold McNair-flute, sax
'Candy' John Carr-bongos & finger cymbals
Lorin Newkirk-piano
Andy Troncosco-bass
Tony Carr-percussion
The Flower Quartet-strings
§Cover Art-Fleur Cowles
Produced by: Mickie Most

Note: Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on 11/17/67
Isle Of Islay includes KRLA DJ (Rhett Walker) and Donovan's dad (Donald) intros
Some references list a September 23 date—that concert was at The Hollywood Bowl.

Laleña / Aye My Love¹
Leitch (2:52) / Leitch (1:45)
Epic 10393, 9/68 BB


The Hurdy Gurdy Man
Epic BN-26420
10/68 T20 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Hurdy Gurdy Man Leitch 3:18
Peregrine Leitch 3:36
The Entertaining Of A Shy Girl Leitch 1:40
As I Recall It Leitch 2:07
Get Thy Bearings Leitch 2:51
Hi, It's Been A Long Time Leitch 2:36
West Indian Lady Leitch 2:17
Side Two
Jennifer Juniper Leitch 2:40
The River Song Leitch 2:14
Tangier Leitch 4:10
A Sunny Day Leitch 1:55
The Sun Is A Very Magic Fellow Leitch 2:45
Teas Leitch 2:33
Donovan-vocals, acoustic guitar, tambura (Hurdy Gurdy Man), harmonium (Peregrine, Tangier)
Danny Thompson-bass
Tony Carr-drums, percussion
John 'Candy' Carr-bongos, percussion
Harold McNair-flute, saxophone
Deirdre Dodds-oboe (Jennifer Juniper)
David Snell-harp (Jennifer Juniper)
Bert Jansch-guitar (Tangier)
on Hurdy Gurdy Man:
Alan Parker-electric guitar
John Paul Jones-bass, arrangement
Clem Cattini-drums
§Cover Art-David Richards
Produced by: Mickie Most

Note: Another album not released in England due to legal tussle twixt Pye (UK label) and Epic
Some sources credit Jimmy Page (guitar) and John Bonham (drums) on Hurdy Gurdy Man.

Greatest Hits
Epic BXN-26439
1/69 T20 [UK: 3/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Epistle To Dippy(non-LP 45) Leitch 3:10
Sunshine Superman(unedited stereo) Leitch 4:30
There Is A Mountain(non-LP 45) Leitch 2:38
Jennifer Juniper Leitch 2:40
Wear Your Love Like Heaven Leitch 2:24
Season Of The Witch(stereo) Leitch 4:46
Side Two
Mellow Yellow Leitch 3:42
Colours(new recording) Leitch 4:20
Hurdy Gurdy Man Leitch 3:18
Catch The Wind(new recording) Leitch 5:04
Laleña(non-LP 45) Leitch 2:52
§Cover Photo-Apostolos Doxiadis

Note: Colours and Catch The Wind were recorded in Nov 68, with Big Jim Sullivan-g, John Paul Jones-b
8-page booklet of photos attached in gatefold—see them @ 45worlds .

To Susan On The West Coast Waiting / Atlantis
Leitch (3:13) / Leitch (4:58)
Epic 10434, 1/69 BB / T20 UK

To Susan... was the original plug side
Barabajagal (Love Is Hot) / Trudi
Leitch (3:30) / Leitch (2:25)
Epic 10510, 7/69 BB T20

Also shown, the first UK issue with original song titles; story at 45cat

Epic BN-26481
8/11/69 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

"Donovan's Isle" Insert

Side One
Barabajagal† Leitch 3:22
Superlungs My Supergirl Leitch 2:40
Where Is She Leitch 2:46
Happiness Runs Leitch 3:29
I Love My Shirt‡ Leitch 3:38
Side Two
The Love Song Leitch 3:14
To Susan On The West Coast Waiting‡ Leitch 3:13
Atlantis‡ Leitch 4:58
Trudi† Leitch 2:25
Pamela Jo‡ Leitch 4:25
Donovan-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Gabriel Mekler-piano, organ, Melodica
Bobby Ray-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
Big Jim Sullivan-guitar (Superlungs My Supergirl)
John Paul Jones-bass and arrangement (Superlungs My Supergirl)
Harold McNair-flute (Where Is She)
Alan Hawkshaw-piano (Where Is She)
Danny Thompson-bass (Where Is She)
Tony Carr-percussion, drums (Where Is She)
Graham Nash, Michael McCartney, Lesley Duncan-vocals (Happiness Runs)
Richard 'Ricki' Polodor-guitar (Atlantis)
†With The Jeff Beck Group, Lesley and Madeline:
   Jeff Beck-guitar
   Rod Stewart-vocals
   Nicky Hopkins-keyboards
   Ron Wood-bass
   Aynsley Dunbar-drums
   Lesley [Duncan]-vocals
   Madeline [Bell]-vocals
§Album Design-Donovan, Sid Maurer
Produced by: Mickie Most, except‡ Richie Podolor

Note: And the last album not released in England due to legal tussle twixt Pye (UK label) and Epic. That's four if you're counting at home.

Riki Tiki Tavi / Roots Of Oak
Leitch (2:56) / Leitch (5:02)
Epic 10649, 7/70 BB


Open Road
Epic BN-30125
7/21/70 T20 [UK: 9/70] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Changes Leitch 2:56
Song For John Leitch 2:43
Curry Land Leitch 4:38
Joe Bean's Theme Leitch 2:52
People Used To Leitch 4:09
Celtic Rock Leitch 3:37
Side Two
Riki Riki Tavi Leitch 2:55
Ciara Clairvoyant Leitch 2:57
Roots Of Oak Leitch 4:53
Season Of Farewell Leitch 3:25
Poke At The Pope Leitch 2:47
New Year's Resovolution Leitch 5:09
Donovan-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Open Road
Mike O'Neil-piano, keyboards, vocals
Mike Thomson-bass, guitar, vocals
Candy John Carr-percussion
§Cover Photo-David Mills
Produced by: Donovan Leitch


Isle of Wight Festival(8/30/70) Donovan with Open Road
Celia Of The Seals / The Song Of The Wandering Aengus
Leitch (3:00) / Yeats-Leitch (3:55)
Epic 10694, 1/71 BB

A-side credit: Donovan with Danny Thompson (Concert Bass Fiddle)
B-side credit: from "The Collected Poems of W B Yeats"
After his Open Road band broke up, he recorded a kids record and in 1973, Cosmic Wheel.
Donovan toured in the 80s and 90s and released several albums.


Be Not Too Hard Joan Baez (Joan) 8/67
Catch The Wind The Blues Project (Live At The Cafe Au-Go-Go) 4/66
  Peter Fonda (45) 3/67
Colours Joan Baez (Farewell, Angelina) 10/65
  as Donovan's Colours Van Dyke Parks (Song Cycle) 12/67
Fat Angel Jefferson Airplane (Bless Its Pointed Little Head) 2/69
Hey Gyp The Animals (Animalism) 11/66
Laleña Deep Purple (Deep Purple) 6/69
Mountain Jam
  (Theme from There Is A Mountain)
The Allman Brothers Band (Eat A Peach) 2/72
Season Of The Witch The Lamp Of Childhood (45) 10/66
  Vanilla Fudge (Renaissance) 6/68
  Brian Auger & The Trinity with Julie Driscoll (Open) 8/68
  Al Kooper-Stephen Stills (Super Session) 7/68
  Terry Reid (Bang, Bang You're Terry Reid) 11/68
Sunny Goodge Street Judy Collins (In My Life) 11/66
Super Lungs (Supergirl) Terry Reid (Terry Reid) 8/69
Try For The Sun Hearts And Flowers (Now Is The Time For) 6/67
Turquoise Joan Baez (Joan) 8/67
Wear Your Love Like Heaven Richie Havens (1983) 12/68
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