Brian Auger & The Trinity with Julie Driscoll
Brian Auger & The Trinity ♦ Brian Auger's Oblivion Express 

Save Me (Pt. 1)¹ / Save Me (Pt. 2)¹
Ousley-Franklin-Franklin (2:26) / Ousley-Franklin-Franklin (1:45)
Marmalade 598004, 11/67 [UK 45]

First single, not released here (shame)

Atco SD33-258
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

UK Insert

First issue ony, shows rest of group
Side One "Auge"
In And Out Montgomery 3:06
Isola Natale Auger 5:27
Black Cat Auger 3:23
Lament For Miss Baker[Brian Auger piano solo] Auger 2:37
Goodbye Jungle Telegraph Auger 6:12
Side Two "Jools"
Tramp Fulsom-McCracklin 4:04
Why (Am I Treated So Bad) Staples 3:33
A Kind Of Love In Auger-Sutton 2:32
Break It Up Auger-Sutton 3:00
Season Of The Witch Leitch 7:51
Julie "Jools" Driscoll-vocals (side two only)
Brian "Auge" Auger-keyboards, vocals (Black Cat)
Gary Boyle-guitar
Dave Ambrose-bass
Clive Thacker-drums
Roger Sutton-bass (Break It Up)
Arrangements by Richard Hill and Brian Auger
Produced by: Giorgio Gomelsky

Note: The cover implies that one side is "Auge" and the other is "Jools," but the labels make no such distinction.
Side one is almost all jams, whilst Jools only vocalizes on side two, so that's why I labeled the sides per the cover.
Of course the cover is reversed to put the "babe" on front

Definitely What
Atco SD33-273
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

Side One
A Day In The Life Lennon-McCartney 5:04
George Bruno Money Auger 4:06
Far Horizon Auger 5:10
John Brown's Body arr Auger 3:00
Side Two
Red Beans And Rice Cropper-Dunn-Jackson-Jones 5:40
Bumpin' On Sunset Montgomery 4:55
If You Live Allison 3:48
Definitely What Ambrose-Auger-Thacker 7:55
Brian 'Auge' Auger-keyboards, vocals
Dave 'Lobs' Ambrose-bass
Clive 'Toli' Thacker-drums
Definitely What Strings & Brass Section
Produced by: Giorgio Gomelsky


Jools & Brian
Capitol DT-136
4/68 BB
Back Cover

Side One
I Know You Love Me Not(UK 45 4/67) Godding 2:26
Kiko†(UK 45 10/65) McGriff 6:17
I Didn't Want To Have To Do It(UK 45 5/66) Sebastian 2:55
Fool Killer†(UK 45 5/65) Allison 1:59
Don't Do It No More(UK 45 6/65) Fox-Fox 2:34
Let's Do It Tonight†(UK 45 5/65) Kack 4:28
Side Two
Green Onions '65†(UK 45 10/65) Cropper-Jackson-Jones-Steinberg 3:21
I Know You(UK 45 6/65) Williams 2:06
Tiger‡(UK 45 3/67) Auger-Sutton 2:28
If You Should Ever Leave Me(UK 45 4/67) Newman 3:14
Oh Baby Won't You Come Back Home To Croydon,
  Where Everybody Beedle An' Bo's‡(UK 45 3/67)
Auger-Sutton 2:19

Note: Capitol released this compliation of early solo Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll UK 45s (they do not appear together, Capitol):
†The Brian Auger Trinity
‡Brian Auger
rest issued by Julie Driscoll

This Wheel's On Fire¹ / A Kind Of Love In
Dylan (3:12) / Auger-Sutton (2:35)
Atco 6593, 6/68

In And Out / Black Cat
Montgomery (3:06) / Auger (3:23)
Atco 6611, 9/68

Road To Cairo¹ / Shadows Of You¹
Ackles (5:19) / Auger-Driscoll (3:35)
Atco 6629, 11/68

A Day In The Life³ / Bumpin' On Sunset³
Lennon-McCartney (2:49) / Montgomery (2:47)
Atco 6656, 3/69

The Monkees: 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee, 4/14/69, NBC
Jools, Auge & The Trinity perform The Young Rascal's Come On Up, which never made it to disc.
Jools and Mickey dueted on I'm A Believer—must see TV!
The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In) / Save The Country
Ragni-Rado-McDermot (3:05) / Nyro (3:56)
Atco 45-6685, 6/69


Atco SD-2-701
6/69 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

In England, you could buy them individually (this is Vol 2)
Side One: How Good It Would Feel To Be Free
Tropic Of Capricorn Auger 5:30
Czechoslovakia Driscoll 6:45
Take Me To The Water Simone 4:00
A Word About Colour Driscoll 1:35
Side Two: Kiss Him Quickly, He Has To Part
Light My Fire Morrison 4:30
Indian Rope Man Havens 3:00
When I Was A Young Girl arr Driscoll 8:00
Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In) Ragni-Rado-McDermot 3:05
Side Three: Looking In The Eye Of The World
Ellis Island Auger 4:10
In Search Of The Sun Ambrose 4:25
Finally Found You Out Auger 4:15
Looking In The Eye Of The World Auger 5:05
Side Four: Save The Country
Vauxhall To Lambeth Bridge Driscoll 6:20
All Blues Davis-Brown 5:40
I've Got Life Ragni-Rado-McDermot 4:30
Save The Country Nyro 4:00
Julie "Jools" Driscoll-vocals, guitar
Brian "Auge" Auger-organ, piano, vocals
David "Lobs" Ambrose-bass, guitar, vocal (In Search Of The Sun, Looking In The Eye Of The World)
Clive "Toli" Thacker-drums, percussion
Produced by: Giorgio Gomelsky

Note: Artwork by Ralph Steadman.

Say, there are two songs from Hair on Streetnoise—any more info about that show around here ?? 

Brian disbands Trinity, tries jazz-rock commune, then Oblivion Express.
Julie experiments with vocals, marries jazz pianist/composer Keith Tippett.

RCA LSP-4372
7/70 BB
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
I Wanna Take You Higher Stewart 5:00
Pavane arr Auger 3:43
No Time To Live Capaldi-Winwood 5:25
Maiden Voyage Hancock 4:58
Side Two
Listen Here Harris 9:24
Adagio per Archi e Organo Auger 3:27
Just You, Just Me Mason 6:26
Brian Auger-keyboards, vocals
Gary Boyle-guitar, vocals
Dave Ambrose-bass, vocals
Clive Thacker-drums
Produced by: Brian Auger

Note: Adagio per Archi e Organo added for US release.

Listen Here³ / I Wanna Take You Higher
Harris (3:34) / Stewart (5:08)
RCA 0381, 10/70 BB


Oblivion Express
RCA LSP-4462
Back Cover

Side One
Dragon Song McLaughlin 4:20
Total Eclipse Ball 11:27
The Light Auger 4:20
Side Two
On The Road Auger-Mullen 5:20
The Sword Auger 6:30
Oblivion Express Auger 7:45
Brian Auger-keyboards, vocals
Jim Mullen-guitar, vocals
Barry Dean-bass, vocals
Robbie McIntosh-drums
Produced by: Brian Auger


Marai's Wedding³ / Trouble³
Trad, arr Mullen (3:02) / Auger-Mullen (3:12)
RCA 74-0579, ?/71


A Better Land
RCA LSP-4540
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Dawn Of Another Day Auger-Mullen 4:18
Marai's Wedding Trad, arr Mullen 4:22
Trouble Auger-Mullen 8:12
Women Of The Seasons Mackie-Mullen 5:00
Side Two
Fill Your Head With Laughter Gorrie-Mullen 3:49
On Thinking It Over Auger-Mullen 5:23
Tomorrow City Auger 3:30
All The Time There Is Mackie-Mullen 3:29
A Better Land Gorrie-Mullen 5:30
Brian Auger-keyboards, vocals
Jim Mullen-guitar, vocals
Barry Dean-bass, guitar, vocals
Robbie McIntosh-drums
Produced by: Brian Auger



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