Brian Auger & The Trinity with Julie Driscoll
Brian Auger & The Trinity ♦ Brian Auger's Oblivion Express 

Save Me (Pt. 1)¹ / Save Me (Pt. 2)¹
Ousley-Franklin-Franklin (2:26) / Ousley-Franklin-Franklin (1:45)
Marmalade 598004, 11/67 [UK 45]

First single, not released here (shame)

Atco SD33-258
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

UK Insert

First issue ony, shows rest of group
Side One
In And Out Montgomery 3:06
Isola Natale Auger 5:27
Black Cat Auger 3:23
Lament For Miss Baker Auger 2:37
Goodbye Jungle Telegraph Auger 6:12
Side Two
Tramp Fulsom-McCracklin 4:04
Why (Am I Treated So Bad) Staples 3:33
A Kind Of Love In Auger-Sutton 2:32
Break It Up Auger-Sutton 3:00
Season Of The Witch Leitch 7:51
Julie "Jools" Driscoll-vocals
Brian "Auge" Auger-keyboards, vocals
Gary Boyle-guitar
Roger Sutton-bass
Clive Thacker-drums
with: Horns arranged by Richard Hill
Produced by: Giorgio Gomelsky


Definitely What
Atco SD33-273
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

Side One
A Day In The Life Lennon-McCartney 5:04
George Bruno Money Auger 4:06
Far Horizon Auger 5:10
John Brown's Body arr Auger 3:00
Side Two
Red Beans And Rice Cropper-Dunn-Jackson-Jones 5:40
Bumpin' On Sunset Montgomery 4:55
If You Live Allison 3:48
Definitely What Ambrose-Auger-Thacker 7:55
Brian 'Auge' Auger-keyboards
Dave 'Lobs' Ambrose-bass
Clive 'Toli' Thacker-drums
Definitely What Strings & Brass Section
Produced by: Giorgio Gomelsky


Jools & Brian
Capitol DT-136
4/68 BB
Back Cover

Side One
I Know You Love Me Not(UK 45 4/67) Godding 2:26
Kiko†(UK 45 10/65) McGriff 6:17
I Didn't Want To Have To Do It(UK 45 5/66) Sebastian 2:55
Fool Killer†(UK 45 5/65) Allison 1:59
Don't Do It No More(UK 45 6/65) Fox-Fox 2:34
Let's Do It Tonight†(UK 45 5/65) Kack 4:28
Side Two
Green Onions '65†(UK 45 10/65) Cropper-Jackson-Jones-Steinberg 3:21
I Know You(UK 45 6/65) Williams 2:06
Tiger‡(UK 45 3/67) Auger-Sutton 2:28
If You Should Ever Leave Me(UK 45 4/67) Newman 3:14
Oh Baby Won't You Come Back Home To Croydon,
  Where Everybody Beedle An' Bo's‡(UK 45 3/67)
Auger-Sutton 2:19

Note: Capitol released this compliation of early solo Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll UK 45s:
†The Brian Auger Trinity
‡Brian Auger
rest issued by Julie Driscoll

This Wheel's On Fire¹ / A Kind Of Love In
Dylan (3:12) / Auger-Sutton (2:35)
Atco 6593, 6/68

In And Out / Black Cat
Montgomery (3:06) / Auger (3:23)
Atco 6611, 9/68

Road To Cairo¹ / Shadows Of You¹
Ackles (5:19) / Auger-Driscoll (3:35)
Atco 6629, 11/68

A Day In The Life / Bumpin' On Sunset
Lennon-McCartney (5:15) / Montgomery (4:57)
Atco 6656, 3/69

The Monkees: 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee, 4/14/69, NBC
Jools, Auge & The Trinity perform The Young Rascal's Come On Up, which never made it to disc.
Jools and Mickey dueted on I'm A Believer—must see TV!
The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In) / Save The Country
Ragni-Rado-McDermot (3:05) / Nyro (3:56)
Atco 45-6685, 6/69


Atco SD-2-701
6/69 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

In England, you could buy them individually (this is Vol 2)
Side One: How Good It Would Feel To Be Free
Tropic Of Capricorn Auger 5:30
Czechoslovakia Driscoll 6:45
Take Me To The Water Simone 4:00
A Word About Colour Driscoll 1:35
Side Two: Kiss Him Quickly, He Has To Part
Light My Fire Morrison 4:30
Indian Rope Man Havens 3:00
When I Was A Young Girl arr Driscoll 8:00
Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In) Ragni-Rado-McDermot 3:05
Side Three: Looking In The Eye Of The World
Ellis Island Auger 4:10
In Search Of The Sun Ambrose 4:25
Finally Found You Out Auger 4:15
Looking In The Eye Of The World Auger 5:05
Side Four: Save The Country
Vauxhall To Lambeth Bridge Driscoll 6:20
All Blues Davis-Brown 5:40
I've Got Life Ragni-Rado-McDermot 4:30
Save The Country Nyro 4:00
Julie "Jools" Driscoll-vocals, guitar
Brian "Auge" Auger-organ, piano, vocals
David "Lobs" Ambrose-bass, guitar, vocal (In Search Of The Sun, Looking In The Eye Of The World)
Clive "Toli" Thacker-drums, percussion
Produced by: Giorgio Gomelsky

Note: Artwork by Ralph Steadman.

Say, there are two songs from Hair on Streetnoise—any more info about that show around here ?? 

Brian disbands Trinity, tries jazz-rock commune, then Oblivion Express.
Julie experiments with vocals, marries jazz pianist/composer Keith Tippett.

RCA LSP-4372
7/70 BB
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
I Wanna Take You Higher Stewart 5:00
Pavane arr Auger 3:43
No Time To Live Capaldi-Winwood 5:25
Maiden Voyage Hancock 4:58
Side Two
Listen Here Harris 9:24
Adagio per Archi e Organo Auger 3:27
Just You, Just Me Mason 6:26
Brian Auger-keyboards, vocals
Gary Boyle-guitar, vocals
Dave Ambrose-bass, vocals
Clive Thacker-drums
Produced by: Brian Auger

Note: Adagio per Archi e Organo added for US release.

Listen Here³ / I Wanna Take You Higher
Harris (3:34) / Stewart (5:08)
RCA 0381, 10/70 BB


Oblivion Express
RCA LSP-4462
Back Cover

Side One
Dragon Song McLaughlin 4:20
Total Eclipse Ball 11:27
The Light Auger 4:20
Side Two
On The Road Auger-Mullen 5:20
The Sword Auger 6:30
Oblivion Express Auger 7:45
Brian Auger-keyboards, vocals
Jim Mullen-guitar, vocals
Barry Dean-bass, vocals
Robbie McIntosh-drums
Produced by: Brian Auger


Marai's Wedding³ / Trouble³
Trad, arr Mullen (3:02) / Auger-Mullen (3:12)
RCA 74-0579, ?/71


A Better Land
RCA LSP-4540
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Dawn Of Another Day Auger-Mullen 4:18
Marai's Wedding Trad, arr Mullen 4:22
Trouble Auger-Mullen 8:12
Women Of The Seasons Mackie-Mullen 5:00
Side Two
Fill Your Head With Laughter Gorrie-Mullen 3:49
On Thinking It Over Auger-Mullen 5:23
Tomorrow City Auger 3:30
All The Time There Is Mackie-Mullen 3:29
A Better Land Gorrie-Mullen 5:30
Brian Auger-keyboards, vocals
Jim Mullen-guitar, vocals
Barry Dean-bass, guitar, vocals
Robbie McIntosh-drums
Produced by: Brian Auger



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