Joan Baez

Joan Baez
Vanguard VSD-79078
10/60 BB
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Silver Dagger Trad 2:30
East Virginia Trad 3:38
Fare Thee Well (10,000 Miles) Gude 3:15
House Of The Rising Sun Trad 2:52
All My Trails Trad 4:36
Wildwood Flower Trad 2:30
Donna Donna Secunda-Zeitlin 3:09
Side Two
John Riley Belmonte-Gibson 3:50
Rake And Rambling Boy Trad 1:52
Little Moses Trad 3:25
Mary Hamilton Trad 5:54
Henry Martin Trad 4:10
El Preso Numero Nueve Trad 2:42
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Fred Hellerman-guitar
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Volume 2
Vanguard VSD-79094
9/61 BB
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Wagoner's Lad Trad 2:10
Trees They Do Grow High Trad 2:56
Lily Of The West Trad 3:17
Silkie Trad 3:55
Engine 143 Carter 3:29
Once I Knew A Pretty Girl Trad 2:52
Lonesome Road Trad 2:18
Side Two
Banks Of The Ohio Trad 3:06
Pal Of Mine Trad 2:47
Barbara Allen Trad 4:13
The Cherry Tree Carol Trad 3:26
Old Blue Trad 2:32
Railroad Boy Trad 2:36
Plaisir d'Amour Trad 3:06
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
The Greenbriar Boys (Banks Of The Ohio, Pal Of Mine)
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Banks Of The Ohio / Old Blue
Trad (3:06) / Trad (2:32)
Vanguard 35012, ?/62

Lonesome Road / Pal Of Mine
Trad (2:18) / Trad (2:47)
Vanguard 35013, ?/62


In Concert
Vanguard VSD-79112
9/62 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You Bennett-Bredon-Darling 2:38
Georgie - 3:22
Copper Kettle Beddoe 2:27
Kumbaya Trad 2:55
What Have They Done To The Rain? Reynolds 2:26
Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair Trad 2:33
Danger Waters Trad 3:16
Side Two
Gospel Ship Buffum 2:48
The House Carpenter Trad 5:08
Pretty Boy Floyd Guthrie 4:17
Lady Mary Trad 2:41
Até Amanhã Trad 2:12
Matty Groves Trad 7:18
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Produced by: Maynard Solomon

Note: Recorded during 1962 concert tour

What Have They Done To The Rain? / Danger Waters
Reynolds (2:26) / Trad (3:16)
Vanguard 35018, 8/63


In Concert, Part 2
Vanguard VSD-79113
11/63 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Once I Had A Sweetheart Trad 2:51
Jackaroe Trad 2:57
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Dylan 2:58
We Shall Overcome Hamilton-Horton-Seeger 3:18
Portland Town Adams 2:39
Queen Of Hearts Trad 2:15
Manha de Carnaval/Te Ador Bonfa/Maria 4:39
Side Two
Long Black Veil Dill-Wilkin 2:55
Fennario Trad 3:40
'Nu Bello Cardillo Trad 3:14
With God On Our Side Dylan 6:08
Three Fishers Hullah-Kingsley 2:45
Hush Little Baby Trad 2:00
Battle Hymn Of The Republic Howe-Ward 2:45
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Produced by: Maynard Solomon

Note: Recorded during April-May 1963 concert tour
On the mono version, Railroad Bill and Rambler Gambler replaces With God On Our Side

We Shall Overcome¹ / What Have They Done To The Rain?
Carawan-Hamilton-Horton-Seeger (2:45) / Reynolds (2:30)
Vanguard 35023, 11/63 BB

A-side recorded live at Miles College, Birmingham
With God On Our Side / Railroad Bill/Rambler Gambler
Dylan/Trad (?) / Trad (1:48)
Vanguard 35026, 2/64

1st Big Sur Folk Festival(June 21)

Vanguard VSD-79160
10/64 BB
Back Cover

Side One
There But For Fortune Ochs 3:11
Stewball Herald-Rinzler-Yellin 2:57
It Ain't Me Babe Dylan 3:16
The Death Of Queen Jane (Child No. 170) Trad 3:46
Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5--Aria Villa-Lobos 6:12
Go 'Way From My Window Niles 2:10
Side Two
I Still Miss Someone Cash-Cash 3:10
When You Hear Them Cuckoos Hollerin' Trad 2:45
Birmingham Sunday Fariña 3:58
So We'll Go No More a-Roving Dyer-Bennett 1:42
O'Cangaceiro Nascimento 2:18
The Unquiet Grave (Child No. 78) Trad 4:19
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Gino Foreman-guitar
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


2nd Big Sur Folk Festival(Aug 1)
There But For Fortune / Daddy You've Been On My Mind
Ochs (3:12) / Dylan (2:13)
Vanguard 35031, 8/65 BB


Farewell, Angelina
Vanguard VSD-79200
10/65 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Farewell, Angelina Dylan 3:13
Daddy You've Been On My Mind Dylan 2:15
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Dylan 3:21
The Wild Mountain Thyme McPeake 4:34
Ranger's Command Guthrie 3:13
Colours Donovan 3:02
Side Two
A Satisfied Mind Hays-Rhodes 3:22
The River In The Pines Trad 3:33
Pauvre Ruteboeuf Ferre-Ruteboeuf 3:28
Sag' Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind Trad 4:00
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall Dylan 7:36
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Ralph Rinzler-mandolin
Richard Romoff-bass
Russ Savakus-bass
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


The Big TNT Show(January, 1966)
Pack Up Your Sorrows¹ / Swallow Song¹
Fariña-Marden (2:47) / Fariña (2:46)
Vanguard 35040, 6/66

produced by Richard Fariña for an album that was never finished (due to Richard's death)
3rd Big Sur Folk Festival(July 10)

Vanguard VSD-79230
Back Cover

Side One
O Come, O Come Emmanuel - 2:56
Coventry Carol - 2:21
The Little Drummer Boy Davis-Onorati-Simeone 3:00
I Wonder As I Wander Niles 4:31
Down In Yon Forest - 1:39
The Carol Of The Birds - 3:29
Angels We Have Heard On High - 1:21
Side Two
Ave Maria Schubert 4:05
Mary's Wandering/Deck The Halls - 3:39
Away In A Manger/Adeste Fideles Luther 2:44
Cantique Del Noël Adam 3:45
What Child Is This - 3:01
Silent Night Gruber 2:22
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Peter Schickele-arranger
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Little Drummer Boy / Cantique de Noel
Davis-Onorati-Simeone (2:42) / Trad (3:47)
Vanguard 35046, 11/66

Dont Look Back(May 17)
4th Big Sur Folk Festival(June 28-29)
Be Not Too Hard / North
Logue-Donovan (2:49) / Baez-Dusheck (2:47)
Vanguard 35055, 8/67


Vanguard VSD-79240
8/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Be Not Too Hard Logue-Donovan 2:49
Eleanor Rigby Lennon-McCartney 2:18
Turquoise Logue-Donovan 3:14
La Colombe--The Dove Brel-Clayre 5:16
The Dangling Conversation Simon 2:43
The Lady Came From Baltimore Hardin 2:30
Side Two
North Baez-Dusheck 2:47
Children of Darkness Fariña 3:52
The Greenwood Side Trad 7:40
If You Were A Carpenter Hardin 2:10
Annabel Lee Dilworth-Poe 4:48
Saigon Bride Baez-Dusheck 3:12
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Peter Schickele-arranger
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Festival(October 23)

Baptism: A Journey Through Our Time
Vanguard VSD-79275
6/68 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Part One
Old Welsh Song Treece 1:16
I Saw The Vision Of Armies Whitman 1:16
Minister Of War Waley 1:10
Song In The Blood Prévert 4:28
Casida Of The Lament Lorca 1:01
Of The Dark Past (Ecce Puer) Joyce 1:59
London Blake 1:19
In Guernica Rosten 1:00
Who Murdered The Minutes Treece 3:21
Oh, Little Child Treece 1:25
No Man Is An Island Donne 0:56
Part Two
from Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man Joyce 2:14
All The Pretty Little Horses Trad 1:14
Childhood III Rimbaud 1:08
The Magic Wood Treece 2:27
Poems From The Japanese - 2:21
Colours Yevtushenko 1:13
All In Green Went My Love Riding Cummings 3:24
Gacela Of The Dark Death Lorca 2:09
The Parable Of The Old Man And The Young Owen 0:51
Evil Rimbaud 1:30
Epitaph For A Poet Cullen 1:15
Old Welsh Song Treece 1:17
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Music composed and conducted by Peter Schickele
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


5th Big Sur Folk Festival(Sept 7-8)

Any Day Now
Vanguard VSD-79306/7
1/69 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Love Minus Zero/No Limit Dylan 2:41
North Country Blues Dylan 5:00
You Ain't Going Nowhere Dylan 2:55
Drifter's Escape Dylan 2:50
I Pity The Poor Immigrant Dylan 3:45
Side Two
Tears Of Rage Dylan-Manuel 4:20
Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands Dylan 11:18
Side Three
Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word Dylan 4:25
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine Dylan 3:14
The Walls Of Redwing Dylan 3:45
Dear Landlord Dylan 2:57
One Too Many Mornings Dylan 3:10
Side Four
I Shall Be Released Dylan 3:55
Boots Of Spanish Leather Dylan 4:29
Walkin' Down The Line Dylan 3:20
The Restless Farewell Dylan 5:43
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals (and album art)
Fred Carter-mandolin
Pete Drake-pedal steel guitar
Johnny Gimble-fiddle
Roy Huskey, Jr-bass
Tommy Jackson-fiddle
Jerry Kennedy-guitar
Jerry Reed-guitar
Harold Bradley-guitar, dobro
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
Stephen Stills-guitar
Harold Rugg-guitar, dobro
Grady Martin-guitar
Buddy Spicher-fiddle
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenny Buttrey-drums
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word³ / Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Dylan (3:30) / Dylan (2:41)
Vanguard 35088, 3/69 BB


David's Album
Vanguard VSD-79308
6/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
If I Knew Dusheck-Marden 2:46
Rock Salt And Nails Phillips 3:47
Glad Bluebird Of Happiness Skrabak 2:53
Green, Green Grass Of Home Putman 3:10
Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Trad 4:16
Side Two
The Tramp On The Street Baez-Cole-Cole-Solomon 3:26
Poor Wayfaring Stranger* Traditional 4:36
Just A Closer Walk With Thee Trad 4:00
Hickory Wind Buchanan-Parsons 3:35
My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains Ashley 4:11
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals, artwork
Harold Bradley-guitar
Jerry Kennedy-guitar
Jerry Reed-guitar
Pete Wade-guitar
Pete Drake-steel guitar
Hal Rugg-dobro, steel guitar
Grady Martin-dobro, guitar, mandolin
Fred Carter-mandolin
Bill Purcell-piano
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
"Junior" Husky-bass
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenneth A. Buttrey-drums
Tommy Jackson-fiddle
Buddy Spicher-fiddle
Mimi Fariña-vocal (Poor Wayfaring Stranger)
The Jordanaires-vocals (Will The Circle Be Unbroken)
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


If I Knew / Rock, Salt And Nails
Dusheck-Marden (2:45) / Phillips (3:49)
Vanguard 35092, 6/69

Woodstock Music & Art Fair(Aug 15-18)
Four Days Gone¹ / Hickory Wind
Stills (?) / Buchanan-Parsons (3:40)
Vanguard 35098, ?/69

6th Big Sur Folk Festival(Sept 13-14)
No Expectations / One Day At A Time
Jagger-Richards (3:47) / Nelson (3:31)
Vanguard 35103, 2/70

B-side as by Joan Baez (With Jeffrey Shurtleff)

One Day At A Time
Vanguard VSD-79310
3/70 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Sweet Sir Galahad Baez 3:37
No Expectations Jagger-Richards 3:48
Long Black Veil Dill-Wilkin 3:20
Ghetto Banks-Bramlett-Crutcher 3:32
Carry It On Turner 2:17
Side Two
Take Me Back To The Sweet Sunny South* Trad 2:42
Seven Bridges Road* Young 3:36
Jolie Blonde Trad 1:57
Joe Hill Hayes-Robinson 3:30
A Song For David Baez 4:52
One Day At A Time* Nelson 3:27
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Jeffrey Shurtleff-vocals*
Harold Bradley-guitar
Pete Drake-steel guitar
Richard Festinger-guitar
Jerry Reed-guitar
Pete Wade-guitar
Jerry Shook-guitar
Grady Martin-dobro, guitar, sitar
Hal Rugg-dobro, steel guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
David Briggs-piano, harpsichord
Charlie McCoy-organ, harmonica, vibraphone
"Junior" Husky-bass
Norbert Putnam-bass
Henry Strzelecki-bass
Kenneth A. Buttrey-drums
Tommy Jackson-fiddle
Buddy Spicher-fiddle
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Woodstock(March 26)
Sweet Sir Galahad / The Ghetto
Baez (3:43) / Banks-Bramlett-Crutcher (4:33)
Vanguard 35106, ?/70

Carry It On / Rock, Salt And Nails
Turner (2:22) / Phillips (3:49)
Vanguard 35114, ?/70

Carry It On(August 26)
7th Big Sur Folk Festival(Oct 3)
Celebration At Big Sur(April 9)

Blessed Are...
Vanguard VSD-6570/1
8/71 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Blessed Are Baez 3:03
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Robertson 3:22
The Salt Of The Earth Jagger-Richards 3:22
Three Horses Baez 7:03
The Brand New Tennessee Waltz Winchester 3:07
Side Two
Last, Lonely And Wretched Baez 3:42
Lincoln Freed Me Today Patton 3:21
Outside The Nashville City Limits Baez 3:20
San Francisco Mabel Joy Newbury 4:23
When Time Is Stolen Baez 2:58
Side Three
Heaven Help Us All Miller 3:32
Angeline Newbury 3:37
Help Me Make It Through The Night Kristofferson 2:58
Let It Be Lennon-McCartney 3:48
Put Your Hand In The Hand MacLellan 3:20
Side Four
Gabriel And Me Baez 3:27
Milanese Waltz/Marie Flore Baez 5:55
The Hitchhikers' Song Baez 4:19
The 33rd Of August Newbury 3:42
Fifteen Months Baez 4:30

Note: Special 7-inch record included with album:

Plane Wreck At los Gatos (Deportee) / Maria Dolores
Guthrie-Hoffman (5:15) / Garcia-Morcillo (3:25)
Vanguard SPV-6

Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Norman Blake-dobro, guitar
Pete Wade-guitar
David Briggs-keyboards
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenneth A. Buttrey-drums
Charlie McCoy-harmonica
Ed Logan-sax
Buddy Spicher-violin
The Holladay Singers
The Memphis Horns
Nashville Strings
Produced by: Jack Lothrop, Norbert Putnam


The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down / When Time Is Stolen
Robertson (3:21) / Baez (2:57)
Vanguard 35138, 8/71 BB

Isle of Wight Festival of Music [70](August 26-30)
Let It Be / Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Lennon-McCartney (3:48) / Trad (4:36)
Vanguard 35138, 11/71 BB

B-side (with Mimi Fariña)
8th Big Sur Folk Festival(Sept 25—last one)
Sacco & Vanzetti(October 6)
Here's To You / The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti - Part 2
Baez-Morricone (3:06) / Baez-Morricone (5:23)
RCA Victor 74-0568, 10/71

Orchestra cond. by Ennio Morricone; from the film Sacco & Vanzetti

Carry It On Original Sound Track Album
Vanguard VSD-79313
11/71 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Oh, Happy Day Hawkins 3:36
Carry It On Turner 3:40
"In Forty Days" Joan And David 3:15
Hickory Wind Bucannan-Parsons 3:10
The Last Thing On My Mind Paxton 3:15
"Life Is Sacred" David 3:00
Joe Hill Hayes-Robinson 2:44
Side Two
I Shall Be Released Dylan 3:35
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man Penn-Moman 4:00
Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word Dylan 3:52
Suzanne Cohen 4:40
"Idols And Heroes" David 2:55
We Shall Overcome Carawan-Hamilton-Horton-Seeger 3:50
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Dave Harris-vocals
Richard Festinger-guitar
Produced by: Christopher Knight



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