Joan Baez

Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square album, 4/60
Sweet Joanies first recordings—made with other Boston folkies.

Joan Baez
Vanguard VSD-79078
10/60 T20 [UK: 11/60]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Silver Dagger Trad 2:30
East Virginia Trad 3:38
Fare Thee Well (10,000 Miles) Gude 3:15
House Of The Rising Sun Trad 2:52
All My Trails Trad 4:36
Wildwood Flower Trad 2:30
Donna Donna Secunda-Zeitlin 3:09
Side Two
John Riley Belmonte-Gibson 3:50
Rake And Rambling Boy Trad 1:52
Little Moses Trad 3:25
Mary Hamilton Trad 5:54
Henry Martin Trad 4:10
El Preso Numero Nueve Trad 2:42
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Fred Hellerman-guitar
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Volume 2
Vanguard VSD-79094
9/61 BB [UK: 10/61]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
Wagoner's Lad Trad 2:10
Trees They Do Grow High Trad 2:56
Lily Of The West Trad 3:17
Silkie Trad 3:55
Engine 143 Carter 3:29
Once I Knew A Pretty Girl Trad 2:52
Lonesome Road Trad 2:18
Side Two
Banks Of The Ohio Trad 3:06
Pal Of Mine Trad 2:47
Barbara Allen Trad 4:13
The Cherry Tree Carol Trad 3:26
Old Blue Trad 2:32
Railroad Boy Trad 2:36
Plaisir d'Amour Trad 3:06
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
The Greenbriar Boys (Banks Of The Ohio, Pal Of Mine)
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Banks Of The Ohio / Old Blue
Trad (3:06) / Trad (2:32)
Vanguard 35012, 10/61

Lonesome Road / Pal Of Mine
Trad (2:18) / Trad (2:47)
Vanguard 35013, 5/62


In Concert
Vanguard VSD-79112
9/62 T20 [UK: 10/62]
Back Cover

Side One
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You Bennett-Bredon-Darling 2:38
Georgie - 3:22
Copper Kettle Beddoe 2:27
Kumbaya Trad 2:55
What Have They Done To The Rain? Reynolds 2:26
Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair Trad 2:33
Danger Waters Trad 3:16
Side Two
Gospel Ship Buffum 2:48
The House Carpenter Trad 5:08
Pretty Boy Floyd Guthrie 4:17
Lady Mary Trad 2:41
Até Amanhã Trad 2:12
Matty Groves Trad 7:18
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-Danny Lyon
Produced by: Maynard Solomon

Note: Recorded during 1962 concert tour

Newport Folk Festival(7/26, 28/63)
What Have They Done To The Rain? / Danger Waters
Reynolds (2:26) / Trad (3:16)
Vanguard 35018, 8/63

8/28/63: Joan sings at the The March On Washington .

In Concert, Part 2
Vanguard VSD-79113
11/63 T20 [UK: 5/64] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Once I Had A Sweetheart Trad 2:51
Jackaroe Trad 2:57
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Dylan 2:58
We Shall Overcome Hamilton-Horton-Seeger 3:18
Portland Town Adams 2:39
Queen Of Hearts Trad 2:15
Manha de Carnaval/Te Ador Bonfa/Maria 4:39
Side Two
Long Black Veil Dill-Wilkin 2:55
Fennario Trad 3:40
'Nu Bello Cardillo Trad 3:14
With God On Our Side Dylan 6:08
Three Fishers Hullah-Kingsley 2:45
Hush Little Baby Trad 2:00
Battle Hymn Of The Republic Howe-Ward 2:45
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-Fred Powledge
Produced by: Maynard Solomon

Note: Recorded during April-May 1963 concert tour
On the mono version, Railroad Bill and Rambler Gambler replaces With God On Our Side

We Shall Overcome¹ / What Have They Done To The Rain?
Carawan-Hamilton-Horton-Seeger (2:45) / Reynolds (2:30)
Vanguard 35023, 11/63 BB UK

A-side recorded live at Miles College, Birmingham
With God On Our Side / Railroad Bill/Rambler Gambler
Dylan/Trad (?) / Trad (1:48)
Vanguard 35026, 2/64

Promo only
1st Big Sur Folk Festival(6/21/64)
Newport Folk Festival(7/24, 25/64)

Vanguard VSD-79160
10/64 T20 [UK: 4/65] T20
Back Cover

Side One
There But For Fortune Ochs 3:11
Stewball Herald-Rinzler-Yellin 2:57
It Ain't Me Babe Dylan 3:16
The Death Of Queen Jane (Child No. 170) Trad 3:46
Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5--Aria Villa-Lobos 6:12
Go 'Way From My Window Niles 2:10
Side Two
I Still Miss Someone Cash-Cash 3:10
When You Hear Them Cuckoos Hollerin' Trad 2:45
Birmingham Sunday Fariña 3:58
So We'll Go No More a-Roving Dyer-Bennett 1:42
O'Cangaceiro Nascimento 2:18
The Unquiet Grave (Child No. 78) Trad 4:19
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Gino Foreman-guitar
§Cover Photo-William Claxton
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Newport Folk Festival(7/22, 25/65)
2nd Big Sur Folk Festival(8/1/65)
There But For Fortune / Daddy You've Been On My Mind
Ochs (3:12) / Dylan (2:13)
Vanguard 35031, 8/65 BB T20

5/23/65: Royal Albert Hall, London
first solo gig in England

Farewell, Angelina
Vanguard VSD-79200
10/65 T20 [UK: 11/65] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Farewell, Angelina Dylan 3:13
Daddy You've Been On My Mind Dylan 2:15
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue Dylan 3:21
The Wild Mountain Thyme McPeake 4:34
Ranger's Command Guthrie 3:13
Colours Donovan 3:02
Side Two
A Satisfied Mind Hays-Rhodes 3:22
The River In The Pines Trad 3:33
Pauvre Ruteboeuf Ferre-Ruteboeuf 3:28
Sag' Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind Trad 4:00
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall Dylan 7:36
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Ralph Rinzler-mandolin
Richard Romoff-bass
Russ Savakus-bass
§Cover Photo-Richard Avedon
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


The Big TNT Show(1/16/66)
Joan sings, Phil plays piano
Pack Up Your Sorrows¹ / Swallow Song¹
Fariña-Marden (2:47) / Fariña (2:46)
Vanguard 35040, 6/66

produced by Richard Fariña for an album that was never finished (due to Richard's death)
3rd Big Sur Folk Festival(7/10/66)

Vanguard VSD-79230
11/66 [UK: 11/66]
Back Cover

Side One
O Come, O Come Emmanuel - 2:56
Coventry Carol - 2:21
The Little Drummer Boy Davis-Onorati-Simeone 3:00
I Wonder As I Wander Niles 4:31
Down In Yon Forest - 1:39
The Carol Of The Birds - 3:29
Angels We Have Heard On High - 1:21
Side Two
Ave Maria Schubert 4:05
Mary's Wandering/Deck The Halls - 3:39
Away In A Manger/Adeste Fideles Luther 2:44
Cantique Del Noël Adam 3:45
What Child Is This - 3:01
Silent Night Gruber 2:22
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Peter Schickele-arranger
§Cover Photo-Alain Gaveau
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Little Drummer Boy / Cantique de Noel
Davis-Onorati-Simeone (2:42) / Trad (3:47)
Vanguard 35046, 11/66

Dont Look Back(5/17/67)
Joan joins Bob on his 1965 British Tour
4th Big Sur Folk Festival(6/28-29/67)
Newport Folk Festival(7/15, 16/67)
Be Not Too Hard / North
Logue-Donovan (2:49) / Baez-Dusheck (2:47)
Vanguard 35055, 8/67


Vanguard VSD-79240
8/67 BB [UK: 9/67]
Back Cover

Side One
Be Not Too Hard Logue-Donovan 2:49
Eleanor Rigby Lennon-McCartney 2:18
Turquoise Logue-Donovan 3:14
La Colombe--The Dove Brel-Clayre 5:16
The Dangling Conversation Simon 2:43
The Lady Came From Baltimore Hardin 2:30
Side Two
North Baez-Dusheck 2:47
Children of Darkness Fariña 3:52
The Greenwood Side Trad 7:40
If You Were A Carpenter Hardin 2:10
Annabel Lee Dilworth-Poe 4:48
Saigon Bride Baez-Dusheck 3:12
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Peter Schickele-arranger
§Cover Photo-Alain Gaveau
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


clips from Newport Folk Festivals 1963-1966

Baptism: A Journey Through Our Time
Vanguard VSD-79275
6/68 BB [UK: 8/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Part One
Old Welsh Song Treece 1:16
I Saw The Vision Of Armies Whitman 1:16
Minister Of War Waley 1:10
Song In The Blood Prévert 4:28
Casida Of The Lament Lorca 1:01
Of The Dark Past (Ecce Puer) Joyce 1:59
London Blake 1:19
In Guernica Rosten 1:00
Who Murdered The Minutes Treece 3:21
Oh, Little Child Treece 1:25
No Man Is An Island Donne 0:56
Part Two
from Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man Joyce 2:14
All The Pretty Little Horses Trad 1:14
Childhood III Rimbaud 1:08
The Magic Wood Treece 2:27
Poems From The Japanese - 2:21
Colours Yevtushenko 1:13
All In Green Went My Love Riding Cummings 3:24
Gacela Of The Dark Death Lorca 2:09
The Parable Of The Old Man And The Young Owen 0:51
Evil Rimbaud 1:30
Epitaph For A Poet Cullen 1:15
Old Welsh Song Treece 1:17
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Music composed and conducted by Peter Schickele
§Cover Art-Robert Peak
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Newport Folk Festival(7/25, 26/68)
Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/25/68)
5th Big Sur Folk Festival(9/7-8/68)

Any Day Now
Vanguard VSD-79306/7
12/68 BB [UK: 1/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Love Minus Zero/No Limit Dylan 2:41
North Country Blues Dylan 5:00
You Ain't Going Nowhere Dylan 2:55
Drifter's Escape Dylan 2:50
I Pity The Poor Immigrant Dylan 3:45
Side Two
Tears Of Rage(a cappella) Dylan-Manuel 4:20
Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands Dylan 11:18
Side Three
Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word Dylan 4:25
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine Dylan 3:14
The Walls Of Redwing Dylan 3:45
Dear Landlord Dylan 2:57
One Too Many Mornings Dylan 3:10
Side Four
I Shall Be Released Dylan 3:55
Boots Of Spanish Leather Dylan 4:29
Walkin' Down The Line Dylan 3:20
The Restless Farewell Dylan 5:43
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Jerry Kennedy-guitar
Jerry Reed-guitar
Stephen Stills-guitar
Grady Martin-guitar
Harold Rugg-guitar, dobro
Harold Bradley-guitar, dobro
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
Roy Huskey, Jr-bass
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenny Buttrey-drums
Johnny Gimble-fiddle
Tommy Jackson-fiddle
Buddy Spicher-fiddle
Fred Carter-mandolin
Pete Drake-pedal steel guitar
§Cover Art-Joan Baez
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word³ / Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Dylan (3:30) / Dylan (2:41)
Vanguard 35088, 3/69 BB


David's Album
Vanguard VSD-79308
5/69 BB [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Side One
If I Knew Dusheck-Marden 2:46
Rock Salt And Nails Phillips 3:47
Glad Bluebird Of Happiness Skrabak 2:53
Green, Green Grass Of Home Putman 3:10
Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Trad 4:16
Side Two
The Tramp On The Street Baez-Cole-Cole-Solomon 3:26
Poor Wayfaring Stranger Traditional 4:36
Just A Closer Walk With Thee Trad 4:00
Hickory Wind Buchanan-Parsons 3:35
My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains Ashley 4:11
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals, artwork
Mimi Fariña-vocal (Poor Wayfaring Stranger)
Harold Bradley-guitar
Jerry Kennedy-guitar
Jerry Reed-guitar
Pete Wade-guitar
Pete Drake-steel guitar
Hal Rugg-dobro, steel guitar
Grady Martin-dobro, guitar, mandolin
Fred Carter-mandolin
Bill Purcell-piano
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
"Junior" Husky-bass
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenneth A. Buttrey-drums
Tommy Jackson-fiddle
Buddy Spicher-fiddle
The Jordanaires-vocals (Will The Circle Be Unbroken)
§Cover Art-Joan Baez
Produced by: Maynard Solomon

Note: Cover features a drawing of David by Joanie.

If I Knew / Rock, Salt And Nails
Dusheck-Marden (2:45) / Phillips (3:49)
Vanguard 35092, 6/69

Mississippi River Festival(7/23/69)
Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/15/69)
Four Days Gone¹ / Hickory Wind
Stills (?) / Buchanan-Parsons (3:40)
Vanguard 35098, ?/69

6th Big Sur Folk Festival(9/13-14/69)
No Expectations / One Day At A Time
Jagger-Richards (3:47) / Nelson (3:31)
Vanguard 35103, 2/70

B-side as by Joan Baez (With Jeffrey Shurtleff)

One Day At A Time
Vanguard VSD-79310
2/70 BB [UK: 4/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Sweet Sir Galahad Baez 3:37
No Expectations Jagger-Richards 3:48
Long Black Veil Dill-Wilkin 3:20
Ghetto Banks-Bramlett-Crutcher 3:32
Carry It On Turner 2:17
Side Two
Take Me Back To The Sweet Sunny South† Trad 2:42
Seven Bridges Road† Young 3:36
Jolie Blonde Trad 1:57
Joe Hill Hayes-Robinson 3:30
A Song For David Baez 4:52
One Day At A Time† Nelson 3:27
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Jeffrey Shurtleff-guitar, vocals†
Harold Bradley-guitar
Pete Drake-steel guitar
Richard Festinger-guitar
Jerry Reed-guitar
Pete Wade-guitar
Jerry Shook-guitar
Grady Martin-dobro, guitar, sitar
Hal Rugg-dobro, steel guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
David Briggs-piano, harpsichord
Charlie McCoy-organ, harmonica, vibraphone
"Junior" Husky-bass
Norbert Putnam-bass
Henry Strzelecki-bass
Kenneth A. Buttrey-drums
Tommy Jackson-fiddle
Buddy Spicher-fiddle
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


From Richie to Jimi—the peak of the 60s
Sweet Sir Galahad / The Ghetto
Baez (3:43) / Banks-Bramlett-Crutcher (4:33)
Vanguard 35106, ?/70

Carry It On / Rock, Salt And Nails
Turner (2:22) / Phillips (3:49)
Vanguard 35114, ?/70

Carry It On(8/26/70)
Joanie concert clips through the film
Isle of Wight Festival(8/30/70)
7th Big Sur Folk Festival(10/3/70)
The First Ten Years
The First Ten Years

Vanguard VSD-6560/1, 10/70 BB [UK: 3/71] UK
2-lp set, includes 12-page booklet.
Celebration At Big Sur(4/9/71)
Joanie, Joni, CSN&Y sing by the big pool
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down / When Time Is Stolen
Robertson (3:21) / Baez (2:57)
Vanguard 35138, 8/71 T20 T20


Blessed Are...
Vanguard VSD-6570/1
9/71 T20 [UK: 9/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Blessed Are Baez 3:03
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Robertson 3:22
The Salt Of The Earth Jagger-Richards 3:22
Three Horses Baez 7:03
The Brand New Tennessee Waltz Winchester 3:07
Side Two
Last, Lonely And Wretched Baez 3:42
Lincoln Freed Me Today Patton 3:21
Outside The Nashville City Limits Baez 3:20
San Francisco Mabel Joy Newbury 4:23
When Time Is Stolen Baez 2:58
Side Three
Heaven Help Us All Miller 3:32
Angeline Newbury 3:37
Help Me Make It Through The Night Kristofferson 2:58
Let It Be Lennon-McCartney 3:48
Put Your Hand In The Hand MacLellan 3:20
Side Four
Gabriel And Me Baez 3:27
Milanese Waltz/Marie Flore Baez 5:55
The Hitchhikers' Song Baez 4:19
The 33rd Of August Newbury 3:42
Fifteen Months Baez 4:30

Note: Special 7-inch record included with album:
Plane Wreck At los Gatos (Deportee) / Maria Dolores
Guthrie-Hoffman (5:15) / Garcia-Morcillo (3:25)
Vanguard SPV-6

Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Norman Blake-dobro, guitar
Pete Wade-guitar
David Briggs-keyboards
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenneth A. Buttrey-drums
Charlie McCoy-harmonica
Ed Logan-sax
Buddy Spicher-violin
The Holladay Singers
The Memphis Horns
Nashville Strings
§Cover Painting-David Harris
Produced by: Jack Lothrop, Norbert Putnam


Let It Be / Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Lennon-McCartney (3:48) / Trad (4:36)
Vanguard 35138, 11/71 BB

B-side (with Mimi Fariña)
8th Big Sur Folk Festival(9/25/71—last one)
Sacco & Vanzetti(10/6/71)
Soundtrack includes songs not found on regular albums
Here's To You / The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti - Part 2
Baez-Morricone (3:06) / Baez-Morricone (5:23)
RCA Victor 74-0568, 10/71

Orchestra cond. by Ennio Morricone; from the film Sacco & Vanzetti
Rejoice In The Sun / Silent Running
Lampert-Schickele (2:11) / Lampert-Schickele (2:02)
Decca 32890, 11/71

From the movie Silent Running—full soundtrack album released in 72

Carry It On Original Sound Track Album
Vanguard VSD-79313
11/71 BB [UK: 7/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Oh, Happy Day Hawkins 3:36
Carry It On Turner 3:40
"In Forty Days" Joan And David 3:15
Hickory Wind Bucannan-Parsons 3:10
The Last Thing On My Mind Paxton 3:15
"Life Is Sacred" David 3:00
Joe Hill† Hayes-Robinson 2:44
Side Two
I Shall Be Released Dylan 3:35
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man† Penn-Moman 4:00
Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word† Dylan 3:52
Suzanne Cohen 4:40
"Idols And Heroes" David 2:55
We Shall Overcome Carawan-Hamilton-Horton-Seeger 3:50
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals
Jeffrey Shurtleff-vocal (Do Right Woman, Do Right Man)
Dave Harris-narration
Richard Festinger-guitar
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Christopher Knight

Note: Songs were recorded at concerts in 1969, some maybe at Woodstock (details very sketchy).
Those marked thusly † do not appear in the film.
Songs in the film but not on the album: Freedom Now and Miller's Cave.


Baez Bites Bob Back

They were the King & Queen of the folk world in the early 60s (lovers, too). Then Bobby became mean and moved on. Joan carried on with her peace efforts. They "reunited" for the 1975 Rolling Thunder Tour, water long gone under that bridge.

But, she had a few words about ole Bobby. And no, Judas Priest did not write Diamonds & Rust. Album was Joan's highest charting and yielded two hits. Diamonds & Rust (#35, 11/15/75) and a cover of Dickie Betts' Blue Sky (#57, 8/2/75). Sweet Joni joins in for a jazzy wordless duet on a song originally recorded for Joan's Gracias A La Vida.

Diamonds & Rust
A&M SP-4527
4/75 T20 [UK: 5/75]
Back Cover

Lyric Insert

Lyric Insert

Side One
Diamonds & Rust Baez 4:44
Fountain Of Sorrow† Browne 4:31
Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer Wonder-Wright 2:45
Children And All That Jazz Baez 3:07
Simple Twist Of Fate Dylan 4:46
Side Two
Blue Sky† Betts 2:54
Hello In There† Prine 3:04
Jesse Ian 4:28
Winds Of The Old Days† Baez 3:53
Dida Baez 3:20
I Dream Of Jeannie/Danny Boy Foster, arr Baez/Weatherly 4:13
Joan Baez-vocals, acoustic guitar, Moog & ARP synthesizers (Diamonds & Rust), synthesized horn solo (Jesse)
Larry Carlton-electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Dean Parks-acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Joe Sample-electric piano, Hammond organ (Blue Sky, Hello In There)
Larry Knechtel-piano
Reinie Press, Wilton Felder-bass
Jim Gordon-drums, percussion
Red Rhodes-pedal steel guitar†
David Paich-electric harpsichord (Diamonds & Rust), piano (Blue Sky, Jesse)
Malcolm Cecil-Moog & ARP synthesizers (Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer)
Tom Scott-flute (Children And All That Jazz)
Hampton Hawes-piano (Children And All That Jazz)
Jesse Ehrlich-cello

on Dida:
Joni Mitchell-vocals
Rick Lo Tempio-electric guitar
Max Bennett-bass
John Guerin-drums
Tom Scott-flute
Jim Horn, Tom Scott-saxophone
Buck Monari, Ollie Mitchell-trumpet
Joan Baez, Larry Carlton-arrangements
§Cover Photo-Irene Harris
Produced by: David Kershenbaum, Joan Baez


Joanie continued her anti-war/pro-people ideals forever.
Fabulous painter in semi-retirement.


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