The Mamas & The Papas
The Mugwumps ♦ Mama Cass Elliott ♦ John Phillips ♦ Denny Doherty
All songs credited to Phillips are by John, unless preceeded by M (for Michelle)

I Don't Wanna Know / 'll Remember Tonight
Beecham-Rowberry (2:07) / Andrews (2:00)
Warner Bros 5471, 9/64

California Dreamin' / Somebody Groovy
Phillips-M Phillips (2:37) / Phillips (3:06)
Dunhill 4020, 11/65 BB

Monday, Monday / Got A Feelin'
Phillips (3:09) / Doherty-Phillips (2:44)
Dunhill 4026, 1/66  1 


If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears
Dunhill 50006
2/28/66  1  RS500
"Cleaned up" cover

Quickly reissued because you can't show a toilet on the cover, ya know!
"What bathroom?" cover

Also issued with this stupid cover
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Monday, Monday Phillips 3:03
Straight Shooter Phillips 2:55
Got A Feelin' Doherty-Phillips 2:44
I Call Your Name Lennon-McCartney 2:32
Do You Wanna Dance? Freeman 2:58
Go Where You Wanna Go Phillips 2:32
Side Two
California Dreamin' Phillips-M Phillips 2:32
Spanish Harlem Leiber-Spector 3:22
Somebody Groovy Phillips 3:06
Hey Girl Phillips-M Phillips 2:21
You Baby Barri-Sloan 2:15
The "In" Crowd Page 3:10
Denny Doherty-vocals, guitar
John Phillips-vocals, guitar
Michelle Phillips-vocals
Cass Elliot-vocals
P F Sloan-guitar, vocals
Larry Knechtel-keyboards
Joe Osborne-bass
Hal Blaine-percussion
Bud Shank-flute (California Dreamin')
Peter Pilafian-violin
Produced by: Lou Adler


I Saw Her Again³ / Even If I Could
Doherty-Phillips (2:50) / Phillips (2:40)
Dunhill 4031, 6/66 BB

Look Through My Window / Once Was A Time I Thought
Phillips (3:05) / Phillips (1:01)
Dunhill 4050, 9/66 BB


The Mamas And The Papas
Dunhill 50010
8/30/66 BB
Back Cover

Earlier cover

Cover with temporary Mama Jill Gibson. Note different title!
Side One
No Salt On Her Tail Phillips 2:35
Trip, Stumble And Fall Gilliam-Phillips 2:35
Dancing Bear Phillips 4:08
Words Of Love Phillips 2:13
My Heart Stood Still Rodgers-Hart 1:43
Dancing In The Street Hunter-Stevenson 3:00
Side Two
I Saw Her Again Doherty-Phillips 2:50
Strange Young Girls Phillips 2:45
I Can't Wait Phillips 2:40
Even If I Could Phillips 2:40
That Kind Of Girl Phillips 2:20
Once Was A Time I Thought Phillips :58
Denny Doherty-vocals, guitar
John Phillips-vocals, guitar
Michelle Phillips-vocals
Cass Elliot-vocals
Doctor Eric Hord-guitar
Tommy Tedesco-guitar
Larry Knectel-organ, piano
Ray Manzarek-organ (No Salt On Her Tail) [Uncredited]
Joe Osborne-bass
Hal Blaine-drums
Peter Palafain-electric violin
Produced by: Lou Adler

Note: Mama Michelle quit before recording this album and Jill Gibson was hired to replace her. Gibson spent about three months as a Mama
and was recorded with the group for an album to be called Crashon Screamon All Fall Down. Then Michelle rejoined, Jill was dumped and the
album re-recorded. Some insist that Jill Gibson's voice tracks are still on the album; others say no way. See the earlier cover in the notes.

Words Of Love / Dancing In The Street³
Phillips (2:13) / Gaye-Stevenson (2:59)
Dunhill 4057, 11/66 BB / BB

Dedicated To The One I Love / Free Advice
Bass-Pauling (2:56) / Phillips-Phillips (3:15)
Dunhill 4077, 2/67 BB


Dunhill 50014
2/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Dedicated To The One I Love Bass-Pauling 2:56
My Girl Robinson-White 2:35
Creeque Alley Phillips-M Phillips [as M Gillian] 3:45
Sing For Your Supper Rodgers-Hart 2:46
Twist And Shout Medley-Russell 2:45
Free Advice Phillips-M Phillips [as M Gillian] 3:15
Side Two
Look Through My Window Phillips 3:05
Boys And Girls Together Phillips 3:15
String Man Phillips-M Phillips [as M Gillian] 2:59
Frustration Phillips 2:50
Did You Ever Want To Cry Phillips 2:53
John's Music Box Phillips 1:00
Denny Doherty-vocals, guitar
John Phillips-vocals, guitar
Michelle Phillips-vocals
Cass Elliot-vocals
Larry Knechtel-keyboards
Joe Osborne-bass
Hal Blaine-percussion
Produced by: Lou Adler


Creeque Alley¹ / Did You Ever Wanna Cry
Phillips-M Phillips (3:49) / Phillips (2:53)
Dunhill 4083, 4/67 BB

This mix of Creeque Alley has horns
Monterey International Pop Festival
Note: Concert released by Dunhill in 1971.
The Mugwumps
Warner Bros WS-1697
Back Cover

Side One
Searchin' Leiber-Stoller 2:52
I Don't Wanna Know Beecham-Rowberry 2:07
I'll Remember Tonight Andrews 2:00
Here It Is Another Day Elliot-Hendricks 2:12
Do You Know What I Mean Pappalardi 1:56
Side Two
You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover Dixon 2:59
Everybody's Been Talkin' Elliot-Hendricks 2:26
Do What They Don't Say Hawkshaw 2:13
So Fine Otis 2:35
Cass Elliot-vocals
Denny Doherty-vocals, guitar
Zal Yanovsky-vocals, guitar
Jim Hendricks-vocals, guitar
uncredited studio musicians
Produced by: Bob Cavallo & Roy Silver

Note: Recordings from 1965, released to cash in on Mamas & Papas success. They pulled a couple of singles, too (not shown here).

Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon) / Straight Shooter
Phillips (3:20) / Phillips (2:55)
Dunhill 4099, 8/67 BB

Glad To Be Unhappy¹ / Hey Girl
Rodgers-Hart (1:40) / Phillips-M Phillips (2:21)
Dunhill 4107, 10/67 BB

Dancing Bear / John's Music Box
Phillips (3:07) / Phillips (1:00)
Dunhill 4113, 11/67 BB


Present The Papas And The Mamas
Dunhill DS-50031
5/68 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Flip Cover in action!

Side One
The Right Somebody To Love Temple :34
Safe In My Garden Phillips 3:10
Meditation Mama (Transcendental Woman Travels) Adler-Phillips 4:19
For The Love Of Ivy Doherty-Phillips 3:40
Dream A Little Dream Of Me Andre-Kahn-Schwendt 3:14
Mansions Phillips 3:43
Side Two
Gemini Childe Phillips 4:05
Nothing's Too Good For My Little Girl Wynn 3:05
Too Late Phillips 4:07
Twelve-Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon) Phillips 3:22
Rooms Phillips 2:45
Midnight Voyage Phillips 3:11
Denny Doherty-vocals, guitar
John Phillips-vocals, guitar
Michelle Phillips-vocals
Cass Elliot-vocals
"Doctor" Eric Hord-guitar
Larry Knechtel-keyboards
Joe Osborne-bass
Hal Blaine-percussion
Paul Downing-guitar (Rooms)
John York-bass (Rooms)
Produced by: Lou Adler

Note: Came with a split front gatefold cover. See note to view.
The Right Somebody To Love is credited to Shirley Temple, who debuted the song in the 1936 film Captain January.
It was written by Lew Pollack and Jack Yellen. The second verse (unlisted) leads off side two.

Safe In My Garden / Too Late
Phillips (3:10) / Phillips (4:07)
Dunhill 4125, 5/68 BB

Dream A Little Dream Of Me / Midnight Voyage
Andre-Kahn-Schwant (3:14) / Philips (3:11)
Dunhill 4145, 6/68 BB

as by Mama Cass with The Mamas & The Papas
For The Love Of Ivy / Strange Young Girls
Doherty-Phillips (3:40) / Phillips (2:45)
ABC-Dunhill 4150, 7/68 BB

Do You Wanna Dance? / My Girl
Freeman (2:58) / Robinson (3:35)
ABC-Dunhill 4171, 10/68 BB

California Earthquake / Talkin' To Your Toothbrush
Hartford (2:40) / Simon (2:19)
ABC-Dunhill 4166, 10/68 BB

Everybody goes their separate ways (with one contract-required album to go...)

Dream A Little Dream
Dunhill/ABC DS-50040
10/19/68 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Dream A Little Dream Of Me Andre-Kahn-Schwant 3:24
California Earthquake Hartford 2:42
The Room Nobody Lives In Sebastian 2:38
Talkin' To Your Toothbrush Simon 2:19
Blues For Breakfast Manuel 2:56
You Know Who I Am* Cohen 3:57
Side Two
Rubber Band Faryar 3:17
Long Time Loving You Scharf 1:59
Jane, The Insane Dog Lady Simon 2:00
What Was I Thinking Of Cohen 3:50
Burn Your Hatred Nash 2:25
Sweet Believer Faryar 4:55
Cass Elliott-vocals
Cyrus Faryar-guitar, ukulele
James Burton-guitar
John Sebastian-guitar, harmonica
Stephen Stills-guitar
Paul Harris-organ, piano
John Simon-piano
Harvey Brooks-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
Plass Johnson-saxophone
Phil Austin, Renais Faryar-voices
Brenda Holloway & The Blossoms-backing vocals (Blues For Breakfast)
Produced by: John Simon

Note: Dream A Little Dream (the song) is The Mamas & The Papas recording

Move In A Little Closer, Baby / All For Me¹
Capitanelli-O'Conner (2:37) / Price-Wright (1:50)
ABC-Dunhill 4184, 2/69 BB

It's Getting Better / Who's To Blame
Mann-Weill (2:56) / Kunkel (2:55)
ABC-Dunhill 4195, 5/69 BB

"The Mama Cass Television Program": I Shall Be Released," 6/26/69,
Mama Cass, Mary Travers, and Joni Mitchel in a beautiful live rendition.

Bubblegum, Lemonade And.. Something For Mama
Dunhill/ABC DS-50055
7/5/69 BB
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Reissue Back Cover

Side One
It's Getting Better Mann-Weil 3:01
Move In A Little Closer, Baby Capitanelli-O'Conner 2:39
Easy Come, Easy Go Hildebrand-Keller 2:45
Blow Me A Kiss Carone 2:50
He's A Runner Nyro 3:38
Welcome To The World English-Segal 2:19
Side Two
I Can Dream, Can't I Fain-Kahal 2:34
Sour Grapes Ghent 2:31
Lady Love Bramlett 3:03
When I Just Wear My Smile Lane-Puilcy 2:22
Who's To Blame Kunkel 2:59
Cass Elliott-vocals
Mike Deasy-guitar
Ben Benay-guitar, harmonica
Larry Knechtel-keyboards
Joe Osborn-bass
Hal Blaine-drums, percussion
Red Rhodes-steel guitar
Jimmy Haskell-accordion, arranger
Produced by: Steve Barri

Note: reissued as Make Your Own Kind Of Music (11/69), with hit song added, tracks rearranged

John Phillips was so inspired by the moon landing that he wrote a musical !! 
Make Your Own Kind Of Music / Lady Love
Mann-Weill (2:25) / Bramlett (3:04)
ABC-Dunhill 4214, 10/69 BB


John, The Wolf King Of L A
Dunhill 50077
1/25/70 BB
Back Cover

Side One
April Anne Phillips 3:20
Topanga Canyon Phillips 3:51
Malibu People Phillips 3:39
Someone's Sleeping Phillips 2:43
Drum Phillips
Side Two
Captain Phillips 3:23
Let It Bleed, Genevieve Phillips 2:52
Down The Beach Phillips 2:51
Mississippi Phillips 3:35
Holland Tunnel Phillips 3:41
John Phillips-guitar, harmonica, vocals
James Burton-dobro, guitar
David Cohen-guitar
Dr Eric Hord-guitar
Buddy Emmons-steel guitar
Red Rhodes-steel guitar
Gordon Terry-fiddle
Larry Knechtel-keyboards
Joe Osborne-bass
Hal Blaine-drums
Darlene Love-vocals
Fanita James-vocals
Jean King-vocals
Produced by:


New World Coming / Blow Me A Kiss
Mann-Weill (2:12) / Carone (2:50)
ABC-Dunhill 4225, 1/70 BB

Mississippi² / April Anne²
Phillips (2:59) / Phillips (3:10)
Dunhill 4236, 4/70 BB

A Song That Never Comes² / I Can Dream, Can't I
Cashman-Pistilli-West (2:29) / Fain-Kahal (2:35)
ABC-Dunhill 4244, 7/70 BB

The Good Times Are Coming / Welcome To The World
English-Siegell (2:53) / Barry-David (2:18)
ABC-Dunhill 4253, 10/70

A-side from the film Monte Walsh
Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By² / A Song That Never Comes
Rucker (2:48) / Cashman-Pistilli-West (2:19)
ABC-Dunhill 4264, 11/70


Historic Performances Recorded at the
Monterey International Pop Festival
Dunhill DSX-50100
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Straight Shooter Phillips 3:10
Got A Feelin' Doherty-Phillips 4:01
California Dreamin' Phillips-M Phillips 2:47
Spanish Harlem Leiber-Spector 3:26
Side Two
Somebody Groovy Phillips 2:50
I Call Your Name Lennon-McCartney 6:03
Monday, Monday Phillips 3:12
Dancing In The Street Gaye-Hunter-Stevenson 3:26
John Phillips-guitar, vocals
Denny Doherty-vocals
Michelle Phillips-vocals
Mama Cass Elliot- vocals
Dr Eric Hord-guitar
Joe Osborne-bass
Larry Knechtel-keyboards
Fast Eddie Hoh-drums
Produced by: Lou Adler, John Phillips

Note: Recorded at Monterey International Pop Music Festival, June 18, 1967

Cass Elliott to short partnership with Dave Mason 
Watcha Gonna Do / Gathering The Words
Doherty-Woodward (2:24) / Doherty-Woodward (4:10)
Dunhill ABC 4270, 2/71


Watcha Gonna Do
Dunhill ABC DS-50096
Back Cover

Side One
Watcha Gonna Do Doherty-Woodward 2:21
Neighbors Lapano-Woodward 3:49
Gathering The Words Doherty-Woodward 4:09
Don't You Be Fooled Doherty 2:46
Got A Feelin' Doherty-Phillips 3:26
Side Two
Tuesday Morning Doherty-Fischer-McGuire-Woodward 4:44
Still Can't Hear The Music Doherty-Woodward 2:53
Hey, Good Lookin' Williams 1:45
The Drummer's Song Fischer-Woodward 3:17
Here Comes The Sun/The Two Of Us Harrison/Lennon-McCartney 5:40
Denny Doherty-guitar, vocals
Eric Hord-guitar, sitar, banjo
Barry McGuire-guitar
Eddy Fischer-guitar
Gabe Lapano-piano, organ
Brian Garofalo-bass
Russ Kunkel-drums
Buddy Emmons-steel guitar
Jimmie Haskell-accordion
Produced by: Bill Szymczyk

Note: reissued as Alone At Last

People Like Us
Dunhill DSX-50106
9/71 BB
Back Cover

Side One
People Like Us Phillips 3:25
Pacific Coast Highway Phillips 3:04
Snowqueen Of Texas Phillips 2:37
Shooting Star Phillips 2:54
Step Out Phillips 3:03
Lady Genevieve Phillips 3:48
Side Two
No Dough Phillips 3:05
European Blueboy Phillips 3:39
Pearl Phillips 2:24
I Wanna Be A Star M Phillips 2:17
Grasshopper Phillips 2:57
Blueberries For Breakfast Phillips 2:59
Denny Doherty-vocals, guitar
John Phillips-vocals, guitar, keyboards
Michelle Phillips-vocals
Cass Elliot-vocals
Louie Shelton-guitar
David Walker-guitar
Donald Peake-guitar
Clarence McDonald-keyboards
Joe Sample-keyboards
Tony Newton-bass
Earl Palmer-drums
Ed Greene-drums
Gary Coleman-bells, steel drums, shaker, tambourine, vibraphone
Bobbye Hall-cabasa, conga, shaker, tambourine
Jim Horn-flute, saxophone
Produced by: John Phillips

Note: Contractural obligation reunion, need we say more...


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