Dave Mason ♦ Dave Mason & Cass Elliot 

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Hellions
Daydreaming Of You / Shades Of Blue
De Shannon-Shelley (2:08) / Capaldi-Mason (2:30)
Kapp K-649, 2/65

Early group with Jim & Dave (and Luther Grosvenor)

Note: Also released as by The Revolution, with a different A-side on Mercury 72549 (2/66)

What's Shakin' album, 7/66
Stevie took part in recordings in London from March, 1966 (w/Eric Clapton).
Paper Sun / Giving To You
Capaldi-Mason-Winwood-Wood (4:10) / Capaldi-Mason-Winwood-Wood (4:14)
Island WIP-6002 [UK], 5/67 T20

Note: Their first UK single has the complete Paper Sun and the vocal version of Giving To You

Paper Sun / Giving To You²
Capaldi-Winwood (3:22) / Capaldi-Mason-Winwood-Wood (4:10)
United Artists 50195, 7/67 BB

as by Traffic featuring Stevie Winwood
Hole In My Shoe / Smiling Phases
Mason (2:52) / Capaldi-Winwood-Wood (2:54)
United Artists 50218, 11/67 T20


Dave Mason quits

Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush² / Coloured Rain
Capaldi-Winwood-Mason-Wood (2:33) / Capaldi-Winwood-Wood (2:44)
United Artists 50232, 2/68 T20

A-side from movie Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, see below for link to movie
Just For You / Little Woman¹
Mason (2:18) / Mason (2:32)
Island WIP 6032 [UK], 2/68

A-side from aborted Mason solo album, with Traffic as session band; B-side with Family
Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush(3/4/68)
Soundtrack album includes unique Traffic cuts

Heaven Is In Your Mind
United Artists UAS-6651
3/68 BB [UK: 12/8/67] T20
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Quickly reissued with new title
Reissue Back Cover

Back changed, too
UK Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

UK Tracks

Side One
Paper Sun Capaldi-Winwood 3:23
Dealer Capaldi-Winwood 3:25
Coloured Rain Capaldi-Winwood-Wood 2:44
Hole In My Shoe Mason 2:48
No Face, No Name, No Number Capaldi-Winwood 3:30
Heaven Is In Your Mind Capaldi-Winwood-Wood 4:02
Side Two
House For Everyone Mason 2:02
Berkshire Poppies Capaldi-Winwood-Wood 2:48
Giving To You Capaldi-Mason-Winwood-Wood 4:02
Smiling Phases Capaldi-Winwood-Wood 2:36
Dear Mr Fantasy Capaldi-Winwood-Wood 5:33
We're A Fade, You Missed This Capaldi-Winwood 0:53
Stevie Winwood-organ, bass, guitar, percussion, piano, harpsichord, vocals
Dave Mason-guitar, shakuhachi, sitar, tambourine, vocals, tamboura, mellotron, shakkai [uncredited and unpictured! (on US album)]
Chris Wood-flute, sax, organ, percussion, vocals
Jim Capaldi-drums, percussion, vocals
Small Faces-background voices and percussion (Berkshire Poppies)
Francine Heimann-monologue in Hole In My Shoe
§US Cover Photo-Mike Sida; UK Album Design-Chris Wood & CCS Advertising Assoc; UK Photos-John Benton Harris
Produced by: Jimmy Miller

Note: United Artists retitled the album to Mr Fantasy after FM airplay. See notes for both versions (and spectacular UK cover art)!
Paper Sun is divided on the US album (We're A Fade, You Missed This is the ending). The song is complete on the UK 45 and LP.
The UK album has a different track lineup (see last note for UK tracks). The mono and stereo versions are different, too.
This great record had different titles and artwork in Canada, Sweden, Germany, and France.
Check this direct link to Discogs to see all the variations. I've already said too much!

3/14/1968: Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco
with H P Lovecraft, Blue Cheer, Mother Earth

Dave Mason rejoins

Feelin' Alright?³ / Withering Tree³
Mason (3:38) / Capaldi-Winwood (2:41)
United Artists 50460, 9/68


United Artists UAS-6676
11/68 T20 [UK: 10/68] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
You Can All Join In Mason 3:12
Pearly Queen Capaldi-Winwood 4:17
Don't Be Sad Mason 3:18
Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring Capaldi-Winwood-Wood 3:08
Feelin' Alright Mason 4:10
Side Two
Vagabond Virgin Capaldi-Mason 5:15
Forty Thousand Headmen Capaldi-Winwood 3:15
Cryin' To Be Heard Mason 5:13
No Time To Live Capaldi-Winwood 5:15
Means To An End Capaldi-Winwood 2:32
Stevie Winwood-organ, guitar, piano, harpsichord, vocals
Dave Mason-guitar, organ, harmonica, vocals
Chris Wood-flute, percussion, saxes, sleigh bells
Jim Capaldi-drums, percussion, vocals
§Cover Photos-Gered Mankowitz, Richard Polak
Produced by: Jimmy Miller

Note: Booklet attached on inside—see it @ 45worlds .

Stevie forms Blind Faith with Eric
Dave goes solo, tours with some friends.
Medicated Goo³ / Pearly Queen
Miller-Winwood (3:10) / Capaldi-Winwood (4:10)
United Artists 50500, 3/69


Last Exit
United Artists UAS-6702
5/69 T20 [UK: 5/69]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Just For You(Dave Mason solo 45, 2/68) Mason 2:24
Shanghai Noodle Factory(UK 45, 12/68) Capaldi-Fallon-Miller-Winwood-Wood 5:04
Something's Got A Hold Of My Toe Mason-Miller-Winwood 2:14
Withering Tree Capaldi-Winwood 3:10
Medicated Goo(UK 45, 12/68) Miller-Winwood 3:36
Side Two
Feelin' Good Bricusse-Newley 10:50
Blind Man Malone-Scott 7:10
Stevie Winwood-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Chris Wood-flute, saxophone, organ
Jim Capaldi-drums, percussion, vocals
Dave Mason-guitar, vocals (Just For You) only
§Photos-Francine Winham, Ray Ross, Richard Polak
Produced by: Jimmy Miller

Note: Album states Side Two recorded live at Fillmore West—it was the Fillmore Auditorium on 3/14/68.
Side One is a collection of odds & sods. As noted, Dave's only appearance is on the first track.
Both Shanghai... and Medicated Goo are alternate mixes from the original UK 45 .

6th Big Sur Folk Festival(9/13-14/69) Dave Mason
Best Of Traffic
Best Of Traffic

United Artists UAS-5500, 12/69 BB [UK: 10/69]
no unique tracks
World In Changes / Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving
Mason (4:30) / Mason (3:01)
Blue Thumb 112, 4/70


Alone Together
Blue Thumb BTS-19
6/70 BB [UK: 10/70]
Fold-out Cover

Multi-coloured disc

Side One
Only You Know And I Know Mason 4:05
Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving Mason 3:02
Waitin' On You Mason 3:05
Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave Mason 6:00
Side Two
World In Changes Mason 4:30
Sad And Deep As You Mason 3:35
Just A Song Mason 2:59
Look At You Look At Me Capaldi-Mason 7:22
Dave Mason-guitar, vocals
with [all uncredited]:
Don Preston, Mike De Temple-guitars
Leon Russell, John Simon, Larry Knechtel-keyboards
Chris Ethridge, Carl Radle-bass
John Barbata, Jim Gordon, Jim Keltner, Jim Capaldi-drums
Bonnie Bramlet, Mike Coolidge, Rita Coolidge, Lou Cooper, Claudia Lennear, Bob Norwood, Jack Storti-vocals
§Album Design & Photo-Barry Feinstein, Tom Wilkes
Produced by: Tommy LiPuma & Dave Mason

Note: Originally released on multicoloured vinyl, in a pouch-like, fold open sleeve. See the note!

Only You Know And I Know / Sad And Deep As You
Mason (4:05) / Mason (3:35)
Blue Thumb 114, 7/70 BB

Mason tours with Delany & Bonnie & Friends
Traffic reforms as a trio during recording for John Barleycorn
Festival Express(6/27, 28/70)

John Barleycorn Must Die
United Artists UAS-5504
7/70 T20 [UK: 7/70] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Glad Winwood 6:30
Freedom Rider Capaldi-Winwood 6:02
Empty Pages Capaldi-Winwood 4:45
Side Two
Stranger To Himself† Capaldi-Winwood 4:05
John Barleycorn Trad, arr Winwood 6:20
Every Mothers Son† Capaldi-Winwood 7:05
Stevie Winwood-organ, guitar, piano, percussion, vocals
Chris Wood-flute, sax, organ, percussion, wind
Jim Capaldi-drums, percussion, tambourine, vocals
§Album Design-Mike Sida
Produced by: Chris Blackwell, Steve Winwood, Guy Stevens†

Note: Started as a Winwood solo album to be titled Mad Shadows

Empty Pages³ / Stranger To Himself³
Capaldi-Winwood (3:57) / Capaldi-Winwood (3:45)
United Artists 50692, 7/70 BB

Satin Red And Black Velvet Woman¹ / Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave
Mason (2:20) / Mason (6:00)
Blue Thumb 7117, 11/70 BB


 ➜ Live: 11/18-19, Fillmore East; released 2011: John Barleycorn SDDE 
Was supposed to be separate live album in 1971.

Waitin' On You / Just A Song
Mason (3:05) / Mason (2:59)
Blue Thumb 7122, 1/71

Dave records and tours with Cass Elliot
Something To Make You Happy / Next To You
Mason (2:15) / Garo (2:31)
Dunhill/ABC 4266, 1/71

as by Mason & Cass
Too Much Truth, Too Much Love / Walk To The Point
Mason (3:49) / Mason (4:00)
Dunhill/ABC 4271, 2/71

as by Mason & Cass

Dave Mason & Cass Elliot
Blue Thumb BTS-8825
2/71 BB [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Walk To The Point Mason 4:00
On And On Doheny 3:35
To Be Free Mason 3:34
Here We Go Again Elliot-Garo 2:49
Pleasing You Juster-Mason 3:02
Side Two
Sit And Wonder Mason 3:30
Something To Make You Happy Elliot-Mason 2:15
Too Much Truth, Too Much Love Mason 3:49
Next To You Mason 2:31
Glittering Facade Mason 4:45
Dave Mason-guitar, vocals
Cass Elliot-vocals
Paul Harris-keyboards, strings
Bryan Garofalo-bass
Russ Kunkel-drums, percussion
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Dave Mason & Cass Elliot


Look who's back for one final round!

Just for the 6-date concert mini-tour

Gimme Some Lovin' Part 1 / Gimme Some Lovin' Part 2
Davis-Winwood-Winwood (3:45) / Davis-Winwood-Winwood (4:07)
United Artists 50841, 9/71 BB

as by Traffic, Etc.

Welcome To The Canteen
United Artists UAS-5550
9/71 BB [UK: 9/71]
Back Cover

Crowded label!

Side One
Medicated Goo Miller-Winwood 3:34
Sad And Deep As You Mason 3:46
Forty Thousand Headmen Capaldi-Winwood 6:19
Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave Mason 5:36
Side Two
Dear Mr Fantasy Capaldi-Winwood-Wood 10:55
Gimme Some Lovin' Davis-Winwood-Winwood 9:00
Stevie Winwood-organ, guitar, piano, vocals
Dave Mason-guitar, vocals
Chris Wood-organ, saxophone, flute, piano, wind
Rik Grech-bass
Jim Capaldi-drums, percussion, keyboards, tambourine, vocals
Jim Gordon-drums
Rebop Kwaku Baah-bongos, conga, timbales
§Cover Design & Photo-Visualeyes
Produced by: unlisted

Note: Recorded live at Fairfield Hall, Croyden (6/6/71) and the Oz Benefit Concert, London (7/3/71).
Album issued as by the seven muscians, the Traffic name does not appear on the album cover, but their iconic symbol is on the back cover.

Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
Island SW-9306
11/71 T20 [UK: 12/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Hidden Treasure Capaldi-Winwood 4:16
The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys Capaldi-Winwood 12:10
Side Two
Rock & Roll Stew Gordon-Grech 4:29
Many A Mile To Freedom Capaldi-Winwood 7:30
Light Up Or Leave Me Alone Capaldi 5:00
Rainmaker Capaldi-Winwood 7:39
Stevie Winwood-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Chris Wood-wind
Jim Capaldi-drums, keyboards, vocals (Light Up Or Leave Me Alone)
Rik Grech-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
Rebop Kwaku Baah-bongos, conga, timbales
§Cover Art-Tony Wright
Produced by: Stevie Winwood


Rock And Roll Stew ... Part 1 / Rock And Roll Stew ... Part 2
Gordon-Grech (3:32) / Gordon-Grech (3:18)
Island 1201, 11/71 BB

longer than the album version
Three more albums, ending with When The Eagle Flys in 1975,
Solo and session work for all, with occasional reunions.
Dave joined the LA circus of Fleeetwood Mac for awhile.


Traffic Covers
Coloured Rain The Hassles (The Hassles) 2/68
  Eric Burdon & The Animals (Love Is) 12/68
  Al Kooper (I Stand Alone) 12/68
Dear Mr Fantasy Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield (The Live Adventures Of...) 1/69
Feelin' Alright Joe Cocker (With A Little Help From My Friends) 4/69
  Joe Cocker (Mad Dogs And Englishmen) 4/70
  Grand Funk Railroad (Survival) 4/71
Forty Thousand Headmen Blood, Sweat & Tears (3) 6/70
No Time To Live Brian Auger & The Trinity (Befour) 7/70
  Johnny Winter (And) 9/70
Only You Know And I Know Delaney & Bonnie & Friends (On Tour With Eric Clapton) 3/70
Paper Sun The Murmaids (45) 11/68
Smiling Phases Blood, Sweat & Tears (Blood, Sweat & Tears) 12/68


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