Buffalo Springfield
Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball ♦ Bruce Palmer 

Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing / Go And Say Goodbye
Young (3:20) / Stills (2:17)
Atco 6428, 8/66

Burned / Everybody's Wrong
Young (2:14) / Stills (2:22)
Atco 6452, 11/66


Buffalo Springfield
Atco SD 33-200
12/5/66 BB
Back Cover

Reissued Back Cover Track Listing

Track changes for reissue
Side One
Go And Say Goodbye Stills 2:19
Sit Down, I Think I Love You Stills 2:30
Leave Stills 2:42
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing Young 3:26
Hot Dusty Roads Stills 2:47
Everybody's Wrong Stills 2:22
Side Two
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong Young 2:48
Burned Young 2:14
Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It? Young 3:00
Baby, Don't Scold Me Stills 3:03
Out Of My Mind Young 3:05
Pay The Price Stills 2:35
Stephen Stills-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Neil Young-guitar, harmonica, piano, vocals
Richie Furay-guitar, vocals
Bruce Palmer-bass
Dewey Martin-drums
Produced by: Brian Stone, Charles Greene


For What It's Worth (Stop, Hey What's That Sound) / Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It?
Stills (2:37) / Young (3:00)
Atco 6459, 12/66 BB


Note: After success of the single For What It's Worth, the first album was reissued with Baby, Don't Scold Me
replaced with Worth and tracks rearranged. The catalog number was changed to SD33-200A and released 3/67

Bluebird³ / Mr Soul²
Stills (1:59) / Young (2:35)
Atco 6499, 6/67 BB

Bluebird edited; Mr Soul different take
Neil quits
Monterey International Pop Festival
Rock & Roll Woman / A Child's Claim To Fame
Stills (2:44) / Furay (2:10)
Atco 6519, 9/67 BB

Neil returns
Mannix: "Warning: Live Blueberries," 10/28/67, CBS
They perfom Bluebird and For What It's Worth (clip is shot in "Hippie Land" club).

Atco SD 33-226
11/18/67 BB RS500
Back Cover

Side One
Mr Soul Young 2:35
A Child's Claim To Fame Furay 2:09
Everydays Stills 2:38
Expecting To Fly Young 3:39
Bluebird Stills 4:28
Side Two
Hung Upside Down Stills 3:24
Sad Memory Furay 3:00
Good Time Boy Furay 2:11
Rock & Roll Woman Stills 2:44
Broken Arrow Young 6:13
Stephen Stills-guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
Neil Young-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Richie Furay-guitar, vocals
Bruce Palmer-bass
Dewey Martin-drums, vocal (Good Time Boy)
Jack Nitzsche-keyboards
Doug Hastings-guitar, vocals
Russ Titlman-guitar
Don Randi-piano
James Burton-dobro (A Child's Claim To Fame)
Charlie Chin-banjo (Bluebird)
David Crosby-vocals (Rock & Roll Woman)
Carole Kaye-bass
Jim Fielder-bass
Bob West-bass
Jim Gordon-drums
The American Soul Train-horns (Good Time Boy)
Produced by: Ahmet Ertegun, Neil Young, Richie Furay, Steve Stills


Expecting To Fly³ / Everydays
Young (2:36) / Stills (2:38)
Atco 6545, 12/67 BB

Uno Mundo / Merry-Go-Round
Stills (2:03) / Furay (2:05)
Atco 6572, 4/68

Group splinters over drug busts, personality clashes, cloudy skies
Stills forms Crosby, Stills & Nash
Young goes solo
Furay & Messina finish last album and form Poco
Special Care³ / Kind Woman³
Stills (2:55) / Furay (2:36)
Atco 6602, 7/68


Last Time Around
Atco SD 33-256
7/30/68 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
On The Way Home† Young 2:25
It's So Hard To Wait† Furay-Young 2:03
Pretty Girl Why† Stills 2:24
Four Days Gone Stills 2:53
Carefree Country Day Messina 2:35
Special Care Stills 3:30
Side Two
The Hour Of Not Quite Rain Callen-Furay 3:45
Questions Stills 2:52
I Am A Child† Young 2:15
Merry-Go-Round Furay 2:02
Uno Mundo† Stills 2:00
Kind Woman Furay 4:10
Stephen Stills-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Neil Young-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Richie Furay-guitar, vocals
Bruce Palmer-bass (On The Way Home only)
Dewey Martin-drums†
Jim Messina-bass, vocals (Pretty Girl Why, It's So Hard To Wait, Carefree Country Day, Kind Woman)
Rusty Young-pedal steel guitar (Kind Woman)
Richard Davis-bass (Kind Woman)
Buddy Miles-drums (Special Care)
Jim Fielder-bass (Pretty Girl Why)
Gary Marker-bass (I Am A Child)
Jimmy Karstein-drums (Questions, Merry-Go-Round)
Jeremy Stuart-calliope, harpsichord (Merry-Go-Round)
Produced by: Jim Messina

Note: Furay and Messina assemble album from scraps, still great

On The Way Home / Four Days Gone
Young (2:25) / Stills (2:53)
Atco 6615, 9/68 BB

Jambalaya (On The Bayou)¹ / Ala-Bam¹
Williams (2:28) / Martin (?)
Uni 55178, 7/70

as by Dewey Martin, w James Burton-guitar

Dewey Martin & Medicine Ball
UNI Records 73088
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Indian Child Martin 2:36
Right Now Train Ford 3:12
Silent Song Thru The Land Davies 2:30
Maybe Baby Holly 2:20
Recital Palmer Palmer 2:44
Side Two
Yesterday Lennon-McCartney 2:30
The Devil And Me Chafin 3:50
I Do Believe Aldan-Bradstreet 3:47
Race Me On Down Bradstreet 2:40
Change Davies 4:04
Dewey Martin-drums, vocals
Pete Bradstreet-piano, organ, guitar, vocals
Bill Darnell-guitar
Buddy Emmons-steel guitar
Randy Fuller-rhythm guitar, vocals
Harvey Kagen-bass, vocals
Produced by: Dewey Martin


Indian Child / I Do Believe
Martin (2:36) / Aldan-Bradstreet (3:47)
Uni 55245, 8/70

Caress Me Pretty Music¹ / There Must Be A Reason¹
O'Day (2:56) / Cocker-Stainton (3:38)
RCA Victor 74-0489, 6/71


The Cycle Is Complete
Verve/Forecast FTS-3086
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Alpha-Omega-Apocalypse Palmer 16:45
Interlude Palmer 1:55
Side Two
Oxo Palmer 8:00
Calm Before The Storm Palmer 10:12
Bruce Palmer-guitar, bass
Rick Matthews (later Rick James)-percussion, vocals
Ed Roth-organ
Jeff Kaplan-piano
Big Black-congas
Paul Lagos-drums
Templeton Parcely (AKA Chester Crill of Kaleidoscope)-violin
Richard Aplan-oboe, flute
Produced by: Bruce Palmer & Don Hall



Buffalo Springfield
Neil Young and The Buffalo Springfield


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