Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Neil Young ♦ Stephen Stills ♦ David Crosby ♦ Graham Nash

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Squires
The Sultan / Aurora
[composers and time uncredited]
V Records V-109, ?/63 [Canada]

early Neil Young groups

The Mynah Birds
The Mynah Bird Hop / The Mynah Bird Song
Kerr (2:20) / Kerr (3:10)
Columbia C4-2660, ?/65 [Canada]


The Loner³ / Sugar Mountain¹
Young (3:37) / Young (5:36)
Reprise 0785, 11/68

B-side: Recorded "Live" at The Canterbury House [Ann Arbor, MI, 11/10/68]

Neil Young
Reprise RS-6317
1/22/69 [UK: 1/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Reissue Cover

Reissued with revised cover and mixes in October 69
Side One
The Emperor Of Wyoming Young 2:14
The Loner Young 3:55
If I Could Have Her Tonight† Young 2:13
I've Been Waiting For You Young 2:30
The Old Laughing Lady† Young 5:53
Side Two
String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill Nitzsche 1:04
Here We Are In The Years Young 3:32
What Did You Do To My Life?† Young 1:54
I've Loved Her So Long† Young 2:40
The Last Trip To Tulsa(Neil solo) Young 9:25
Neil Young-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Jack Nitzsche-guitar, keyboards
Jim Messina-bass
George Grantham-drums
Ry Cooder-guitar†
Brenda Holloway, Gloria Jones, Gracia Nitzsche, Merry Clayton, Patrice Holloway,
Shirley Matthews-backing vocals (The Old Laughing Lady, I've Loved Her So Long)
§Cover Art-Roland Diehl; Back Cover Apple Girl-Lance Sterling
Produced by: Neil Young, David Briggs
(Side 1 track 5, Side 2 tracks 2 and 4 produced by Jack Nitzsche, Ry Cooder and Neil Young)

Note: Reissued October 69 with cover art modified (see note) and tracks A3 and B2&3 remixed.

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere² / Emperor Of Wyoming
Young (2:13) / Young (2:14)
Reprise 0819, 4/69

Orig issue of A-side is solo acoustic version

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Reprise RS-6349
5/14/69 BB RS500 [UK: 7/69]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Cinnamon Girl Young 2:58
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Young 2:26
Round & Round (It Won't Be Long) Young 5:49
Down By The River Young 9:13
Side Two
Losing End (When You're On) Young 4:03
Running Dry (Requiem For The Rockets) Young 5:30
Cowgirl In The Sand Young 10:30
Neil Young-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Crazy Horse:
Danny Whitten-guitar, vocals
Billy Talbot-bass
Ralph Molina-drums, vocals
Robin Lane-vocals (Round & Round (It Won't Be Long))
Bobby Notkoff-violin (Running Dry (Requiem For The Rockets))
§Cover Photo-Frank Bez
Produced by: Neil Young, David Briggs

Note: The dog's name is Winnepeg (Neil's hometown)

For Crazy Horse details

Crosby (from The Byrds), Stills (from Buffalo Springfield) and Nash (from The Hollies)
meet at Mama Cass' house in Laurel Canyon and start singin'...

Crosby, Stills & Nash
Atlantic SD-8229
5/29/69 T20 RS500 [UK: 6/69] UK
Full Cover

Or Nash, Stills & Crosby as the photo shows! That's Dallas Taylor, pasted into the door later
Inside Cover

Lyric Sheet

Side One
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Stills 7:22
Marrakesh Express Nash 2:36
Guinnevere(Crosby & Nash only) Crosby 4:43
You Don't Have To Cry Stills 2:43
Pre-Road Downs Nash 2:59
Side Two
Wooden Ships Crosby-Stills [plus uncredited Kantner] 5:22
Lady Of The Island(Crosby & Nash only) Nash 2:36
Helplessly Hoping Stills 2:37
Long Time Gone Crosby 4:17
49 Bye-Byes Stills 5:15
David Crosby-guitar, vocals
Stephen Stills-organ, guitar, bass, percussion, piano, vocals
Graham Nash-guitar, piano, vocals
Dallas Taylor-drums, percussion
Jim Gordon-drums (Marrakesh Express)
Cass Elliot-backing vocals (Pre-Road Downs)
§Cover Photo-Henry Diltz
Produced by: David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash

Note: Croz' acapella version of Robert Johnson's "Come On In My Kitchen" (between Long Time Gone and 49 Bye-Byes) removed from
the 2006 Super Deluxe CD at the request of Johnson's estate.
The story of how this famous cover came about is chronicled at Best Classic Bands .

Down By The River³ / The Losing End (When You're On)
Young (3:37) / Young (4:03)
Reprise 0836, 6/69

as by Neil Young with Crazy Horse
Marrakesh Express / Helplessly Hoping
Nash (2:35) / Stills (2:35)
Atlantic 2652, 7/69 BB T20

Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/17/69)
TV Guide Program Listing

=WABC, New York (EST)
Dick Cavett Show: "Woodstock Hangover ," 8/19/69, ABC
Dick gets hip with Joni, C&S, and the Airplane right after the upstate mud-fest (see note below).

Note: (cont'd) Stills does "4+20" and with David Crosby join the Airplane at the end with "Somebody To Love." Classic TV!
Read about the show @ wiki or Dangerous Minds —your choice. 

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes³ / Long Time Gone
Stills (4:35) / Crosby (4:17)
Atlantic 2676, 9/69 BB

6th Big Sur Folk Festival(9/13-14/69)
This Is Tom Jones: Tom joins the boys on Long Time Gone , 10/16/69
Altamont Speedway Free Festival(12/6/69)
1/6/70: Royal Albert Hall, London (CSN&Y)
Macca, Donovan, Page/Plant among those in the cheap seats
Oh, Lonesome Me² / I've Loved Her So Long
Gibson (3:55) / Young (2:29)
Reprise 0898, 2/70

A-side as by Neil Young with Crazy Horse; B-side as by Neil Young with Jim Messina and George Grantham

 ➜ Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Live: 3/6-7, Fillmore East; released 2006: Live At The Fillmore East 

Déjà Vu
Atlantic SD-7200
3/11/70  #1  RS500 [UK: 3/70] T20
Inside Cover

Side One
Carry On† Stills 4:25
Teach Your Children† Nash 2:53
Almost Cut My Hair Crosby 4:25
Helpless Young 3:30
Woodstock Mitchell 3:52
Side Two
Déjà Vu Crosby 4:10
Our House Nash 2:59
4 + 20(Stills solo) Stills 1:55
Country Girl:
   Whiskey Boot Hill
   Down, Down, Down
   Country Girl (I Think You're Pretty)
Young 5:05
Everybody I Love You Stills-Young 2:20
David Crosby-guitar, vocals
Stephen Stills-guitar, bass†, keyboards, vocals
Graham Nash-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Neil Young-guitar, harmonica, piano, keyboards, vocals
Greg Reeves-bass (except where Stills plays)
Dallas Taylor-drums, percussion
Jerry Garcia-steel guitar (Teach Your Children)
John Sebastian-harmonica (Déjà Vu)
§Cover Photo-Tom Gundelfinger
Produced by: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young


Woodstock / Helpless
Mitchell (3:52) / Young (3:35)
Atlantic 2723, 3/70 T20

From Richie to Jimi—3 days of music, mud, and meandering
Cinnamon Girl² / Sugar Mountain¹
Young (2:45) / Young (5:36)
Reprise 0911, 4/70 BB

A-side as by Neil Young with Crazy Horse; early releases used a different mix
Teach Your Children / Carry On
Nash (2:53) / Stills (4:25)
Atlantic 2735, 5/70 T20

Ohio¹ / Find The Cost Of Freedom¹
Young (3:00) / Stills (1:57)
Atlantic 2740, 5/70 T20

After the summer tour (see 4 Way Street, below), they all got sick of each others petty grievances and headed out by compass rose, reuniting for the big stadium tour of 1974.

After The Gold Rush
Reprise RS-6383
9/9/70 T20 RS500 [UK: 9/70] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Relaxin' backstage at the Fillmore East
Giant Lyric Sheet

Side One
Tell Me Why Young 2:54
After The Gold Rush Young 3:45
Only Love Can Break Your Heart Young 3:05
Southern Man Young 5:41
Till The Morning Comes Young 1:17
Side Two
Oh, Lonesome Me† Gibson 3:47
Don't Let It Bring You Down Young 2:56
Birds Young 2:34
When You Dance You Can Really Love Young 3:44
I Believe In You† Young 2:24
Cripple Creek Ferry Young 1:34
Neil Young-guitar, harmonica, vocals
†Crazy Horse:
Danny Whitten-guitar, vocals
Billy Talbot-bass
Ralph Molina-drums, vocals
the rest:
Nils Lofgren-piano, vocals
Jack Nitzsche-piano
Greg Reeves-bass
Ralph Molina-drums, vocals
Stephen Stills-vocals (Only Love Can Break Your Heart)
Bill Peterson-flugelhorn (After The Gold Rush, Till The Morning Comes)
§Cover Photo-Joel Bernstein, Patches-Susan Young
Produced by: Neil Young, David Briggs


Our House / Déjà Vu
Nash (2:59) / Crosby (4:10)
Atlantic 2760, 9/70 BB

Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Birds²
Young (3:13) / Young (1:38)
Reprise 0958, 10/70 BB


Stephen Stills
Atlantic SD-7202
11/16/70 T20 [UK: 11/70] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Love The One You're With Stills 3:03
Do For The Others Stills 2:52
Church (Part Of Someone) Stills 4:05
Old Times Good Times Stills 3:38
Go Back Home Stills 5:56
Side Two
Sit Yourself Down Stills 3:05
To A Flame Stills 3:10
Black Queen Stills 5:28
Cherokee Stills 3:25
We Are Not Helpless Stills 4:17
Stephen Stills-guitar, organ, bass, keyboards, percussion, steel drums, vocals
Eric Clapton-guitar (Go Back Home)
Jimi Hendrix-guitar (Old Times Good Times)
Booker T Jones-organ (Cherokee)
Fuzzy Samuels-bass, vocals
Dallas Taylor-drums (Cherokee)
John Barbata-drums (Go Back Home, Sit Yourself Down)
Conrad Isidore-drums (Church, Old Times Good Times)
Richie [Ringo Starr]-drums (To A Flame, We Are Not Helpless)
Sidney George-flute, tenor sax (Cherokee)
Jeff Whittaker-conga
David Crosby, Graham Nash, John Sebastian, Claudia Lanier [Lennear],
Rita Coolidge, Cass Elliot, Priscilla Jones, Shirley Matthews-backing vocals
§Cover Photo-Henry Diltz
Produced by: Stephen Stills, Bill Halverson

Note: Stills dedicated this record to James Marshall Hendrix.
Giraffe meant to be a message to his current squeeze, Rita Coolidge.

Love The One You're With² / To A Flame
Stills (3:03) / Stills (3:10)
Atlantic 2778, 12/70 T20 UK


 ➜ Neil Young solo, 12/4, Carnegie Hall; released 2021: Neil Young Carnegie Hall 1970 

When You Dance You Can Really Love / Sugar Mountain¹
Young (3:55) / Young (5:36)
Reprise 0992, 2/71 BB

Third time around for ole Sugar Mountain!

If I Could Only Remember My Name
Atlantic SD-7203
2/22/71 T20 [UK: 2/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Music Is Love Crosby-Nash-Young 3:16
Cowboy Movie Crosby 8:02
Tamalpais High (At About 3) Crosby 3:28
Laughing Crosby 5:20
Side Two
What Are Their Names Crosby-Garcia-Lesh-Shrieve-Young 4:09
Traction In The Rain Crosby 3:40
Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) Crosby 5:53
Orleans arr Crosby 1:56
I'd Swear There Was Somebody Here Crosby 1:19
David Crosby-guitar, vocals
Graham Nash-guitar, vocals
Neil Young-guitar, vibraphone and congas (Music Is Love), vocals
Jerry Garcia-guitar, pedal steel guitar (Laughing)
Jorma Kaukonen-guitar (Tamalpais High, Song With No Words)
Paul Kantner-guitar
Gregg Rolie-piano (Song With No Words)
Jack Casady-bass (Song With No Words)
Phil Lesh-bass, vocals
David Freiberg-bass, violin
Michael Shrieve-drums (What Are Their Names, Song With No Words)
Mickey Hart-drums (Cowboy Movie)
Bill Kreutzmann-drums, percussion
Laura Allan-autoharp, vocal (Traction In The Rain)
Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, Ethan Crosby-vocals
§Cover Photo-Robert Hammer
Produced by: David Crosby

Note: All of the above were just shown in photos—details from CDs and other resources.

2/27/71: Royal Festival Hall, London (Neil solo)
just Shakey, his guitar and piano
Sit Yourself Down³ / We Are Not Helpless
Stills (2:40) / Stills (4:17)
Atlantic 2778, 3/71 BB

Music Is Love / Laughing³
Crosby-Nash-Young (3:16) / Crosby (4:21)
Atlantic 2792, 4/71 BB


4 Way Street
Atlantic SD2-902
4/7/71  #1  [UK: 4/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Sheet Insert

Side One
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Stills :24
On The Way Home Young 3:19
Teach Your Children Nash 2:46
Triad Crosby 5:07
The Lee Shore Crosby 4:14
Chicago / We Can Change The World Nash 3:03
Side Two
Right Between The Eyes Nash 2:19
Cowgirl In The Sand Young 3:50
Don't Let It Bring You Down Young 2:35
49 Bye-Byes Stills 5:30
Love The One You're With Stills 2:57
Side Three
Pre-Road Downs Nash 2:48
Long Time Gone Crosby 5:33
Southern Man Young 13:15
Side Four
Ohio Young 3:24
Carry On Stills 13:06
Find The Cost Of Freedom Stills 2:16
David Crosby-guitar, vocals
Stephen Stills-bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Graham Nash-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Neil Young-guitar, harmonica, piano, keyboards, vocals
Fuzzy Samuels-bass
John Barbata-drums
§Cover Design-Gary Burden
Produced by: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Note: Recorded live at the Fillmore East, 6/2-7/70; The Forum, LA, 6/26-28/70; the Chicago Auditorium, 7/15/70

Celebration At Big Sur(4/9/71)
Joanie, Joni, CSN&Y sing by the big pool

Songs For Beginners
Atlantic SD-7204
5/28/71 T20 [UK: 6/71] T20
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet Sleeve

Lyric Sheet Sleeve

Side One
Military Madness Nash 2:50
Better Days Nash 3:47
Wounded Bird Nash 2:09
I Used To Be A King Nash 4:45
Be Yourself Nash-Reid 3:03
Side Two
Simple Man Nash 2:05
Man In The Mirror Nash 2:47
There's Only One Nash 3:55
Sleep Song Nash 2:57
Chicago Nash 2:55
We Can Change The World Nash 1:00
Graham Nash-guitar, keyboard, vocals
David Crosby-guitar (I Used To Be A King)
David Mason-guitar (Military Madness)
Joe Yankee [Neil Young]-piano (Better Days, Man In The Mirror)
Rita Coolidge-piano, backing vocals
Calvin Samuels-bass
Chris Ethridge-bass
Phil Lesh-bass (I Used To Be A King)
Johnny Barbata-drums
Dallas Taylor-drums (Better Days)
Jerry Garcia-steel guitar (I Used To Be A King, Man In The Mirror)
David Lindley-fiddle (Simple Man)
Bobby Keys-saxophone (There's Only One)
Clydie King, Dorothy Morrison, Shirley Matthews, Venetta Fields, Rita Coolidge-backing vocals
§Cover Photo-Graham Nash
Produced by: Graham Nash


Chicago / Simple Man
Nash (2:55) / Nash (2:05)
Atlantic 2804, 6/71 BB

Change Partners / Relaxing Town
Stills (3:13) / Stills (2:20)
Atlantic 2806, 6/71 BB

Traction In The Rain / Orleans
Crosby (3:41) / arr Crosby (1:57)
Atlantic 2809, 6/71


Stephen Stills 2
Atlantic SD-7206
6/30/71 T20 [UK: 7/71] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Change Partners Stills 3:13
Nothin' To Do But Today Stills 2:40
Fishes And Scorpions Stills 3:13
Sugar Babe Stills 4:04
Know You Got To Run Stills-Hopkins 3:50
Open Secret Stills 5:00
Side Two
Relaxing Town Stills 2:20
Singin' Call Stills 3:01
Ecology Song Stills 3:22
Word Game Stills 4:13
Marianne Stills 2:27
Bluebird Revisited Stills 5:23
Stephen Stills-bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Eric Clapton-guitar (Fishes And Scorpions)
Jerry Garcia-Pedal steel guitar (Change Partners)
Nils Lofgren-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Dr John-keyboards
Billy Preston-keyboards
Paul Harris-keyboards
Fuzzy Samuels-bass, vocals
Dallas Taylor-drums
Conrad Isedor-drums
English Richie [Ringo Starr]-drums
Gaspar Lawal-percussion
Rocky Dzidzornu-percussion
Sidney George, Wayne Johnson-sax, wind
Jack Helm, Jack Hale-trombone
Roger Hopps, Wayne Jackson-trumpet
Ed Logan, Andrew Love, James Mitchell, Floyd Newman-sax
David Crosby, Fearless Freddy-vocals
§Cover Photo-Henry Diltz
Produced by: Stephen Stills, Bill Halverson


Marianne / Nothin' To Do But Today
Stills (2:27) / Stills (2:40)
Atlantic 2820, 8/71 BB

Military Madness / Sleep Song
Nash (2:50) / Nash (2:57)
Atlantic 2827, 8/71 BB



Neil & Stephen's high water marks

Two key albums from two key guys came out in late winter/early spring of 1972 and can not be ignored.

First, Neil Young's best selling Harvest. An album that was primarily recorded in Nashville with a new group, The Stray Gators. Two tracks were recorded in London with a symphony orchestra. And a devasting solo recording lamenting the loss of the guitarist from Crazy Horse, Danny Whitten.

After Stephen Stills' two solo records (but with a lot of friends!), he put together a touring group called Manassas. The double record is one of Stills' finest works and has stood the test of time.


Heart Of Gold / Sugar Mountain
Young (2:59) / Young (5:36)
Reprise REP-1065, 1/72  #1  T20

couldn't leave out Neil's only #1 hit, could we? (Oh, and more Sugar!)

Reprise MS-2032
2/25/72  #1  RS500 [UK: 3/72]  #1 
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Lyric Sheet

Lyric Sheet

Side One
Out On The Weekend Young 4:35
Harvest Young 3:03
A Man Needs A Maid† Young 4:00
Heart Of Gold Young 3:05
Are You Ready For The Country Young 3:21
Side Two
Old Man Young 3:22
There's A World† Young 3:00
Alabama Young 4:02
The Needle And The Damage Done‡ Young 2:00
Words (Between The Lines Of Age) Young 6:42
Neil Young-guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals
The Stray Gators:
Ben Keith-steel guitar
Tim Drummond-bass
Kenny Buttrey-drums
Teddy Irwin-guitar [uncredited]
Jack Nitzsche-piano, slide guitar
John Harris-piano (Harvest)
James McMahon-piano [uncredited]
James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt-backing vocals (Heart Of Gold, Old Man)
David Crosby-backing vocals (Are You Ready For The Country, Alabama)
Graham Nash-backing vocals (Are You Ready For The Country, Words)
Stephen Stills-backing vocals (Alabama, Words)
§Cover Design-Tom Wilkes
Produced by: Elliot Mazer, Neil Young
† The London Symphony Orchestra, David Meecham, conductor
  Producer and Arranger-Jack Nitzsche
‡ Neil Young-solo, recorded live Jan. 30, 1971, Royce Hall, UCLA
  Produced by: Henry Lewy, Neil Young


Stephen Stills/Manassas
Atlantic SD 2-903
4/12/72 T20 [UK: 5/72] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Huge Poster

Lyrics on back

Side One: The Raven
Song Of Love Stills 3:28
Rock & Roll Crazies/Cuban Bluegrass Stills-Taylor/Stills-Lala 3:34
Jet Set (Sigh) Stills 4:25
Anyway Stills 3:21
Both Of Us (Bound To Lose) Hillman-Stills 3:00
Side Two: The Wilderness
Fallen Eagle Stills 2:05
Jesus Gave Love Away For Free Stills 3:00
Colorado Stills 2:53
So Begins The Task Stills 4:00
Hide It So Deep Stills 2:46
Don't Look At My Shadow Stills 2:31
Side Three: Consider
It Doesn't Matter Hillman-Stills 2:30
Johnny's Garden Stills 2:46
Bound To Fall Brewer 1:54
How Far Stills 2:52
Move Around Stills 4:17
The Love Gangster Stills-Wyman 2:52
Side Four: Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay
What To Do Stills 4:44
Right Now Stills 3:00
The Treasure (Take One) Stills 8:09
Blues Man(Stills solo) Stills 4:05

Note: In Tribute: Al Wilson, Duane Allman, Jimi Hendrix (Blues Man)

Stephen Stills-guitar, bottleneck guitar, organ, clavinet, electric piano, piano, voice
Chris Hillman-guitar, mandolin, voice
Al Perkins-guitar, steel guitar, voice
Paul Harris-electric piano, organ, clavinet, piano, tack piano
Calvin "Fuzzy" Samuels-bass
Dallas Taylor-drums
Joe Lala-congas, percussion, timbales, voice
Bill Wyman-bass (The Love Gangster)
Jerry Aiello-electric piano, organ, clavinet, piano
Sydney George-harmonica
Roger Bush-acoustic bass
Byron Berline-fiddle
§Cover Design & Photo-Stephen Stills, Ira H Wexler
Produced by: Dallas Taylor, Stephen Stills, Chris Hillman



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