That's one small step...
On July 20, 1969, two guys in a tiny tin bug did what dreamers have dreamed since they saw that gray orb in the sky. Landed and walked on the moon.

The most challenging project in our brief human history cummulated when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed their tiny Lunar Module in The Sea Of Tranquilty, some 250,000 miles from home, our little blue & green terra firma.

In 1961, President Kennedy had challenged us to complete this adventure before the decade had expired. Thousands of people worked together and, overcoming accidents and errors, beat that deadline by four months. Later in the 70s, the moon journeys became almost routine (except for Apollo 13) and the public lost interest. Many politicians demanded that we stop wasting money on these flights and the Apollo project was terminated. In reality, the budget for NASA (since the space race) has always been around 1% of the federal budget, more than paying back that cost with innovations that we take for granted in our every day lives. Imagine how far into outer space we'd be by now if we stopped wasting money (and lives) on wars of (poor) choice. OK, I'll get off my soap box now.

While we watched toungue-tied Walter describing the events on CBS, ABC had Duke Ellington perform a piece called "Moon Maiden ." In Central Park, 10,000 folks gathered at "The Moon Site," where a giant screen showed the action (along with Sc-Fi clips) whilst Silver Apples performed "Mune Toon." Read the Rolling Stone magazine article here. Meanwhile, across the pond, the BBC invited Pink Floyd to appear on a BBC1 TV Omnibus show called So What If It's Just Green Cheese? . The Floyd jammed on a ditty called Moonhead . In Florida, Tom Rapp wrote Rocket Man the day they landed (also inspired by Ray Bradbury's Illustrated Man story). In England, David Bowie released the first version of Space Oddity just before the mission began.

John Phillips (Mamas & Papas) was so inspired by the landing that he spent several years trying to mount a musical about an astronaut sent to the moon to defuse a bomb that could spell the end of earth! Yup, that took awhile to accomplish, what with three directors, a singer who couldn't, and numerous rewrites. The Andy Warhol produced off-Broadway effort lasted five days. Interesting story .

In the days and months following that first moon landing, many commemerative records were released documenting the journey to the moon. There were also some "topical" singles released and they are listed here as well as a few isolated tracks from then-current albums.

Not everybody was in love with going to the moon: Gil Scott-Heron and Clay Tyson.

Buzz Aldrin made a music video in 2009 (produced by Snoop Dog!) called Rocket Experience . But don't tell Buzz he didn't land on the moon, or you'll get smacked ! Noted a*hole Bart (receiver of punch) keeps trying to DMCA this video. Keep it alive.

All of the astronauts took specially prepared mix tapes of music to listen to during their voyages. Neil Armstrong listened to Music Out Of The Moon, a 1947 recording by Harry Revel & Les Baxter, with Dr Samuel Hoffman on the Theremin (also used by The Beach Boys). Pretty hip, I'd say! Apollo 15 took a couple of Moody Blues album on their journey to Luna in May '71)

Apollo 11 - We Have Landed On The Moon
Capitol ST-326
Back Cover

Alternate Cover

Untitled Sides One and Two
Paul Haney-narrator
Produced by: Dave Dexter, Jr



Man On The Moon
Columbia Special Products
Back Cover

Man On The Moon (Part 1 and Part 2)
Walter Cronkite-narrator
Produced by: Joel Heller

Note: Also released as an 33 RPM single.


We Came In Peace For All Mankind
Decca DL-79172
Back Cover

We Came In Peace For All Mankind (Part 1)/We Came In Peace For All Mankind (Part 2)
Peter Thomas-narrator


Man On The Moon: The Flight Of Apollo 11
Evolution 3004
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Billboard Ad

Untitled Sides One and Two
Roy Neal, NBC News-narrator
Produced by: Pete Kline

Note: Came with 8-page booklet inside


Apollo 11: Flight To The Moon
Bell Records BELL-1100
8/69 BB
Back Cover

Billboard Quick Review

Side One
Alan Shepard - America's First Manned Flight - 2:00
John Glenn - Orbits The Earth - 0:48
Scott Carpenter - Reentry Into Earth's Atmosphere - 1:40
Ed White - Walks In Space - 2:42
Gemini 6 & 7 - Rendez-vous Above The Earth - 1:22
Apollo 8 - First Orbiting Of The Moon - 5:25
Apollo 10 - Approaching The Lunar Surface - 4:06
Side Two
To The Moon - 2:56
On The Lunar Surface - 14:51
Return To Earth - 1:16
Walter M Schirra Jr-narrator
Norman Corwin-writer
Produced by: Lanny Sher, Sidney Galanty

Note: Narrated by the only astronaut to fly in all three programs: Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo


Journey To The Moon: Recorded Live On Earth, In Space,
On The Moon
Buddah Records BDS-5045
Back Cover

Side One
Journey To The Moon - 2:27
Lift Off: Mystery Of Space - 3:00
The Computer - 2:28
Lunar Landing: Moon Plaque - 3:46
Space Rock - 2:32
Side Two
A Walk On The Moon - 2:54
Lunar Walk: Empty, Void - 8:30
Nineteen Ninety-Nine - 2:07
Lift Off & Return: Sea Off Tranquility - 4:43
Victor Jay-narrator
with: Sound Of Genesis:
John Madara, Len Barry, Tom Sellers
Produced by: John Madara, Len Barry, Tom Sellers

Note: Tag on cover reads:
Recorded live on earth, in space, on the moon.
Hear man's first words on the moon.
President Nixon's historic telephone call to the astronauts on the moon.
Actual conversations between NASA, Cape Kennedy and Astronauts Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin.

Journey To The Moon Part I / Journey To The Moon Part II
Buddah BDA-132, 7/69
Not that Genesis, but the same studio musicians as on the LP (same as Side 1, Track 1; B-side no narration)


Eagle Has Landed—Man's Journey To The Moon
Intrepid IT-2-74001
Back Cover

Inside Cover


Side 1
John F. Kennedy, May 25, 1961   1:13
Mercury Flight 1, May 5, 1961   3:04
Mercury Flight 2, July 21, 1961   2:56
Mercury Flight 3, February 20, 1962   2:26
Mercury Flight 4, May 24, 1962   3:04
Mercury Flight 5, October 3, 1962   2:21
Mercury Flight 6, May 15-16, 1963   2:23
Gemini III, March 23, 1965   2:27
Gemini IV, June 3-7, 1965   4:13
Side 2
Gemini V, August 21-29, 1965   2:16
Gemini VII, December 4-18, 1965   3:20
Gemini VIII, March 16-17, 1966   2:36
Gemini IX-A, June 3-6, 1966   4:25
Gemini X, July 18-21, 1966   5:02
Gemini XI, September 12-15, 1966   3:42
Gemini XII, November 11-15, 1966   2:01
Side 3
Apollo 7, October 11-22, 1968   7:19
Apollo 8, December 21-27, 1968   10:40
Apollo 9, March 3-13, 1969   6:01
Side 4
Apollo 10, May 18-26, 1969   10:45
Apollo 11, July 16-24, 1969   13:06

Note: 2-lp set tracing history of NASA compiled by UPI. Includes poster of the LM on the moon.

This is just a few of the Apollo 11 docs, see my list on Discogs for more.
And, here's a list that covers the whole space race .

First Man On The Moon July 1969
MGM PX-101

Untitled Sides One and Two
Hugh Downs-narrator
Produced by: MGM Merchandising Corp


Voices From The Moon
Eva-Tone Soundsheets EV-I-72269

Side One
The Landing On The Moon By The Astronauts Of Apollo 11, July, 1969

Note: Single sided flexi disc distributed by Philco-Ford

Lunar Landing: Man On The Moon
Nelson Doubleday, Inc T-10483

Sides One and Two
Lunar Landing: Man On The Moon
Peter Thomas-narrator
Produced by: Doubleday & Co

Note: Came with this swell poster
Flight Poster

which you can't read here, so, download this PDF for the full size version (20x6.5).


If you're into the space program, track this one down. Six-LP set with hard-back book detailing the space program from pre-Mercury to landing on the moon.
To The Moon: The Story In Sound
Time Life STL-163
Included Book

Billboard Ad Section

Side 1
The first message from man on the moon... The moon in legend and in science... The Beginning of Rocketry... Tsiolkovsky... Goddard... Oberth... Goddard's first launch... The American Rocket Society... Dornberger's experiments in Germany... World War II and the V-2s.
Side 2
World War II ends... US seizes remaining V-2s and the German rocket team surrenders to the Americans ... H-bombs for the US and the USSR.... The war in Korea... US space program lags... Sputniks stun the world... The humiliation of Vanguard I and the success of Explorer I.
Side 3
National Aeronautics and Space Administration is set up under the Eisenhower administration... Adapting the Redstone rocket and designing a capsule... Fidel Castro takes over Cuba... Selecting the first seven astronauts for Project Mercury... Testing and training men for space.
Side 4
US space probes... Russia photographs the moon with Lunik III... Kennedy President... Chimpanzee Ham rides a Mercury capsule... USSR's Gagarin first in orbit... Shepard chosen for first Mercury flight... "Chief Astronaut Jose Jimenez." The flight of Freedom 7. Lunar goal is set.
Side 5
Grissom's Liberty Bell 7 makes a successful flight - and sinks... Rene Carpenter speaks for the wives. Russia's Titov makes 17 orbits. NASA looks ahead to the moon. Chimp Enos orbits. Glenn scheduled for orbit. Friendship 7 "A-OK" with a heatshield dilemma. Glenn addresses Congress.
Side 6
Slayton is grounded... Ranger 4 to the dark side of the moon... Carpenter and Aurora 7... Two cosmonauts orbit simultaneously... Schirra's "textbook mission"... Cuban missile crisis... Cooper and Faith 7 end Mercury... Two more Russian cosmonauts, one a woman... JFK assassinated.
Side 7
Russi, three-man capsule... Vietnam escalates... A Russian spacewalk... A Titan takes up Grissom and Young... Manned Spacecraft Center established... McDivitt and White: first US spacewalk. Cooper and Conrad: 8 days. Borman and Lovell: 14 days. Schirra and Stafford: the first rendezvous.
Side 8
Armstrong and Scott dock with an Agena but tumble end over end and must make an emergency landing... Stafford and Cenrnan find an "angry alligator"... Young and Collins dock with an Agena and use its engine... Conrad and Gordon do a linkup... Lovel and Aldrin prove men can work in space.
Side 9
Grissom, White and Chaf-fee die in a ground test for the first manned Apollo... The tragedy investigated and changes made... An unmanned test of Saturn V... Russia orbits and docks two unmanned vehicles... An unmanned test of the LM... Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy assassinated.
Side 10
Schirra, Eisele and Cunningham: the first manned flight with a Saturn IB... Live TV from outer space... Nixon wins presidency... Borman, Lovell and Anders lofted by a Saturn V, become the first to escape Earth's gravity and to orbit the moon... "Earthshine"... Genesis and the "good earth."
Side 11
McDivitt, Scott and Schweickart prepare first manned test in space for LM... In Earth orbit, they perform crucial docking and undocking of "Gumdrop" and "Spider"... Stafford, Cernan and Young test the LM near the moon... Live television in color from "Charley Brown" and "Snoopy."
Side 12
At Cape Kennedy during the long countdown... Liftoff for Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins... Translunar injection...... Separation of "Columbia" and "Eagle" in lunar orbit... "Eagle" lands... Armstrong steps down to the surface, and then Aldrin... JFK's goal has been met.
Sorell Booke-narrator
Produced by: Michael Kapp

Note: Complete details at Discogs .


Some Singles
John Stewart
Armstrong  / Anna On A Memory
Capitol 2711, 8/69 BB
Recorded on 7/25/69 rush released
Jon & Robin
There's An American Flag On The Moon / same
Abnak AB-140 [DJ], 8/69
promo only?
Dickie Goodman / Joey Pastrana
Luna Trip / My Victrola
Cotique 173, 9/69 BB
Captain Zap & The Motortown Cut-Ups
The Luney Take-Off / The Luney Landing
Motown 1151, 9/69
rare Motown cut-in comedy record
Clay Tyson
Man On The Moon / You Don't Know What I Want
King 6209, 9/69
Joe Simon
Moon Walk (Part 1) / Moon Walk (Part 2)
Sound Stage 7 SS7-2651, 12/69 BB
Lectric Woods
Time Of The Season / A.L.L. (Apollo Lunar Landing)
Apt 26005, 8/69
Oak Apple Day Plus The Deadly Pair
Moon Shot / Let's Do It On The Moon
RCA 101864, 8/69
group is from Australia
The Moon Boys / The Pioneers
Apollo 11 / Love Love Everyday
Amalgamated AMG 846, 8/69
even reggae groups paid tribute!
The Concinnators
Apollo 11 / It's You
B-W 109, 8/69
The Johnny Harris Orch
Footprints On The Moon / Lulu's Theme
Warner Bros 7319, 8/69
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir & The Philadelphia Brass Ensemble
One Small Step  / This Is My Country
Columbia 4-45013, 8/69
not related to Mushroom Tab. Choir
This is just a few of the Apollo 11 45s, see this 45Cat list for many more.


Selected Album Tracks
Armstrong, Aldrin And Collins The Byrds (Ballad Of Easy Rider) 11/69
Whitey On The Moon Gil Scott-Heron (Small Talk at 125th & Lenox) 2/70
For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me Jethro Tull (Benefit) 4/70


For the 50th Anniversary in 2019, I put together this special CD for a Facebook group. It combined some of the recordings above with Apollo 11 audio. See the booklet PDF for details.

1Raymond Scott QuintetDedicatory Piece ... First Experimental Rocket Express To The Moon (1949)
2JFK & Les BaxterRice Speech/Lunar Rhapsody (1961/1947)
3The ScientistsFirst Man To The Moon [unr] (1959)
4Apollo 11Launch
John Wesley CavesRocket To The Moon (1964)
5Apollo 11Go For TLI
Joe Harnell &H OrchFly Me To The Moon - Bossa Nova [45] (1962)
WABC (NYC)Man On The Moon Contest
6Thelma HoustonEverybody Gets To Go To The Moon (1969)
7Apollo 11Earth Description
Leonard NimoyTwinkle, Twinkle Little Earth (1967)
8Oak Apple Day Plus The Deadly PairMoon Shot (1969)
WABC (NYC)Man On The Moon Contest Winner
9Pearls Before SwineRocket Man (1970)
10Wesley ReynoldsTrip To The Moon (1957)
11Apollo 11Go For LOI
Grateful DeadMountains Of The Moon [72 remix] (1969)
12Apollo 11The Eagle Has Wings
Al Kooper & Apollo 11Soft Landing... At Tranquility Base (1969)
CBS TVWalter Speechless
13Pink FloydMoonhead [BBC TV Live 7/20] (1969)
Laugh-InGoldie Confused (1969)
14Duke Ellington [Trio]Moon Maiden [ABC TV 7/20] (1969)
15Apollo 11One Small Step
The Mormon Tab Choir...One Small Step (1969)
16Apollo 11Dusty Area
John StewartArmstrong [45] (1969)
17Apollo 11Magnificent Desolation
The Johnny Harris OrchFootprints On The Moon (1969)
Apollo 11LM Plaque Description
NBC TVAd break--Wynns
18Joe SimonMoon Walk (Part I) (1969)
Apollo 11LM Ascent
19Jon & RobinThere's An American Flag On The Moon (1969)
WTIX (NOLA)Apollo 11 Return News
20Peter ToshApollo 11 (Man's Greatest Adventure) [unr] (1969)
Apollo 11Splashdown
21The ByrdsArmstrong, Aldrin, And Collins [edited] (1969)
22Canned HeatPoor Moon (1969)
23Billy BraggThe Space Race Is Over (1996)


Note: Oak Apple Day is an Australian group (Aussie ground stations received the first transmissions from the moon)
John Stewart single version, Byrds: edited out the fake launch portion (mission completed)

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary booklet
8-page booklet produced for the CD.


NASA Apollo 11 web page
We Choose The Moon


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