Tim Rose

Goin' solo from The Big Three

Mother, Father, Where Are You?¹ / I'm Bringin' It Home¹
Hirsch-Stallman (2:30) / Daryll-Taylor (2:05)
Columbia 4-43563, 3/66

Hey Joe (You Shot Your Woman Down)³ / King Lonely The Blue¹
arr Rose (2:55) / Andriani-Pomus (2:10)
Columbia 4-43648, 5/66

I Gotta Do Things My Way / Where Was I?
Husson-Rose (2:16) / Martin (2:34)
Columbia 4-43722, 7/66

I'm Gonna Be Strong / I Got A Loneliness
Mann-Weil (2:00) / Rose (2:19)
Columbia 4-43958, 12/66

Morning Dew³ / You're Slipping Away From Me
Dobson-Rose (2:46) / Rose (3:14)
Columbia 4-44031, 2/67

10/1/67: Sundays At The Saville 1967
Saville Theatre, London
Come Away Melinda / Long Time Man
Hellerman-Minkoff (3:37) / Rose (5:04)
Columbia 4-44387, 11/67


Tim Rose
Columbia CS-9577
12/67 [UK: 2/68]
Back Cover

Side One
I Got A Loneliness Rose 2:14
I'm Gonna Be Strong Mann-Weil 2:03
I Gotta Do Things My Way Hussan-Rose 2:16
Fare Thee Well Rose 2:53
Eat, Drink and Be Merry (For Tomorrow You'll Cry) Furguson 4:12
Hey Joe (You Shot Your Woman Down) Rose 4:53
Side Two
Morning Dew Dobson-Rose 3:42
Where Was I? Martin 2:34
You're Slipping Away from Me Rose 3:13
Long Time Man Rose 5:04
Come Away Melinda Hellerman-Minkoff 3:37
Tim Rose-vocals, guitar
Jay Berliner-guitar
Hugh McCracken-guitar
Art Butler-keyboards
Charlie Smalls, Patti Brown-piano
Richard Hussan-bass
Felix Pappalardi-bass
Chuck Rainey-bass
Bernard Purdie-drums
Jim Fischoff-percussion
David & Deanna Lucas-backing vocals
§Cover Photo-Don Hunstein
Produced by: David Rubinson


Long-Haired Boy¹ / Looking At A Baby¹
Rose (3:10) / Henderson-Vicksberg (2:26)
Columbia 4-44603, 7/68

produced by Al Kooper
Roanoke / Baby Do You Turn Me On?
Rose (2:14) / Rose (3:05)
Columbia 4-44849, 5/69


Through Rose Colored Glasses
Columbia CS-9772
6/69 [UK: 7/69]
Back Cover

Side One
The Days Back When Rose 2:54
Roanoke Rose 2:17
Hello Sunshine Rose 1:56
When I Was A Young Man Rose 2:01
What'cha Gonna Do Rose 2:36
Side Two
Let There Be Love Gibb 3:27
Baby Do You Turn Me On? Rose 3:06
Apple Truck Swamper Henderson 1:49
Angela Rose 2:57
You'd Laugh Becaud 3:31
You Ain't My Girl No More Rose 2:42
Tim Rose-vocals, guitar
unknown studio musicians
§Cover Photo-Ivan Nagy
Produced by: Jack Tracy


I've Gotta Get A Message To You / Jamie Sue
Gibb-Gibb (2:25) / Rose (3:52)
Capitol 3001, 11/70


Love, A Kind Of Hate Story
Capitol ST-673
1/71 [UK: 2/71]
Back Cover

Side One
I've Gotta Get A Message To You Gibb-Gibb 2:25
Dimlight Rose 3:15
Where Do You Go To My Lovely Sarstead 6:20
You Can't Stop Yourself Rose 2:46
Sad Song Clinton 4:40
Side Two
Georgia By Morning Cadd-Mudie 4:14
Ode To An Old Ball Rose 3:35
Sympathy Rare Bird 2:40
I Know These Two People Rose 3:25
Jamie Sue Rose 3:52
Tim Rose-vocals, guitar
  Alan Parker-guitar
  Alan Hawkshaw-keyboards
  Herbie Flowers-bass
  Clem Cattini-drums
Tina Charles-backing vocals
§Cover Design-Ray Kohara; Photos-Frank Laffitte
Produced by: Shel Talmy

Note: Recorded in London with the UK "session band" Rumplestiltskin


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