The Beau Brummels
Sal Valentino ♦ Stoneground ♦ Ron Elliott 

I Wanna Twist / Lisa Marie
Celso-Vedder (2:25) / Richards (2:30)
Falco F-306, ?/62

as by Sal Valentino & The Valentines
Laugh, Laugh / Still In Love With You Baby
Elliott (2:30) / Elliott (2:45)
Autumn 8, 12/64 BB

Just A Little / They'll Make You Cry
Durand-Elliott (2:10) / Elliott (3:03)
Autumn 10, 4/65 BB


Autumn SLP-103
4/65 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Laugh, Laugh Elliott 2:54
Still In Love With You Baby Elliott 2:32
Just A Little Durand-Elliott 2:23
Just Wait And See Elliott 2:22
Oh, Lonesome Me Gibson 2:22
Ain't That Loving You Malone 2:22
Side Two
Stick Like Glue Elliott 1:58
They'll Make You Cry Elliott 3:05
That's If You Want Me To Elliott 2:23
I Want More Loving Elliott 2:23
I Would Be Happy Elliott 2:40
Not Too Long Ago Elliott 3:06
Sal Valentino-vocals
Ron Elliott-guitar, vocals
Declan Mulligan-guitar, vocals
Ron Meagher-bass, vocals
John Peterson-drums
Produced by: Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart


You Tell Me Why / I Want You³
Elliott (3:04) / Elliott (2:57)
Autumn 16, 7/65 BB


Volume 2
Autumn SLP-104
Back Cover

Side One
You Tell Me Why Elliott 3:05
I Want You Elliott 4:00
Doesn't Matter Elliott 2:00
That's Alright Beau Brummels-Valentino 2:10
Sometime At Night Durand-Elliott 1:47
Can It Be Durand-Elliott 2:27
Side Two
Sad Little Girl Elliott 3:29
Woman Durand-Elliott 2:46
Don't Talk To Strangers Durand-Elliott 2:20
I've Never Known Durand-Elliott 2:00
When It Comes To Your Love Elliott 2:10
In Good Time Elliott 1:47
Sal Valentino-vocals
Ron Elliott-guitar, vocals
Declan Mulligan-guitar, vocals
Ron Meagher-bass, vocals
John Peterson-drums
Produced by: Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart


Don't Talk To Strangers / In Good Time
Durand-Elliott (2:20) / Elliott (1:47)
Autumn 20, 9/65 BB

Village Of The Giants
Good Time Music¹ / Sad Little Girl
Sebastian (2:58) / Elliott (3:29)
Autumn 24, 12/65 BB

TV Guide Program Listing

=WUSN, Charleston, SC (EST)
The Flintstones: "Shinrock-A-Go-Go," 12/3/65,
Portrayed the cartoon band, The Beau Brummelstones (using Laugh Laugh single).
One Too Many Mornings¹ / She Reigns¹
Dylan (2:30) / Durand-Elliott (2:50)
Warner Bros 5813, 4/66 BB


Beau Brummels 66
Warner Bros WS-1644
Back Cover

A corporate musical disaster. Having The Beau Brummels cover such songs
as "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away," "Louie, Louie," "These Boots Are Made For Walking,"
and "Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" didn't win many fans!
Sal Valentino-vocals
Ron Elliott-guitar, vocals
Ron Meagher-bass, vocals
John Peterson-drums
Don Irving-guitar
Produced by: Bob Mitchell


Here We Are Again¹ / Fine With Me¹
Valentino (2:46) / Elliott (2:25)
Warner Bros 5848, 9/66

Two Days 'Til Tomorrow¹ / Don't Make Promises¹
Durand-Elliott (2:30) / Hardin (2:30)
Warner Bros 7014, 3/67


Warner Brothers WS-1692
7/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Are You Happy? Durand-Elliott 2:20
Only Dreaming Now Elliott-Valentino 2:05
Painter Of Women Durand-Elliott 2:51
The Keeper Of Time Durand-Elliott 2:10
It Won't Get Better Elliott-Valentino 2:01
Nine Pound Hammer Travis 3:17
Side Two
Magic Hollow Elliott-Valentino 2:52
And I've Seen Her Durand-Elliott 1:59
Triangle Elliott-Valentino 2:18
The Wolf Of Velvet Fortune Elliott-Valentino 4:51
Old Kentucky Home Newman 2:04
Sal Valentino-vocals
Ron Elliott-guitar, vocals
Ron Meagher-bass, guitar, vocals
Van Dyke Parks-harpsichord
Produced by: Lenny Waronker


Magic Hollow / Lower Level¹
Elliott-Valentino (2:52) / Elliott (3:21)
Warner Bros 7079, 8/67


Vol 44
Vault SLP-121
Back Cover

Side One
Gentle Wanderin' Ways - 2:40
Fine With Me Durand-Elliott 2:08
Dream On, Dream On Elliott 2:09
I Want More Lovin' Elliott 2:20
I've Never Known Elliott 2:00
Oh, Lonesome Me Gibson 2:13
Side Two
When It Comes To Your Love Elliott 2:08
Doesn't Matter Elliott 1:58
More Than Happy - 2:35
That's All Right Valentino 2:09
Can It Be Durand-Elliott 2:23
Louie, Louie Berry 2:41

Note: Collection of album tracks, single b-sides and studio leftovers from the Autumn Records days.

Are You Happy? / Lift Me¹
Durand-Elliott (2:20) / Elliott (2:31)
Warner Bros 7204, 6/68

I'm A Sleeper / Long Walk Down To Misery
Elliott-Valentino (3:13) / Elliott (3:10)
Warner Bros 7218, 8/68


Bradley’s Barn
Warner Brothers WS-1760
Back Cover

Side One
Turn Around Durand-Elliott 3:00
An Added Attraction (Come And See Me) Valentino 2:57
Deep Water Elliott-Valentino 2:29
Long Walk Down To Misery Elliott 3:10
Little Bird Elliott 2:36
Cherokee Girl Durand-Elliott 3:32
Side Two
I'm A Sleeper Elliott-Valentino 3:13
The Loneliest Man In Town Elliott 1:49
Love Can Fall A Long Way Down Durand-Elliott 4:12
Jessica Elliott-Valentino 2:17
Bless You California Newman 2:15
Sal Valentino-vocals
Ron Elliott-guitar, vocals
Jerry Reed-guitar
Wayne Moss-guitar
David Briggs-keyboards
Norbert Putnam-bass
Kenny Buttrey-drums
Produced by: Lenny Waronker


Solo careers for Sal & Ron...
Cherokee Girl / Deep Water
Durand-Elliott (3:32) / Elliott-Valentino (2:29)
Warner Bros 7260, 1/69

Friends And Lovers¹ / Alligator Man¹
Koerner-Murphy (2:42) / Chance (2:37)
Warner Bros 7289, 5/69

Silkie¹ / Song For Rochelle¹
Valentino (3:08) / Valentino (4:46)
Warner Bros 7368, 2/70

with Leon Russell, Ry Cooder, Clarence White, Chris Ethridge, Milt Holland

The Candlestickmaker
Warner Bros WS-1833
Back Cover

Side One
Molly In The Middle Downey-Elliott 4:07
Lazy Day Downey-Elliott 2:38
All Time Green Elliott 2:57
To The City, To The Sea Elliott 2:57
Deep River Runs Blue* Downey-Elliott 2:49
Side Two
The Candlestickmaker Suite
   Part One: Dark Into Dawn
   Part Two: Questions
Elliott 14:53
Ron Elliott-guitar, vocals
Marc McClure-guitar, vocals
Dan Levitt-guitar
Chris Ethridge-bass
Dennis Dragon-drums
Ry Cooder-guitar*
Lyle Ritz-bass*
Paul Humphrey-drums*
Leon Russell-brass arr
Bud Shank-flute
Sal Valentino-tambourine
Produced by: Gary Downey & Ron Elliott


Total Destruction³ / Queen Sweet Dreams³
Williams (2:50) / Valentino (3:08)
Warner Bros 7452, 12/70


Warner Bros WS-1895
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Looking For You Valentino 4:32
Great Changes Since I've Been Born Davis 3:00
Rainy Day In June Davies 2:38
Added Attraction (Come See Me) Valentino 2:56
Dreaming Man Valentino 4:45
Side Two
Stroke Stand Valentino 4:00
Bad News Loudermilk 3:10
Don't Waste My Time Mayall-Thompson 3:35
Colonel Chicken Fry Valentino 4:14
Brand New Start Blakeley-Donahue 3:57
Sal Valentino-guitars, tambourine, vocals
Tim Barnes-lead guitar, bottleneck, lead vocal (Dreaming Man)
John Blakely-rhythm guitar, bass
Luther Bildt-guitar, lead vocal (Don't Waste My Time)
Pete Sears-bass, keyboards
Michael Mau-drums
Lynne Hughes (Great Changes Since I've Been Born), Diedre Laporte (Added Attraction), Lydia Phillips (Bad News),
Annie Sampson (Brand New Start)-lead (where noted) and backup vocals
Produced by: Tom Donahue & Sal Valentino


Looking For You / Added Attraction (Come And See Me)
Valentino (4:32) / Valentino (2:56)
Warner Bros 7496, ?/71


Family Album
Warner Bros WS-1956
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Get Rhythm Cash 4:40
Passion Flower Hughes 3:40
Corrina arr Valentino 5:40
Big River Cash 6:15
Side Two
Won't Be Long McFarland 3:34
Super Clown Valentino 4:35
Richland Woman Hurt 3:35
Queen Sweet Dreams Valentino 4:05
Precious Lord arr Sampson 5:27
Side Three
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry Dylan 3:25
I Can't Help It Blakeley-Lerios 3:05
No Doreen Elliott 3:30
It's Not Easy Elliott 3:10
If You Got To Go Dylan 3:28
Total Destruction To Your Mind Williams 6:05
Side Four
You Must Be One Of Us Nagle 3:25
All My Life Lerios 3:00
Where Will I Find Love Hughes 4:07
Gonna Have A Good Time Vanda-Young 4:43
Jam It Stoneground Players 5:40
Sal Valentino-guitar, tambourine, vocals
Tim Barnes-guitar, tambourine, vocals
Luther Bildt-guitar, vocals
John Blakely-guitar, bass
Pete Sears-bass, keyboards
Michael Mau-drums
Lynne Hughes, Diedre Laporte, Annie Sampson, Lydia Phillips-vocals
Produced by:

Note: Sides One-Three recorded from a live broadcast on KSAN, SF, 8/8/71

Medicine Ball Caravan
You Must Be One Of Us / Corrina, Corrina
Nagle (3:25) / arr Valentino (?)
Warner Bros 7535, ?/71



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