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Gotta Start Somewhere...

Johnny Winter & The Crystaliers
One Night Of Love / Hey, Hey, Hey
Winter (2:25) / Winter (?)
KRCo KRCo-107, ?/60

Note: A dozen more early Johnny Winter singles not listed. Check out the link to 45cat for details.

The Progressive Blues Experiment
Imperial LP-12431
3/69 BB [UK: 5/69]
Back Cover

Sonobeat Cover

Side One
Rollin' And Tumblin' Morganfield 3:09
Tribute To Muddy Winter 6:20
I Got Love If You Want It Moore 3:52
Bad Luck And Trouble† Winter 3:43
Help Me Williamson-Williamson 3:46
Side Two
Mean Town Blues Winter 4:26
Broke Down Engine† Fernbach 4:26
Black Cat Bone Winter 3:46
It's My Own Fault King-Taub 7:20
Forty-Four Burnett 3:28
Johnny Winter-guitar, harmonica, mandolin, National steel guitar (†solo), vocals
Tommy Shannon-bass
Red Turner-drums
§Cover Photo-Burton Wilson
Produced by: Bill Josey & Rim Kelley

Note: Originally released in 1968 by Austin, Texas record company Sonobeat in limited quantities (see note for cover).

Rollin' And Tumblin' / Forty-Four
Morganfield (3:09) / Burnett (3:28)
Imperial 66376, 4/69


Johnny Winter
Columbia CS-9826
4/69 BB [UK: 6/69]
Back Cover

Side One
I'm Yours And I'm Hers Winter 4:27
Be Careful With A Fool Josea-King 5:15
Dallas Winter 2:45
Mean Mistreater Gordon 3:53
Side Two
Leland Mississippi Blues Winter 3:19
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Level-Love 2:45
When You Got A Good Friend Johnson 3:40
I'll Drown In My Tears Glover 4:44
Back Door Friend Hopkins-Lewis 2:57
Johnny Winter-guitar, harmp, slide guitar, vocals
Tommy Shannon-bass
"Uncle" John Turner-percussion
Edgar Winter-piano, sax
Willie Dixon-string bass (Mean Mistreater)
Big Walter Horton-harp (Mean Mistreater)
Albert Wynn Butler-sax (Good Morning Little Schoolgirl)
Karl Garin-trumpet (Good Morning Little Schoolgirl)
Norman Ray-sax (I'll Drown In My Tears)
Stephen Sefsik-sax (I'll Drown In My Tears)
Peggy Bowers, Carrie Hossell, Elsie Senter-vocals (I'll Drown In My Tears)
§Cover Photo-Sandy Speiser
Produced by: Johnny Winter


I'm Yours And I'm Hers / I'll Drown In My Tears
Winter (4:27) / Glover (4:44)
Columbia 44900, 5/69

Newport 69(5/22/69)
Toronto Pop Festival(6/21/69)
Denver Pop Festival(6/28/69)
Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/4/69)
Newport Jazz Festival(7/6/69)
Laurel Pop Festival(7/11/69)
Mid-West Rock Festival(7/27/69)
Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/17/69)
Texas International Pop Festival(9/1/69)

Second Winter
Columbia KCS-9947
10/69 BB [UK: 1/70] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover


Side One
Memory Pain Mayfield 5:27
I'm Not Sure Winter 5:18
The Good Love Collins 4:38
Side Two
Slippin' And Slidin' Collins-Smith-Penniman-Bocage 2:43
Miss Ann Johnson-Penniman 3:04
Johnny B Goode Berry 3:45
Highway 61 Revisited Dylan 5:07
Side Three
I Love Everybody Winter 3:50
Hustled Down In Texas Winter 3:31
I Hate Everybody Winter 2:35
Fast Life Rider Winter 7:05
Johnny Winter-guitar, mandolin, vocals
Edgar Winter-piano, organ, harpsichord, sax
Tommy Shannon-bass
"Uncle" John Turner-percussion
Dennis Collins-bass (Good Love)
§Cover Photo-Richard Avedon
Produced by: Johnny Winter

Note: Side "Four" was blank in this two-record set.

Palm Beach Music & Art Festival(11/28/69)
Johnny B Goode³ / I'm Not Sure
Berry (2:43) / Winter (5:18)
Columbia 45058, 12/69 BB

Miami Rock Festival(12/28/69)

Tommy & Uncle John out, Edgar forms own band.

Rick Derringer, Randy Jo Hobbs, and Randy Z from disbanding group
 Was called Johnny Winter & The McCoys for about 30 seconds (keeping only the And part!).

4/17/70: The Sound Of The Seventies festival
Royal Albert Hall, London, with The Flock, Steamhammer
Released on Second Winter SDDE in 2004
Tobacco Road / Now Is The Time¹
Loudermilk (4:04) / Winter-Winter (3:45)
Epic 10618, 5/70


Epic BN-26503
6/70 BB [UK: 6/70]
Back Cover

Side One: Winter's Dream
Entrance Winter-Winter 3:29
Where Have You Gone Winter-Winter 2:42
Rise To Fall Winter-Winter 4:06
Fire And Ice Winter-Winter 6:57
Hung Up Winter-Winter 3:04
Back In The Blues E Winter 2:18
Re-Entrance Winter-Winter 2:41
Side Two
Tobacco Road Loudermilk 4:06
Jump Right Out Winter-Winter 4:29
Peace Pipe E Winter 4:40
A Different Game Winter-Winter 5:03
Jimmy's Gospel E Winter 4:50
Edgar Winter-organ, piano, saxophone, vocals
Randal Dolanon-guitar
Gene Kurtz-bass
Jimmy Gillen-drums
Johnny Winter-harmonica
Brooks Tillotson, Earl Chapin, Ray Alonge-horns
Johnny Winter-guitar (Tobacco Road)
Tommy Shannon-bass (Tobacco Road)
John Turner-drums (Tobacco Road)
§Cover Photo-Columbia Records Photo Studio
Produced by: Steve Paul


Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/5/70) Johnny Winter And
Summer Festival For Peace(8/6/70) Johnny Winter And

Columbia KC-30221
9/70 BB [UK: 10/70] UK
Back Cover

Side One
Guess I'll Go Away Winter 3:32
Ain't That A Kindness Klingman 3:33
No Time To Live Capaldi-Winwood 4:40
Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo Derringer 3:35
Am I Here? Zehringer 3:28
Look Up Derringer-Supraner 3:39
Side Two
Prodigal Son Winter 4:22
On The Limb Derrringer 3:40
Let The Music Play Nicholls-Stephens 3:19
Nothing Left Winter 3:36
Funky Music Derringer 4:55
Johnny Winter-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Rick Derringer-guitar, vocals
Randy Jo Hobbs-bass, vocals
Randy Z[ehringer]-drums
§Cover Photo-Norman Seeff
Produced by: Johnny Winter & Rick Derringer


Bobby Caldwell replaces departing Randy Z

Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo / 21st Century Man¹
Derringer (3:35) / Derringer (2:32)
Columbia 45260, 10/70


 ➜ Live: 10/3, Fillmore East; released 2010: Live At The Fillmore East 10/3/70 

And Live
Columbia C-30475
2/71 BB [UK: 5/71] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Level-Love 4:35
It's My Own Fault King-Taub 12:14
Jumpin' Jack Flash Jagger-Richards 4:26
Side Two
Rock & Roll Medley:
   Great Balls of Fire
   Long Tall Sally
   Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Mean Town Blues Winter 8:59
Johnny B. Goode Berry 3:22
Johnny Winter-guitar, vocals
Rick Derringer-guitar, vocals
Randy Jo Hobbs-bass, vocals
Bobby Caldwell-percussion
§Cover Photo-Norman Seeff
Produced by: Johnny Winter & Rick Derringer

Note: Recorded at The Fillmore East, New York [10/3/70] and Pirate's World, Dania, Florida [1/1-2/71]

Jumpin' Jack Flash³ / Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Jagger-Richards (2:55) / Level-Love (4:35)
Columbia 45368, 4/71 BB

both sides recorded live, from And Live

Edgar Winter's White Trash
Epic E 30512
4/71 BB [UK: 6/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Give It Everything You Got LaCroix-Winter 4:30
Fly Away LaCroix-Winter 2:59
Where Would I Be LaCroix-Winter 3:57
Let's Get It On LaCroix-Winter 5:03
I've Got News For You Alfred 3:55
Side Two
Save The Planet LaCroix-Winter 5:38
Dying To Live Winter 4:00
Keep Playin' That Rock 'N' Roll Winter 3:45
You Were My Light Winter 4:57
Good Morning Music LaCroix-Winter 4:20
Edgar Winter-vocals, piano, organ, alto sax, celeste
Jerry LaCroix-vocals, tenor sax, harp
Floyd Redford-guitar
George Sheck-bass
Bobby Ramirez-drums
Ray Beretta-congas
Jon Smith-tenor sax, vocals
Mike McLellan-trumpet, vocals
Johnny Winter-guitar (I've Got News For You)
Rick Derringer-guitar (Keep Playin' That Rock 'N' Roll, Good Morning Music)
§Cover Photo-Alen McWeeney
Produced by: Rick Derringer & Steve Paul

Note: Album is subtitled: Introducing Jerry LaCroix

Where Would I Be (Without You) / Good Morning Music
LaCroix-Winter (3:20) / LaCroix-Winter (4:20)
Epic 10740, 5/71

Give It Everything You Got / You Were My Light
LaCroix-Winter (4:30) / LaCroix-Winter (4:57)
Epic 10762, 7/71

Keep Playin' That Rock 'N' Roll³ / Dying To Live
Winter (3:14) / Winter (4:00)
Epic 10788, 9/71 BB



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