Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens / Gypsy Woman
Chapman-Whitney (2:52) / Chapman-Whitney (3:30)
Liberty 10531 [UK], 10/67

Produced by Dave Mason

Music In A Doll’s House
Reprise RS-6312
10/68 [UK: 7/68] UK
Back Cover

UK Only Poster

Side One
The Chase Chapman-Whitney 2:13
Mellowing Grey Chapman-Whitney 2:47
Never Like This Mason 2:20
Me My Friend Chapman-Whitney 2:20
Variation On A Theme Of Hey Mr Policeman Whitney :08
Winter Chapman-Whitney 2:25
Old Songs For New Songs‡ Chapman-Whitney 4:20
Variation On A Theme Of The Breeze Whitney :34
Side Two
Hey Mr Policeman Chapman-Grech-Whitney 3:10
See Through Windows Chapman-Whitney 3:45
Variation On A Theme Of Me My Friend Whitney :10
Peace Of Mind† Chapman-Whitney 2:20
Voyage Chapman-Whitney 3:36
The Breeze† Chapman-Whitney 2:47
3 X Time Chapman-Whitney 3:50
Roger Chapman-harmonica, vocals
John "Charlie" Whitney-guitar, steel guitar, keyboards
Jim King-harmonica, keyboards, sax, vocals
Rik Grech-bass, violin, cello, vocals
Rob Townsend-percussion, drums
Dave Mason-mellotron
Tubby Hayes [Group]-horns‡
§Cover Design-Peter Duval; Photo-Julian Cottrell
Produced by: Dave Mason (†with Jimmy Miller)

Note: There is a short clip of a brass band playing God Save The Queen after 3 X Time
Dave Mason recorded the b-side to his first solo single during these recording sessions.

Old Songs New Songs / Hey Mr Policeman
Chapman-Whitney (4:20) / Chapman-Grech-Whitney (3:10)
Reprise 0786, 11/68

Second Generation Woman / Hometown³
Grech (3:19) / Chapman-Whitney (2:55)
Reprise 0809, 2/69

4/9-10/69: Fillmore East, New York
with Ten Years After (headliners) and The Nice

Reprise RS-6340
4/69 [UK: 3/69] T20
Back Cover

Poster with lyrics on back

Side One
The Weaver's Answer Chapman-Whitney 4:56
Observations From A Hill Chapman-Whitney 3:11
Hung Up Down Chapman-Whitney 3:12
Summer '67 Whitney 3:19
How-Hi-The-Li Grech 4:56
Side Two
Second Generation Woman Grech 3:13
From Past Archives Chapman-Whitney 3:21
Dim Chapman-Whitney 2:31
Processions Whitney 2:48
Face In The Cloud Grech 2:53
Emotions Chapman-Grech-Whitney 5:09
Roger Chapman-harmonica, percussion, vocals
John "Charlie" Whitney-guitar, organ, piano
Jim King-harmonica, piano, sax, vocals (Observations From A Hill)
Rik Grech-bass, violin, vocals (How-Hi-The-Li, Second Generation Woman, Face In The Cloud)
Rob Townsend-percussion, drums
Nicky Hopkins-piano
The Heavenly Strings
§Cover Art-Alan Aldridge, Ink Studios (a dig at the Doors' 2nd)
Produced by: Glyn Johns, John Gilbert


Grech to Blind Faith; Jim King just quits

Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/30/69)
No Mule's Fool / Good Friend Of Mine
Chapman-Whitney (3:14) / Chapman-Whitney (3:33)
Reprise 0881, 12/69 UK


A Song For Me
Reprise RS-6384
1/70 [UK: 1/70] T20
Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Lyric Sheet Insert

Lyric Sheet Insert

Side One
No Mules Fool Chapman-Whitney 3:14
Drowned In Wine Chapman-Whitney 4:07
Love Is A Sleeper Chapman-Whitney 4:02
Some Poor Soul Chapman-Whitney 2:43
Wheels Chapman-Whitney 4:40
Side Two
Hey-Let It Rock Chapman-Whitney :57
Stop For The Traffic (Through The Heart Of Me) Chapman-Whitney 2:08
Song For Sinking Lovers Chapman-Whitney 4:20
93's OK J Weider-Whitney 4:00
A Song For Me Whitney-Weider-Chapman-Townsend 9:10
Roger Chapman-percussion, vocals
John Whitney-guitars, banjo, organ
John Weider-guitars, violin, dobro
Poli Palmer-vibes, piano, flute
Robert Townsend-drums, percussion, harp
George Bruno-organ
§Cover Photo-Bill Holden
Produced by: Family

Note: The Cat And The Rat dropped from UK album for No Mules Fool

Isle of Wight Festival(8/28/70)

United Artists UAS-5527
11/70 [UK: 11/70] T20
Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Good News-Bad News Chapman-Whitney 7:22
Willow Tree Chapman-Whitney 4:20
Holding The Compass Chapman-Whitney 3:40
Strange Band Chapman-Whitney-Williamson 3:11
Side Two
In My Own Time Chapman-Whitney 3:30
Part Of The Load Chapman-Whitney 4:38
Anyway Chapman-Whitney 3:28
Normans Palmer-Weider-Whitney 2:25
Lives And Ladies Chapman-Whitney 6:29
Roger Chapman-harmonica, vocals
John "Charlie" Whitney-guitar
John Weider-bass, vocals
Poli Palmer-bass, keyboards, vibraphone
Rob Townsend-drums
§Cover Art-Mortars With Explosive Projectiles (c1500) by Leonardo da Vinci
Produced by: Family

Note: Side 1 recorded live at Fairfield Halls, London, July 26, 1970

Old Songs New Songs
Reprise K 34001 [UK]
N/R [UK: 3/71]
UK Back Cover

Side One
Hung Up Down(rerecording) Chapman-Whitney 3:30
Today(UK 45) Chapman-Weider 4:57
Observations From A Hill(rerecording, Chapman vocal) Chapman-Whitney 3:00
Good Friend Of Mine(UK 45) Chapman-Whitney 3:32
Drowned In Wine Chapman-Whitney 4:05
Side Two
Peace Of Mind Chapman-Family 3:00
Hometown(non-LP 45) Chapman-Whitney 3:09
The Cat And The Rat(UK LP) Chapman-Whitney 2:29
No Mule's Fool Chapman-Whitney 3:15
See Through Windows Chapman-Family 3:43
The Weaver's Answer(rerecording) Chapman-Whitney 4:50
Roger Chapman-harmonica, vocals
John "Charlie" Whitney-guitar
Jim King-sax, vocals
John Weider-bass, vocals
Rik Grech-bass, violin, vocals
Poli Palmer-bass, keyboards, vibraphone
Rob Townsend-drums
§Cover Design-Stuart Weston
Produced by: various

Note: Released in US only on 8-track and cassette? Explanation of changes .

In My Own Time / Seasons
Chapman-Whitney (3:30) / Chapman-Whitney (2:25)
United Artists 50832, 8/71 T20


United Artists UAS-5562
10/71 BB [UK: 10/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Full Cover Action

4-Level fold out cover (from Discogs)
Side One
Between Blue And Me Chapman-Whitney 4:58
Sat'd'y Barfly Chapman-Whitney 4:02
Larf And Sing Palmer 2:45
Spanish Tide Chapman-Whitney 4:00
Save Some For Thee Chapman-Whitney 3:45
Side Two
Take Your Partners Chapman-Palmer-Whitney 6:25
Children Chapman-Whitney 2:20
Crinkley Grin Palmer 1:05
Blind Palmer-Whitney 4:02
Burning Bridges Chapman-Palmer-Whitney 4:00
Roger Chapman-vocals, guitars, percussion
Charlie Whitney-guitars, mandolin, percussion
John Wetton-guitars, vocals, keyboards
Poli Palmer-keyboards, vibes, flute, percussion
Rob Townsend-drums, paiste cymbals, percussion
§Cover Art-John Kosh
Produced by: Family, George Chkiantz



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