Blood, Sweat & Tears
David Clayton-Thomas

Take Me Back / Out Of The Sunshine
Fleming (1:58) / Cates-Thomas (2:40)
Tower 206, 2/66

Brain Washed / Born With The Blues
Collacott-Thomas (3:10) / Cates-Thomas (2:30)
Tower 263, 7/66

with The Bossmen and a pretty strong anti-war song

Child Is Father To The Man
Columbia CS-9619
2/21/68 BB RS500
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Overture Kooper 1:32
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know Kooper 5:58
Morning Glory Beckett-Buckley 4:15
My Days Are Numbered Kooper 3:19
Without Her Nilsson 2:42
Just One Smile Newman 4:38
Side Two
I Can't Quit Her Kooper-Levine 3:38
Meagan's Gypsy Eyes Katz 3:24
Somethin' Goin' On Kooper 8:01
House In The Country Kooper 3:05
The Modern Adventures of Plato, Diogenes And Freud Kooper 4:13
So Much In Love/Underture Goffin-King/Kooper 4:44
Al Kooper-organ, piano, ondioline, vocals
Steve Katz-guitar, lute, vocals (Morning Glory, Meagan's Gypsy Eyes)
Al Gorgoni-organ, guitar, vocals
Jim Fielder-bass
Bobby Colomby-drums, percussion, vocals
Fred Lipsius-alto sax, piano
Randy Becker-trumpet, flugelhorn
Dick Halligan-trombone
Fred Catero-arranger, sound effects
John Simon-organ, piano
The BS&T String Ensemble (Modern Adventures...)
BS&T Soul Chorus: Valerie Simpson & Melba Moorman
Produced by: John Simon


Kooper (kicked out?) back to  Solo work
David Clayton-Thomas imported from Canada to take over vocals
I Can't Quit Her / House In The Country
Kooper-Levine (3:38) / Kooper (3:04)
Columbia 44559, 6/68


Blood, Sweat & Tears
Columbia CS-9720
12/11/68  1 
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Variations On A Theme By Erik Satie Satie 2:33
Smiling Phases Capaldi-Winwood-Wood 5:08
Sometimes In Winter Katz 3:08
More And More Juan-Vee 3:03
And When I Die Nyro 4:04
God Bless The Child Herzog-Holiday 5:57
Side Two
Spinning Wheel Clayton-Thomas 4:06
You've Made Me So Very Happy Gordy-Holloway-Holloway-Wilson 4:18
The Blues, Pt. 2 Blood Sweat & Tears 11:55
Variations On A Theme By Erik Satie Satie 1:37
David Clayton-Thomas-vocals
Steve Katz-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Fred Lipsius-piano, sax
Dick Halligan-organ, flute, piano, trombone, vocals
Jim Fielder-bass
Bobby Colomby-drums, percussion, vocals
Lew Soloff-trumpet, flugelhorn
Jerry Hyman-trombone, recorder
Alan Rubin-trumpet
Chuck Winfield-trumpet, flugelhorn
Produced by: James William Guercio


You've Made Me So Very Happy³ / The Blues, Pt 2³
Gordy-Holloway-Holloway-Wilson (3:26) / Blood Sweat & Tears (5:26)
Columbia 44776, 2/69 BB

No, No, No / Monopoly
Clayton-Thomas (3:04) / Morier (2:32)
Roulette R-7048, 5/69

Spinning Wheel³ / More And More³
Clayton-Thomas (2:39) / Juan-Vee (2:38)
Columbia 44871, 5/69 BB

Atlanta International Pop Festival(July 4-5)
Woodstock Music & Art Fair(August 15-18)
Done Somebody Wrong / Say Boss Man
Clayton-Thomas (2:30) / McDaniels (3:05)
Decca 732556, 9/69


David Clayton-Thomas!
Decca DL-75146
9/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
I Got A Woman Charles 4:35
Say Boss Man McDaniels 3:05
Who's Been Talkin' Clayton-Thomas 2:33
Call It Stormy Monday Walker 4:53
Done Somebody Wrong Clayton-Thomas 2:30
Side Two
Tobacco Road Loudermilk 5:07
Boom Boom Hooker 2:35
Good Lovin' Taylor-Jesmet-Kirkland 2:10
Poison Ivy Leiber-Stoller 2:10
Howlin' For My Darling Burnett-Dixon 2:32
David Clayton-Thomas-vocals
The Shays
Produced by:

Note: Early recordings by DCT (made in Canada) released now to... what else?

And When I Die³ / Sometimes In Winter
Nyro (3:26) / Katz (3:07)
Columbia 45008, 10/69 BB

Winter Festival For Peace(January 28)
Eastern Europe Tour
In late spring, the band embarked on a tour of Eastern Europe requested by Nixon's State Department. Associating with anything sponsored by the government during these years did not incur favor with their fans. Reviews of BST #3 used more ink on that tour than on the retreaded music. Turns out, the were sorta blackmailed by ole Tricky Dick (I know, you're shocked!). DCT had visa "issues" that magically diappeared after the tour. Imagine that. When they agreed to a stay at Caesar's Palace in Vegas—they were toast to hard-core fans (altho mom & dad liked the songs).

Columbia KC-30090
6/70  1 
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll) Goffin-King 4:25
The Battle Halligan-Katz 2:41
Lucretia MacEvil Clayton-Thomas 3:00
Lucretia's Reprise Blood Sweat & Tears 2:31
Fire And Rain Taylor 4:01
Lonesome Suzie Manuel 4:35
Side Two
Symphony For The Devil/Sympathy For The Devil
   I Emergence
     a  Fanfare
   II Devil's Game
     a  Labyrinth
     b  Satan's Dance
     c  The Demand
   III Submergence
     a  Contemplation
     b  Return
Halligan/Jagger-Richards 7:50
He's A Runner Nyro 4:13
Somethin' Comin' On Cocker-Stainton 4:33
Forty Thousand Headmen Capaldi-Winwood 4:44
David Clayton-Thomas-vocals
Steve Katz-guitar, vocals
Fred Lipsius-piano, sax
Dick Halligan-keyboards, flute, trombone
Jim Fielder-bass
Bobby Colomby-drums, percussion
Jerry Hyman-trombone
Lew Soloff-trumpet, fleugelhorn
Chuck Winfield-trumpet, fleugelhorn
Produced by: James William Guercio


Hi-De-Ho (That Old Sweet Roll)³ / The Battle
Goffin-King (3:58) / Halligan-Katz (2:41)
Columbia 45204, 7/70 BB

Lucretia MacEvil / Lucretia's Reprise
Clayton-Thomas (3:04) / Blood Sweat & Tears (2:19)
Columbia 45235, 10/70 BB

The Owl And The Pussycat(November 3)

Columbia KC-30590
6/71 BB
Back Cover


Side One
Go Down Gamblin' Clayton-Thomas 4:14
Cowboys And Indians Halligan-Kirkman 3:07
John The Baptist (Holy John) Kooper-Major 3:35
Redemption Clayton-Thomas-Halligan-Katz 5:11
Lisa, Listen To Me Clayton-Thomas-Halligan 2:58
A Look To My Heart Lipsius :52
Side Two
High On A Mountain Katz 3:13
Valentine's Day Katz 3:56
Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little) Dozier-Holland-Holland 3:27
For My Lady Katz 3:23
Mama Gets High Bargeron-Katz 4:09
A Look To My Heart Lipsius 2:07
David Clayton-Thomas-vocals, guitar
Steve Katz-guitar, harmonica, mandolin, vocal
Fred Lipsius-sax, piano, organ, clarinet
Jim Fielder-bass, guitar
Bobby Colomby-drums, percussion
Lew Soloff-trumpet, fleugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
Chuck Winfield-trumpet, fleugelhorn
Dave Bargeron-trombone, tuba, bass
Produced by: Don Heckman, Bobby Colomby, & Roy Halee


Go Down Gamblin'³ / Valentine's Day
Clayton-Thomas (2:45) / Katz (3:56)
Columbia 45427, 7/71 BB

8th Big Sur Folk Festival(Sept 25—last one)
Lisa, Listen To Me³ / Cowboys And Indians
Clayton-Thomas-Halligan (2:39) / Halligan-Kirkman (3:07)
Columbia 45477, 10/71 BB



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