Laura Nyro
Laura Nyro & LaBelle

Wedding Bell Blues / Stoney End¹
Nyro (2:46) / Nyro (2:39)
Verve/Folkways 5024, 9/66

Altered lyrics for Stoney End

More Than A New Discovery
Verve/Forecast FTS-3020
Back Cover

Columbia Reissue Cover

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Side One
Goodbye Joe Nyro 2:36
Billy's Blues Nyro 3:16
And When I Die Nyro 2:37
Stoney End Nyro 2:41
Lazy Susan Nyro 3:50
Hands Off The Man Nyro 2:25
Side Two
Wedding Bell Blues Nyro 2:46
Buy And Sell Nyro 3:34
He's A Runner Nyro 3:37
Blowin' Away Nyro 2:20
I Never Meant To Hurt You Nyro 2:49
California Shoe-Shine Boys Nyro 2:43
Laura Nyro-piano, guitar, vocals
Stan Free-piano
Jay Berliner-guitar
Lou Mauro-bass
Buddy Lucas-harmonica
Herb Bernstein-arranger, conductor, flugelhorn
Produced by: Milt Okun


Goodbye Joe / Billy's Blues
Nyro (2:36) / Nyro (3:16)
Verve/Folkways 5038, 2/67

Flim Flam Man (Hands Off The Man) / And When I Die
Nyro (2:25) / Nyro (2:37)
Verve/Folkways 5051, 4/67


Note: The "cash in" Verve/Forecast reissue 45s are not listed

Monterey International Pop Festival

Eli And The Thirteenth Confession
Columbia CS-9626
3/3/68 BB
Back Cover

Lyric Sheet with Cover

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Lyric Sheet removed

Side One
Luckie Nyro 3:00
Lu Nyro 2:44
Sweet Blindness Nyro 2:37
Poverty Train Nyro 4:16
Lonely Women Nyro 3:32
Eli's Coming Nyro 3:58
Side Two
Timer Nyro 3:22
Stoned Soul Picnic Nyro 3:47
Emmie Nyro 4:20
Woman's Blues Nyro 3:46
Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe) Nyro 2:58
December's Boudoir Nyro 5:05
The Confession Nyro 2:50
Laura Nyro-piano, guitar, vocals
Charlie Calello-arranger
Produced by: Charlie Calello & Laura Nyro


Eli's Coming³ / Sweet Blindness
Nyro (3:12) / Nyro (2:36)
Columbia 44531, 4/68

Save The Country² / New York Tendaberry
Nyro (2:27) / Nyro (5:37)
Columbia 44592, 6/68

Uptempo version of Save The Country
Save The Country² / Timer
Nyro (2:27) / Nyro (3:23)
Columbia 44592, 6/68

single yanked and B-side replaced
Once It Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe) / Lu
Nyro (2:58) / Nyro (2:44)
Columbia 44786, 3/69


New York Tendaberry
Columbia CS-9737
9/24/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
You Don't Love Me When I Cry Nyro 4:20
Captain For Dark Mornings Nyro 4:34
Tom Cat Goodbye Nyro 5:29
Mercy On Broadway Nyro 2:13
Save The Country Nyro 4:35
Side Two
Gibsom Street Nyro 4:43
Time And Love Nyro 4:20
The Man Who Sends Me Home Nyro 2:48
Sweet Lovin' Baby Nyro 3:52
Captain Saint Lucifer Nyro 3:14
New York Tendaberry Nyro 5:37
Laura Nyro-piano, guitar, vocals
Jimmie Haskell-arranger, conductor
Produced by: Laura Nyro & Roy Halee


Time And Love³ / The Man Who Sends Me Home
Nyro (3:45) / Nyro (2:45)
Columbia 45041, 10/69

Up On The Roof / Captain Saint Lucifer
Goffin-King (3:13) / Nyro (3:17)
Columbia 45230, 8/70 BB


Christmas And The Beads Of Sweat
Columbia KC-30259
11/25/70 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Brown earth Nyro 4:11
When i was a freeport and you were the main drag Nyro 2:46
Blackpatch Nyro 3:36
Been on a train Nyro 5:52
Up on the roof Goffin-King 3:15
Side Two
Upstairs by a chinese lamp Nyro 5:34
Map to the treasure Nyro 8:09
Beads of sweat Nyro 4:44
Christmas in my soul Nyro 7:04
Laura Nyro-piano, guitar, vocals

Side One recorded in Muscle Shoals, AL, with the Swampers:
Eddie Hinton-guitar
Barry Becket-vibraphone
Felix Cavaliere-organ, bells
Dave Hood-bass
Roger Hawkins-drums
Jack Jennings-percussion
Produced by: Felix Cavaliere
Side Two recorded in New York City, with:
Cornell Dupree-guitar
Duane Allman-guitar (Beads Of Sweat)
Chuck Rainey-bass
Dino Danelli-drums
Ralph McDonald-percussion
Alice Coltrane-stringed harp
Produced by: Arif Mardin


When I Was A Freeport And You Were The Main Drag / Been On A Train
Nyro (2:42) / Nyro (5:49)
Columbia 45298, 1/71


 ➜ Live: 5/30/71, Fillmore East; released 2004: Spread Your Wings And Fly: Live At The Fillmore East 

Gonna Take A Miracle
Columbia KC-30987
11/17/71 BB
Back Cover

Side One
I Met Him On A Sunday Owens-Coley-Harris-Lee 1:50
The Bells Bristol-Gaye-Gaye-Stover 2:59
Monkey Time/Dancing In The Street Mayfield/Stevenson-Gaye-Hunter 4:54
Desiree Cooper-Johnson 1:50
You've Really Got A Hold On Me Robinson 4:05
Side Two
Spanish Harlem Lieber-Stoller 2:52
Jimmy Mack Holland-Dozier-Holland 2:55
The Wind Strong-Edwards-Hunter-Eubanks-Guiterrez 2:54
Nowhere To Run Holland-Dozier-Holland 5:03
It's Gonna Take A Mircale Stallman-Randazzo-Weinstein 3:23
Laura Nyro-piano, vocals
Patti Labelle, Nona Hendryx, Sarah Dash-vocals
Roland Chambers-guitar
Norman Harris-guitar
Lenny Pakula-organ
Ronnie Baker-bass
Jim Helner-drums
Vince Montana-percussion
Larry Washington and Nydia Mata-congas, bongos
Tom Bell, Lenny Pakula, Robert Martin-string and horn arrangements
Don Renaldo's strings
Sam Reed's horns
Produced by: Gamble & Huff



And When I Die Peter, Paul and Mary (Album) 7/66
  Blood, Sweat & Tears (Blood, Sweat & Tears) 12/68
Eli's Coming Three Dog Night (45) ?/69
He's A Runner Mama Cass (Bubblegum, Lemonade And.. Something For Mama) 6/69
  Blood, Sweat & Tears (3) 6/70
Save The Country Brian Auger & The Trinity with Julie Driscoll (Streetnoise) 8/69
  The 5th Dimension (45) 5/70
Stoned Soul Picnic The 5th Dimension (45) 4/68
Stoney End The Blossoms (45) 4/67
  The Stone Poneys (Linda Ronstadt, Stone Poneys & Friends: Vol 3) 4/68
Sweet Blindness The 5th Dimension (45) 9/68
Wedding Bell Blues The 5th Dimension (45) 9/69


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