Peter, Paul & Mary
Peter Yarrow ♦ Noel "Paul" Stookey ♦ Mary Travers 

Gotta Start Somewhere...

Noel Stookey & His Corsairs
Goodbye Baby / Ivy Covered Castle
Stookey (?) / Stookey (?)
Shadow 1230, ?/57

Maybe 50 copies were made—see Discogs

Lemon Tree / Early In The Morning
Holt (2:52) / Stookey (1:33)
Warner Bros 5274, 4/62 BB


Peter, Paul & Mary
Warner Bros WS-1449
5/62  #1  [UK: 12/63] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Early In The Morning Stookey 1:33
500 Miles West 2:46
Sorrow Stookey-Yarrow 2:49
This Train Yarrow 2:03
Bamboo Van Ronk 2:25
It's Raining Stookey 4:20
Side Two
If I Had My Way Davis 2:17
The Cruel War Yarrow 3:26
Lemon Tree Holt 2:52
If I Had A Hammer Hays-Seeger 2:06
Autumn To May Stookey-Yarrow 2:43
Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Seeger 3:54
Peter Yarrow-vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals, guitar
Mary Travers-vocals
§Cover Design-Milton Glaser; Cover Photo-Bernard Cole
Produced by: Albert Grossman

Note: Cover photo taken at The Bitter End, NYC

If I Had A Hammer (The Hammer Song)² / Gone The Rainbow
Hayes-Seeger(1:58) / Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow (2:43)
Warner Bros 5296, 7/62 T20

Big Boat / Tiny Sparrow
Mezzetti-Stookey (2:28) / Mezzetti-Stookey (3:35)
Warner Bros 5325, 11/62 BB

Settle Down (Goin' Down That Highway) / 500 Miles
Settle (2:30) / West (2:46)
Warner Bros 5334, 12/62 BB


Warner Bros WS-1473
1/63 T20 [UK: 11/63]
Back Cover

Side One
Settle Down (Goin' Down That Highway) Settle 2:30
Gone The Rainbow Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 2:39
Flora Mezzetti-Stookey-Travers 3:00
Pretty Mary Mezzetti-Stookey-Travers 1:54
Puff Lipton-Yarrow 3:20
This Land Is Your Land Guthrie 2:30
Side Two
Man Come Into Egypt Hellerman-Minkoff 2:15
Old Coat Mezzetti-Stookey-Travers 3:45
Tiny Sparrow Mezzetti-Okun-Stookey 3:33
Big Boat Mezzetti-Okun-Stookey 2:30
Morning Train Mezzetti 3:30
A'soalin' Batteaste-Mezzetti-Stookey 3:13
Peter Yarrow-vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals, guitar
Mary Travers-vocals
§Cover Design-Push Pin Studios; Cover Photo-Bernard Cole
Produced by: Albert Grossman


Puff / Pretty Mary
Lipton-Yarrow (3:20) / Mezzetti-Okun-Stookey (1:54)
Warner Bros 5348, 2/63 T20

Blowin' In The Wind / Flora
Dylan (2:53) / Mezzetti-Travers-Stookey (3:00)
Warner Bros 5368, 6/63 T20 T20

Newport Folk Festival(7/26/63)
Don't Think Twice It's Alright³ / Autumn To May
Dylan (2:46) / Stookey-Yarrow (2:43)
Warner Bros 5385, 8/63 T20

8/28/63: PP&M sing at the The March On Washington .

In The Wind
Warner Bros WS-1507
10/63  #1  [UK: 3/64] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Very Last Day Stookey-Yarrow 2:31
Hush-A-Bye arr Stookey-Yarrow 2:20
Long Chain On Driftwood 4:35
Rocky Road Grossman-Stookey-Yarrow 3:41
Tell It On The Mountain arr Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 2:56
Polly Von Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 4:08
Side Two
Stewball Mezzetti-Okun-Stookey-Travers 3:10
All My Trials arr Okun-Stookey-Yarrow 3:18
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Dylan 3:14
Freight Train Mezzetti-Okun-Stookey-Travers 2:45
Quit Your Lowdown Ways Dylan 2:05
Blowin' In The Wind Dylan 2:57
Peter Yarrow-vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals, guitar
Mary Travers-vocals
Eddie DeHaas-bass
§Cover Design-Push Pin Studios; Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: Albert Grossman


Stewball / The Cruel War²
Mezzetti-Okun-Stookey-Travers (3:09) / Stookey-Yarrow (3:52)
Warner Bros 5399, 11/63 BB

A'Soalin' / Hush-A-Bye
Batteaste-Mezzetti-Stookey (3:13) / Stookey-Yarrow (2:18)
Warner Bros 5402, 12/63

TV Guide Program Listing

=WDHD, Boston
The Jack Benny Program: Peter, Paul & Mary , 1/14/64,
Jack writes a "folk" song. YouTube link is for the complete show.
Tell It On The Mountain / Old Coat
Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow (2:28) / Mezzetti-Stookey-Travers (3:45)
Warner Bros 5418, 2/64 BB UK

4/8/64: The University of Sheffield, Sheffield
PP&M did appear on ITV's Sunday At The Paladium in September, 1963
Oh Rock My Soul (Part 1)¹ / Oh Rock My Soul (Part 2)¹
arr Yarrow (2:53) / arr Yarrow (2:47)
Warner Bros 5442, 5/64 BB


In Concert
Warner Bros 2WS-1555
7/64 T20 [UK: 2/65] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
The Times They Are-A-Changin' Dylan 3:15
A 'Soalin' Battaeste-Mezzetti-Stookey 3:22
500 Miles West 2:55
Blue Stookey-Yarrow 4:03
3 Ravens Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 3:52
Side Two
One Kind Favor Stookey-Yarrow 2:09
Blowin' In The Wind Dylan 3:34
Car-Car Guthrie 5:00
Puff (The Magic Dragon) Lipton-Yarrow 6:12
Jesus Met The Woman Okun-Travers-Yarrow 4:28
Side Three
Le Déserteur - 4:31
Oh, Rock My Soul Yarrow 5:47
Paultalk Stookey 12:35
Single Girl Stookey-Travers 2:30
Side Four
There Is A Ship Okun-Stookey-Travers 3:00
It's Raining Stookey 5:25
If I Had My Way Davis 2:57
If I Had A Hammer Hays-Seeger 2:38
Peter Yarrow-vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals, guitar
Mary Travers-vocals
Richard Kniss-bass
§Cover Design-Push Pin Studios; Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: John Court

Note: Album compiled from concerts recorded at the following locations:
San Francisco, Sacramento, Long Beach, Daytona Beach, Terre Haute
In the UK, this was offered in two volumes, with the US back cover serving as the cover for Vol 2.

Newport Folk Festival(7/25/64)
For Lovin' Me / Monday Morning
Lightfoot (2:07) / arr Okum-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow (3:16)
Warner Bros 5496, 12/64 BB


A Song Will Rise
Warner Bros WS-1589
3/65 T20 [UK: 5/65]
Back Cover

Side One
When The Ship Comes In Dylan 2:38
Jimmy Whalen arr Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 2:41
Come And Go With Me arr Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 3:08
Gilgarra Mountain Yarrow 6:02
Ballad Of Spring Hill (Spring Hill Disaster) McColl-Seegar 3:13
Motherless Child arr Okun-Travers 3:43
Side Two
Wasn't That A Time Brooks-Gilbert-Hays-Seegar 2:24
Monday Morning arr Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 3:18
The Cuckoo arr Jacobsen-Okun-Stookey-Story-Travers-Yarrow 2:21
San Francisco Bay Blues Fuller 3:02
Talkin' Candy Bar Blues Stookey 2:36
For Lovin' Me Lightfoot 2:08
Peter Yarrow-vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals, guitar
Mary Travers-vocals
§Cover Design-Push Pin Studios; Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: Albert Grossman


When The Ship Comes In / The Times They Are A-Changin'¹
Dylan (2:35) / Dylan (3:15)
Warner Bros 5625, 4/65 BB / UK

UK chart is from 9/64 single
Newport Folk Festival(7/23, 25/65)

 ➜ Newport Folk Festival recordings released 2018: Peter, Paul And Mary At Newport 63-65 

Early Mornin' Rain / The Rising Of The Moon
Lightfoot (3:13) / arr Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow (3:36)
Warner Bros 5659, 9/65 BB


See What Tomorrow Brings
Warner Bros WS-1615
10/65 T20 [UK: 10/65]
Back Cover

Side One
If I Were Free Edmonson 2:43
Betty & Dupree arr Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 3:13
The Rising Of The Moon arr Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 3:36
Early Mornin' Rain Lightfoot 3:13
Jane, Jane arr Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 2:57
Because All Men Are Brothers Glazer 2:17
Side Two
Hangman arr Hendler-Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 2:51
Brother, (Buddy) Can You Spare A Dime? Gorney-Harburg 2:29
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face McColl 3:06
Tryin' To Win McGee-Terry 2:33
On A Desert Island (With You In My Dreams) Kniss-Stookey 1:46
The Last Thing On My Mind Paxton 2:43
Peter Yarrow-vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals, guitar
Mary Travers-vocals
§Cover Design-Push Pin Studios; Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: Albert Grossman


The Cruel War / Mon Vrai Destin
Stookey-Yarrow (3:00) / Stookey-Travers-Yarrow (2:15)
Warner Bros 5809, 4/66 BB

Hurry Sundown² / Sometime Lovin'
Harburg-Robinson (2:55) / Shearston (3:05)
Warner Bros 5842, 7/66


Warner Bros WS-1648
7/66 BB [UK: 8/66]
Back Cover

Side One
And When I Die Nyro 2:45
Sometime Lovin' Shearston 3:05
Pack Up Your Sorrows Fariña-Marden 3:04
The King of Names Yarrow 4:05
For Baby (For Bobbie) Denver 2:45
Hurry Sundown Harburg-Robinson 2:55
Side Two
The Other Side of This Life Neil 3:01
The Good Times We Had Stookey 2:35
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Campbell-Hays-Newman-Seeger 3:05
Norman Normal Stookey 2:15
Mon Vrai Destin Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 2:19
Well, Well, Well Camp-Gibson 3:15
Peter Yarrow-vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals, guitar
Mary Travers-vocals
Russ Savakus, Bill Lee, Richard Kniss-bass
Peter Childs-dobro
Walter Raim-guitar
Ernie Hayes-piano
Bobby Gregg-drums
Charlie McCoy-harmonica (Sometime Lovin')
Wayne Moss-guitar (Sometime Lovin')
Hargus Robbins-piano (Sometime Lovin')
Kenneth Buttrey-drums (Sometime Lovin')
Mike Bloomfield-guitar (The King of Names)
Paul Butterfield-harmonica (The King of Names)
Mark Naftalin-organ (The King of Names)
Buddy Saltzman-drums (The King of Names)
Al Kooper-organ (Well, Well, Well)
Irving Horowitz-English horn
Charles DeAngelis-flute, clarinet
Melvin Tax-flute
§Cover Design-Push Pin Studios; Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: Milton Okun


The Other Side Of This Life / Sometime Lovin'
Neil (3:01) / Shearston (3:05)
Warner Bros 5849, 9/66 BB

For Baby (For Bobbie) / Hurry Sundown
Denver (2:45) / Harburg-Robinson (2:55)
Warner Bros 5883, 11/66

I Dig Rock and Roll Music / The Great Mandella (The Wheel Of Life)
Dixon-Mason-Stookey (2:31) / Yarrow (4:44)
Warner Bros 7067, 7/67 T20


Album 1700
Warner Bros WS-1700
8/67 T20 [UK: 3/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Rolling Home Andersen 3:33
Leaving On A Jet Plane Denver 3:27
Weep For Jamie Yarrow 4:08
No Other Name Stookey 2:28
The House Song Bannard-Stookey 4:16
The Great Mandella (The Wheel Of Life) Yarrow 4:44
Side Two
I Dig Rock And Roll Music Dixon-Mason-Stookey 2:31
If I Had Wings Yardley-Yarrow 2:20
I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog Braunstein 2:06
Whatshername Dixon-Kniss-Stookey 3:25
Bob Dylan's Dream Dylan 4:00
The Song Is Love Dixon-Kniss-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 2:46
Peter Yarrow-vocals (solo on If I Had Wings), guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals (solo on Whatshername), guitar
Mary Travers-vocals (solo on No Other Name)
The Paupers as backing band on unknown tracks
Paul Winter Consort (The House Song)
Paul Butterfield-harmonica (Rolling Home)
more musicians at wiki link
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Albert Grossman, Milton Okun


Too Much Of Nothing / The House Song
Dylan (2:30) / Bannard-Stookey (4:16)
Warner Bros 7092, 10/67 BB

clips from Newport Folk Festivals 1963-1966

Late Again
Warner Bros WS-1751
8/68 T20 [UK: 9/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Apologize Stookey 3:50
Moments Of Soft Persuasion Yarrow 2:31
Yesterday's Tomorrow Dorough-Popper-Travers 3:30
Too Much Of Nothing Dylan 2:32
There's Anger In The Land West-West 3:42
Love City (Postcards To Duluth) Stookey 3:39
Side Two
She Dreams Okun-Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 2:52
Hymn Gold-Mason-Stookey 2:19
Tramp On The Street Cole 3:49
I Shall Be Released Dylan 2:36
Reason To Believe Hardin 2:10
Rich Man Poor Man Yarrow-Zimmel 3:35
Peter Yarrow-vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals, guitar
Mary Travers-vocals
many musicians—see the wiki link
Produced by: Albert Grossman, Milton Okun


Love City (Postcards To Duluth) / Yesterday's Tomorrow
Stookey (3:39) / Dorough-Travers (3:30)
Warner Bros 7232, 9/68

You Are What You Eat(9/24/68) Peter
Peter contributes mightly to this movie
Day Is Done¹ / Make Believe Town
Yarrow (3:22) / Mezzetti-Yarrow (3:42)
Warner Bros 7279, 3/69 BB


Peter, Paul & Mommy
Warner Bros WS-1785
5/69 T20 [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Toy Side
The Marvelous Toy Paxton 3:06
Day Is Done Yarrow 3:12
Leatherwing Bat arr Stookey-Yarrow 2:28
I Have A Song To Sing, Oh! Gilbert-Sullivan 4:05
All Through The Night arr Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 2:33
It's Raining arr Chandler-Stookey-Yarrow 3:52
Zoo Side
Going To The Zoo Paxton 3:09
Boa Constrictor Silvertstein 0:46
Make-Believe Town Mezzetti-Yarrow 3:45
Mockingbird arr Stookey-Travers-Yarrow 1:19
Christmas Dinner Stookey 3:00
Puff (The Magic Dragon) Lipton-Yarrow 3:38
Peter Yarrow-vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals, guitar
Mary Travers-vocals
Richard Kniss-bass
Paul Prestopino-guitar, banjo, mandolin, dobro
The Nursery School, Westchester Ethical Society-vocal (Going To The Zoo)
§Cover Design-Milt Glazer; Cover Photo-Allan Vogel
Produced by: Milton Okun

Note: This album won the Best Recording for Children at the 1970 Grammy awards.

Leaving On A Jet Plane / The House Song
Denver (3:27) / Bannard-Stookey (4:16)
Warner Bros 7340, 9/69  #1  T20

The Marvelous Toy / Christmas Dinner
Paxton (3:06) / Stookey (3:00)
Warner Bros 7359, 11/69

Winter Festival For Peace(1/28/70)
(Ten) Years Together
The Best Of Peter, Paul And Mary

Warner Bros BS-2552, 6/70 T20 [UK: 8/70] UK
no unique tracks
After 10+ years, they all went their separate ways...

Warner Bros WS-1907
3/71 BB [UK: 4/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Cover Sticker

Each of these three albums had their appropriate sticker
Side One
The Song Is Love Stockey-Yarrow 3:00
I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado Danoff-Nivert 2:06
Children One And All McKuen 3:17
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face McColl 2:50
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free Dallas-Taylor 3:25
Erika With The Windy Yellow Hair Holdridge-Travers 1:15
Rhymes And Reasons Denver 2:37
Side Two
Follow Me Denver 2:36
On The Path Of Glory Ife-Clark-Delanoe-Magenta-Shaper 2:15
Circus Denver-Johnson-Kuehn 3:16
Song For The Asking Simon 2:03
Indian Sunset John-Taupin 6:59
Mary Travers-vocals
John Denver, Sal Ditroia-guitar
Margaret Ross-harp
Frank Owens, Paul Griffin-piano
Lee Holdridge-arranger and conductor
§Cover Design-Milton Glaser
Produced by: Milton Okun


Follow Me / I Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado
Denver (2:36) / Danoff-Nivert (2:06)
Warner Bros 7481, 4/71


Paul And
Warner Bros WS 1912
7/71 BB [UK: 8/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues Guthrie 5:20
Been On The Road Too Long Stookey 2:07
Hey Sad Sack Flast-Stookey 3:32
Wedding Song (There Is Love) Public Domain Foudation* 3:41
Meanings Will Change Hughes 5:41
Give A Damn [Stookey] 2:20
Side Two
Sebastian Stookey 4:06
Lucy Mattau-Ryan 5:00
Ju Les Ver Negre En Cheese (Ed's Tune) Kniss-Stookey 3:45
Tiger Mason-Stookey 3:45
Tender Hands Stookey 1:43
John Henry Bosworth Stookey 4:58
Noel "Paul" Stookey-vocals, guitar
Makel Lewis-guitar, recorder, pedal steel guitar, vocals
Jimmy Nalls-guitar, vocals
Ed Mottau-guitar, percussion, vocals
Barry Flast-organ, calliope, piano, vibes
Jim Mason-bass, percussion, vocals
Michael Epstein-drums, percussion, vocals
Cameron Kotler-cello (Hey Sad Sack)
Paul Prestopino-dobro, cowbell, recorder (John Henry Bosworth)
Paul Winter-musical assistance (Hey Sad Sack)
§Cover Design-Mac Gibboney
Produced by: Ed Mottau, Jim Mason


Wedding Song (There Is Love) / Give A Damn
Public Domain Foundation (3:41) / - (2:22)
Warner Bros 7511, 7/71 BB

B-side credit only to Songbirds Of Paradise Music; whilst UK credits Stookey

Note: Stookey assigned all royalties of Wedding Song to the charitable foundation listed.
The B-side is about Spanky & Our Gang's song.

Warner Bros BS-2599
1/72 BB [UK: 2/72]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
River Of Jordan Yarrow 2:51
Mary Beth Yarrow 2:47
Goodbye Josh Yarrow 4:08
Take Off Your Mask McCarthy-Yarrow 3:32
Wings Of Time Yarrow-Yarrow 4:10
Don't Ever Take Away My Freedom Yarrow 4:37
Side Two
Side Road Yarrow 2:52
Tall Pine Trees Yarrow 4:17
Greenwood Yarrow 3:42
Beautiful City Mezzetti-Yarrow 3:15
Plato's Song Mezzetti-Yarrow 2:56
Weave Me The Sunshine Yarrow 4:24
Peter Yarrow-vocals, guitar
John Till-guitar
Ken Pearson-organ
Bob Boucher, Russ Savakus-bass
Clark Pierson-drums
Billy Mundi-drums, percussion
Paul Butterfield-harmonica
Edd Kalehoff-synthesizer
Dominick Cortese-accordion
Airto Moreira-percussion
§Cover Design-Milton Glaser
Produced by: Milt Okun, Phil Ramone



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