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Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Isley Brothers
Testify (Part I) / Testify (Part II)
Isleys (2:53) / Isleys (3:06)
T-Neck 45-501, 6/64

Early Jimi

Above is the first single that Jimi played on during his time with The Isley Brothers. He played (and recorded) with Don Covay, Little Richard, and Jayne Mansfield to name drop a few. Rather than clutter up this page with all those 45s, please see this fine list at 45cat . It includes singles that he produced or were otherwise involved with.
You can also check this excellent website that catalogs all the early Jimi items (and busts a few myths): EarlyHendrix

You won't see all the crap LPs issued that "feature" Jimi Hendrix here. They're on Discogs , if you're interested.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience Alpha Listing
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
Hey Joe / Stone Free
Trad (3:27) / Hendrix (3:33)
Polydor 56139 [UK], 12/66 T20

The first Jimi Hendrix single. We wouldn't get Stone Free until Smash Hits in 69


Hey Joe / 51st Anniversary¹
Roberts (3:23) / Hendrix (3:17)
Reprise 0572, 5/67

Monterey International Pop Festival(6/18/67)
Purple Haze / The Wind Cries Mary
Hendrix (2:46) / Hendrix (3:21)
Reprise 0597, 6/67 BB T20 / T20

Mary was a separate single in the UK

Are You Experienced
Reprise RS-6261
8/23/67 T20 RS500 [UK: 5/12/67] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

UK Labels

Red indicates tracks replaced on US version
Side One
Purple Haze Hendrix 2:46
Manic Depression Hendrix 3:30
Hey Joe Roberts 3:23
Love Or Confusion Hendrix 3:15
May This Be Love Hendrix 2:55
I Don't Live Today Hendrix 3:55
Side Two
The Wind Cries Mary Hendrix 3:21
Fire Hendrix 2:34
Third Stone From The Sun Hendrix 6:40
Foxey Lady Hendrix 3:15
Are You Experienced Hendrix 3:55
Jimi Hendrix-guitar, vocals
Noel Redding-bass, vocals
Mitch Mitchell-drums
The Breakaways-backing vocal (Hey Joe)
§US Cover Photo-Karl Ferris; UK Cover Photo-Bruce Flemming
Produced by: Chas Chandler

Note: The UK version (with different artwork and track line-ups—see notes) was released in May—we had to wait until the end of summer.
The UK albm was issued in mono only—no stereo until the Nov 1970 reissue as part of the Backtrack series.
The album flirted with the Billboard Top 10 Album charts hitting #7 several times (12/16, 3/2, 6/22, and 7/27) before topping out at #5.

Foxey Lady / Hey Joe
Hendrix (3:15) / Roberts (3:23)
Reprise 0641, 11/67 BB


Axis: Bold As Love
Reprise RS-6281
1/15/68 T20 RS500 [UK: 12/1/67] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Inside Cover

UK Lyric Insert

Side One
EXP Hendrix 1:55
Up From The Skies Hendrix 2:55
Spanish Castle Magic Hendrix 3:00
Wait Until Tomorrow Hendrix 3:00
Ain't No Telling Hendrix 1:46
Little Wing Hendrix 2:24
If 6 Was 9 Hendrix 5:32
Side Two
You Got Me Floatin' Hendrix 2:45
Castles Made Of Sand Hendrix 2:46
She's So Fine Redding 2:37
One Rainy Wish Hendrix 3:40
Little Miss Lover Hendrix 2:20
Bold As Love Hendrix 4:09
Jimi Hendrix-guitar, piano, recorder, glockenspiel (Little Wing), harpsichord (Bold As Love), Mr Paul Caruso (EXP), vocals
Noel Redding-bass, vocal (She's So Fine)
Mitch Mitchell-drums, DJ (EXP)
Roy Wood, Trevor Burton, and Graham Nash-backing vocal (You've Got Me Floatin') [uncredited]
§Cover Art-David King, Roger Law
Produced by: Chas Chandler


Up From The Skies / One Rainy Wish
Hendrix (2:55) / Hendrix (3:40)
Reprise 0665, 2/68 BB

Miami Pop Festival(5/18/68)
 ➜ Miami Pop Festival; released 2013: Miami Pop Festival 
Note: "Awww, shucks!" Sunday's show was cancelled due to rain—Jimi wrote Rainy Day, Dream Away that day.

All Along The Watchtower / Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Dylan (4:01) / Hendrix (3:40)
Reprise 0742, 9/68 T20 T20 / T20

Lamp was a separate single in the UK

Electric Ladyland
Reprise 2RS-6307
10/16/68  #1  RS500 [UK: 10/25/68] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Desired Cover Photo

Linda Easrman's photo--see note below
UK Full Cover

Jimi hated this cover--see note below
UK Inside Cover

UK Part 1 Front Cover

Part One: Sides Three & Four
UK Part 1 Back Cover

UK Part 2 Front Cover

Part Two: Sides One & Two
UK Part 2 Back Cover

Side One
...And the Gods Made Love Hendrix 1:21
Have You Ever Been To Electric Ladyland? Hendrix 2:12
Crosstown Traffic Hendrix 2:25
Voodoo Chile Hendrix 15:05
Side Two
Little Miss Strange Redding 2:50
Long Hot Summer Night Hendrix 3:30
Come On, Part 1 King 4:10
Gypsy Eyes Hendrix 3:46
Burning Of The Midnight Lamp Hendrix 3:44
Side Three
Rainy Day, Dream Away Hendrix 3:43
1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) Hendrix 13:46
Moon, Turn the Tides... gently gently away Hendrix 1:01
Side Four
Still Raining, Still Dreaming Hendrix 4:24
House Burning Down Hendrix 4:35
All Along The Watchtower Dylan 4:01
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Hendrix 5:14
Jimi Hendrix-lead vocals, guitar, piano, percussion, comb and tissue paper kazoo, electric harpsichord, bass
Noel Redding-bass, acoustic guitar and lead vocals (Little Miss Strange)
Mitch Mitchell-drums
Jack Casady-bass (Voodoo Chile)
Steve Winwood-organ (Voodoo Chile)
Al Kooper-piano, organ (Long Hot Summer Night)
Chris Wood-flute (1983...)
Dave Mason-guitar (All Along The Watchtower)
Mike Finnigan-organ, bass (Rainy Day, Still Raining)
Mike Mandel-piano (Rainy Day, Still Raining)
Buddy Miles-drums (Rainy Day, Still Raining)
Fred Smith-sax (Rainy Day, Still Raining)
The Sweet Inspirations-vocals (Burning Of The Midnight Lamp)
§Cover Photo-David Montgomery; UK Vol 1 Cover Art-David Montgomery
Produced by: Jimi Hendrix

Note: This cover tells quite a story! Jimi wanted one of Linda Eastman's photos of the group with kids playing on the famous "Alice In
Wonderland" sculpture in Central Park. It now graces the 50th anniversary edition. And the UK cover was not to his liking, either.
Read about the cover brew-haha here: Far Out
In the UK, you could purchase each record individually—see the last four BRG notes. The French cover was unique, too—use the Discogs link.

Crosstown Traffic / Gypsy Eyes
Hendrix (2:18) / Hendrix (3:42)
Reprise 0798, 11/68 BB UK

Rock 'N' Roll Circus: never aired (filmed 12/11/68)
Mitch joins The Stones & Friends to record TV special—never aired (now on DVD).
Monterey Pop(12/26/68)
First and best rockumentary on festivals
The Lulu Show: "Hey Joe, Jam , BBC-TV, 1/4/69
The Experience fire up Lulu's show—and Jimi gets banned for life
(and inspires another Elvis many years later).
Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(5/25/69) Noel Redding also plays with Fat Matrress
Newport 69(6/20/69)
Denver Pop Festival(6/29/69) last concert with The Experience
Jimi tires of Experience, works on new recording studio (Electric Lady in NYC—still active) and sound
Produces Eire Apparent & Cat Mother albums, summer 69
Easy Rider(7/14/69)
Great soundtrack album!

Smash Hits
Reprise MS-2025
7/30/69 T20 [UK: 4/68] T20
Back Cover

Cowboy Poster

UK Back Cover

Side One
Purple Haze Hendrix 2:46
Fire Hendrix 2:34
The Wind Cries Mary Hendrix 3:21
Can You See Me (UK 1st LP, 5/67) Hendrix 2:31
Hey Joe Roberts 3:23
All Along The Watchtower Dylan 4:01
Side Two
Stone Free (First UK 45, 12/66) Hendrix 3:33
Crosstown Traffic Hendrix 2:15
Manic Depression Hendrix 3:30
Remember (UK 1st LP) Hendrix 2:47
Red House (UK 1st LP) Hendrix 3:48
Foxey Lady Hendrix 3:15
Jimi Hendrix-guitar, vocals
Noel Redding-bass, vocals
Mitch Mitchell-drums
§Cover Photo-Dezo Hoffmann
Produced by: Chas Chandler, Jimi Hendrix

Note: Included for the poster (note 2) and the great UK tracks. Including the greatest Experience rock song ever record:
Stone Free "Turn me loose baby" and plenty of cowbell. The 69 version pales in comparison.
And the greatest Experience blues song ever record:
Red House "That's allright, I still got my guitar—look out now" "I know her sister will"

Gypsy Sun And Rainbows

During a stay near Woodstock, NY, Jimi puts together his new band (shortened to Band Of Gypsys), with old Army buddy Billy Cox on bass, rhythm guitarist Larry Lee, and conga players Juma Sultan and Jerry Velez; whilst keeping Mitch. They rehearsed for two weeks before playing their first gig at some farm in upstate New York.

By New Year's Eve, the band was down to Billy and newly recruited Buddy Miles on drums. But that only lasted until the disastrous Winter Festival For Peace gig at the end of the month.

Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/17/69) Band Of Gypsys
Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/30/69) Fat Mattress
Stone Free / If 6 Was 9
Hendrix (3:33) / Hendrix (5:32)
Reprise 0853, 9/69

Stone Free is the 1966 recording from Smash Hits

Fat Mattress
Atco SD 33-309
10/69 BB [UK: 8/69]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Fold Out Cover

UK Fold Out Cover Inside

Side One
All Night Drinker Landon-Leverton 3:09
I Don't Mind Landon-Redding 3:45
Bright New Day Landon-Leverton 3:48
Petrol Pump Assistant Landon-Redding 2:58
Mr Moonshine Landon-Redding 4:03
Side Two
Magic Forest Landon-Leverton 3:03
She Came in the Morning Landon 4:00
Everything Blue Redding 2:43
Walking Through A Garden Redding 3:19
How Can I Live Landon-Redding 4:25
Neil Landon-lead vocals
Noel Redding-guitar, vocals
Jim Leverton-bass, organ, harpsichord, vocals
Eric Dillon-drums, percussion
Chris Wood-flute (All Night Drinker)
Jimi Hendrix-percussion (How Can I Live) [uncredited]
Mitch Mitchell-drums, percussion (How Can I Live) [uncredited]
§Cover Photo-Gered Mankowitz
Produced by: Fat Mattress


Winter Festival For Peace(1/28/70) Band Of Gypsys

Buddy Miles back to his own group

Band Of Gypsys
Capitol STAO-472
3/25/70 T20 [UK: 6/70] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK #1 Front "Puppets" Cover

That's Brian Jones, John Peel, and Bob Dylan - in puppet form
UK #2 Back "Puppets" Cover

Cover was withdrawn and replaced
UK #2 Full Cover

UK @2 Inside Cover

Side One
Who Knows? Hendrix 9:34
Machine Gun Hendrix 12:38
Side Two
Changes Miles 5:11
Power To Love Hendrix 6:55
Message To Love Hendrix 5:24
We Gotta Live Together Miles 5:51
Jimi Hendrix-guitar, vocals
Billy Cox-bass
Buddy Miles-drums, vocals
§Cover Photo-Jan Blom; UK Puppets-Saskia De Boer, Photos-Peter Sanders; UK #2 Photo-Peter Sanders
Produced by: Jimi Hendrix

Note: Recorded live at The Fillmore East, 12/31/69-1/1/70. A more complete version was released on CD in 1999.
UK covers: Puppets first issue, Gatefold second (photo from Isle Of Wight concert).

From Richie to Jimi—3 days of music, mud, and meandering
Stepping Stone¹ / Izabella¹
Hendrix (4:05) / Hendrix (2:51)
Reprise 0905, 4/70

as by Hendrix Band Of Gypsys
Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/4/70) Band Of Gypsys
New York Pop(7/17/70) Band Of Gypsys
Isle of Wight Festival(8/30/70) Band Of Gypsys
Jimi Hendrix 9/18/70, London, drug overdose
What followed with his uncompleted recordings was a travesty

Fat Mattress 2
Atco SD 33-347
11/70 [UK: 10/70]
Back Cover

Side One
The Storm Landon-Leverton 4:13
Any Way You Want† Landon-Leverton-Redding 3:47
Leafy Lanes Landon-Leverton 2:50
Naturally† Landon-Leverton 3:02
Roamin'† Landon-Leverton 4:24
Side Two
Happy My Love† Landon-Leverton 3:43
Childhood Dreams Landon-Leverton 3:23
She Landon 2:32
Highway Landon-Leverton 4:24
At The Ball† Landon-Redding 4:11
People† Landon-Redding 4:01
Neil Landon-vocals
Steve Hammond-guitar
Mick Weaver-keyboards
Jimmy Leverton-bass, vocals
Eric Dillon-drums, percussion
Noel Redding-guitar†
§Cover Design-Hamish & Gustav
Produced by: Fat Mattress

Note: Noel Redding quit halfway through recording the album to join US group Road.

Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies, 3/70
Non-lp single: Stepping Stone

The Cry Of Love
Reprise MS-2034
2/71 T20 [UK: 3/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Freedom Hendrix 3:24
Drifting Hendrix 3:46
Ezy Ryder Hendrix 4:09
Night Bird Flying Hendrix 3:50
My Friend Hendrix 4:40
Side Two
Straight Ahead Hendrix 4:42
Astro Man Hendrix 3:37
Angel Hendrix 4:25
In From The Storm Hendrix 3:42
Belly Button Window Hendrix 3:34
Jimi Hendrix-guitar, vocals
Billy Cox-bass (except My Friend)
Mitch Mitchell-drums
Buzzy Linhart-vibes (Drifting)
Buddy Miles-drums (Ezy Rider)
Steve Winwood & Chris Wood-vocals (Ezy Rider)
The Ghetto Fighters-vocals (Freedom)
Emmeretta Marks-vocals (In From The Storm)
on My Friend (recorded 3/68):
Kenny Pine-12-string guitar
Stephen Stills-piano
Noel Redding-bass
Jimmy Mayes-drums
Paul Caruso-harmonica
§Cover Photo-Victor Kahn
Produced by: Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell, Eddie Kramer

Note: Most of this album was mixed and ready when Jimi died. Eddie Kramer and Mitch Mitchell
finished and mixed Drifting, My Friend, In From The Storm, and Angel (source ).
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you—Ken Pine is from The Fugs

Freedom / Angel
Hendrix (3:24) / Hendrix (4:25)
Reprise 1000, 3/71 BB


Rainbow Bridge
Reprise MS-2040
10/71 T20 [UK: 11/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Dolly Dagger a Hendrix 4:45
Earth Blues a Hendrix 4:20
Pali Gap a Hendrix 5:05
Room Full Of Mirrors b Hendrix 3:17
The Star Spangled Banner arr Hendrix 4:07
Side Two
Look Over Yonder c Hendrix 3:28
Hear My Train A Comin' a Hendrix 11:15
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) a Hendrix 6:05
Jimi Hendrix-guitar, vocals
Billy Cox-bass
Mitch Mitchell-drums
Juma Edwards-percussion
The Ronettes-vocals
Ghetto Fighters-vocals
Jimi Hendrix-guitar, vocals
Billy Cox-bass
Buddy Miles - drums
Jimi Hendrix-guitar, vocals
Noel Redding-bass
Mitch Mitchell-drums
§Cover Photo-Daniel Tahaney
Produced by: Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell, Eddie Kramer

Note: Here My Train recorded live at Berkeley Community Theatre, 5/30/70
Movie did not open until May, 1972

Dolly Dagger / Star-Spangled Banner
Hendrix (4:45) / arr Hendrix (4:07)
Reprise 1044, 10/71 BB

from movie soundtrack, Rainbow Bridge


Go west, young man

Jimi's posthumous releases were a travesty of reworked unfinished recordings.

This one, however, was actually pretty good. Several tracks with ye olde Experience and the rest with some gypsys. Red House is sublime (from same concert as Hear My Train A Comin' above).

Over the years, many, many, many more live Hendrix recordings would be foisted onto the public. Some great, some just good.

In The West
Reprise MS-2049
2/72 T20 [UK: 2/72] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
The Queen (British National Anthem)/Sergeant Pepper's
  Lonely Hearts Club Band
Trad/Lennon-McCartney 4:02
Little Wing Hendrix 3:13
Red House Hendrix 13:12
Side Two
Johnny B Goode Berry 4:45
Lover Man Hendrix 3:05
Blue Suede Shoes Perkins 4:31
Voodoo Chile Hendrix 7:55
Jimi Hendrix-guitar, vocals
with Band Of Gypsys:
Billy Cox-bass
Mitch Mitchell-drums
Little Wing, Red House, Voodo Chile
with The Experience
Noel Redding-bass
Mitch Mitchell-drums
§Cover Photo-Jim Marshall
Produced by: Eddie Kramer, John Jansen

Little Wing, Voodoo Chile* Recorded at Royal Albert Hall, London, February 24, 1969
Red House Recorded at the San Diego Sports Arena, May 24, 1969
Johnny B Goode, Lover Man, Blue Suede Shoes Recorded at the Berkeley Community Center, Berkeley, May 30, 1970
The Queen and Sergeant Pepper's recorded at The Isle Of Wight, August 30, 1970
*original album incorrectly states San Diego Sports Arena - fixed that fer ya.



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