Warner/Reprise Loss Leaders
What a deal! A buck a record for great (and sometimes rare) tracks from artists you love, mixed with artists you never heard of before. Warners/Reprise issued these great samplers (known as the The Loss Leaders) from 1969-1980 in the hopes that you'd want to hear more of the unfamilar artists (i.e. buy their records). You can see one of the printed ads if you click the "golden note" on the second record. I still treasure my copies.

The tracks highlighted in green are the rare/unissued tracks (at that time) that music geeks like me soaked up (some of the other tracks might also fit this category). Some of these are still hard to find! Note that the release dates are the dates the ads appeared in Rolling Stone magazine. Check out the link at the bottom for the complete story.

Be sure to visit Willard's Wormhole for complete hi-rez album graphics and a swell PDF index (compiled by this here web author). All of the Loss Leaders are there (35 sets, 1969-1980). Update 5/17/2016: Willard has closed the Wormhole.

2020 Update: It's been several years since the Wormhole was closed (miss that site). Managed to find the files that went along with Willard's presentation of the records. First is the 40-page booklet with Willard providing the commentary (and me the layout). We decided to make a separate 16-page index booklet as there were too many artists/songs in the series to squeeze into the regular booklet. Both PDFs cover the complete series (1969-80). Check them out—they're free and fabulous:

Warner/Reprise Loss Leaders Booklet
Warner/Reprise Loss Leaders Big Index

The link for 45Cat at the bottom actually goes to a list of these records at 45Worlds (mother site). Most of the interior booklets are there for reading. Thanks ajtharp! Likewise, swagski put together a similar list at Discogs.

V2.5 Update: No UK releases of these albums.

2022 Update: Read the original Wormhole story at web archive . Links to the actual files no longer work, but the history is fascinating.

The 1969 Warner/Reprise Songbook
Warner Bros PRO-331
Back Cover

Side One
Wild Man Fischer Songs for Sale 0:29
Jethro Tull My Sunday Feeling 3:38
The Pentangle Sweet Child 5:10
Van Morrison Slim Slow Slider 3:20
Family Second Generation Woman 3:19
Neil Young I've Been Waiting For You 2:30
Tom Northcott Sunny Goodge Street (1) 3:15
Side Two
Wild Man Fischer Songs for Sale 0:15
The Everly Brothers T for Texas 3:25
The Everly Brothers Lord of the Manor (1) 4:45
Van Dyke Parks The All Golden 3:12
Van Dyke Parks Music for a Datsun TV commercial (3) 0:58
Sal Valentino Alligator Man (2) 2:37
The Beau Brummels Deep Water 2:29
Randy Newman Davy the Fat Boy 2:50
Side Three
Tiny Tim Mr Tim Laughs (2) 0:25
The Mothers of Invention The Voice of Cheese; Louie Louie; Our Bizarre Relationship (4) 4:13
The Mothers of Invention The Air 2:57
The Fugs The Divine Toe (Part I)/Grope Need (Part I)/Tuli, Visited by the Ghost of Plotinus/More Grope Need (Grope Need-Part II)/Robinson Crusoe/The National Haiku Contest/The Divine Toe (Part II) (4) 3:02
The Fugs Wide, Wide River 2:47
Arlo Guthrie The Pause of Mr Claus 7:50
Side Four
Sweetwater Why Oh Why 3:00
Joni Mitchell Nathan La Franeer 3:13
Eric Andersen So Good to Be With You 3:08
The Electric Prunes Finders Keepers (2) 3:00
The Kinks Picture Book 2:34
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Red House 3:45
Miriam Makeba I Shall Be Released 2:55
Wild Man Fischer Songs for Sale 0:17

§Cover Art-H Fujita

(1) Non-LP 45
(2) prev unreleased
(3) TV commercial track
(4) Unique mix for this album

October 10, 1969
Warner Bros PRO-351
Back Cover

Side One
Norman Greenbaum Spirit In The Sky 3:57
Levitt & McClure Reflections 2:42
Denny Brooks I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free 3:28
Ruthann Friedman People 3:40
The Kinks Shangri-la 5:17
Side Two
Frank Zappa Peaches en Regalia 3:58
Fleetwood Mac Rattlesnake Shake 3:30
Eric Andersen Lie With Me 2:25
The Fifth Avenue Band Fast Freight 3:37
The Mike Post Coalition Bubble Gum Breakthrough 3:31


The 1969 Warner/Reprise Record Show
Warner Bros PRO-336
Back Cover

Ad for Record Show

Side One: Warner/Reprise's Country & Western, Cowboy Provincial, And Twangy Americana Side;
Or Jumpin' On The Country Bandwagon With Warner/Reprise
Neil Young (With Crazy Horse) Cinnamon Girl 2:58
Grateful Dead Doin' That Rag (abridged)³ 2:20
Geoff & Maria Muldaur All Bowed Down (2) 2:42
The Everly Brothers Empty Boxes (1) 2:40
Doug Kershaw Son Of A Louisiana Man 2:14
David Blue Atlanta Farewell (abridged)³ 1:47
Arlo Guthrie Every Hand in the Land 2:19
The Blue Velvet Band Weary Blues from Waitin' 3:02
Side Two: Warner/Reprise's Soft Arty Underbelly Side: A Collection Of Unamplified And Other Delights
Theo Bikel Piggies 3:16
Joni Mitchell My American Skirt (4) 0:40
Joni Mitchell The Fiddle And The Drum 2:45
John Renbourn Transfusion 1:58
Bert Jansch Poison 3:13
The Pentangle Once I Had A Sweetheart 4:40
Joni Mitchell Spoony's Wonderful Adventure (4) 0:40
Peter, Paul & Mary Going To The Zoo 3:09
Side Three: The Many Faces Of Pop
Sweetwater Day Song 1:45
Louie Shelton A Walk In The Country 1:58
Lorraine Ellison Stay With Me 3:29
Van Dyke Parks Music For Ice Capades TV commercials (3) 2:00
Randy Newman Yellow Man 2:13
Pearls Before Swine These Things Too 3:24
Hamilton Camp Star Spangled Bus (2) 2:34
Ella Fitzgerald The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game 2:55
Side Four: The Irreverent Hippie-Creep And Rock 'N' Roll Side
The Fugs Yodellin' Yippie 2:14
The Mothers Electric Aunt Jemima 1:58
Jethro Tull Fat Man 2:48
Mephistopheles Take A Jet 2:39
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Stone Free 3:33
The Kinks Nothing To Say 3:15
Fats Domino Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (1) 2:30

§Cover Art-Teresa Woodward

(1) Non-LP 45
(2) prev unreleased
(3) TV commercial track
(4) live Carnegie Hall, 1969, prev unreleased

The Big Ball
Warner Bros PRO-358
Full Cover

Side One
The Fifth Avenue Band Nice Folks 2:25
John Sebastian Red-Eye Express 2:53
The Beach Boys This Whole World 1:55
Geoff & Maria Muldaur New Orleans Hopscop Blues 2:45
Arlo Guthrie Coming Into Los Angeles 3:08
Eric Andersen I Was The Rebel, She Was The Cause 2:34
Norman Greenbaum Jubilee 2:56
Savage Grace Ivy 4:00
Side Two
Van Morrison Caravan 4:57
Fleetwood Mac Oh Well (Parts 1 & 2) (1) 9:00
The Pentangle Sally Go Round The Roses 3:36
Jethro Tull Nothing Is Easy 4:20
Small Faces Flying 4:12
Family No Mule's Fool 3:14
The Kinks When I Turn Out The Living Room Light (1) 2:15
Side Three
The Everly Brothers I'm On My Way Home Again (1) 2:25
Tim Buckley Happy Time 3:15
Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi 2:16
Neil Young The Loner 3:55
Gordon Lightfoot Approaching Lavender 2:56
Randy Newman Mama Told Me Not To Come 2:12
James Taylor Fire And Rain 3:20
Dion Sit Down Old Friend 3:22
Side Two
Ed Sanders The Illiad 4:05
The GTO's Kansas And The GTO's 1:13
The GTO's The Captain's Fat Theresa Shoes 2:35
Captain Beefheart Ella Guru 2:23
The GTO's The Original GTO's 1:06
The Mothers Of Invention WPLJ 3:02
Wild Man Fischer The Taster; The Story Of The Taster 2:55
Pearls Before Swine Footnote 1:16
Grateful Dead Turn On Your Love Light (abridged) 6:30

§Cover Photo-Rod Dyer

(1) Non-LP 45
(2) prev unreleased

Note: The following are slightly outta order cause they were changed mid-stream.

Zappéd (1st version)
Warner Bros PRO-368
Back Cover

Side One
Alice Cooper Titanic Overture 1:09
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band The Blimp (Mousetrapreplica) 2:04
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester Horses On A Stick 2:10
Tim Buckley I Must Have Been Blind 3:40
Wild Man Fischer Merry-Go-Round 1:56
Alice Cooper Reflected 3:10
Tim Dawe Little Boy Blue 2:15
Lord Buckley The Train 2:24
Side Two
Jeff Simmons Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up 3:14
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Old Fart At Play 1:54
The Mothers Of Invention Valarie 2:15
The GTO's Do Me In Once And I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I'll Know Better (Circular Circulation) 2:19
Frank Zappa Willie The Pimp 9:25

§Cover Art-Nancy Chester

Note: Possibly to feature new tracks, the above record was reissued with a new cover and the following changes:

Zapped (2nd version)
Warner Bros PRO-368
Back Cover

Side One
Alice Cooper Titanic Overture 1:09
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band The Blimp (Mousetrapreplica) 2:04
*Judy Henske & Jerry Yester St Nicholas Hall 3:41
Tim Buckley I Must Have Been Blind 3:40
Wild Man Fischer Merry-Go-Round 1:56
*Alice Cooper Refrigerator Heaven 2:17
Tim Dawe Little Boy Blue 2:15
*Lord Buckley Governor Slugwell 5:02
Side Two
Jeff Simmons Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up 3:14
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Old Fart At Play 1:54
*The Mothers Of Invention Holiday In Berlin, Full Blown 6:27
The GTO's Do Me In Once And I'll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I'll Know Better (Circular Circulation) 2:19
Frank Zappa Willie The Pimp 9:25

§Cover Photo-Bruce Linton

Notes: *Changed tracks

Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies
Warner Bros PRO-423
Back Cover

Side One
Radio Spot It's The Plastic 1:00
Faces Real Good Time (2) 3:59
Black Sabbath Paranoid 2:50
Little Feat Strawberry Flats 2:21
Hard Meat Smile As You Go Under 3:04
Fleetwood Mac Tell Me All the Things You Do 4:10
Jimi Hendrix Stepping Stone (1) 4:05
Side Two
John Simon The Elves' Song (1) 4:32
Ry Cooder Alimony 2:11
Randy Newman Let's Burn Down The Cornfield 3:03
Gordon Lightfoot Me And Bobby McGee 3:38
Jimmy Webb PF Sloan 4:00
Performance Harry Flowers 4:00
Side Three
Radio Spot Chip Dip 1:00
Little Richard I Saw Her Standing There 2:37
Grateful Dead Sugar Magnolia 3:15
Van Morrison Call Me Up In Dreamland 3:52
The Kinks Apeman 4:06
Arlo Guthrie Valley To Pray 2:47
The Beach Boys It's About Time 2:56
Side Four
The Youngbloods It's A Lovely Day 2:35
Jeffrey Cain Houndog Turkey (1) 2:56
Lovecraft Love Has Come To Me 3:11
Sweetwater Just For You 9:20
Side Five
Captain Beefheart Lick My Decals Off, Baby 2:38
The Mothers Of Invention Directly From My Heart To You 5:17
Alice Cooper Return Of The Spiders 4:25
Frank Zappa Would You Go All the Way? 2:30
Beaver & Krause Spaced 3:51
Pearls Before Swine The Jeweler 2:40
Side Six
Beaver & Krause Sanctuary 1:43
James Taylor Lo And Behold 2:34
Harpers Bizarre If We Ever Needed The Lord Before (1) 2:57
Van Dyke Parks On The Rolling Sea When Jesus Speaks To Me (1) 2:25
The Persuasions It's All Right 3:25
Turley Richards I Heard The Voice Of Jesus 7:05

§Cover Art-Dave Willardson

(1) Non-LP 45
(2) 45 version

Non-Dairy Creamer
Warner Bros PRO-443
Back Cover

Side One
Little Feat Snakes On Everything 3:04
Rosebud Panama 3:02
Peter Green Hidden Depth 4:58
Curved Air It Happened Today 4:55
Tony Joe White Five Summers For Jimmy 3:44
Side Two
John & Beverley Martyn Primrose Hill 2:53
Ohio Knox Pound Or My Dog Dad For Robert Downey (A Prince) 3:00
Jeffrey Cain Mr Governor (1) 2:38
Zephyr Going Back To Colorado 2:48
Ron Nagle Family Style 2:40
Brownsville Station Rumble 3:07

§Cover Photo-Ed Thrasher

(1) Non-LP 45

Hot Platters
Warner Bros PRO-474
Back Cover

Side One: Rock Salad
Deep Purple Strange Kind Of Woman 4:03
John Baldry It Ain't Easy 4:48
Labelle Shades Of Difference 3:18
Redeye Beginning To End 2:34
T Rex Hot Love (1) 4:53
Side Two: Stout-Hearted Stew
Randy Newman Last Night I Had A Dream 1:47
Jackie Lomax Helluva Woman 3:08
Paul Stookey Sebastian 4:08
Norman Greenbaum Circulate (1) 3:06
Ron Nagle Marijuana Hell 2:54
Gordon Lightfoot 10 Degrees And Getting Colder 2:40
Side Three: Kin Casserole
The Beach Boys Feel Flows 4:44
Fanny Soul Child 3:41
The Kinks Animals In The Zoo (2) 2:18
The Stovall Sisters Spirit In The Sky 2:55
Rosebud Lullabye II (Summer Carol) 2:30
Side Four: Blue Plate Special
Ry Cooder On A Monday (1) 2:49
Big Mama Thornton One More River 2:29
John D Loudermilk Tobacco Road 2:59
Beaver & Krause Walkin' By The River 2:40
Ronnie Milsap Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends 2:57
Mother Earth Bring Me Home 3:25

§Cover Art-John Van Hamersveld

(1) Non-LP 45
(2) prev unreleased

Warner Bros PRO-486
Back Cover

Side One
Mary Travers Circus 3:16
The Doobie Brothers Slippery St Paul 2:14
Jackie Lomax A Hundred Mountains 3:25
Stoneground Rainy Day In June 2:38
Mother Earth Temptation Took Control Of Me And I Fell 3:21
Side Two
Faces Tell Everyone 4:22
Earth, Wind & Fire Help Somebody 3:34
John Baldry Let's Burn Down The Cornfield 4:12
Crazy Horse Dirty, Dirty 3:30
Alice Cooper Long Way To Go 3:01
T Rex Is It Love? 2:32

§12" Ball Of String-Mrs Florence Charles


Note: Series continued until 1980. Check the links (or the PDFs at the top) for the rest.

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