The Fugs
Tuli Kupferberg ♦ Ed Sanders 

The Village Fugs-Ballads And Songs Of Contemporary Protest, Points Of View And General Dissatisfaction
Broadside/Folkways 304
11/65 [UK: N/R]
ESP Reissue Cover

ESP Reissue Cover

4-page Booklet Cover

Italian Cover

Side One
Slum Goddess Weaver 1:58
Ah, Sunflower Weary Of Time Blake-Sanders 2:15
Supergirl Kupferberg 2:18
Swinburne Stomp Sanders-Swinburne 2:50
I Couldn't Get High Weaver 2:06
Side Two
How Sweet I Roamed From Field To Field Blake-Sanders 2:11
Seize The Day Kupferberg 5:07
My Baby Done Left Me Sanders 2:18
Boobs A Lot Weber 2:12
Nothing Kupferberg 4:15
Ed Sanders-vocals, producer
Tuli Kupferberg-vocals
Ken Weaver-drums, conga, vocals
Peter Stampfel-fiddle, harmonica, vocals
Vinny Leary-guitar, vocals
Steve Weber-guitar, vocals
John Anderson-bass, vocals
§Cover Design-Ronald Clyne; ESP Disc Cover Photo-David Gahr
Produced by: Harold Smith & Ed Sanders

Note: Album came with a 4-page insert with info and lyrics—see them at Discogs (click see more images).
Reissued in early 1966 as ESP Disk 1018 (see notes) with some changes to tracks.

Frenzy / I Want To Know
Sanders (1:59) / Sanders-Olson (2:00)
ESP 4507, ?/66


Stampfel & Weber back to Holy Modal Rounders

The Fugs
ESP Disk 1028
3/66 BB [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Alternate Color Cover

Alternate Back Cover

Side One
Frenzy Sanders 2:00
I Want To Know Olson-Sanders 2:00
Skin Flowers Kearney-Sanders 2:20
Group Grope Sanders 3:40
Coming Down Sanders 3:46
Dirty Old Man Goldbart-Sanders 2:49
Side Two
Kill For Peace Kupferberg 2:07
Morning Morning Kupferberg 2:07
Doin' All Right Berrigan-Crabtree-Leary 2:37
Virgin Forest
   Out Of Chaos
   Birth Of Aphrodite
   Structured Investigation Of Rousseau
   Gobble Chorus
   Dance Of The Freak-Gropers
   Burroughsian Time Grid
   The Theme Of The Virgin Forest
   Death, Stay Thy Phantoms
Alderson-Crabtree-Sanders 11:09
Ed Sanders-percussion, vocals
Tuli Kupferberg-percussion, vocals
Ken Weaver-drums, vocals
Lee Crabtree-keyboards, percussion, vocals
John Anderson-bass, vocals
Vinnie Leary-guitar, vocals
Pete Kearney-guitar
Betsy Klein-vocals
§Cover Photo-Jim Nelson
Produced by: Ed Sanders, Richard Alderson

Note: Liner notes by Allen Ginsburg

Kill For Peace / Morning Morning
Kupferberg (2:07) / Kupferberg (2:07)
ESP 4508, ?/66


No Deposit No Return
ESP Disk ESP-1035
5/66 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Pubol - 2:16
Social Studies - 2:22
The Hidden Dissuadors - 2:31
Lifetime Guarantee - 0:39
The Art Scene - 2:45
Want Ads 1 - 4:08
Purina - 0:38
Lanoflo - 3:28
Side Two
The Hyperemiator - 6:32
The Sap Glove - 2:02
The Bunny Mother - 1:46
Auto-Da-Fe - 2:03
Fields Matrimonial Service - 2:33
Want Ads 2 - 4:25
Howard Johnson's Army - 4:22
No Deposit, No Return - 1:09
Tuli Kupferberg-recitations
Gary Elton-various effects
§Art Direction-Bert Glassberg
Produced by:

Note: As printed on the album jacket:
An album of Popular Poetry. Pop Poetry. Real Advertisments. As they appeared in Newspapers, magazines, direct mail.
No word has been added. There (sic) are genuine ads. Parts of some ads have been repeated. Parts of some ads have been omitted.
But these are the very texts. These are for real! Many of these were first reprinted in Yeah.

Virgin Fugs
6/66 BB [UK: 7/69]
Back Cover

Insert One

fold where indicated
Insert Two

for pinbacks
Flip Book

Tuli strips
Side One
We're The Fugs Sanders 1:09
New Amphetamine Shriek Stampfel 2:18
Saran Wrap Sanders 1:12
The Ten Commandments Kupferberg 2:50
Hallucination Horrors Kupferberg 2:03
I Command The House Of The Devil Sanders 3:22
Side Two
C I A Man Kupferberg 2:49
Coca Cola Douche Kupferberg 1:25
My Bed Is Getting Crowded Kupferberg 2:30
Caca Rocka Kupferberg 2:30
I Saw The Best Minds Of My Generation Rot Ginsberg-Sanders 4:43
Ed Sanders-percussion, vocals
Tuli Kupferberg-percussion, vocals
Ken Weaver-drums, vocals
Peter Stampfel-banjo, guitar, harmonica, fiddle, vocals
Lee Crabtree-keyboards, percussion, vocals
Vinnie Leary-guitar, vocals
Steve Weber-guitar, vocals
John Anderson-bass, vocals
§Cover Photo-Peter Rosenberg
Produced by:

Note: This was a collection of outtakes and other junk laying around the cutting room floor from the 1965 sessions.
First issues included some wacky stuff (see last 3 notes).
The Fugs were none too happy about this album.
First they signed a contract with Atlantic Records, but Ahmet Ertugen was aghast at the resulting recording and sent them on their way.
So, they signed with Frank Sinatra's Reprise Records. Cool dude, Frankie.

They take part in a recording for The East Village Other ESP album, 9/66
TV Guide Listing

=KQED, San Francisco
David Suskind Show: "Broad range of discussions" 4/11/67, Syndicated (by Metromedia)
Not sure of the original date of b'cast, as this episode appears often. KQED picked this up sans commercials as filler.

Ken Pine joins to fill out the sound

Tenderness Junction
Reprise RS-6280
1/68 [UK: 9/68]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out Leary-Sanders-Weaver 4:32
Knock Knock Sanders 4:12
The Garden Is Open Kupferberg 6:02
Wet Dream Sanders 3:16
Hare Krishna Ginsberg-Zeus 3:21
Side Two
Exorcising The Evil Spirits From The Pentagon Oct 21, 1967 - 3:16
War Song Pine-Sanders-Weaver 5:19
Dover Beach Arnold-Kupferberg 3:53
Fingers Of The Sun Pound-Sanders-Pyramid Text 1078 2:22
Aphrodite Mass (In 5 Sections)
     I Litany of the Street Grope
    II Genuflection at the Temple of Squack
   III Petals in the Sea
    IV Sappho's Hymn To Aphrodite
     V Homage To Throb Thrills
Sanders-Sappho-Elton 8:28
Ed Sanders-vocals
Tuli Kupferberg-vocals
Ken Weaver-vocals, drums, routines
Ken Pine-guitar, vocals
Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar-guitar, violin
Charles Larkey-bass
§Album Design-Marvin Israel; Photo-Richard Avedon
Produced by: Ed Sanders & Richard Alderson


It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest
Reprise RS-6305
9/68 BB [UK: 11/68]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Crystal Liaison Pine-Sanders-Weaver 3:07
Ramses II Is Dead, My Love Sanders 2:45
Burial Waltz Sanders-Smith 2:24
Wide Wide River Goldbart-Weaver 2:47
Life Is Strange Kupferberg 2:32
Side Two
Johnny Pissoff Meets The Red Angel Sanders 4:32
Marijuana Sanders-Kupferberg-Dorough 1:38
Leprechaun Weaver :10
When The Mode Of The Music Changes Kupferberg 3:51
Whimpers From The Jello Sanders :20
The Divine Toe (Part I) Sanders :38
We're Both Dead Now, Alice Weaver-Sanders :16
Life Is Funny Kupferberg :14
Grope Need (Part I)
   Tuli, Visited By the Ghost of Plotinus
   More Grope Need (Grope Need- Part II)
Robinson Crusoe Weaver :17
Claude Pelieu And J.J. Lebel Discuss The Early Verlaine Bread Crust Fragments Sanders 4:30
The National Haiku Contest Weaver-Sanders :25
The Divine Toe (Part II) Sanders :46
Irene Sanders 1:10
Ed Sanders-vocals
Tuli Kupferberg-vocals, futution
Ken Weaver-vocals, drums, routines
Ken Pine-guitar, vocals
Charles Larkey-bass
Bob Mason-drums
Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar-guitar
James Jarvis-bass
The Fugs Chorus: Kenneth Bates, Bob Dorough, Barbara Calabria, Leslie Dorsey, Doug Franklin, Bob Hanson, Marlys Trunkhill, Jennifer Brown
  Early Verlaine Bread Crust Fragments
arranged and conducted by Randy Kay and dedicated to the memory of Tyrone Power.
It was sung by The Bread Crust Choral Society under the lead vocalship of Doug Franklin
§Cover Photo-Ed Thrasher
Produced by: Ed Sanders & Richard Alderson


10/4/68: Roundhouse, London
with Spooky Tooth
End of Feb '69: Five years of inspired, passionate music is their legacy.
Ken Weaver eventually joined the CIA as a Russian translator (true!)

The Belle Of Avenue A
Reprise RS-6359
9/69 [UK: 3/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Bum's Song Kupferberg 3:02
Dust Devil Weaver 3:15
Chicago Sanders-MacDonald-Pine 2:11
Four Minutes To Twelve Weaver 5:37
Mr. Mack Sanders 3:49
Side Two
The Belle Of Avenue A Sanders 5:40
Queen Of The Nile Sanders 2:44
Flower Children Kupferberg 4:22
Yodeling Yippie Sanders 2:16
Children Of The Dream Kupferberg 5:55
Ed Sanders-vocals
Tuli Kupferberg-vocals, futution
Ken Weaver-vocals, drums, routines
Ken Pine-guitar, stylophone
Dan Hamburg-guitar
Bill Wolf-bass
Bob Mason-drums
Jim Pepper-flute
§Cover Art-Allison McMann
Produced by: Ed Sanders


Sanders’ Truckstop
Reprise RS-6374
3/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Jimmy Joe, The Hippybilly Boy Sanders 5:16
Maple Court Trajedy Sanders 2:39
Heartbreak Crash Pad Sanders 4:09
Banshee Sanders 3:04
The Plaster Song Sanders 3:04
Side Two
The Iliad Sanders 4:08
Breadtray Mountain Sanders 2:24
The ABM Machine Sanders 2:32
They're Cutting My Coffin At The Sawmill Sanders 3:18
Homesick Blues Sanders 2:38
Pindar's Revenge Sanders 3:30
Ed Sanders-vocals
Patrick Sky-guitar
Dan Hamburg-guitar
John Ware-organ, piano
Bill Keith-banjo, steel guitar
David Bromberg-dobro
Jay Ungar-fiddle
John London-bass
John Wade-drums
§Cover Photo-Dave Bhang
Produced by: Ed Sanders


Golden Filth (Alive At The Fillmore East)
Reprise RS-6396
6/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Ad in Rolling Stone

Side One
Slum Goddess Weaver 3:10
CCD Kupferberg 2:50
How Sweet I Roamed Blake-Sanders 3:21
I Couldn't Get High Weaver 4:08
Saran Wrap Sanders 3:45
Side Two
I Want to Know Olson-Sanders 2:39
Home Made Sanders 5:18
Nothing Kupferberg 4:54
Supergirl Kupferberg 2:42
Ed Sanders-percussion, vocals
Tuli Kupferberg-percussion, vocals
Ken Weaver-drums, vocals
Kenny Pine-guitar, vocals
Carl Lynch-guitar
Bob Mason-drums
Charles Larkey-bass
Julius Watkins-French horn
Howard Johnson-tuba, sax
Earl Baker-vocals
§Cover Art-Cal Schenkel
Produced by: Ed Sanders

Note: Recorded live at The Fillmore East, 6/1/68


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