Joni Mitchell

Newport Folk Festival(7/16/67)
8/23/1967: The Marquee Club, London
opening for The Piccadilly Line

Song To A Seagull
Reprise RS-6293
3/23/68 BB [UK: 6/68]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Part One: I Came To The City
I Had A King Mitchell 2:26
Michael From Mountains Mitchell 3:38
Night In The City Mitchell 3:35
Marcie Mitchell 4:35
Nathan La Franeer Mitchell 3:13
Part Two: Out Of The City And Down To The Seaside
Sistowbell Lane Mitchell 4:00
The Dawntreader Mitchell 4:50
The Pirate Of Penance Mitchell 2:40
Song To A Seagull Mitchell 3:50
Cactus Tree Mitchell 4:35
Joni Mitchell-guitar, piano, banshee, vocals
Stephen Stills-bass (Night In The City)
Lee Keefer-banshee
§Cover Painting-Joni Mitchell
Produced by: David Crosby

Note: This album is dedicated to Mr. Kratzman, who taught me to love words.
The album title got cut off at the printers—nobody noticed

Night In The City / I Had A King
Mitchell (2:35) / Mitchell (3:31)
Reprise 0694, 6/68

Newport Folk Festival(7/27/68)
Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/23/68)
Miami Pop Festival(12/29/68)
Village Voice, Jan 16, 1969
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 ➜ Live: 2/1/69, Carnegie Hall; released 2021: Live At Carnegie Hall—1969 

Reprise RS-6341
5/69 BB [UK: 10/69]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Tin Angel Mitchell 4:06
Chelsea Morning Mitchell 2:30
I Don't Know Where I Stand Mitchell 3:10
That Song About The Midway Mitchell 4:33
Roses Blue Mitchell 3:47
Side Two
The Gallery Mitchell 4:06
I Think I Understand Mitchell 4:22
Songs To Aging Children Come Mitchell 3:03
The Fiddle And The Drum Mitchell 2:45
Both Sides, Now Mitchell 4:30
Joni Mitchell-guitar, piano, vocals
Stephen Stills-bass, guitar
§Cover Painting-Joni Mitchell
Produced by: Joni Mitchell (Paul Rothchild on Tin Angel)


Mississippi River Festival(7/7/69)
Newport Folk Festival(7/19/69)
Atlantic City Pop Festival(8/1/69)
TV Guide Close-up

=WNET, New York
Sounds Of Summer: "The Mississippi River Festival" 8/3/69, NET
Joni & Arlo at festival hosted by Southern Illinois University, filmed July 7.
TV Guide Program Listing

=WABC, New York (EST)
Dick Cavett Show: "Woodstock Hangover ," 8/19/69, ABC
Dick gets hip with Joni, C&S, and the Airplane right after the upstate mud-fest (see note below).

Note: (cont'd) Joni sings "Chelsea," "Willy," "For Free" and "The Fiddle And The Drum." Classic TV!
Read about the show @ wiki or Dangerous Minds —your choice. 

6th Big Sur Folk Festival(9/13-14/69)
The 1969 Warner/Reprise Record Show, 11/69
Two short tracks from that February, 1969 Carnegie Hall concert, now released as part of the Archive Series
Big Yellow Taxi / Woodstock
Mitchell (2:16) / Mitchell (5:25)
Reprise 0906, 4/70 BB T20


Ladies Of The Canyon
Reprise RS-6376
4/70 BB [UK: 5/70] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Morning Morgantown Mitchell 3:12
For Free Mitchell 4:31
Conversation Mitchell 4:21
Ladies Of the Canyon Mitchell 3:32
Willy Mitchell 3:00
The Arrangement Mitchell 3:32
Side Two
Rainy Night House Mitchell 3:22
The Priest Mitchell 3:39
Blue Boy Mitchell 2:53
Big Yellow Taxi Mitchell 2:16
Woodstock Mitchell 5:25
The Circle Game Mitchell 4:50
Joni Mitchell-guitar, piano, vocals
Milt Holland-percussion
Russ Kunkel-drums
Paul Horn-clarinet, flute
Terry Adams-clarinet, cello
Theresa Adams-cello
Jim Horn-sax
The Saskatunes-bop vocals
The Lookout Mountain United Downstairs Choir-vocals (The Circle Game)
§Cover Painting-Joni Mitchell
Produced by: Joni Mitchell

Note: That Lookout Mountain Choir? Yup, it's Crosby, Stills & Nash

Isle of Wight Festival(8/29/70)

 ➜ Live: 10/16/70, Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver; released 2009: Amchitka 

Celebration At Big Sur(4/9/71)
Joanie, Joni, CSN&Y sing by the big pool

Reprise MS-2038
6/22/71 T20 RS500 [UK: 7/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
All I Want Mitchell 3:32
My Old Man Mitchell 3:33
Little Green Mitchell 3:25
Carey Mitchell 3:00
Blue Mitchell 3:00
Side Two
California Mitchell 3:48
This Flight Tonight Mitchell 2:50
River Mitchell 4:00
A Case Of You Mitchell 4:20
The Last Time I Saw Richard Mitchell 4:13
Joni Mitchell-Appalachian dulcimer, guitar, piano, vocals
James Taylor-guitar, vocals (All I Want, Carey, California, A Case Of You)
Stephen Stills-bass, guitar (Carey)
Sneaky Pete Kleinow-guitar, pedal steel guitar (California, This Flight Tonight)
Russ Kunkel-drums (Carey, California, A Case Of You)
§Cover Photo-Tim Considine
Produced by: Joni Mitchell

Note: You might know the cover photographer better as Spin, or Frank Hardy, or Mike Douglas (all TV series stuff)

Carey / This Flight Tonight
Mitchell (3:00) / Mitchell (2:50)
Reprise 1029, 7/71 BB

California/A Case Of You
Mitchell (3:48) / Mitchell (4:20)
Reprise 1049, 10/71 BB



Joni's masterpiece


And her "hit" single. Asylum asked for a radio-friendly single. She delivered a #25 slam at the process

You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio / Urge For Going¹
Mitchell (2:40) / Mitchell (5:05)
Asylum AS-11010, 10/72 BB

Noted here because this exquisite version of Urge For Going wouldn't see an album release until 1996!

For The Roses
Asylum SD-5057
11/72 T20 [UK: 12/72]
Full Cover

Gatefold #1

Gatefold #2

Side One
Banquet Mitchell 3:00
Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire Mitchell 4:17
Barangrill Mitchell 2:53
Lesson In Survival Mitchell 3:10
Let The Wind Carry Me Mitchell 3:55
The Roses Mitchell 3:46
Side Two
See You Sometime Mitchell 2:58
Electricity Mitchell 3:00
You Turn Me On I'm A Radio Mitchell 2:40
Blonde In The Bleachers Mitchell 2:40
Woman Of Heart And Mind Mitchell 2:36
Judgement Of The Moon And Stars (Ludwig's Tune) Mitchell 5:25
Joni Mitchell-vocals, guitar, dulcimer, piano
Wilton Felder-bass
Russ Kunkel-drums
Bobbye Hall-percussion
Bobby Notkoff-strings
Tommy Scott-woodwinds, reeds
James Burton-electric guitar (Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire)
Graham Nash-harmonica (You Turn Me On I'm A Radio)
Stephen Stills-rock 'n' roll band (Blonde In The Bleachers)
§Cover Photo-Joel Bernstein
Produced by: Joni Mitchell


Joni turned to jazz in the late 70s and continued to record.
She made a triumphant return to the Newport Folk Festival in 2022.


Both Sides Now Judy Collins (Wildflowers) 11/67
  as Clouds (From Both Sides Now) Dave Van Ronk (And The Hudson Dusters) 2/68
Chelsea Morning Dave Van Ronk (And The Hudson Dusters) 3/68
  Judy Collins (45) 6/69
  Fairport Convention (Fairport Convention) 6/70
  Judy Collins (Living) 11/71
The Circle Game Ian & Sylvia (So Much For Dreaming) 3/67
  Buffy Sainte-Marie (Fire & Fleet & Candlelight) 6/67
  Tom Rush (The Circle Game) 3/68
Eastern Rain Fairport Convention (Fairport Convention) 7/69
I Don't Know Where I Stand Fairport Convention (Fairport Convention) 6/70
Michael From Mountains Judy Collins (Wildflowers) 11/67
Song To A Seagull Buffy Sainte-Marie (Fire & Fleet & Candlelight) 6/67
Tin Angel Tom Rush (The Circle Game) 3/68
Urge For Going Tom Rush (45) 10/66
  Tom Rush (The Circle Game version) 3/68
Woodstock CSN&Y (Deja Vu) 3/70
  Matthews Southern Comfort (Later That Same Year) 11/70
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