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Note: Release dates shown include the original UK release dates. It's confusing for poor Martin's death (it's in sync with UK dates).
Here's a quick table to straighten things out:
Album UK Rel US Rel
Fairport Convention 6/68 6/70
What We Did On Our Holidays 1/69 7/69
   Martin dies 5/21/69 -
Unhalfbricking 7/69 2/70
Liege And Lief 12/69 6/70
Fotheringay 6/70 8/70
Full House 7/70 8/70
Angel Delight 6/71 10/71
The North Star Grassman And The Ravens 9/71 10/71


Elektra EKS-74023
6/68 [UK: 5/68]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
In Her Mind Hultgreen 3:53
Nevertheless Rosen 2:50
Violet Dew Hultgreen 3:47
Will Tomorrow Be The Same Hultgreen 3:09
Still Can I See Hultgreen 4:13
In The Early Days Hultgreen 3:35
Side Two
Another Time Another Place Hultgreen 4:22
Morning Of Yesterday Hultgreen 4:07
Betty Brown Hultgreen 3:03
St Georg & The Dragon (Up The Night) Rosen 4:54
Confusion Rosen 5:02
Kerrilee Male-lead vocals
Georg Hultgreen-guitars, vocals (Morning Of Yesterday)
Michael Rosen-guitar, trumpet, vocals
Trevor Lucas-bass, vocals (In The Early Days)
Gerry Conway-drums, vocals
Phil Dennys-orchestral arrangements
§Cover Photo-Joel Brodsky
Produced by: Ossie Byrne


Nevertheless / Mark Time¹
Rosen (2:50) / Hultgreen (2:52)
Elektra EK-45637, 8/68


Note: One & done when lead singer disappeared. Replaced by Dorris Henderson for concerts (incl 1969 Isle Of Wight)
Trevor marries Sandy and forms Fotheringay (see below)

Great South Coast Bank Holiday Pop Festivity(8/31/68)

Fairport Convention
A&M SP-4185
7/69 [UK: 1/69]
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Fotheringay Denny 3:03
Mr Lacey Hutchings 2:50
Book Song Matthews-Thompson 3:12
The Lord Is In This Place... How Dreadful Is This Place Denny-Hutchings-Thompson 1:50
No Man's Land Thompson 2:23
I'll Keep It With Mine Dylan 5:50
Side Two
Eastern Rain Mitchell 3:36
Nottamun Town arr Denny-Hutchings-Matthews-Nicol 3:07
Tale In A Hard Time Thompson 3:24
She Moves Through The Fair arr Denny-Hutchings-Lamble 4:09
Meet On The Ledge Thompson 2:49
End Of A Holiday Nicol 1:06
Sandy Denny-guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ian Matthews-congas, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar, mandolin, sitar (Book Song), vocals
Simon Nicol-guitar, autoharp, dulcimer, vocals
Ashley Hutchings-bass, vocals
Martin Lamble-drums, percussion, violin, tabla
Clare Lowther-cello (Book Song)
Bruce Lacey & his robots (Mr Lacey)
Paul Ghosh, Andrew Horvitch & Marc Ellington-vocals on (Meet On The Ledge)
§Cover Photo-Annie Brown; UK Cover Design-Diogenic Attempts Ltd
Produced by: Joe Boyd

Note: This was their 2nd UK album, What We Did On Our Holidays (1/69)
The Lord Is In This Place... recorded at St Peter's Church, Westbourne Grove, West London

Martin Lambe 5/21/69, auto accident during return from gig at Mothers in London
shortly after recording Unhalfbricking—devastated the band—focused on British folk music after.
I'll Keep It With Mine³ / Fotheringay
Dylan (3:01) / Denny (3:03)
A&M 1108, 8/69

No UK release on this single
Isle of Wight Festival of Music(8/31/69) Eclection
Si Tu Dois Partir / Genesis Hall
Dylan (2:25) / Thompson (3:37)
A&M 1155, 12/69 UK

A-side is Bobby's If You Gotta Go, Go Now in French—and a surprise hit (well, in the UK anyway)

Ian Matthews to  solo career  

A&M SP-4206
2/70 [UK: 7/69] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

That's Sandy Denny's mum & dad (Edna & Neil).
The band is relaxing in the garden.
UK Back Cover

Side One
Genesis Hall Thompson 3:35
Si Tu Dois Partir(If You Gotta Go, Go Now in French) Dylan 2:20
Autopsy Denny 4:21
A Sailor's Life arr Thompson 11:10
Side Two
Cajun Woman Thompson 2:43
Who Knows Where the Time Goes? Denny 5:05
Percy's Song Dylan 6:30
Million Dollar Bash Dylan 2:55
Sandy Denny-harpsichord, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, vocals
Simon Nicol-guitar, dulcimer, vocals
Ashley Hutchings-bass, vocals
Martin Lamble-drums
Dave Swarbrick-fiddle (Si Tu Dois Partir, A Sailor's Life, and Cajun Woman), mandolin (Million Dollar Bash)
Trevor Lucas-triangle (Si Tu Dois Partir)
Ian Matthews-vocal (Percy's Song)
Marc Ellington-vocal (Million Dollar Bash)
§US Cover Design-Tom Wilkes; UK Cover Photo-Eric Hayes
Produced by: Joe Boyd, Simon Nicol & Fairport Convention


4/30-5/3/70: Fillmore West, San Francisco
with Jethro Tull (headliner), Salt 'N Pepper

Fairport Convention
Cotillion SD-9024
6/70 [UK: 6/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Time Will Show the Wiser Rhodes 3:04
I Don't Know Where I Stand Mitchell 3:43
If (Stomp) MacDonald-Thompson 2:45
Decameron Ghosh-Horvitch-Thompson 3:42
Jack O'Diamonds Carruthers-Dylan 3:28
Portfolio Dyble-Hutchings 1:59
Side Two
Chelsea Morning Mitchell 3:03
Sun Shade Ghosh-Horvitch-Thompson 3:46
The Lobster Hutchings-Painter-Thompson 4:46
It's All Right Ma, It's Only Witchcraft Hutchings-Thompson 3:12
One Sure Thing Brooks-Glover 2:54
M1 Breakdown Hutchings/Nicol 1:24
Judy Dyble-piano, autoharp, recorder, vocals
Ian MacDonald [Ian Matthews]-Jew's-Harp, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar, mandolin, vocals
Simon Nicol-dulcimer, guitar, banjo, violin, vocals
Ashley Hutchings-bass, jug
Martin Lamble-percussion, drums
Clare Lowther-cello
§Cover Photo-Donald Silverstein
Produced by: Joe Boyd and Tod Lloyd

Note: This was the first UK album, released in US after the 2nd A&M disc!

Liege And Lief
A&M SP-4257
6/70 [UK: 12/69] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Come All Ye Denny-Hutchings 4:55
Reynardine arr Fairport Convention 4:33
Matty Groves arr Fairport Convention 8:08
Farewell, Farewell Thompson 2:37
Side Two
The Deserter arr Fairport Convention 4:10
Medley: The Lark In The Morning
    Rakish Paddy
    Foxhunter's Jig
    Toss The Feathers
arr Fairport Convention 4:00
Tam Lin arr Fairport Convention 7:20
Crazy Man Michael Swarbrick-Thompson 4:35
Sandy Denny-guitar, vocals
Dave Swarbrick-mandolin, violin, viola, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitars, vocals
Simon Nicol-guitars, vocals
Ashley Hutchings-bass, vocals
Dave Mattacks-drums, percussion
§Cover Design-Fairport, Roberta Nicol
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Ashley Hutchings forms Steeleye Span (see below)

Dave Pegg replaces him

Sandy Denny forms Fotheringay with Trevor Lucas, then embarks on a solo career

A&M SP-4269
8/70 [UK: 6/70] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Nothing More Denny 4:34
The Sea Denny 5:28
The Ballad Of Ned Kelly Lucas 3:31
Winter Winds Denny 2:10
Peace In The End Denny-Lucas 4:02
Side Two
The Way I Feel Lightfoot 4:44
The Pond And The Stream Denny 3:16
Too Much Of Nothing Dylan 3:51
Banks Of The Nile Trad 8:04
Sandy Denny-guitar, piano, vocals
Trevor Lucas-guitar, vocals
Jerry Donahue-guitar,vocals
Pat Donaldson-bass
Gerry Conway-drums
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Full House
A&M SP-4265
8/70 [UK: 7/70] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Walk Awhile Swarbrick-Thompson 3:57
Dirty Linen Swarbrick 4:17
Sloth Mattacks-Nicol-Pegg-Swarbrick-Thompson 9:19
Side Two
Sir Patrick Spens arr Fairport Convention 3:30
Flatback Caper arr Fairport Convention 6:24
Doctor Of Physick Swarbrick-Thompson 3:37
The Flowers Of The Forest arr Fairport Convention 4:04
Dave Swarbrick-violin, mandolin, viola, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar, vocals
Dave Pegg-guitar, mandolin (Flatback Caper), vocals
Simon Nicol-guitar, bass (Flatback Caper), vocals
Dave Mattacks-drums, percussion, harmonium (Dirty Linen), bodhran (Sloth)
§Cover Design-Superwives
Produced by: Joe Boyd


Philadelphia Folk Festival(8/30/70)
Walk Awhile / Sir Patrick Spens
Swarbrick-Thompson (3:57) / arr Fairport Convention (3:30)
A&M 1195, ?/70


Richard Thompson starts a solo career with wife Linda

Please To See The King
Big Tree BTS-2004
7/71 [UK: 3/71] UK
Back Cover

Side One
The Blacksmith trad 4:45
Cold, Haily, Windy Night trad 4:34
Jigs: Bryan O'Lynn / The Hag With The Money trad 3:15
Prince Charlie Stuart trad 4:13
Boys Of Bedlam trad 4:17
Side Two
False Knight On The Road trad 2:45
The Lark In The Morning trad 4:28
Female Drummer trad 3:59
The King trad 1:26
Lovely On The Water trad 5:16
Maddy Prior-vocals, spoon, tabor, tambourine, bells
Martin Carthy-vocals, guitar, banjo, organ, bells
Tim Hart-vocals, guitar, dulcimer, bells
Ashley Hutchings-vocals, bass guitar, bells
Peter Knight-vocals, fiddle, mandolin, organ, bass guitar, bells
§Cover Design-Grahame Berney, Keith Davis
Produced by: Sandy Roberton

Note: This is their second album.

Steeleye Span US albums

Poor Ashley. Creates a fine English folk band that becomes fairly successful. Over here? Crickets.

Their first album, Hark The Village Wait, was released in the UK in June, 1970—here? 1976
The third album, Ten Man Mop Or Mr Reservoir Butler Rides Again, UK: December, 1971—here? 1976
Fourth album, Below The Salt, UK August, 1972—here? 1987

The North Star Grassman And The Ravens
A&M SP-4317
10/71 [UK: 9/71] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Full Cover

Inside cover is the same
Side One
Late November Denny 4:25
Blackwaterside arr Denny 4:07
The Sea Captain Denny 3:07
Down In The Flood Dylan 3:17
John The Gun Denny 4:35
Side Two
Next Time Around Denny 4:20
The Optimist Denny 3:21
Let's Jump The Broomstick Robins 2:40
Wretched Wilbur Denny 2:34
The North Star Grassman And The Ravens Denny 3:25
Crazy Lady Blues Denny 3:21
Sandy Denny-piano, guitar, vocal
Jerry Donahue-guitar
Richard Thompson-guitar, bass, accordion, vocal
Trevor Lucas-guitar, vocals
Buddy Emmons-pedal steel guitar
Ian Whiteman-piano, flute, organ
Pat Donaldson-bass
Tony Reeves-bass
Gerry Conway-drums
Roger Powell-drums
Barry Dransfield-violin, backing vocals
Royston Wood-violin, backing vocals
Robin Dransfield-violin, backing vocals
§Cover Photo-Keef
Produced by: Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson and John Wood


Angel Delight
A&M SP-4319
10/71 BB [UK: 6/71] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Lord Marlborough arr Fairport Convention 3:21
Sir William Gower arr Fairport Convention 4:54
Bridge Over The River Ash arr Fairport Convention 2:12
Wizard Of The Worldly Game Nicol-Swarbrick 4:05
The Journeyman's Grace Swarbrick-Thompson 4:31
Side Two
Angel Delight arr Fairport Convention 3:34
Banks Of The Sweet Primroses arr Fairport Convention 4:12
Instrumental Medley: The Cuckoo's Nest
    Hardiman The Fiddler
    Papa Stoor
arr Fairport Convention 3:25
The Bonny Black Hare arr Fairport Convention 3:04
Sickness And Diseases Swarbrick-Thompson 3:47
Dave Swarbrick-mandolin, violin, fiddle, vocals
Simon Nicol-guitar, dulcimer, bass, viola, vocals
Dave Pegg-bass, violin, viola, vocals
Dave Mattacks-drums, percussion, harmonium, piano, vocals
§Cover Photo-Roberta Nicol
Produced by: Fairport Convention & John Wood



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