Ian & Sylvia
Great Speckled Bird
All composing credits labeled "Tyson" are for Ian Tyson, except "S Tyson" for Sylvia.

Ian & Sylvia
Vanguard VSD-2113
7/62 [UK: N/R?]
Back Cover

Side One
Rocks And Gravel Fricker-Tyson 3:25
Old Blue Fricker-Tyson 3:25
C C Rider Trad 2:52
Un Canadien Errant Trad 2:55
Handsome Molly Trad 2:04
Mary Anne Trad 3:10
Pride Of Petrovar Trad 2:42
Side Two
Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad Trad 2:39
Rambler Gambler Trad 2:56
Down By The Willow Garden Trad 2:55
Got No More Home Than A Dog Handy 3:20
When First Unto This Country Trad 2:33
Live A-Humble Trad 2:41
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Fricker-autoharp (When First Unto This Country), vocals
Bill Lee-string bass
John Herald-guitar (Old Blue, Handsome Molly, Down By The Willow Garden, When First Unto This Country)
Art Davis-string bass (Un Canadien Errant, Got No More Home Than A Dog)
§Cover Photo-Joe Alper
Produced by: not noted, Sam Charters?


Newport Folk Festival(7/28/63)
Four Strong Winds¹ / C C Rider
Tyson (2:35) / trad (2:40)
Vanguard VRS-35021, 9/63

This version of Four Strong Winds is different from later album recording

Four Strong Winds
Vanguard VSD-2149
9/63 BB [UK: ?/64]
Back Cover

Side One
Jesus Met The Woman At The Well Trad 2:09
Tomorrow Is A Long Time Dylan 3:15
Katy Dear Trad 2:58
Poor Lazarus Trad 4:00
Four Strong Winds Tyson 3:24
Ella Speed Trad 2:24
Long Lonesome Road Trad 2:25
Side Two
V'la l'Bon Vent Trad 1:40
Royal Canal Trad 3:34
The Lady Of Carlisle Trad 3:34
Spanish Is A Loving Tongue Trad 3:25
The Greenwood Sidie (The Cruel Mother) Trad 2:25
Every Night When The Sun Comes Down Trad, arr Fricker 4:12
Every Time I Feel The Spirit Trad 1:46
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Fricker-guitar, autoharp, vocals
John Herald-guitar
Eric Weissberg-bass
Wendell Marshall-bass (Poor Lazarus)
Paul Weidman-bass (Royal Canal)
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by: not noted, Sam Charters?


You Were On My Mind / Some Day Soon
Fricker (2:45) / Tyson (2:00)
Vanguard VRS-35025, 1/64

Married, June 64

Northern Journey
Vanguard VSD-79154
7/64 BB [UK: N/R?]
Back Cover

Side One
You Were on My Mind Fricker 2:22
Moonshine Can Trad 2:12
The Jealous Lover Trad 2:52
Four Rode By Tyson 2:49
Brave Wolfe Trad 5:23
Nova Scotia Farewell Trad 2:45
Side Two
Someday Soon Tyson 2:18
Little Beggarman Makem 2:20
Texas Rangers Trad 3:24
The Ghost Lover Trad 2:43
Captain Woodstock's Courtship Trad 2:53
Green Valley Trad 4:00
Swing Down, Chariot Trad 2:06
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
John Herald-guitar
Eric Weissberg-bass
Monte Dunn-guitar, mandolin
Russ Savakus-bass
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by:


Early Morning Rain
Vanguard VSD-79175
5/65 BB [UK: 1/66]
Back Cover

Side One
Come in Stranger Cash 1:52
Early Morning Rain Lightfoot 3:55
Nancy Whiskey Trad 2:35
Awake Ye Drowsy Sleepers Trad 4:00
Marlborough Street Blues Tyson 2:15
Darcy Farrow Campbell-Gillette 3:30
Side Two
Travelling Drummer Tyson 2:25
Maude's Blues Tyson 3:56
Red Velvet Tyson 2:16
I'll Bid My Heart Be Still Trad 2:16
For Lovin' Me Lightfoot 2:16
Song for Canada Gzowski-Tyson 4:06
Ian Tyson-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, guitar, vocals
Monte Dunn-guitar
Russ Savakus-bass
§Cover Photo-Richard Knapp
Produced by:


Newport Folk Festival(7/24/65)
The French Girl / Play One More
Fricker-Tyson (2:40) / Tyson (2:58)
Vanguard VRS-35035, 1/66

2/16/66: De Montfort Hall, Leicester
package tour w/Gordon Lightfoot

Play One More
Vanguard VSD-79215
3/66 BB [UK: N/R?]
Back Cover

Side One
Short Grass Fricker-Tyson 2:15
The French Girl Fricker-Tyson 2:40
When I Was A Cowboy Trad, arr Fricker-Tyson 3:47
Changes Ochs 3:30
Gifts Are for Giving Fricker 3:13
Molly And Tenbrooks Monroe 3:26
Side Two
Hey, What About Me McKenzie 3:21
Lonely Girls Tyson-S Tyson 2:37
Satisfied Mind Hayes-Rhodes 3:32
Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa Bacharach-David 3:02
Friends Of Mine Tyson 3:36
Play One More Tyson 2:58
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Fricker-autoharp, vocals
Rick Turner-guitar
Felix Pappalardi-bass, conductor (The French Girl)
Eric Weissberg-banjo, guitar
Paul Griffin-organ
Al Gorgoni-conductor (Play One More)
§Cover Photo-Jim Simpson
Produced by:


Lovin' Sound / Pilgrimmage To Paradise
Tyson (2:34) / Tyson (3:24)
MGM K-13686, 2/67


So Much For Dreaming
Vanguard VRS-9241
3/67 BB [UK: N/R?]
Back Cover

Side One
Circle Game Mitchell 2:58
So Much For Dreaming Tyson 3:00
Wild Geese Tyson 3:54
Child Apart Tyson 3:26
Summer Wages Tyson 4:01
Hold Tight Fricker 2:38
Side Two
Cutty Wren Trad 2:55
Si Les Bateaux Vignault 3:40
Catfish Blues Trad 3:33
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies Trad 3:23
January Morning Tyson 3:03
Grey Morning Fricker 2:48
Ian Tyson-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
David Rea-guitar
Robert Bushnell-bass
Al Rogers-drums
Trade Martin-Orchestration
§Cover Photo-Philippe Halsman
Produced by: Samuel Charters


Lovin' Sound
MGM SE-4388
5/67 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Windy Weather Tyson 3:04
Hang On To A Dream Hardin 2:15
I Don't Believe You Dylan 3:08
Where Did All The Love Go? Fricker 2:41
Mr Spoons Tyson 2:21
National Hotel Tyson 2:05
Side Two
Sunday Fricker-Tyson 1:55
Pilgrimage To Paradise Rea 3:07
(Find A) Reason To Believe Hardin 2:15
Big River Cash 2:00
Trilogy Fricker 2:46
Lovin' Sound Tyson 2:32
Ian Tyson-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, piano (National Hotel), vocals with:
David Rea-guitar
Paul Harris-keyboards
Harvey Brooks-bass
Bill LaVorna-drums
Don Payne-bass ((Find A) Reason To Believe)
Donald McDonald-drums ((Find A) Reason To Believe)
§Cover Photo-Kathy Wersen
Produced by: John Court


90° X 90° / House Of Cards
Rae (2:43) / Fricker-Tyson (4:00)
Vanguard VRS-35062, 1/68

The Best Of Ian And Sylvia
The Best Of Ian And Sylvia

Vanguard VSD-79269, 3/68 [UK: ?/68]
no unique tracks

Vanguard VSD-79284
7/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
The Mighty Quinn Dylan 2:52
This Wheel's On Fire Dylan 3:48
Farewell To The North Tyson 3:45
Taking Care Of Business Tyson 3:14
Southern Comfort Fricker 5:04
Side Two
Ballad Of The Ugly Man Fricker-Tyson 2:35
90° X 90° Rea 2:41
She'll Be Gone Fricker 2:42
London Life Fricker 2:45
The Renegade Fricker-Tyson 3:40
House Of Cards Tyson 4:02
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
Harold Bradley, Fred Carter-guitar
Pete Drake-steel guitar
Kenny Salmusky, Bob Moore, Norbert Putnam-bass
Buddy Saltzman, Kenneth Buttrey-drums
David Rea-banjo
Jerry Reed-guitar (Farewell To The North, Taking Care Of Business)
Tommy Jackson, Buddy Spicher-fiddle (The Mighty Quinn, 90° X 90°)
§Cover Painting-Ned Jacob
Produced by: Ian Tyson


Full Circle
MGM SE-4550
9/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Here's To You Camp 2:32
I Learned From Leah Fricker-Tyson 3:05
Woman's World Fricker 5:25
Mr Spoons Tyson 2:49
Shinbone Alley Fricker 2:34
Please Think McKei 4:35
Side Two
Stories He'd Tell - 5:48
Jickson Johnson Trad 4:00
Tears Of Rage Dylan-Manuel 4:22
The Minstral Rea 4:18
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
others unknown
§Cover Photo-Daniel Kramer
Produced by: Elliot Mazer


On The Road

Ian & Sylvia decided to start a real band with some Nashville cats after their pioneering country rock albums. Young Todd Rundgren produced the debut disc.
Unfortunately, Ampex did not produce, failing to ship records that sat in warehouses. Band did make some festivals, so there's that.

Miami Pop Festival(12/30/68)
Atlanta International Pop Festival(7/4/69)
Mississippi River Festival(7/17/69)
Give It To The World¹ / Shinbone Alley
S Tyson (2:35) / S Tyson (2:40)
MGM K-14082, 9/69

A-side produced by Todd Rundgren

Great Speckled Bird
Ampex A-10103
2/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Love What You're Doing Child Tyson 3:37
Calgary Tyson-S Tyson 3:00
Trucker's Cafe S Tyson 3:19
Long Long Time To Get Old Tyson 3:08
Flies In The Bottle Tyson 3:43
Bloodshot Beholder Tyson 2:56
Side Two
Crazy Arms Mooney-Seals 2:51
This Dream Tyson 3:36
Smiling Wine S Tyson 3:05
Rio Grande Garrett-Tyson 3:49
Disappearing Woman S Tyson 2:10
We Sail S Tyson 4:33
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
Amos Garrett-guitar, backing vocals (Long Long Time To Get Old, Smiling Wine)
Buddy Cage-steel guitar
Ken Kalmusky-bass
N D Smart II-drums, backing vocals (Smiling Wine)
Norbert Putnam-bass
David Briggs-piano
§Cover Art-Bob Cato
Produced by: Todd Rundgren

Note: Altho credited on bass, Ken Kalmusky left before recording the album.

We Sail / Disappearing Woman
S Tyson (4:33) / S Tyson (2:10)
Ampex X11003, 5/70

Trucker's Cafe / Smiling Wine
S Tyson (3:19) / S Tyson (3:05)
Ampex X11006, 6/70

Festival Express(6/27-7/5/70) with Great Speckled Bird
Greatest Hits!
Greatest Hits!

Vanguard VSD–5/6, 9/70 [UK: 2/72]
2-lp set, no unique tracks
Creators Of Rain / Summer Wages
Smokey (2:46) / Tyson (3:22)
Columbia 4-45430, 7/71


Ian & Sylvia
Columbia C-30736
7/71 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
More Often Than Not Wiffen 3:06
Creators Of Rain Smokey 2:50
Summer Wages Tyson 3:27
Midnight S Tyson 4:14
Barney Tyson-S Tyson 4:34
Side Two
Some Kind Of Fool Tyson 2:39
Shark And The Cockroach Tyson 2:39
Last Lonely Eagle Dawson 5:08
Lincoln Freed Me Patton 2:53
Needle Of Death Jansch 3:51
Everybody Has To Say Goodbye S Tyson 2:27
Ian Tyson-guitar, vocals
Sylvia Tyson-autoharp, vocals
David Wilcox-guitar
others unknown
§Cover Photo-Don Hunstein
Produced by: John Hill


Some Kind Of Fool / More Often Than Not
Tyson (2:39) / Wiffen (3:06)
Columbia 4-45475, 9/71

One more album, with a revitalized Great Speckled Bird, in 1972.
Tysons divorced in 1975, each began solo career (with occasional get togethers).


The Legendary Ian Tyson
Ian and Sylvia


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