One-Off Specials

This page differs from the One Hit Wonders, in that these artists had established careers; but released an album that made a significant impact in this time-frame. By and large, their other albums are worth exploring, besides those noted here. You'll see what I mean...


Pete Seeger

This is the song that got the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour TV show in trouble (Tom, Dick: are you on this site somewhere ??). Pete taped "Waist Deep.." for a September, 1967 show. CBS censors, being snotty old coots, cut the performance from the broadcast. Execs were really "waist deep" when the boys found out about this. And thus started one of the great censorship battles in TV history. Good thing we don't have to worry about that anymore—fake reality and corporate run news. Pete was invited back to sing the song (in a medley with more anti-war songs!) on the Feb 25 show (Youtube link). Plus, Pete influenced a lot of people on featured on this website.

Besides, Pete was from Beacon, where this humble writer lives. Always saw him at the Strawberry Festival, carryin' his banjo and singin' fer everybody. Always fightin' for the little guy and, most importantly, Mother Earth. The Hudson River thanks you, Pete. Nobody like him.

Waist Deep In The Big Muddy And Other Love Songs
Columbia CS-9505
7/67 [UK: 10/67]
Back Cover

Side One
Oh Yes I'd Climb (The Highest Mountain Just For You) Seeger 4:06
Seek And You Shall Find arr Seeger 7:50
The Sinking Of The Reuben James Guthrie 2:42
Waist Deep In The Big Muddy Seeger 2:54
Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream McCurdy 2:51
Down By The Riverside - 3:13
Side Two
Nameless Lick Seeger 0:56
Over The Hills Seeger 1:38
East Virginia - 2:34
My Name Is Liza Kalvelage Seeger 3:57
My Father's Mansion's Many Rooms Seeger 2:24
Melodie D'Amour Johns-Salvador 1:51
Those Three Are On My Mind Seeger-Taylor 3:02
Pete Seeger-banjo, guitar, piano, vocals
Side One: friends from my home-town, Beacon, NY
Side Two: Danny Kalb and other NYC friends
§Cover Artwork-Richard Harrison
Produced by: John Hammond


Waist Deep In The Big Muddy / Down By The Riverside
Seeger (2:54) / no credit (3:13)
Columbia 4-44273, 9/67

And another thing...

Before we leave pioneer Pete, there is one single from the previous summer to show (out of sequence so as not to confuse you). Pete covering a Phil Ochs song, Draft Dodger Rag. Billboard thought it'd be a hit! Yeah, Top 40 DJs wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole. Anyway, you should know about it.

The Draft Dodger Rag / Guantanamera
Ochs (2:08) / Angulo-Marti-Seeger (4:37)
Columbia 4-43699, 6/66

A-side: accompanied by Fred Hellerman on vocal and guitar
B-side from We Shall Overcome (63 album)
Another stab at stardom...

In 1970, some bright lad at Columbia thought that a recording of Pete singing Country Joe's I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag would be a smash hit. Kids—a reminder: drugs are dangerous!
The track made it only to the promo stage as Columbia cancelled the single and Pete's contract. Makes a nice twin-spin with the above single. Listen at Youtube .

I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag [Stereo] / I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag [Mono]
McDonald (2:17) / McDonald (2:17)
Columbia 4-45257, 10/70

accompanment not indicated


A Few Covers
The Bells Of Rhymney Judy Collins (#3) 3/63
  The Byrds (Mr Tambourine Man) 6/65
If I Had A Hammer Peter, Paul & Mary (Peter, Paul & Mary) 3/62
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine Peter, Paul & Mary (Album) 7/66
Living In The Country Arlo Guthrie (Running Down The Road) 9/69
Oh, Had I A Golden Thread Judy Collins (Whales & Nightingales) 11/70
Turn! Turn! Turn! Judy Collins (#3) Arranged by Jim McGuinn 3/63
   (To Everything There Is A Season) The Byrds (Turn! Turn! Turn!) 12/65
We Shall Overcome Joan Baez (In Concert, Part 2) 11/63
Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Peter, Paul & Mary (Peter, Paul & Mary) 3/62

Note: Some of the above songs are adaptions or were written with other folks.
Pete also had a hand in The Token's 1961 hit, The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)


Pete Seeger Music (not a plug: buy the documentary—it's history, man)


Chad & Jeremy

Chad & Jeremy had quite a few hits during the British Invasion (Yesterday's Gone, A Summer Song), but they really went over the top on this album. The Progress Suite was a side-long indulgence that featured The Firesign Theatre (who ??) in a supporting role. It may sound kinda dated now, but it's still a groove!

Of Cabbages And Kings
Columbia CS-9471
9/25/67 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Rest In Peace Stuart 6:47
The Gentle Cold Of Dawn Clyde 3:50
Busman's Holiday Clyde 3:23
Can I See You Clyde 3:49
Family Way Clyde 2:45
I'll Get Around To It When And If I Can Guercio 2:34
Side Two
The Progress Suite, Movements 1 Thru 5
   Editorial (Vocal)
   Epilogue (Vocal)
Chad Stuart-guitar, banjo, harpsichord, organ, tack piano, ukelin, sitar, vocals
Jeremy Clyde-guitar, vocals
studio musicians
Some material in The Progress Suite written and performed by The Firesign Theatre
§Cover Photo-Joyce Rainboldt
Produced by: Chad & Jeremy



Chad & Jeremy web site


Dave Van Ronk

Dave Van Ronk, "The Mayor Of MacDougal Street," was a legend in the New York folk scene, with recordings going back to 1958 (A Chrestomathy is a good starter 2-CD set). He was instrumental in the development of Bob Dylan's career.
This release, in the spring of 1968, was his only major foray into electric folk-rock. His version of Clouds (From Both Sides Now) was a staple on WNEW-FM.
Dink's Song / Head Inspector
Lomax-Lomax (3:34) / Van Ronk (2:06)
Verve/Forecast 5070, 10/67

Clouds (From Both Sides Now) / Romping Through The Swamp
Mitchell (4:37) / Stampfel (1:58)
Verve/Forecast 5080, 2/68


And The Hudson Dusters
Verve/Forecast FTS-3041
3/68 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Alley Oop Frazier 3:38
Head Inspector Van Ronk 2:06
Swinging On A Star Burke-Van Heusen 2:37
Mr Middle Bogardus-Woods 3:02
Chelsea Morning Mitchell 2:33
Clouds (From Both Sides Now) Mitchell 4:37
Side Two
Keep Off The Grass† Woods-Woods 2:08
Dink's Song Lomax-Lomax 3:34
New Dreams Woods-Woods 2:22
Cocaine Davis 4:58
Romping Through The Swamp Stampfel 1:58
Dave Von Ronk-guitar, vocals
The Hudson Dusters:
Dave Woods-guitar, vocals
Pot [Phil Namenworth]-keyboards, vocals
Ed Gregory-bass
Rick Henderson-drums
§Cover Cover Design-David Krieger
Produced by: Barry Kornfeld

Note: †Hudson Dusters only


Dave Van Ronk - The Mayor of MacDougal Street


The Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers, singers of pure country heart, had stumbled in the 60s, trying to become something they weren't. This album was literally a journey back to their 'roots' and was by far one of the best records of their career. Coming amidst Sweetheart Of The Rodeo, Poco and the rest of the country-rock boom, they taught them all a lesson.

Warner Brothers WS-1752
12/68 [UK: 12/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Introduction: The Everly Family (1952) - 1:09
Mama Tried Haggard 2:11
Less Of Me Campbell 3:01
T For Texas (Blue Yodel No 1) Rodgers 3:25
I Wonder If I Care As Much Everly-Everly 3:02
Ventura Boulevard Elliott 2:45
Shady Grove Ertel-Everly 2:38
Side Two
Illinois Newman 2:05
Living Too Close To The Ground  Don solo Slater 2:15
You Done Me Wrong Jones-Price 2:23
Turn Around Elliott 2:45
Sing Me Back Home Haggard 4:35
Montage: The Everly Family (1952)
   Shady Grove (reprise)
   Kentucky (reprise)
- 2:43
Don & Phil Everly-guitars, vocals
James Burton-guitar, dobro
Van Dyke Parks-keyboards
Larry Knechtel-keyboards
Randy Newman-piano
Ron Elliott, David Blue, Sam McCue-guitar
Joe Osborn, John Bambridge, Bob West, Terry Slater-bass
Earl Palmer, Jr, Hal Blaine, Jim Gordon-drums
Tommy Morgan-harmonica
Buddy Emmons-steel guitar
Bobby Bruce-fiddle
Plus, strings & horns
Perry Botkin, Jr, Ron Elliott-arrangers
§Cover Photo-Frank Bez
Produced by: Lenny Waronker


Note: Another excellent Everly Brothers album to own and enjoy is Songs Our Daddy Taught Us (Cadence CP-3106, 1958)


The Everly Brothers web site


John Fahey

Guitarist extrodianaire John Fahey was a true one-of-a-kind. The Yellow Princess, released in the Spring of 1969, is one of his landmark albums. And not just because it featured several members of Spirit!

The Yellow Princess
Vanguard VSD-79293
3/69 [UK: ?/69]
Back Cover

Side One
The Yellow Princess Fahey 4:49
View (East From The Top Of The Riggs Road/B & O Trestle) Fahey 4:54
Lion Fahey 5:10
March! For Martin Luther King* Fahey 3:43
The Singing Bridge of Memphis, Tennessee Fahey 2:53
Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Invisible City
   Of Bladensburg*
Fahey 4:10
Side Two
Charles A. Lee: In Memoriam Fahey 4:02
Irish Letter Fahey 7:17
Commemorative Transfiguration And Communion
   At Magruder Park
Fahey 5:58
John Fahey-guitar, special effects
Matt Andes-guitar
Jay Ferguson-organ, piano
Mark Andes-bass
Kevin Kelley-drums
§Cover Painting-Charles McVicker
Produced by: Barret Hansen [Dr Demento] & John Fahey


A March For Martin Luther King / Singing Bridge
Fahey (3:40) / Fahey (2:46)
Vanguard VRS-35076, ?/69



Official John Fahey web site


Muddy Waters

In the spring of 1969, blues veterans Muddy Waters & Otis Spann were brought together with the "new kids on the block" (Paul Butterfield, Mike Bloomfield and friends). Several days of studio sessions were followed by a live concert at the "Super Cosmic Joy-Scout Jamboree" and the resulting 2-lp set was released in the summer.

Fathers & Sons
Chess LPS-127
8/16/69 BB [UK: 10/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Reissue Back Cover

Reissued in 72 with this gaudy change
Concert Poster

Side One
All Aboard Morganfield 2:50
Mean Disposition Morganfield 5:42
Blow Wind Blow Morganfield 3:35
Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had Morganfield 3:03
Walkin' Thru The Park Morganfield 3:07
Side Two
Forty Days And Forty Nights Morganfield 3:04
Standin' 'Round Cryin' Morganfield 4:01
I'm Ready Dixon 3:33
Twenty Four Hours Boyd 4:46
Sugar Sweet Morganfield 2:16
Side Three
Long Distance Call Morganfield 6:35
Baby Please Don't Go Morganfield 3:05
Honey Bee Morganfield 3:57
Side Four
The Same Thing Dixon 6:00
Got My Mojo Working (Part 1) Foster-Morganfield 3:39
Got My Mojo Working (Part 2) Foster-Morganfield 5:33
Muddy Waters-guitar, vocals
Otis Spann-piano
Mike Bloomfield-guitar
Paul Butterfield-harp
Donald "Duck" Dunn-bass
Sam Lay-drums
Jeff Carp-chromatic harp (All Aboard)
Phil Upchurch-bass (All Aboard)
Paul Asbell-guitar (Walkin' Thru The Park, Forty Days And Forty Nights, Sugar Sweet)
Buddy Miles-drums (Got My Mojo Working (Part 2))
§Album Design-Daily Planet; Illustration-Don Wilson (based on Michelangelo's Sistene Chapel fresco, 1511)
Produced by: Norman Dayron

Sides 1 & 2 recorded at Ter-Mar Studios, Chicago, April 21-23, 1969.
Sides 3 & 4 recorded live at Super Cosmic Joy-Scout Jamboree, Chicago, April 24, 1969. 


Official Muddy Waters web site


Leo Kottke

An album that reverberated throughout college campuses in the spring of 1970 was this masterpiece by (now) legendary guitarist, Leo Kottke. Recorded on one afternoon, in the order on the record (most one take). Leo signed a recording contract with our friends at Capitol and released Mudlark in 1971 and a whole bunch since then.

6- and 12-String Guitar
AKA The Armadillo album
Takoma C-1024
12/69 [UK: ?/72]
Back Cover

UK Cover

Side One
The Driving Of The Year Nail Kottke 1:54
The Last Of The Arkansas Greyhounds Kottke 3:14
Ojo Kottke 2:12
Crow River Waltz Kottke 3:17
The Sailor's Grave On The Prairie Kottke 2:30
Vaseline Machine Gun Kottke 3:08
Jack Fig Kottke 2:10
Side Two
Watermelon Kottke 3:07
Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring Bach, arr Kottle 2:21
The Fisherman Kottke 2:29
The Tennessee Toad Kottke 2:37
Busted Bicycle Kottke 2:45
The Brain Of The Purple Mountain Kottke 2:07
Coolidge Rising Kottke 2:47
Leo Kottke-6- & 12-string guitars (some with slide)
§Cover Art-Annie Elliott
Produced by: not listed



Official Leo Kottke website


Booker T & The MGs

Two studios had great "house" bands creating some of the best recordings of all time. Motown had The Funk Brothers, while Stax had The Memphis Group. Backing Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, and Aretha Franklin (among others) were Booker T & The MGs. Two white dudes and two black cats laid on the soul stew to allow the records simmer. But, of these two house bands, only Booker T & The MGs had hit recordings on their own: Green Onions and Hip-Hug Her being top 10 hits. When The Beatles released Abbey Road, Booker was mighty impressed:
"I was in California when I heard Abbey Road, and I thought it was incredibly courageous of The Beatles to drop their format and move out musically like they did. To push the limit like that and reinvent themselves when they had no need to that. They were the top band in the world but they still reinvented themselves. The music was just incredible so I felt I needed to pay tribute to it."

McLemore Avenue
Stax STS-2027
4/70 BB [UK: 5/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End/Here
  Comes The Sun/Come Together
- 15:46
Something - 4:07
Side Two
Because/You Never Give Me Your Money - 7:25
Sun King/Mean Mr Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In
  Through The Bathroom Window/I Want You (She's So Heavy)
- 10:39
Booker T Jones-organ, piano
Steve Cropper-guitar
Donald "Duck" Dunn-electric bass
Al Jackson, Jr-drums
§Cover Photo-Joel Brodsky
Produced by: Booker T & The MGs


Something³ / Sunday Sermon¹
Harrison (3:38) / Miller (4:10)
Stax STA-0073, 5/70



Official Booker T web site


Jean-Luc Ponty
Electric violinist meets Zappa

King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa
Pacific Jazz ST-20192
5/25/70 [UK: 9/70]
Back Cover

Side One
King Kong† Zappa 4:54
Idiot Bastard Son‡ Zappa 4:00
Twenty Small Cigars‡ Zappa 5:35
How Would You Like To Have A Head Like That‡ Ponty 7:14
Side Two
Music For Electric Violin And Low Budget Orchestra† Zappa 19:20
America Drinks And Goes Home‡ Zappa 2:39
Jean-Luc Ponty-electric violin
George Duke-piano, electric piano
Buell Neidlinger-bass†
Arthur Dyer Tripp III-drums†
Wilton Felder-bass‡
John Guerin-drums‡
Ernie Watts-saxophone‡
on Music For Electric Violin And Low Budget Orchestra:
Ian Underwood-conductor
Milton Thomas-viola
Harold Bemko-cello
Jonathan Meyer-flute
Gene Cipriano-English horn, oboe
Arthur Maebe, Vincent DeRosa-French horn
Donald Christlieb-bassoon
Frank Zappa-guitar (How Would You Like To Have A Head Like That)
Ian Underwood-tenor sax (King Kong)
Gene Estes-vibraphone (King Kong)
Arranged by: Frank Zappa
Produced by: Richard Bock



Official Jean-Luc Ponty web site


B B King
B B King & Lucille—a match made in heaven. This album, a tribute to his hometown in Mississippi, is one that B B himself rated: "I know the critics always mention Live & Well or Live At The Regal, but I think that Indianola Mississippi Seeds was the best album that I've done artistically." Who are we mere mortals to argue?

Other fine B B King records for your collection: Completely Well, The Blues (1960) and Singin' The Blues (1956).
Hummingbird³ / Ask Me No Questions
Russell (3:49) / King (3:10)
ABC 45-11268, 7/70 BB


Indianola Mississippi Seeds
ABC Records ABCS-713
9/70 BB RS500 [UK: 11/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Nobody Loves Me But My Mother(B B King solo) King 1:26
You're Still My Woman† Clark-King 6:06
Ask Me No Questions‡ King 3:08
Until I'm Dead And Cold† King 4:45
King's Special‡ King 5:00
Side Two
Ain't Gonna Worry My Life Anymore† King 5:18
Chains And Things† Clark-King 4:53
Go Underground Clark-King 4:02
Hummingbird‡ Russell 4:35
B B King-guitar, piano, vocal
Bryan Garofalo-bass
Russ Kunkel-drums
Carole King-piano†
Leon Russell-piano‡
Joe Walsh-rhythm guitar‡
Angelic Chorus-Clydie King, Merry Clayton, Sherlie Matthews, Venetta Fields (Hummingbird)
on Go Underground:
Hugh McCrackin-rhythm guitar
Paul Harris-piano
Gerald Jemmott-bass
Herb Lovelle-drums
§Cover Design-Lockart; Photo-Ivan Nagy
Strings and horns arranged by Jimmie Haskell
Produced by: Bill Szymczyk

Note: Congratulations to Albert and Nora on your son Riley, September 16, 1925

Chains And Things³ / King's Special³
Clark-King (3:27) / King (3:22)
ABC 45-11280, 10/70 BB



Official B B King web site


Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye was a hit machine in the singles-oriented world of Motown [How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), Ain't That Peculiar, Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing]. But, he had something to say about the Vietnam War, race relations, and other things on his mind. In 1970, Gaye recorded the mold-breaking What's Going On. Berry Gordy didn't want to release it, saying it wouldn't sell. Gaye forced his hand (by not recording or writing anything else), and in 1971 had a best seller.
What's Going On² / God Is Love²
Benson-Cleveland-Gaye (3:40) / Gaye-Gaye-Nyx-Stover (2:50)
Tamla 54201, 1/71 T20

both recording are different from the album versions

What's Going On
Motown TS-310
5/21/71 T20 RS500 [UK: 10/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
What's Going On Benson-Cleveland-Gaye 3:51
What's Happening Brother Gaye-Nyx 2:57
Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky) Gaye-Gaye-Stover 3:40
Save The Children Benson-Cleveland-Gaye 3:04
God Is Love Gaye-Gaye-Nyx-Stover 2:31
Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) Gaye 3:05
Side Two
Right On Derouen-Gaye 7:20
Wholy Holy Benson-Cleveland-Gaye 3:20
Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) Gaye-Nyx 5:16
Marvin Gaye-piano, keyboards, drums, vocals
Joe Messina-guitar
Earl Van Dyke-guitar
Robert White-guitar
James Jamerson-bass
Bob Babbitt-bass
Chet Forest-drums
Eli Fountain-sax
Wild Bill Moore-sax
David Van De Pitte-arranger, conductor
§Cover Photo-Hendin
Produced by: Marvin Gaye


Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)³ / Sad Tomorrows¹
Gaye (2:39) / Gaye-Gordy-Wilkinson (2:24)
Tamla 54207, 6/71 T20

Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)³ / Wholy Holy
Gaye-Nyx (2:58) / Benson-Cleveland-Gaye (3:08)
Tamla 54209, 8/71 T20



The Marvin Gaye Page


Long John Baldry
Long John Baldry can be considered as a godfather to many of the English rockers of the 60s. He worked with Alexis Korner and Blues Incorporated (which featured future stars Mick Jagger & Jack Bruce). He then joined the Cyril Davies R&B All Stars, which he took over after Davies' death in 1964. Band members of the group included Rod Stewart. In the mid 60s, he formed Steampacket, which included Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger. His last major all star band, Bluesology, featured a young Elton John on piano. In the Spring of 1971, he reunited with Rod & Elton to record It Ain't Easy.

It Ain't Easy
Warner Bros WS-1921
6/71 BB [UK: ?/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Don't Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie On The King Of Rock 'N' Roll Thomas 3:26
Black Girl Leadbelly 2:50
It Ain't Easy Davies 4:52
Morning, Morning Kupferberg 2:38
I'm Ready Dixon 4:15
Side Two
Let's Burn Down The Cornfield Newman 4:12
Mr Rubin Duncan 4:00
Rock Me When He's Gone John-Taupin 5:01
Flying Lane-Stewart-Wood 6:50

Note: Side One, Track One is prefaced by the uncredited talking blues Conditional Discharge (3:15)

Long John Baldry-guitar, vocals
Side One:
Rod Stewart-vocals
Ron Wood-guitar
Ian Armitt-keyboards
Rikki Brown-bass
Mickie Waller-drums
Sam Mitchell-steel guitar
Ray Jackson-mandolin
Alan Skidmore-sax
Maggie Bell-vocals
Lesley Duncan, Madeline Bell, Doris Troy, Kay Garner, Liza Strike, Roger Cook, Tony Hazzard, Tony Burrows-vocals
Produced by: Rod Stewart
Side Two:
Elton John-piano, organ
Caleb Quaye-guitar
Joshuah M'Bopo-guitar
Ian Duck-harmonica, vocals
Dave Glover-bass
Roger Pope-drums
Lesley Duncan, Madeline Bell, Doris Troy, Kay Garner, Liza Strike, Roger Cook, Tony Hazzard, Tony Burrows-vocals
§Art Direction-Ed Thrasher
Produced by: Elton John


Don't Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie On The King Of Rock And Roll / Mr Rubin
Thomas (3:29) / Duncan (4:00)
Warner Bros 7506, 7/71



Official Long John Baldry web site


Howlin' Wolf
Backstage at the Fillmore Auditorium, after a concert by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Electric Flag, and Cream, Chess Records staff producer Norman Dayron spotted the guitar players of the latter two bands, Mike Bloomfield and Eric Clapton, talking and joking around. Dayron approached Clapton and, on impulse, asked "how would you like to do an album with Howlin' Wolf?" After confirming that the offer was legitimate, Clapton agreed, and Dayron set up sessions in London (wiki ) in early May, 1970.

The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions
Chess CH-60008
7/71 BB [UK: 8/71]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Inner Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

Side One
Rockin' Daddy Burnett 3:43
I Ain't Superstitious Dixon 3:34
Sittin' On Top Of The World Burnett 3:51
Worried About My Baby Burnett 2:55
What A Woman! Oden 3:02
Poor Boy Burnett 3:04
Side Two
Built For Comfort Dixon 2:08
Who's Been Talking? Burnett 3:02
The Red Rooster (Rehearsal) - 1:58
The Red Rooster Dixon 3:47
Do The Do Dixon 2:18
Highway 49 Williams 2:45
Wang-Dang-Doodle Dixon 3:27
Howlin' Wolf-vocals
Jeffrey Carp-harmonica
Eric Clapton-lead guitar
Hubert Sumlin-rhythm guitar
Lafayette Leake-piano
Steve Winwood-piano, organ
Bill Wyman-bass, cowbell (except where noted)
Charlie Watts-drums, percussion(except where noted)
Ian Stewart-piano (Rockin' Daddy)
John Simon-piano (Who's Been Talking)
Phil Upchurch-bass (Rockin' Daddy)
Klaus Voormann-bass (I Ain't Superstitious)
Ringo Starr-drums (I Ain't Superstitious)
Jordan Sandke-trumpet (I Ain't Superstitious, Built For Comfort)
Dennis Lansing-tenor saxophone (I Ain't Superstitious, Built For Comfort)
Joe Miller-baritone saxophone (I Ain't Superstitious, Built For Comfort)
§Album Design-The Daily Planet; Illustration-Don Wilson
Produced by: Norman Dayron

Do The Do / The Red Rooster
Dixon (2:20) / Dixon (3:47)
Chess C-2118, 8/71



Howlin' Wolf Foundation web site


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