Tribute to Woody brings Bob back
REWRITE REWRITE guitar kills fascists died Oct 3 67 REWRITE On January 20, 1968, Bob Dylan made his first performance appearance since his motorcyle accident the previous summer. Accompanying him were The Crackers, the guys he'd been hangin' out with and recordin' some new tunes (The Basement Tapes). Soon Big Pink would yield up the first album of that group now known as The Band.

Another concert was held in September, 1970, at the Hollywood Bowl. Columbia and Warner Bros each released two, two-disc record albums of the highlights, mixing both shows into one.

On January 20, 1968, three months following Guthrie's death, Harold Leventhal produced A Tribute to Woody Guthrie at New York City's Carnegie Hall.[79] Performers included Jack Elliott, Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Bob Dylan and The Band, Judy Collins, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Odetta, and others. Leventhal repeated the tribute on September 12, 1970 at the Hollywood Bowl. Recordings of the two concerts were eventually compiled as an album.
This is a various-artists set recorded at a charity fund raising concert at Carnegie Hall, January 20, 1968, held in memory of Woody Guthrie's then-recent death after years of illness. The Band performed with Bob Dylan on riveting versions of "I Ain't Got No Home," "Dear Mrs. Roosevelt," and "The Grand Coulee Dam." This was Bob Dylan's first public performance after the motorcycle accident. The Band were announced under some weird name (The Crackers?) because they still did not have an official name. The Part 1 recording from 1968, was originally released on LP in 1972 by Columbia. A Part 2 LP, from a Guthrie memorial concert at the Hollywood Bowl in 1970, was released by Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers later released both LP performances on a single CD. The CD entitled A Tribute to Woody Guthrie (Warner Bros. 9 26036-2), subtitled "Highlights from Concerts at Carnegie Hall, [January 20,] 1968 [and] Hollywood Bowl, [September 12,] 1970", is further described as "A 2-record set on 1 Specially Priced Compact Disc"; the back jewel box insert also contains the following statement: "Three tracks, "So Long (It's Been Good to Know Yuh)" by Judy Collins, "Vigilante Man" by Richie Havens and "Why Oh Why" by Odetta, which appear on the cassette have been omitted so as to facilitate a single, specially-priced compact disc." The disc's total running time is 71:43, and the back insert lists twenty-nine tracks.
Guthrie was tired of the radio overplaying Irving Berlin's "God Bless America". He thought the lyrics were unrealistic and complacent.[24] Partly inspired by his experiences during a cross-country trip and his distaste for "God Bless America", he wrote his most famous song, "This Land Is Your Land", in February 1940; it was subtitled "God Blessed America for Me."

A Tribute To Woody Guthrie, Part One
Columbia KC-31171
2/72 BB
Side One
Arlo Guthrie This Train is Bound for Glory 0:29
Will Geer Narration 0:35
Arlo Guthrie Oklahoma Hills 3:07
Robert Ryan Narration 0:23
Odetta Rambling Round Your City (Ramblin' Round) 4:12
Bob Dylan with The Crackers† I Ain't Got No Home 3:43
Judy Collins So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh 3:11
Arlo Guthrie Do Re Mi 3:43
Side Two
Pete Seeger Curly Headed Boy 1:51
Richie Havens Vigilante Man 4:53
Bob Dylan with The Crackers† Dear Mrs Roosevelt 5:47
Robert Ryan Narration 0:49
Tom Paxton Pastures of Plenty 2:43
Bob Dylan with The Crackers† The Grand Coulee Dam 2:57

Note: Most tracks recorded 1/20/68, Carnegie Hall.
†The Crackers were The Band before they recorded their first album.

A Tribute To Woody Guthrie, Part Two
Warner Bros BS-2586
2/72 BB
Side One
Judy Collins Roll On Columbia 0:24
Robert Ryan Narration 0:33
Judy Collins Roll On Columbia 3:02
Tom Paxton Biggest Thing Man Has Ever Done (Great Historical Bum) 1:49
Richie Havens & Pete Seeger Jackhammer John 2:03
Joan Baez Hobo's Lullaby 4:25
Peter Fonda Narration 1:43
Country Joe McDonald Woman At Home 3:05
Will Geer Narration 0:21
Judy Collins Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos) 4:34
Side Two
Odetta Why Oh Why 1:09
Peter Fonda, Will Geer Narration 0:40
Odetta Why Oh Why 1:17
Earl Robinson Mail Myself To You 1:15
Jack Elliot Howdido 1:23
Arlo Guthrie Jesus Christ 4:08
Jack Elliot 1913 Massacre 4:30
Judy Collins & Pete Seeger Union Maid 1:44
Robert Ryan Narration 0:40
Will Geer Narration 0:19
Judy Collins Narration 2:16
Odetta, Arlo Guthrie & Company This Land Is Your Land 1:12
Will Geer Narration 0:57
Odetta, Arlo Guthrie & Company This Land Is Your Land 0:42

Note: Most tracks recorded 9/12/70, Hollywood Bowl.


Woody's Recordings
Woody recorded many songs for many labels in the 30s and 40s (Asch, Lomax, and others). For us, the landmark Library Of Congress box set that Elektra put out in 1964 will the one noted here. As the blurb says: "Three hours of songs and conversation. Includes booklet with notes, photos and illustrations." Like the Smith folk box, folkies and rockers both memorized the songs from this important story teller. One draw back to this set: This Land Is Your Land is missing.

Today, there are two great box sets that were released to honor Woody's 100th birthday. Woody At 100 (The Woody Guthrie Centennial Collection) is a Smithsonian Folkways 3-CD set complete with 148-page book. Upping the ante is Rounder Record's American Radical Patriot, a 6-CD, DVD, book, and a 10" 78 (with Bob Dylan's 1961 recording of V D City). I'd go with the 100, as it has two versions of This Land Is Your Land (BTW, there is a great version of that song performed by Jerry & Bob, fronting for Los Lobos recorded in SF during the 4th of July weekend in 1989).

Note that the link to 45cat actually goes to one of their many sub-sites. In this case it's 78 RPM. The link goes to what was a real "album"—a collection of single 78s gathered together in a nicely bound album. The album also features Cisco Houston, Pete Seeger, Josh White, and Lead Belly. Cool album.

Library Of Congress Recordings
Elektra EKL-271/272
Back Cover

Booklet Front Cover

Booklet Back Cover

Side One
Lost Train Blues -
Introduction; Family; Okemah And It's People; The Colored "Situation" -
Railroad Blues -
His "Gang"; Home Brew; House Parties; Drinking -
Rye Whiskey -
Toasts; Square Dance Tunes -
Old Joe Clark -
Beaumont Rag -
Family Misfortunes; Foster Parents; Banty Hen; Galveston, Texas -
Side Two
Texas Oil Fields; The Root Beer Stand; Learning To Play The Guitar -
Greenback Dollar -
Boll Weevil Song -
Dust Storms; Storm Of April 14, 1935 -
So Long, It's Been Good To Know You -
Migration From The Dust Bowl -
Talking Dust Bowl Blues -
"Pea Patch Poppas" -
Do-Re-Mi -
Side Three
Hard Times -
Outlaws; About Pretty Boy Floyd; Bankers -
Pretty Boy Floyd -
About Jesse James -
They Laid Jesus Christ In His Grave -
Jolly Banker -
I Ain't Got No Home -
Okies -
Side Four
Dirty Overalls -
Chain Around My Leg -
Chain Gangs; The Blues -
Worried Man Blues -
Church-House Blues -
Lonesome Valley -
Walking The Railroad Ties -
Walkin' Down That Railroad Line -
Railroad "Bulls"; Hoboin' And Freighttrainin'; Government Camps -
Side Five
The Grapes Of Wrath -
Goin' Down That Road Feeling Bad -
Handbill Situation; Labor "Contractors" -
Dust Storm Disaster -
Foggy Mountain Top -
Dust Storms And Their Effects -
Dust Pneumonia Blues -
Side Five
California - The Promised Land -
California Blues -
Jimmie Rodgers; Living Conditions In California -
Dust Bowl Refugees -
Reputation Of Oklahoma; Will Rogers -
Will Rogers Highway -
Flood Disaster -
Los Angeles New Year's Flood -
Woody Guthrie-stories and songs accompanied by guitar
Alan Lomax, Robert Shelton-liner notes
Alan Lomax-recordist
Jac Holzman-editor
Produced by: Jac Holzman

Note: Rounder Records reissued this as a 3-CD in 1988, minus the booklet, of course.

Car Car Donovan (Catch The Wind) 6/65
I'd Like To Know Tom Rush (Tom Rush) 1/65
Do-Re-Mi Tom Rush (Tom Rush) 1/65
  Ry Cooder (Ry Cooder) 12/70
Lay Down Little Doggies Arlo Guthrie (Washington County) 9/69
Oklahoma Hills Arlo Guthrie (Running Down The Road) 9/69
Plane Wreck At los Gatos (Deportee) Judy Collins (Judy Collins #3) (arr by Jim McGuinn) 3/63
  Joan Baez (Blessed Are... bonus 45) 8/71
  The Byrds (Ballad Of Easy Rider) 11/69
Pretty Boy Floyd Joan Baez (Joan Baez In Concert) 9/62
  The Byrds (Sweetheart Of The Rodeo) 8/68
Ranger's Command Joan Baez (Farewell, Angelina) 10/65
10 songs Country Joe McDonald (Thinking Of Woody Guthrie) 12/69


Official Woody Guthrie web site
Story about the concert @ Drifters Escape


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