Arlo Guthrie
All songs credited to Guthrie are by Arlo, unless preceeded by W (for his Dad)

Alice's Restaurant
Reprise RS-6267
10/67 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Alice's Restaurant Massacree Guthrie 18:20
Side Two
Chilling Of The Evening Guthrie 3:01
Ring-Around-A-Rosy Rag Guthrie 2:10
Now And Then Guthrie 2:15
I'm Going Home Guthrie 3:12
The Motorcycle Song Guthrie 2:58
Highway In The Wind Guthrie 2:40
Arlo Guthrie-guitar, vocals
Produced by: Fred Hellerman

Note: Side one recorded live somewhere
Alice reentered the Top 200 Album charts on 9/6/69 and reached #17 on 11/17 (2nd pass due to the movie version)

Want more Alice? How about the early '66 version from Gerde's Folk City?
Woody Guthrie Oct 3, 1967, New Jersey, Huntington's disease
Arlo's dad was an inspiration to many musicians.
The Motorcycle Song / Now And Then
Guthrie (2:58) / Guthrie (2:15)
Reprise 0644, 11/67

Say, wasn't there a tribute concert for Woody that featured Arlo and Dylan & The Crackers in Jan, 1968  ?? 
The Motorcycle Song (Part 1) / The Motorcycle Song (Part 2)
Guthrie (2:57) / Guthrie (4:20)
Reprise 0793, 9/68

This Motorcycle is from Arlo
5th Big Sur Folk Festival(Sept 7-8)

Reprise RS-6299
10/68 BB
Back Cover

Side One
The Motorcycle Song Guthrie 7:55
Wouldn't You Believe It Guthrie 3:04
Try Me One More Time Tubb 2:34
John Looked Down Guthrie 2:22
Side Two
Meditation (Wave Upon Wave) Guthrie 6:36
Standing At The Threshold Guthrie 2:32
The Pause Of Mr Claus Guthrie 7:50
Arlo Guthrie-guitar, vocals
Stan Free-piano, harpsichord
Bob Arkin-bass
Ed Shaughnessy-drums, tabla
Produced by: Fred Hellerman

Note: Recorded live at The Bitter End, NYC

TV Guide Close-up

=WNET, New York
Sounds Of Summer: "The Mississippi River Festival" Aug 3, 1969, NET
Joni & Arlo at festival hosted by Southern Illinois University, filned July 7.
Woodstock Music & Art Fair(Aug 15-18)
Alice's Restaurant(August 20)

Running Down The Road
Reprise RS-6346
9/69 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Oklahoma Hills W Guthrie 3:25
Every Hand In The Land Guthrie 2:20
My Creole Belle Hurt 3:45
Wheel Of Fortune Guthrie 2:30
Oh, In The Morning Guthrie 4:50
Side Two
Coming Into Los Angeles Guthrie 3:08
Stealin' Cannon, arr Guthrie 2:48
My Front Pages Guthrie 3:47
Living In The Country Seeger 3:16
Running Down The Road Guthrie 4:30
Arlo Guthrie-guitar, piano, vocals
Clarence White-guitar
James Burton-guitar
John Pilla-guitar
Jerry Scheff-bass
Chris Ethridge-bass
Ry Cooder-bass, mandolin
Gene Parsons-harmonica, drums
Jim Gordon-drums
Milt Holland-percussion
Produced by: Van Dyke Parks & Lenny Waronker


Alice's Rock 'n' Roll Restaurant¹ / Coming Into Los Angeles
Guthrie (4:44) / Guthrie (3:08)
Reprise 0877, 11/69 BB

A-side credit: Doug Kershaw on violin
Woodstock(March 26)
Valley To Pray / Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues
Goodman-Guthrie-Pilla (2:46) / Guthrie (6:25)
Reprise 0951, 9/70


Washington County
Reprise RS-6411
10/70 BB
Back Cover

Insert Front

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Side One
Introduction Guthrie 3:20
Fencepost Blues† Guthrie 3:09
Gabriel's Mother's Hiway Ballad #16 Blues Guthrie 6:25
Washington County Guthrie 1:59
Valley To Pray Goodman-Guthrie-Pilla 2:47
Lay Down Little Doggies W Guthrie 3:18
Side Two
I Could Be Singing† Guthrie 3:18
If You Would Just Drop By Guthrie 4:20
Percy's Song Dylan 5:01
I Want To Be Around Guthrie 2:48
Arlo Guthrie-guitar, piano, banjo, autoharp, vocals
John Pilla-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Chris Ethridge-bass
Richard Hayward-drums
Ry Cooder-guitar, bottleneck guitar†
Clarence White-guitar (I Could Be Singing)
Hoyt Axton-bass, voice (Lay Down Little Doggies)
Doug Dillard-banjo (Washington County)
Gary Walters-bass
Produced by: John Pilla, Lenny Waronker, Van Dyke Parks (co-producer on Valley To Pray)


The Ballad Of Tricky Fred / Shackles And Chains
Guthrie (2:40) / Davis (3:01)
Reprise 0994, 3/71



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