Country Joe & The Fish
Country Joe McDonald ♦ Barry Melton 

  Songs Of Opposition (EP)
Rag Baby RAG-1001
Side One:
Country Joe & The Fish
The I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die McDonald 2:33
Superbird McDonald 3:57
Side Two:
Pete Krug & His Guitar
Fire In The City Krug 4:47
Johnny's Gone In The War Krug 2:01
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
Carl Shrager-washboard, kazoo
Bill Steel-washtub bass
Mike Beardslee-vocals


  Country Joe And The Fish (EP)
Rag Baby RAG-1002
Side One
Thing Called Love McDonald 2:37
Bass Strings McDonald 3:33
Side Two
Section 43 McDonald 6:46
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
David Cohen-organ, guitar
Bruce Barthol-bass
Paul Armstrong-tambourine, marachas
John Francis Gunning-drums


 "A Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In" 

Electric Music For The Mind And Body
Vanguard VSD-79244
5/11/67 BB
Back Cover

Early, unused cover

From the 2-CD reissue
Side One
Flying High McDonald 2:37
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine McDonald 4:18
Death Sound Blues McDonald 4:21
Happiness Is A Porpoise Mouth McDonald 2:47
Section 43 McDonald 7:23
Side Two
Superbird McDonald 2:01
Sad And Lonely Times McDonald 2:21
Love Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton 2:20
Bass Strings McDonald 4:58
The Masked Marauder McDonald 3:07
Grace McDonald 7:03
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, tambourine, vocals, bells
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
David Cohen-organ, guitar, keyboards
Bruce Barthol-bass, harmonica
Gary "Chicken" Hirsh-drums
Produced by: Samuel Charters


Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine³ / The Masked Marauder
McDonald (3:06) / McDonald (3:10)
Vanguard VRS-35052, 5/67 BB

Monterey International Pop Festival
Janis / Janis (instrumental)¹
McDonald (2:36) / McDonald (2:35)
Vanguard VRS-35059, 11/67

B-side as by Orchestra Conducted By Country Joe

Vanguard VSD-79266
11/8/67 BB
Back Cover

"Fish" Game

Side One
The "Fish" Cheer & I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag McDonald 3:39
Who Am I McDonald 4:05
Pat's Song McDonald 5:22
Rock Coast Blues McDonald 3:42
Magoo McDonald 4:56
Side Two
Janis McDonald 2:34
Thought Dream McDonald 6:11
Thursday Cohen-Hirsh 3:45
Eastern Jam Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-Melton 4:23
Colors For Susan McDonald 5:57
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, tambourine, vocals
Barry Melton-guitar, kazoo, vocals
David Cohen-guitar, organ, calliope, harpsichord
Bruce Barthol-bass, harmonica
Chicken Hirsh-drums, bells, percussion
Produced by: Samuel Charters

Note: And introducing The Bomb Song and The Acid Commercial [which appear as bookends to Thought Dream]
Came with The Fish Game—have fun whilst stoned and groovin' to The Fish (see note 2)
Play the game online!

Who Am I³ / Thursday³
McDonald (2:52) / Cohen-Hirsh (2:46)
Vanguard VRS-35061, 1/68

Rock And Soul Music, Part 1 / Rock And Roll Soul, Part 2
Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton (2:54) / Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton (2:07)
Vanguard VRS-35068, 6/68


Vanguard VSD-79277
8/68 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

Non gatefold, front cover same
Side One
Rock & Soul Music Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton 6:51
Susan Hirsh 3:28
Mojo Navigator Denson-McDonald-Melton 2:23
Bright Suburban Mr & Mrs Clean Machine Hirsh-Melton 2:19
Good Guys-Bad Guys Cheer/The Streets Of Your Town Melton 3:39
Side Two
The Fish Moan   0:27
The Harlem Song McDonald 4:19
Waltzing In The Moonlight Hirsh-Melton 2:13
Away Bounce My Bubbles Hirsh 2:25
Cetacean Barthol 3:38
An Untitled Protest McDonald 2:45
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, sound effects, tambourine, bells, vocals, rap
Barry Melton-guitar, sound effects, vocals, rap
Bruce Barthol-guitar, bass, harmonica, sound effects, vocals
David Bennett Cohen-organ, guitar, piano, harpsichord, keyboards, sound effects, vocals, voices, bells
Chicken Hirsh-percussion, castanets, drums, sound effects, vocals, bells
Robin McDonald-percussion, finger cymbals
Produced by: Samuel Charters


 ➜ Live: 1/9-11, Fillmore West; released 1994: Live! Fillmore West 1969 

Here I Go Again / Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy
McDonald (3:15) / Melton (2:42)
Vanguard VRS-35090, 6/69


Here We Are Again
Vanguard VSD-79299
7/69 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Here I Go Again McDonald 3:24
Donovan's Reef McDonald 4:18
It's So Nice To Have Love McDonald 3:25
Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy Melton 2:43
Crystal Blues McDonald 6:18
Side Two
For No Reason McDonald 3:55
I'll Survive McDonald 2:28
Maria McDonald 3:30
My Girl Melton 2:16
Doctor Of Electricity Melton 3:58
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, tambourine, vocals
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
David Cohen-piano, organ
Mark Ryan-bass
Gary "Chicken" Hirsh-drums, percussion
Jack Casady-bass
Peter Albin-bass
Mark Kapner-piano
Produced by: Sam Charters


Country Joe and Barry to solo careers

Thinking Of Woody Guthrie
Vanguard VSD-6546
Back Cover

Side One
Pastures Of Plenty Guthrie 2:17
Talkin' Dust Bowl Guthrie 2:21
Blowing Down That Dusty Road Guthrie-Hays 2:33
So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh Guthrie 3:00
Tom Joad Guthrie 7:08
Side Two
The Sinking Of The Reuben James The Almanac Singers 2:42
Roll On, Columbia Guthrie-Leadbelly-Lomax 2:21
Pretty Boy Floyd Guthrie 4:24
When The Curfew Blows Guthrie 2:15
This Land Is Your Land Guthrie 3:20
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Grady Martin-dobro, guitar, sitar
Ray Edenton-guitar
Harold Bradley-guitar
Harold Rugg-Steel guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
Norbert Putnam-bass
Buddy Harmon-drums
Produced by: Samuel Charters


Bright Sun Is Shining
Vanguard VSD-6551
Back Cover

Side One
Third Degree Boyd 3:57
Something You Got Kenner 2:46
I Had A Dream Hayes-Porter 2:42
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Holland-Dozier-Holland 3:06
Wine, Women, Whiskey Lightfoot 2:24
Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp Frazier 3:01
Side Two
You've Got What It Takes Carlo-Gordy-Gordy 2:30
Georgia On My Mind Carmichael-Gorrell 2:42
I've Been In The Darkness Melton 3:13
It's A Mean Old World Rush 2:30
You've Really Got A Hold On Me Robinson 2:49
Sun Is Shining James 2:56
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
Gerald Sims-guitar
Donny Hathaway-piano
Phil Upchurch-bass
Morris Jennings-drums
Produced by: Samuel Charters


Tonight I'm Singing Just For You
Vanguard VSD-6557
Back Cover

Side One
Ring Of Fire Cash-Kilgore 2:27
Tennessee Stud Driftwood 3:17
Heartaches By The Number Howard 2:42
Tiger By The Tail Howard-Owens 2:02
Crazy Arms Mooney-Seals 2:55
You've Done Me Wrong Price-Jones 1:43
Side Two
All Of Me Belongs To You Haggard 2:19
Oklahoma Hills Guthrie-Guthrie 2:40
Tonight I'm Singing Just For You Lieber-Wheeler 3:23
Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife Davis 2:50
Six Days On The Road Greene-Montgomery 2:17
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica
Grady Martin-guitar, sitar
Harold Bradley-bass, guitar
Ray Edenton-guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
Norbert Putnam-bass
Buddy Harmon-drums
The Jordanaires-vocals
Produced by: Samuel Charters


C J Fish
Vanguard VSD-6555
5/70 BB
Back Cover

Early UK Cover

Early UK Back Cover

Side One
Sing, Sing, Sing Melton 3:02
She's A Bird McDonald 4:34
Mara McDonald 2:58
Hang On McDonald 4:08
The Baby Song McDonald 2:50
Hey Bobby McDonald 2:09
Side Two
Silver And Gold McDonald 2:47
Rockin' Round The World McDonald 4:54
The Love Machine Melton 5:49
The Return Of Sweet Lorraine McDonald 3:48
Hand Of Man McDonald 2:50
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
Mark Kapner-keyboards
Doug Metzner-bass
Gregory Leroy Dewey-drums
Produced by: Tom Wilson

Note: With just Joe & Barry left, time for that damn contract albums!

Quiet Days In Clichy (Country Joe McDonald)
Hold On It's Coming³ / Playing With Fire³
McDonald (3:15) / McDonald (2:57)
Vanguard 35150, 1/71

Zachariah (Country Joe & The Fish)
Gas-s-s-s (Country Joe & The Fish)

Hold On: It's Coming
Vanguard VSD-79314
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Hold On It's Coming No 1 McDonald 3:48
Air Algiers McDonald 2:28
Only Love Is Worth This Pain McDonald 3:53
Playing With Fire McDonald 3:17
Travelling McDonald 4:20
Side Two
Joe's Blues McDonald 4:11
Mr Big Pig McDonald 3:30
Balancing On The Edge Of Time McDonald 3:09
Jamila McDonald 3:23
Hold On It's Coming No 2 McDonald 3:48
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Peter Green-guitar
Spencer Davis-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Vic Smith-bass, guitar, vocals
Richard Sussman-piano, keyboards
Nick Buck-piano
Alex Dmochowski-bass
Eric Weissberg-bass
Gary "Chicken" Hirsh-drums
Greg Dewey-drums
Mark Sidi Siddy-drums
Edward Bogas-fiddle
Produced by: Robin Menken & Bill Belmont


  Country Joe Sings Resist (EP)
Rag Baby RAG-1003
Side One
Kiss My Ass McDonald 3:03
Tricky Dickey McDonald 3:58
Side Two
Free Some Day McDonald 5:29
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, vocals
with: Grootna
Anna Rizzo-vocals
John Rewind-guitar
Richard Sussman-piano
Vic Smith-bass
Nacho Dewey-harmonica
Greg Dewey-drums


War War War
Vanguard VSD-79315
10/71 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Part One
Forward McDonald 4:39
The Call McDonald 2:35
Young Fellow, My Lad McDonald 3:47
The Man From Athabaska McDonald 6:28
Side Two
Part Two
The Munition Maker McDonald 4:22
The Twins McDonald 1:53
Jean Desprez McDonald 9:48
Part Three
War Widow McDonald 2:02
The March Of The Dead McDonald 6:27
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, footstomping, harmony vocal, tambourine, organ
Produced by: Country Joe McDonald

Note: Music composed by Country Joe McDonald, based on poems written by Robert Service

The Life And Times Of Country Joe & The Fish
From Haight-Ashbury To Woodstock
Vanguard VSD-27/28
11/71 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag* McDonald 3:41
Bass Strings(Rag Baby EP version) McDonald 3:56
Flying High McDonald 2:29
Porpoise Mouth McDonald 2:47
An Untitled Protest McDonald 2:45
Who Am I McDonald 4:06
Side Two
Grace McDonald 7:01
Waltzing In The Moonlight Hirsh, Melton 2:13
Death Sound Blues McDonald 4:22
Janis McDonald 2:36
Sing Sing Sing Melton 3:03
Side Three
Fillmore East, 11/15-16/68
Superbird (Tricky Dick) McDonald 5:20
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine McDonald 4:05
Marijuana Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton-Ryan 2:29
Fillmore West, 1/9-12/69
Rock And Soul Music/Love Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton/
Side Four
Crystal Blues McDonald 5:05
Masked Marauder McDonald 4:16
Woodstock Festival, August, 1969
Love Machine Melton 6:09
The "Fish" Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag McDonald 3:25
*The Instant Action Jug Band:
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, vocals
Paul Armstrong-washboard, tambourine
Barry Melton-kazoo, vocals
Richard Saunders-washtub bass

Other line-ups per source album

Note: The Instant Action Jug Band, recorded 1965
Sides 3 and 4 are previously unreleased live recordings


Country Joe & The FishHighly recommended!
Country Joe's PlaceHighly recommended!
Barry "The Fish" Melton


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