Country Joe & The Fish
Country Joe McDonald ♦ Barry Melton 

  Songs Of Opposition (EP)
Rag Baby RAG-1001
10/65 [UK: N/R]
Side One:
Country Joe & The Fish
The I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die McDonald 2:33
Superbird McDonald 3:57
Side Two:
Pete Krug & His Guitar
Fire In The City Krug 4:47
Johnny's Gone In The War Krug 2:01
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
Carl Shrager-washboard, kazoo
Bill Steel-washtub bass
Mike Beardslee-vocals


  Country Joe And The Fish (EP)
Rag Baby RAG-1002
6/66 [UK: N/R]
Side One
Thing Called Love McDonald 2:37
Bass Strings McDonald 3:33
Side Two
Section 43 McDonald 6:46
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
David Cohen-organ, guitar
Bruce Barthol-bass
Paul Armstrong-tambourine, marachas
John Francis Gunning-drums


"A Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In"(1/14/67) Country Joe only
Country Joe & The Fish "How We Stopped The War."
Filmed April 15, 1967. Joe & the gang participate in the Spring Mobilization To End The War .
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine³ / The Masked Marauder
McDonald (3:06) / McDonald (3:10)
Vanguard VRS-35052, 5/67 BB


Electric Music For The Mind And Body
Vanguard VSD-79244
5/11/67 BB [UK: 10/67]
Back Cover

Early, unused cover

From the 2-CD reissue
Side One
Flying High McDonald 2:37
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine McDonald 4:18
Death Sound Blues McDonald 4:21
Happiness Is A Porpoise Mouth McDonald 2:47
Section 43 McDonald 7:23
Side Two
Superbird McDonald 2:01
Sad And Lonely Times McDonald 2:21
Love Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton 2:20
Bass Strings McDonald 4:58
The Masked Marauder McDonald 3:07
Grace McDonald 7:03
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, tambourine, vocals, bells
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals (lead on Sad And Lonely Times and Love)
David Cohen-organ, guitar, keyboards
Bruce Barthol-bass, harmonica
Gary "Chicken" Hirsh-drums
§Cover Art-Jules Halfant, Photo-John Bagley
Produced by: Samuel Charters

Note: This album is dedicated to Mr & Mrs Martin Dimbatt
They held a record release party/concert
Record Release Party

at The Fillmore on the same day (with Big Brother)
The alternate cover and the poster are from the Ace Vanguard Masters CD reissue (2013), which contains the original 1967 mixes.

Magic Mountain Music Festival(6/11/67)
Monterey International Pop Festival(6/17/67)
Festival Of Growing Things(7/2/67)

Joe quits mid-October

and returns a few weeks later

Janis / Janis (instrumental)¹
McDonald (2:36) / McDonald (2:35)
Vanguard VRS-35059, 11/67

B-side as by Orchestra Conducted By Country Joe

Vanguard VSD-79266
11/8/67 BB [UK: 3/68]
Back Cover

"Fish" Game

Side One
The "Fish" Cheer & I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag McDonald 3:39
Who Am I McDonald 4:05
Pat's Song McDonald 5:22
Rock Coast Blues McDonald 3:42
Magoo McDonald 4:56
Side Two
Janis McDonald 2:34
Thought Dream McDonald 6:11
Thursday Cohen-Hirsh 3:45
Eastern Jam Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-Melton 4:23
Colors For Susan McDonald 5:57
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, tambourine, vocals
Barry Melton-guitar, kazoo, vocals
David Cohen-guitar, organ, calliope, harpsichord
Bruce Barthol-bass, harmonica
Chicken Hirsh-drums, bells, percussion
§Cover Photo-Joel Brodsky
Produced by: Samuel Charters

Note: And introducing The Bomb Song and The Acid Commercial [which appear as bookends to Thought Dream]
Came with The Fish Game—have fun whilst stoned and groovin' to The Fish (see note 2)
Play the game online !

12/20/67: Roundhouse, London
Vietnam Solidarity Campaign
Who Am I³ / Thursday³
McDonald (2:52) / Cohen-Hirsh (2:46)
Vanguard VRS-35061, 1/68

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(5/19/68)
Rock And Soul Music, Part 1 / Rock And Roll Soul, Part 2
Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton (2:54) / Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton (2:07)
Vanguard VRS-35068, 6/68


Vanguard VSD-79277
6/68 BB [UK: 11/68]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

Non gatefold, front cover same
Side One
Rock & Soul Music Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton 6:51
Susan Hirsh 3:28
Mojo Navigator Denson-McDonald-Melton 2:23
Bright Suburban Mr & Mrs Clean Machine Hirsh-Melton 2:19
Good Guys-Bad Guys Cheer/The Streets Of Your Town Melton 3:39
Side Two
The Fish Moan   0:27
The Harlem Song McDonald 4:19
Waltzing In The Moonlight Hirsh-Melton 2:13
Away Bounce My Bubbles Hirsh 2:25
Cetacean Barthol 3:38
An Untitled Protest McDonald 2:45
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, sound effects, tambourine, bells, vocals, rap
Barry Melton-guitar, sound effects, vocals, rap
Bruce Barthol-guitar, bass, harmonica, sound effects, vocals
David Bennett Cohen-organ, guitar, piano, harpsichord, keyboards, sound effects, vocals, voices, bells
Chicken Hirsh-percussion, castanets, drums, sound effects, vocals, bells
Robin McDonald-percussion, finger cymbals
§Cover Photo-Jeffrey Blankfort
Produced by: Samuel Charters

Note: This album is dedicated to Bobby Hutton - Black Revolutionary 1950-1968
Cover and inside photos taken at Joe & Robin's wedding

Newport Pop Festival(8/4/68)
The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(8/31-9/1/68)

Bruce Barthol quits and moves to England. Band wasn't political enough!

Monterey Pop(12/26/68)
First and best rockumentary on festivals
Miami Pop Festival(12/28/68)

 ➜ Live: 1/9-12, Fillmore West (Farewell Concerts); released 1994: Live! Fillmore West 1969 

Here We Are Again
Vanguard VSD-79299
5/69 BB [UK: 9/69]
Back Cover

Lyric Insert

Lyric Insert

Side One
Here I Go Again McDonald 3:24
Donovan's Reef McDonald 4:18
It's So Nice To Have Love† McDonald 3:25
Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy† Melton 2:43
Crystal Blues† McDonald 6:18
Side Two
For No Reason McDonald 3:55
I'll Survive‡ McDonald 2:28
Maria‡ McDonald 3:30
My Girl† Melton 2:16
Doctor Of Electricity† Melton 3:58
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, tambourine, vocals
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
David Cohen-piano, organ
Mark Ryan-bass (except where noted)
Gary "Chicken" Hirsh-drums, percussion
Jack Casady-bass†
Peter Albin-bass‡
Mark Kapner-piano (I'll Survive, Maria)
Horns and strings arranged and conducted by Ed Bland
§Cover Art-Tom Weller
Produced by: Sam Charters


Here I Go Again / Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy
McDonald (3:15) / Melton (2:42)
Vanguard VRS-35090, 6/69

Woodstock Music & Art Fair(8/16, 17/69) Joe solo, Group
New Orleans Pop Festival(8/31/69)
The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair(8/30-9/1/69)
Country Joe and Barry to solo careers. Five original fishes record Reunion album in 1977.

Thinking Of Woody Guthrie
Vanguard VSD-6546
11/69 [UK: 4/70]
Back Cover

Side One
Pastures Of Plenty Guthrie 2:17
Talkin' Dust Bowl Guthrie 2:21
Blowing Down That Dusty Road Guthrie-Hays 2:33
So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh Guthrie 3:00
Tom Joad Guthrie 7:08
Side Two
The Sinking Of The Reuben James The Almanac Singers 2:42
Roll On, Columbia Guthrie-Leadbelly-Lomax 2:21
Pretty Boy Floyd Guthrie 4:24
When The Curfew Blows Guthrie 2:15
This Land Is Your Land Guthrie 3:20
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Grady Martin-dobro, guitar, sitar
Ray Edenton-guitar
Harold Bradley-guitar
Harold Rugg-Steel guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
Norbert Putnam-bass
Buddy Harmon-drums
§Cover Art-Jules E Kliot
Produced by: Samuel Charters

Note: Recorded at Bradley's Barn, Nashville

Palm Beach Music & Art Festival(11/28/69)
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits

Vanguard VSD-6545, 12/69 BB [UK: 3/70]
no unique tracks—but has alternate back covers (first issue with nude group photo)
From Richie to Jimi—3 days of music, mud, and meandering

C J Fish
Vanguard VSD-6555
4/70 BB [UK: 10/70]
Back Cover

Early UK Cover

Early UK Back Cover

Side One
Sing, Sing, Sing Melton 3:02
She's A Bird McDonald 4:34
Mara McDonald 2:58
Hang On McDonald 4:08
The Baby Song McDonald 2:50
Hey Bobby McDonald 2:09
Side Two
Silver And Gold McDonald 2:47
Rockin' Round The World McDonald 4:54
The Love Machine Melton 5:49
The Return Of Sweet Lorraine McDonald 3:48
Hand Of Man McDonald 2:50
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
Mark Kapner-keyboards
Doug Metzner-bass
Greg Dewey-drums
§Cover Art-David Edward Byrd
Produced by: Tom Wilson

Note: With just Joe & Barry left, time for that damn contract albums!

Bright Sun Is Shining
Vanguard VSD-6551
5/70 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Third Degree† Boyd 3:57
Something You Got Kenner 2:46
I Had A Dream† Hayes-Porter 2:42
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Holland-Dozier-Holland 3:06
Wine, Women, Whiskey† Lightfoot 2:24
Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp Frazier 3:01
Side Two
You've Got What It Takes Carlo-Gordy-Gordy 2:30
Georgia On My Mind Carmichael-Gorrell 2:42
I've Been In The Darkness† Melton 3:13
It's A Mean Old World† Rush 2:30
You've Really Got A Hold On Me Robinson 2:49
Sun Is Shining† James 2:56
Barry Melton-guitar, vocals
with, in Chicago†:
Gerald Sims-guitar
Donny Hathaway-piano
Phil Upchurch-bass
Morris Jennings-drums
with, in New York:
Ed Bland-Arr/conductor
Joe Newman-trumpet
§Cover Photo-Joel Brodsky
Produced by: Samuel Charters


Tonight I'm Singing Just For You
Vanguard VSD-6557
7/70 [UK: 1/71]
Back Cover

Side One
Ring Of Fire Cash-Kilgore 2:27
Tennessee Stud Driftwood 3:17
Heartaches By The Number Howard 2:42
Tiger By The Tail Howard-Owens 2:02
Crazy Arms Mooney-Seals 2:55
You've Done Me Wrong Price-Jones 1:43
Side Two
All Of Me Belongs To You Haggard 2:19
Oklahoma Hills Guthrie-Guthrie 2:40
Tonight I'm Singing Just For You Lieber-Wheeler 3:23
Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife Davis 2:50
Six Days On The Road Greene-Montgomery 2:17
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica
Grady Martin-guitar, sitar
Harold Bradley-bass, guitar
Ray Edenton-guitar
Hargus "Pig" Robbins-piano
Norbert Putnam-bass
Buddy Harmon-drums
The Jordanaires-vocals
§Cover Art-Jules E Kliot
Produced by: Samuel Charters


Summer Festival For Peace(8/6/70) Country Joe
Quiet Days In Clichy(9/21/70) Country Joe
Several unique Country Joe tracks on the soundtrack album
7th Big Sur Folk Festival(10/3/70) Country Joe
Hold On It's Coming³ / Playing With Fire³
McDonald (3:15) / McDonald (2:57)
Vanguard 35150, 1/71

Two unique Fish tracks on the soundtrack album
Several unique Fish tunes on the soundtrack album

Hold On: It's Coming
Vanguard VSD-79314
5/71 [UK: 9/71]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Hold On It's Coming No 1 McDonald 3:48
Air Algiers McDonald 2:28
Only Love Is Worth This Pain McDonald 3:53
Playing With Fire McDonald 3:17
Travelling McDonald 4:20
Side Two
Joe's Blues McDonald 4:11
Mr Big Pig McDonald 3:30
Balancing On The Edge Of Time McDonald 3:09
Jamila McDonald 3:23
Hold On It's Coming No 2 McDonald 3:48
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Spencer Davis-guitar, harmonica, vocals (both Hold Ons)
Rockhead [Peter Green]-guitar (Mr Big Pig)
Vic Smith-bass, vocals
Richard Sussman-piano, keyboards
Nick Buck-piano
Alex Dmochowski-bass
Eric Weissberg-bass (Joe's Blues)
Gary "Chicken" Hirsh-drums
Greg Dewey-drums
Mark Sidi Siddy-drums
Edward Bogas-fiddle
§Cover Concept-Narcissistic Purposes Productions; Graphics-Wm Thut
Produced by: Robin Menken & Bill Belmont


  Country Joe Sings Resist (EP)
Rag Baby RAG-1003
5/71 [UK: N/R]
Side One
Kiss My Ass McDonald 3:03
Tricky Dickey McDonald 3:58
Side Two
Free Some Day McDonald 5:29
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, vocals
with: Grootna
Anna Rizzo-vocals
John Rewind-guitar
Richard Sussman-piano
Vic Smith-bass
Nacho Dewey-harmonica
Greg Dewey-drums

Note: Former Airplane founder produced their only album

Celebration Of Life(6/21-28/71) Country Joe

War War War
Vanguard VSD-79315
7/71 BB [UK: 1/72]
Back Cover

Side One
Part One
Forward McDonald 4:39
The Call McDonald 2:35
Young Fellow, My Lad McDonald 3:47
The Man From Athabaska McDonald 6:28
Side Two
Part Two
The Munition Maker McDonald 4:22
The Twins McDonald 1:53
Jean Desprez McDonald 9:48
Part Three
War Widow McDonald 2:02
The March Of The Dead McDonald 6:27
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, harmonica, footstomping, harmony vocal, tambourine, organ
§Cover Art-Thut-Wainwright
Produced by: Country Joe McDonald

Note: Music composed by Country Joe McDonald, based on poems written by Robert Service

The Satsop River Fair And Tin Cup Races(9/3-6/71) Country Joe

The Life And Times Of Country Joe & The Fish
From Haight-Ashbury To Woodstock
Vanguard VSD-27/28
9/71 BB [UK: 11/73]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag* McDonald 3:41
Bass Strings(Rag Baby EP version) McDonald 3:56
Flying High McDonald 2:29
Porpoise Mouth McDonald 2:47
An Untitled Protest McDonald 2:45
Who Am I McDonald 4:06
Side Two
Grace McDonald 7:01
Waltzing In The Moonlight Hirsh, Melton 2:13
Death Sound Blues McDonald 4:22
Janis McDonald 2:36
Sing Sing Sing Melton 3:03
Side Three
Fillmore East, 11/15-16/68
Superbird (Tricky Dick) McDonald 5:20
Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine McDonald 4:05
Marijuana Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton-Ryan 2:29
Fillmore West, 1/9-12/69
Rock And Soul Music/Love Barthol-Cohen-Hirsh-McDonald-Melton/
Side Four
Crystal Blues McDonald 5:05
Masked Marauder McDonald 4:16
Woodstock Festival, August, 1969
Love Machine Melton 6:09
The "Fish" Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag McDonald 3:25
*The Instant Action Jug Band:
Country Joe McDonald-guitar, vocals
Paul Armstrong-washboard, tambourine
Barry Melton-kazoo, vocals
Richard Saunders-washtub bass

Other line-ups per source album
§Cover Art-Jules Halfant

Note: The Instant Action Jug Band, recorded 1965
Sides 3 and 4 are previously unreleased live recordings

Joe continues solo career and works with and for Vietnam Vets (Anti-war ≠ anti-soldier).
Barry becomes a lawyer—public defender (for the little guys) and plays on occasion.


Country Joe & The FishHighly recommended!
Country Joe's PlaceHighly recommended!
Barry "The Fish" Melton


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