Notable Festivals
Parts of this are still in the "discovery" phase and, quite frankly, may never be finished. It's just the highlights, except for Monterey and Woodstock (natch). There is a complete line-up and some up-to-date CD info on these two pages.

There were many more "festivals" that took place during this time but are not listed. Suggest you Wiki or Google. There are two of the more famous cancelled festivals listed, too. At least you can see who was supposed to be there. BTW, most of the artists scheduled are as shown on promo posters—who actually showed up migt be different!

And yes, the Schaefer Beer Music "Festival" in Central Park was just a series of one-night stands, but where else you could see great bands for $3.00! Besides, it was NY, so it stayed (but moved to the bottom).

The Big Sur folk shows have been moved to a separate page, with a link at the bottom.

For a great article about rock festivals of the late 60s, read this article by How Rock Festivals Helped Change America.

The Acid Tests
Throughout the year, San Francisco

Trips Festival
January 21-23, San Francisco

A Gathering of the Tribes for a Human Be-In
January 14, San Francisco

Magic Mountain Festival
June 10-11, Marin County, California

Monterey International Pop Music Festival
June 16-18, Monterey, California

Miami Pop Festival
May 18-19, Miami, Florida

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival
May 18-19, Santa Clara, California

Newport Pop Festival
August 3-4, Costa Mesa, California

The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair
August 31-Sept 2, 1968, Sultan, Washington

San Francisco International Pop Festival
October 26 & 27, Pleasanton, California

Miami Pop Festival  The unrelated 2nd one!
Dec 28-30, Miami, Florida

Northern California Folk-Rock Festival
May 23-25, Santa Clara, California

Newport 69
June 20-22, Northridge, California

Denver Pop Festival
June 27-29, Mile High Stadium, Denver

Atlanta International Pop Festival
July 4-5, Hampton, Georgia

Laurel Pop Festival
July 11-12, Laurel, Maryland

Seattle Pop Festival
July 25-27, Woodinville, Washington

Mid-West Rock Festival
July 25-27, West Allis, Wisconsin

Atlantic City Pop Festival
August 1-3, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Woodstock Music & Art Fair Presents An Aquarian Exposition
August 15-17, Bethel, New York

Wild West Festival
August 22-24, San Francisco

Isle of Wight Festival of Music
August 30-31, Wootton, England

Texas International Pop Festival
August 30-September 1, Dallas, Texas

The Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter Than Air Fair
August 30-Sept 1, Tenino, Washington

New Orleans Pop Festival
August 31-September 1, Prairieville, Louisiana

Toronto Rock & Roll Revival 1969
September 13, Toronto, Ontario

Palm Beach Music and Art Festival
November 28-30, West Palm Beach, Florida

Altamont Speedway Free Festival
December 6, Livermore, California

Miami Rock Festival
Dec 27-29, Miami, Florida

Winter Festival For Peace
January 28, Madison Square Garden, New York City

The Festival Express
June 27-July 5, by train across Canada

Atlanta International Pop Festival
July 3-5, Byron, Georgia

New York Pop
July 17-19, New York City

Powder Ridge Rock Festival
July 31-August 2, Middlefield, Connecticut

Summer Festival For Peace
August 6, Shea Stadium, New York City

Goose Lake International Music Festival
August 7-9, Jackson, Michigan

Strawberry Fields Festival
August 7-9, Ontario, Canada

Isle of Wight Festival
August 26-30, Freshwater, England

The Satsop River Fair And Tin Cup Races
September 3-6, Satsop, Washington

Big Sur Folk Shows
Near Big Sur, California

Rheingold/Schaefer Music Festival
Summer long, Central Park, New York

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