The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream

Great Hall, Alexandra Palace, London, England
April 29, 1967
London's version of an acid test. Listen to Little Steven describe the event on show #996-Juke (Set 1).
Highlights. Also attending (as gawkers) Lennon & Hendrix. In 2008, a film about the event was released on DVD.

Partial list of performers
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
The Deviants
The Flies
The Syn
The Move
Suzy Creamcheese
Yoko Ono
Dick Gregory
Alex Korner
Graham Bond
John Fahey
Savoy Brown
The Pretty Things
The Purple Gang
The Soft Machine
Pink Floyd (at dawn)


Note: English band The Syn released this single about the event:
Flowerman / 14 Hour Technicolour Dream
Nardelli () / Jackman-Nardelli ()
Deram DM-145, 9/67 [UK]



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