Palm Beach Music & Art Festival

Palm Beach International Speedway, West Palm Beach, Florida
November 28-30, 1969
Stones and Airplane flew in from their busy weekend in New York—Stones at The Garden (Ya-Ya's ring a bell?); while the Airplane had just finished their annual Fillmore East Thanksgiving weekend gig. Stones plated at 4:00 AM Monday to a few thousand die-hard folks.
Cold front came in on Friday, leaving the event muddy and cold (40s cold). Several bands were played mutiple days.

Friday, Nov 28
Iron Butterfly
The Chambers Bros
Pacfic Gas & Electric
Johnny Winter
Country Joe & The Fish
King Crimson
The Rugbys

Saturday, Nov 29
Janis Joplin
Sly & The Family Stone
The Byrds
Rotary Connection
Grand Funk Railroad
Pacific Gas & Electric
King Crimson
Spooky Tooth
Vanilla Fudge

Sunday, Nov 30
The Rolling Stones
Jefferson Airplane
Steppenwolf cancelled
Rotary Connection
The Byrds
Grand Funk Railroad
Terry Reid


1969 Palm Beach Pop Festival


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