Elton John
Nigel Ollson

I've Been Loving You / Here's To The Next Time
John-Taupin () / John ()
Philips BF-1643 [UK], 3/68

His first UK single
Lady Samantha / All Across The Havens¹
John-Taupin (3:03) / John-Taupin (3:50)
DJM 70,008, 12/68


Empty Sky
N/R [UK: 6/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

US Reissue Cover

Side One
Empty Sky John-Taupin 8:29
Val-Hala John-Taupin 4:09
Western Ford Gateway John-Taupin 3:12
Hymn 2000 John-Taupin 4:30
Side Two
Lady What's Tomorrow† John-Taupin 3:06
Sails John-Taupin 3:39
The Scaffold John-Taupin 3:13
Skyline Pigeon John-Taupin 3:31
Gulliver-Hay Chewed-Reprise John-Taupin 6:58
Elton John-vocals, piano, organ, electric piano, harpsichord
Caleb Quaye-electric guitar, acoustic guitar, congas
Tony Murray-bass guitar
Roger Pope-drums, percussion
Nigel Ollson-drums†
Graham Vickery-harmonica
Don Fay-tenor sax, flute
§Cover Art-Dave Larkham; US Cover Art-FOLON
Produced by: Steve Brown

Note: This was Elton's first album in the UK. Not released in the US until Jan 75 (see last note)

Lady Samantha / It's Me That You Need
John-Taupin (3:03) / John-Taupin (4:04)
Congress 6017, 3/70

Border Song / Bad Side Of The Moon¹
John-Taupin (3:20) / John-Taupin (3:12)
Congress 6022, 4/70

reissued as UNI 55246, 8/70 BB

Elton John
UNI 73090
7/22/70 T20 RS500 [UK: 4/70] T20
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Your Song John-Taupin 4:00
I Need You To Turn To John-Taupin 2:30
Take Me to the Pilot John-Taupin 3:48
No Shoe Strings On Louise John-Taupin 3:30
First Episode At Hienton John-Taupin 4:52
Side Two
Sixty Years On John-Taupin 4:33
Border Song John-Taupin 3:19
The Greatest Discovery John-Taupin 4:11
The Cage John-Taupin 3:28
The King Must Die John-Taupin 5:09
Elton John-piano, harpsichord, vocals
Bernie Taupin-lyrics
Caleb Quaye-guitar
Clive Hicks-guitar
Colin Green-guitar
Alan Parker-guitar
Roland Harker-guitar
Frank Clark-guitar
Brian Dee-organ
Diana Lewis-Moog synthesizer
Dave Richmond-bass
Alan Weighll-bass
Les Hurdie-bass
Barry Morgan-drums
Terry Cox-drums
Dennis Lopez-percussion
Tex Navarra-percussion
Paul Buckmaster-cello
Skaila Kanga-harp
Barbara Moore, Madeline Bell, Lesley Duncan, Kay Garner, Tony Burrows, Tony Hazzard, Roger Cook-vocals
§Cover Photo-Stowell Stanford
Produced by: Gus Dudgeon


8/25-31/70: The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA
Your Song / Take Me To The Pilot
John-Taupin (3:57) / John-Taupin (3:43)
UNI 55265, 10/70 T20 T20


Tumbleweed Connection
UNI 73096
12/70 T20 RS500 [UK: 10/70] T20
Full Cover

Inside Cover

12-page lyric booklet cover

Side One
Ballad Of A Well-Known Gun John-Taupin 4:59
Come Down In Time John-Taupin 3:24
Country Comfort John-Taupin 5:07
Son Of Your Father John-Taupin 3:46
My Father's Gun John-Taupin 6:19
Side Two
Where To Now St Peter? John-Taupin 4:12
Love Song* Duncan 3:39
Amoreena John-Taupin 5:02
Talking Old Soldiers John-Taupin 4:02
Burn Down The Mission John-Taupin 6:20
Elton-piano, organ, vocals
Caleb Quaye-guitar
Dave Glover-bass
Dee Murray-bass, vocals
Roger Pope-drums & percussion
Nigel Olsson-drums, vocals
Lesley Duncan-guitar, vocals (Love Song)
Les Thatcher-guitar
Mike Egan-guitar
Gordon Huntley-steel guitar
Brian Dee-organ
Herbie Flowers-bass
Chris Laurence-bass
Barry Morgan-drums
Ian Duck-harmonica
Johnny Van Derek-violin
Karl Jenkins-oboe
Robin Jones-congas, tambourine
Skaila Kanga-harp
Dusty Springfield, Madeline Bell, Kay Garner, Lesley Duncan, Sue and Sunny, Tammi Hunt, Tony Hazzard, Tony Burrows-vocals
§Cover Photo-Ian Digby-Ovens
Produced by: Gus Dudgeon

Note: Came with 12-page lyric booklet—see it @ 45worlds ..

Friends / Honey Roll
John-Taupin (2:22) / John-Taupin (2:57)
UNI 55227, 3/71 BB

From the movie soundtrack of Friends
Soundtrack album has the single and one more unique track

UNI 73105
5/10/71 T20 [UK: 4/71] T20
Back Cover

Side One
Take Me To The Pilot John-Taupin 6:43
Honky Tonk Women Jagger-Richards 4:09
Sixty Years On John-Taupin 8:05
Can I Put You On? John-Taupin 6:38
Side Two
Bad Side Of The Moon John-Taupin 4:30
Burn Down The Mission/My Baby Left Me/Get Back John-Taupin/Crudup/Lennon-McCartney 18:30
Elton John-piano, vocals
Dee Murray-bass
Nigel Olsson-drums
§Cover Photo-David Larkham
Produced by: Gus Dudgeon

Note: Recorded live for a radio broadcast (WPLJ, NYC) from A&R Studios, New York, November 17, 1970

Some Sweet Day / Weirdhouse
Grabham-Olsson-Quaye (4:00) / Olsson (2:08)
Uni 55291, 7/71

as by Nigel Olsson's Drum Orchestra And Chorus; A-side with Claudia Linnear

Madman Across The Water
UNI 93120
11/5/71 T20 [UK: 11/71] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

12-page lyric booklet included

Side One
Tiny Dancer John-Taupin 6:12
Levon John-Taupin 5:37
Razor Face John-Taupin 4:40
Madman Across The Water John-Taupin 5:22
Side Two
Indian Sunset John-Taupin 6:45
Holiday Inn John-Taupin 4:22
Rotten Peaches John-Taupin 5:14
All The Nasties John-Taupin 5:08
Goodbye John-Taupin 1:48
Elton John-piano, vocal
Caleb Quaye-guitar
David Glover-bass
Roger Pope-drums
Chris Spedding-guitar
Davey Johnstone-guitar, mandolin, sitar
B J Cole-steel guitar
Les Thatcher-guitar
Diana Lewis-ARP synthesizer
Rick Wakeman-organ
Brian Dee-harmonium
Brian Odgers-bass
Chris Laurence-bass
Dee Murray-bass
Herbie Flowers-bass
Barry Morgan-drums
Terry Cox-drums
Nigel Olsson-drums
Ray Cooper-percussion
Jack Emblow-accordian
Cantores in Ecclesia Choir, directed by Robert Kirby
Lesley Duncan, Sue & Sunny, Barry St John, Liza Strike, Roger Cook, Tony Burrows, Terry Steele, Dee Murray, Nigel Olsson
§Cover Art-David Larkham; Front Cover Embroidery-Yanis
Produced by: Gus Dudgeon

Note: Came with 12-page lyric booklet—see it @ 45worlds .

Sunshine Looks Like Rain / And I Know In My Heart
Grabham-Olsson-Quaye (2:30) / Grabham-Olsson-Quaye (2:32)
Uni 55308, 10/71

Levon / Goodbye
John-Taupin (4:59) / John-Taupin (1:45)
UNI 55314, 11/71 BB

Years upon years of success for Sir Reggie (knighted in 1998).
Works with LBGT and other groups.


Ballad Of A Well Known Gun Silver Metre (Silver Metre) 3/70
  Kate Taylor (Sister Kate) 3/71
Come Down In Time Al Kooper (New York City (You're a Woman)) 6/71
Country Comforts Silver Metre (Silver Metre) 3/70
  Rod Stewart (Gasoline Alley) 6/70
  Kate Taylor (Sister Kate) 3/71
  Larry Murray (Sweet Country Suite) ?/71
Indian Sunset Mary Travers (Mary) 3/71
Sixty Years On Silver Metre (Silver Metre) 3/70
Son Of Your Father Spooky Tooth (The Last Puff) 7/70
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