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The V.I.P.'s ♦ Art ♦ Gary Wright ♦ Mike Harrison

Mercy, Mercy / That's My Woman
Covay-Ott (2:45) / Lawrence (2:15)
Philips 40387, 7/66

Group name misspelled on record as The Vipps

Note: The V.I.P.'s (which included Harrison, Grosvenor, Kellie, and Ridley) became Art when Wright joined in 1967.
No Art recordings were released in the US, but here is one of interest:
What's That Sound (For What It's Worth) / Rome Take Away Three
Mills (2:49) / Grosvenor-Harrison-Kellie-Ridley (3:00)
Island Records WIP-6019 [UK], 7/67

Note the wrong song title order and incorrect writer credits!
So, you're telling me Art never appeared on an album here in the States ?? 
Sunshine Help Me / Weird¹
Wright (2:55) / Grover-Harrison-Ridley-Wright (3:57)
Mala 587, 1/68


It's All About
Bell 6019
Back Cover

Reissue Cover

Restored side order
Substitued The Weight for Too Much Of Nothing
(keeping it in the family, though!)
Side One
It's All About A Roundabout Miller-Wright 2:32
Tobacco Road Loudermilk 5:14
It Hurts You So Miller-Wright 3:01
Forget It, I Got It Miller-Wright 3:26
Bubbles Grosvenor-Wright 3:47
Side Two
Society's Child Ian 3:27
Love Really Changed Me Grosvenor-Miller-Wright 3:32
Here I Lived So Well Grosvenor-Harrison-Miller-Wright 5:04
Too Much Of Nothing Dylan 3:47
Sunshine Help Me Wright 3:04
Mike Harrison-harpsichord, keyboards, vocals
Gary Wright-organ, keyboards, vocals
Luther Grosvenor-guitar
Greg Ridley-bass
Mike Kellie-drums
Produced by: Jimmy Miller

Note: US issue flipped the sides from the UK release.
Re-released in 1970 by A&M as Tobacco Road (see note)

Love Really Changed Me³ / Spooky Blow¹
Grosvenor-Miller-Wright (2:59) / Harrison-Wright (3:48)
Mala 12013, 7/68

The Weight¹ / Do Right People¹
Robertson (2:49) / Wright (4:19)
Mala 12022, 9/68


Spooky Two
A&M SP-4194
3/69 BB
Back Cover

UK Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Waitin' For The Wind Grosvenor-Harrison-Wright 3:27
Feelin' Bad Kellie-Wright 3:47
I've Got Enough Heartaches Kellie-Wright 4:32
Evil Woman Weiss 9:33
Side Two
Lost In My Dream Wright 4:42
That Was Only Yesterday Wright 4:02
Better by You, Better Than Me Wright 4:12
Hangman Hang My Shell On A Tree Wright 5:15
Mike Harrison-keyboards, vocals
Gary Wright-keyboards, vocals
Luther Grosvenor-guitar
Greg Ridley-bass
Mike Kellie-drums
Produced by: Jimmy Miller

Note: The UK issue was a gatefold and came in five different "tints." Show here is the purple cover. For the others, go to Discogs!

Feelin' Bad³ / I've Got Enough Heartaches³
Kellie-Wright (2:50) / Kellie-Wright (3:19)
A&M 1110, 8/69

Greg Ridley to Humble Pie
That Was Only Yesterday³ / Waitin' For The Wind³
Wright (2:35) / Grosvenor-Harrison-Wright (2:40)
A&M 1144, 11/69


Ceremony (with Pierre Henry)
A&M SP-4225
2/70 BB
Back Cover

was gatefold in UK
Side One
Have Mercy Henry-Wright 7:52
Jubilation Henry-Wright 8:27
Confession Henry-Wright 6:53
Side Two
Prayer Henry-Wright 10:52
Offering Henry-Wright 3:22
Hosanna Henry-Wright 7:37
Pierre Henry-synthesizer
Mike Harrison-keyboards, vocals
Gary Wright-organ, keyboards, vocals
Luther Grosvenor-guitar
Andy Leigh-bass
Mike Kellie-drums
Produced by: Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry

Note: From the Wikipedia page:

The album is considered by singer and songwriter Gary Wright to have ended the band's career. "Then we did a project that wasn't
our album. It was with this French electronic music composer named Pierre Henry. We just told the label, 'You know this is his album,
not our album. We'll play on it just like musicians.' And then when the album was finished, they said, 'Oh no no it's great. We're
gonna release this as your next album.' We said, 'You can't do that. It doesn't have anything to do with the direction of Spooky Two
and it will ruin our career.' And that's exactly what happened."

Gary Wright to solo career (look below)

The Last Puff
A&M SP-4266
7/70 BB
Back Cover

Side One
I Am The Walrus Lennon-McCartney 6:20
The Wrong Time McCracken-Wright 5:40
Something To Say Cocker-Nichols 6:05
Side Two
Nobody There At All Post 4:00
Down River Ackles 5:10
Son Of Your Father John-Taupin 3:32
The Last Puff Stainton 3:30
Mike Harrison-vocals
Luther Grosvenor-guitar
Henry McCullough-guitar
Chris Stainton-organ, piano, guitar, bass
Alan Spenner-bass
Mike Kellie-drums
Produced by: Chris Stainton & Chris Blackwell

Note: Issued as Spooky Tooth Featuring Mike Harrison

Stainton, McCullough, Spenner resume Grease Band; Mike Harrison to solo career (look below)
Over You Now / Get On The Right Road
Wright (3:35) / Wright (3:10)
A&M 1228, ?/70


A&M SP-4277
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Get On The Right Road Wright 3:10
Get Hold Of Yourself Wright 3:10
Sing A Song Wright 3:10
We Try Hard Wright 2:30
I Know A Place Wright 4:55
Side Two
The Wrong Time McCracken-Wright 3:19
Over You Now Wright 3:35
Too Late To Cry Wright 3:50
I've Got A Story McCracken-Wright 5:25
Gary Wright-keyboards, vocals
Mick Abrahams-guitar
Hugh McCracken-guitar
Trevor Burton-bass
Klaus Voormann-bass
Alan White-drums
Mike Kellie-drums
Madeline Bell, Doris Troy, Nanette Newman-vocals
Produced by: Gary Wright & Andrew Johns


Mike Harrison
Island SMAS-9313
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Mother Nature Batey 2:05
Call It A Day Batey-Harrison-Herbert-Iverson 6:25
Damian Harrison-Herbert 3:17
Pain Herbert-Iverson-Kenyon 3:27
Side Two
Wait Until The Morning Griffin-Harrison 4:22
Lonely People Batey 2:30
Hard Headed Woman Stevens 6:30
Here Comes The Queen Grosvenor 2:30
Mike Harrison-piano, harmonica, organ, vocals
with: Junkyard Angel
Frank Kenyon-guitar, background vocals
Ian Herbert-guitar, piano, organ, vibes, background vocals
Peter Batey-bass, percussion
Kevin Iverson-drums, percussion, background vocals
Arthur Belcher-tenor sax (Hard Headed Woman)
Produced by: Mike Harrison



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