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Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Moments
You Really Got Me / Money, Money
Davies (2:23) / Caddy-Charles (2:15)
World Artists 1032, 9/64

Steve Marriott was lead singer in this group (US only release)

Rod Stewart
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl¹ / I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town¹
Williamson (2:07) / Jacobs-Weldon (2:50)
Press 9722, 12/64

Rod to Steampacket, then Jeff Beck

Small Faces Alpha Listing
Complete title listing for UK/US 45s/EPs/LPs.
Whatcha Gonna Do About It?¹ / What's A Matter Baby?¹
Samwell-Potter (1:58) / Lane-Marriott (2:50)
Press 9794, 10/65 T20

Was also their first UK single (Decca F-12208, 8/65)

Jimmy Winston replaced by

Ian McLagan

 ➜ Live: 1/9/66, Twenty Club, Mouscron, Belgium; released 2021: Live 1966 
Note: Great early concert released on Kenney Jones' Nice Records.

Sha-La-La-La-Lee¹ / Grow Your Own¹
Shuman-Lynch (2:55) / Jones-Lane-Marriott-McLagan (2:18)
Press 9826, 3/66 T20

Hey Girl¹ / Almost Grown¹
Lane-Marriott (2:18) / Jones-Lane-Marriott-McLagan (3:15)
Press 5007, 7/66 T20

All Or Nothing¹ / Understanding¹
Lane-Marriott (2:59) / Lane-Marriott (2:48)
RCA Victor 8949, 9/66  #1 

My Mind's Eye¹ / I Can't Dance With You¹
Lane-Marriott (2:02) / Lane-Marriott (3:15)
RCA Victor 9055, 12/66 T20


Note: Many of these singles were collected in the Lp Early Faces (Pride PRD-0001, 1972)

Here Comes The Nice / Talk To You
Lane-Marriott (2:56) / Lane-Marriott (2:06)
Immediate 1902, 7/67 T20

Tonite Let's All Make Love In London(9/26/67)
Itchycoo Park / I'm Only Dreaming³
Lane-Marriott (2:45) / Lane-Marriott-McLagan (2:24)
Immediate 501, 9/67 T20 T20


There Are But Four
Immediate Z12-52002
2/68 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

UK Decca album titled "Small Faces" (5/66)

UK Immediate album titled "Small Faces" (6/67) T20

Most of There Are.. came from this one.
Side One
Itchycoo Park Lane-Marriott 2:44
Talk To You Lane-Marriott 2:05
Up The Wooden Hills McLagan 2:00
My Way Of Giving Lane-Marriott 1:52
I'm Only Dreaming Lane-Marriott 2:21
I Feel Much Better Lane-Marriott-McLagan 3:55
Side Two
Tin Soldier Lane-Marriott 3:16
Get Yourself Together Lane-Marriott 2:17
Show Me The Way Lane-Marriott 2:05
Here Comes The Nice Lane-Marriott 2:54
Green Circles Lane-Marriott-O'Sullivan 2:34
(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me Lane-Marriott 2:15
Steve Marriott-guitar, vocals
Ian McLagan-organ, guitar, vocals (lead on Up The Wooden Hills)
Ronnie Lane-bass, vocals (lead on I Feel Much Better, Show Me The Way, Green Circles)
Kenney Jones-drums
P P Arnold-backing vocals (Itchycoo Park, I Feel Much Better and Tin Soldier) [uncredited]
§Cover Photo-uncredited
Produced by: Ronnie Lane & Steve Marriott

Note: This is most of the second UK Small Faces album, along with the 45s.
See notes for covers, links at bottom for more info.

Tin Soldier / I Feel Much Better
Lane-Marriott (3:16) / Lane-Marriott-McLagan (3:55)
Immediate 5003, 2/68 BB T20

That's P P Arnold on backup vocal. Marroitt wrote it for her, kept it instead.
(If You Think You're) Groovy / Though It Hurts Me Badly
Lane-Marriott (3:15) / Arnold (4:20)
Immediate ZS7-5006, 2/68 UK

The Small Faces backing up (who also produced); B-side produced by Mick Jagger
Bouton Rouge (French TV): "Small Faces & P P Arnold ," 3/2/68,
The Darlings Of Wapping Wharf Launderette singing live to pre-recorded backing on Itchycoo Park.
Guest P P Arnold joins them and performs (If You Think You're) Groovy.
More outstanding videos on this channel (67psych3 ) mostly British mid 60s items.
Lazy Sunday / Rollin' Over (Part II of Happiness Stan)²
Lane-Marriott (2:55) / Lane-Marriott (2:08)
Immediate 5007, 4/68 T20

The Universal¹ / Donkey Rides, A Penny, A Glass¹
Marriott (2:30) / Lane-Marriott-McLagan (2:45)
Immediate 5009, 8/68 T20

A-side is actually Steve Marriott solo

Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake
Immediate Z12 52008
8/68 BB [UK: 6/68]  #1 
Ogden's Jacket unfolded - outside

Ogden's Jacket unfolded - inside

Side One - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
Ogden's Nut Gone Flake Jones-Lane-Marriott-McLagan 2:28
Afterglow Lane-Marriott 3:29
Long Agos And Worlds Apart McLagan 2:34
Rene Lane-Marriott 4:31
Song Of A Baker Lane-Marriott 3:16
Lazy Sunday Lane-Marriott 3:07
Side Two - Happiness Stan
Happiness Stan Lane-Marriott 2:37
Rollin' Over Lane-Marriott 2:49
The Hungry Intruder Lane-Marriott-McLagan 2:15
The Journey Jones-Lane-Marriott-McLagan 4:09
Mad John Jones-Lane-Marriott-McLagan 2:50
Happy Days Toy Town Jones-Lane-Marriott-McLagan 4:18
Steve Marriott-guitar, vocals
Ian McLagan-organ, guitar, vocals (lead on Long Agos And Worlds Apart)
Ronnie Lane-bass, vocals (lead on Song Of A Baker, The Journey)
Kenney Jones-drums
Stan (the man) Unwin - Loony Links [side two]
Lyn Dobson-flute
§Album Design-Nick Tweddell and Pete Brown; Front Cover Illustration-Harry Willock
Produced by: Ronnie Lane & Steve Marriott

Note: Read along with Stan's story! . or
Watch a documentary on the Darlings Of Wapping Wharf Launderette . Colour Me Pop, the live show has been yanked.
Find out more about Stan Unwin here

Mad John³ / The Journey³
Jones-Lane-Marriott-McLagan (2:06) / Jones-Lane-Marriott-McLagan (2:50)
Immediate 5012, 9/68

Afterglow Of Your Love / Wham Bam, Thank You, Mam¹
Lane-Marriott (3:25) / Lane-Marriott (3:19)
Immediate 5014, 4/69 UK


Marriott to Humble Pie

Rod Stewart and Ron Wood from Jeff Beck

The Rod Stewart Album
Mercury SR-61237
10/69 BB [UK: 2/70]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Revised Front Cover

UK Full Cover

Kinda creepy - lecherous old guy and young girls
UK Inside Cover

Side One
Street Fighting Man Jagger-Richards 5:05
Man Of Constant Sorrow Stewart 2:31
Blind Prayer Stewart 4:36
Handbags And Gladrags D'Abo 4:23
Side Two
An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down Stewart 3:03
I Wouldn't Ever Change A Thing Stewart 4:43
Cindy's Lament Stewart 4:25
Dirty Old Town MacColl 3:37
Rod Stewart-vocals, guitar (Man Of Constant Sorrow)
Martin Pugh-guitar
Martin Quittenton-acoustic guitar
Ian McLagan-organ, piano
Ronald (Good Looking) Wood-guitar, bass, harmonica (Dirty Old Town)
Michael Waller-drums
K E [Keith Emerson]-organ (I Wouldn't Ever Change A Thing)
Michael d'Abo-piano (and arrangement) (Handbags And Gladrags)
§US Cover Art-uncredited; UK Cover Photo-Marcus Keef
Produced by: Lou Reizner (and vocal on I Wouldn't Ever Change A Thing)

Note: Released in the UK (2/70) as An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down (see green notes).
Rod's first solo album's highest chart position was #139, 5/20/72.

The Autumn Stone
Immediate IMAL 01/02 [UK LP]
N/R [UK: 11/69]
UK Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Here Come The Nice Lane-Marriott 3:03
The Autumn Stone Marriott 3:59
Collibosher Lane-Marriott 3:12
All Or Nothing Lane-Marriott 3:00
Red Balloon Hardin 4:14
Lazy Sunday Lane-Marriott 3:04
Side Two
Call It Something Nice Lane-Marriott 2:04
I Can't Make It Lane-Marriott 2:03
Afterglow Of Your Love Lane-Marriott 3:03
Sha La La La Lee Lynch-Schuman 3:03
The Universal Lane-Marriott 2:41
Side Three
Rollin' Over† Lane-Marriott 2:31
If I Were A Carpenter† Hardin 2:33
Every Little Bit Hurts† Cobb 6:21
My Minds Eye Lane-Marriott 1:59
Tin Soldier Lane-Marriott 3:22
Just Passing Lane-Marriott 1:10
Side Four
Itchycoo Park Lane-Marriott 2:50
Hey Girl Lane-Marriott 2:11
Wide Eyed Girl On The Wall Lane-Marriott 2:46
Whatcha Gonna Do About It Potter-Samwell 1:57
Wham Bam Thank You Mam Lane-Marriott 3:20
Steve Marriott-guitar, vocals
Ian McLagan-organ, guitar, vocals
Ronnie Lane-bass, vocals
Kenney Jones-drums, vocals
Lyn Dobson-flute (The Autumn Stone)
§Cover Art-uncredited
Produced by: various

Note: †Recorded live at City Hall, Newcastle [11/18/68], with a horn section
This UK LP got a lot of airplay in NY. Immediate went bankrupt before it could be released in the US.

An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down / Street Fighting Man
Stewart (3:03) / Jagger-Richards (5:05)
Mercury 73009, 1/70


First Step
Warner Brothers WS-1851
3/70 BB [UK: 2/70] UK
Back Cover

Inside Cover

UK Cover

The Brits got the group name right, Warners not
UK Inside Cover

Well, one of these are reversed!
Side One
Wicked Messenger Dylan 4:05
Devotion Lane 4:48
Shake, Shudder, Shiver Lane-Wood 3:08
Stone Lane 5:35
Around The Plynth Stewart-Wood 5:45
Side Two
Flying Lane-Stewart-Wood 4:12
Pineapple And The Monkey Wood 4:20
Nobody Knows Lane-Wood 4:03
Looking Out The Window Jones-McLagan 4:57
Three-Button Hand-Me-Down McLagan-Stewart 5:40
Rod Stewart-vocals, harmonica, banjo (Stone)
Ron Wood-lead & acoustic guitars, slide guitar, vocals
Ian McLagan-Hammond organ, pianos, vocals
Ronnie Lane-bass, guitar, vocals (lead on Stone)
Kenney Jones-drums, percussion
§The Camera-Martin Cook
Produced by: Faces


3/26/1970: Boston Tea Party, Boston
with Lee Michaels (headliner) and Zephyr
Around The Plynth³ / Wicked Messenger
Stewart-Wood (4:02) / Dylan (4:05)
Warner Bros 7393, 5/70

Warner Bros still has them labeled as Small Faces
Handbags And Gladrags³ / Man Of Constant Sorrow
D'Abo (3:56) / Stewart (2:31)
Mercury 73031, 5/70


Gasoline Alley
Mercury SR-61264
6/70 BB [UK: 9/70] UK
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Full Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Gasoline Alley Stewart-Wood 4:00
It's All Over Now Womack-Womack 6:23
Only A Hobo Dylan 4:20
My Way Of Giving Lane-Marriott 4:10
Side Two
Country Comforts John-Taupin 4:45
Cut Across Shorty Walker 6:30
Lady Day Stewart 4:15
Jo's Lament Stewart 3:35
You're My Girl (I Don't Want To Discuss It) Beatty-Cooper-Shelby 4:30
Rod Stewart-vocals, guitar
Ron Wood-guitar, bass
Ian McLagan-organ, piano
Ronnie Lane-bass (My Way Of Giving, You're My Girl and vocal)
Kenney Jones-drums (My Way Of Giving, You're My Girl)
Sam Mitchell-guitar
Martin Quittenton-acoustic guitar
Pete Sears-bass, piano (Country Comforts)
Mickey Waller-drums
William Gaff-whistle
Stanley Matthews-mandolin
Dennis O'Flynn-bass, violin
Dick Powell-violin
Jack Reynolds-backing vocals (Country Comforts)
§US Album Design-Michael Trossman; UK Album Design-Keef
Produced by: Lou Reizner & Rod Stewart


It's All Over Now² / Jo's Lament
Womack-Womack (4:20) / Stewart (3:35)
Mercury 73095, 7/70

Goose Lake International Music Festival(8/7/70) Rod Stewart & Faces
Gasoline Alley / Only A Hobo
Stewart-Wood (4:02) / Dylan (4:13)
Mercury 73115, 9/70

Had Me A Real Good Time³ / Rear Wheel Skid¹
Stewart-Wood (3:59) / Jones-Lane-McLagan-Wood (4:50)
Warner Bros 7442, 10/70

Warner Bros again has them labeled as Small Faces
Cut Across Shorty / Gasoline Alley
Walker (6:30) / Stewart-Wood (4:02)
Mercury 73156, 11/70


Long Player
Warner Brothers WS-1892
2/71 BB [UK: 3/71] UK
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Cool UK label

Side One
Bad 'N' Ruin McLagan-Stewart 5:30
Tell Everyone Lane 4:22
Sweet Lady Mary Lane-Stewart-Wood 5:30
Richmond Lane 3:05
Maybe I'm Amazed† McCartney 5:35
Side Two
Had Me A Real Good Time Stewart-Wood 5:50
On The Beach Lane-Wood 4:15
I Feel So Good† Broonzy 8:50
Jerusalem Wood 1:55
Rod Stewart-vocals
Ron Wood-lead guitar, pedal steel guitars, vocals
Ian McLagan-organ, piano, keyboards, vocals
Ronnie Lane-bass, guitar, vocals (lead on Richmond, On The Beach)
Kenney Jones-drums, percussion
Harry Beckett-trumpet (Had Me A Real Good Time)
Bobby Keys-tenor sax (Had Me A Real Good Time)
§US Album Design-Jon Echevarrieta; UK Album Design-Seabrook/Graves/Aslett Assoc
Produced by: Faces

Note: †Recorded live at the Fillmore East, 11/10/70

My Way Of Giving / Dirty Old Town
Lane-Marriott (4:10) / Reizner (3:40)
Mercury 73175, 2/71

Maybe I'm Amazed¹ / Oh Lord, I'm Browned Off¹
McCartney (3:15) / Jones-Lane-McLagan-Wood (3:48)
Warner Bros 7486, 4/71

Maybe I'm Amazed is a studio recording

Every Picture Tells A Story
Mercury SRM-1-609
5/71  #1  RS500 [UK: 7/71]  #1 
Back Cover

Back Inside Cover

Cover converts to two-sided poster (front)

Two-sided poster (back)

Side One
Every Picture Tells A Story Stewart-Wood 5:58
Seems Like A Long Time Anderson 4:00
That's All Right Crudup 6:02
Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time Dylan 3:44
Side Two
Maggie May Quittenton-Stewart 5:46
Mandolin Wind Stewart 5:32
(I Know) I'm Losing You Holland-Grant-Whitfield 5:22
Reason To Believe Hardin 4:07
Rod Stewart-vocals, guitar
Ron Wood-bass, guitar, steel guitar
Martin Quittenton-guitar
Sam Mitchell-slide guitar
Pete Sears-piano
Andy Pyle-bass
Danny Thompson-bass
Mickey Waller-drums
Simon Cowe-mandolin
Mandolin Player in Lindisfarne [Ray Jackson]
Dick Powell-violin
Long John Baldry-vocal abrasives (Every Picture Tells A Story)
Madeline Bell-vocal abrasives (Every Picture Tells A Story, Seems Like A Long Time)
§Album Design-John Craig; Cover Photo-Lisa Margolis
Produced by: Rod Stewart

Note: Amazing Grace (1:59) follows That's All Right and Henry (0:30 guitar solo) proceeds Maggie May.
Both tracks mentioned only on UK disc label.
Faces were the uncredited band on (I Know) I'm Losing You. Mac, Plonk and Kenney joined Woody & Rod.
Also included in the credits: Martell Brandy-guitar and Mateus Rosť-vocal abrasives. Both helped with the ambiance.

Country Comforts / Gasoline Alley
John-Taupin (4:42) / Stewart-Wood (4:02)
Mercury 73196, 5/71

Reason To Believe / Maggie May
Hardin (4:10) / Quittenton-Stewart (5:46)
Mercury 73224, 7/71 BB /  #1   #1 

Maggie May, the original B-side, became the hit. DJs sometimes know much better than A&R guys.
Mississippi River Festival(8/4/71) Rod Stewart & Faces
(I Know) I'm Losing You³ / Mandolin Wind
Grant-Holland-Whitfield (3:36) / Stewart (5:32)
Mercury 73244, 9/71 BB

A-side as by Rod Stewart With Faces

A Nod Is As Good As A Wink... To A Blind Horse
Warner Brothers WS-2574
11/71 T20 [UK: 10/71] T20
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Huge Poster

Only in first issues. WB decided to pull the poster glorifying sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll.
Side One
Miss Judy's Farm Stewart-Wood 3:38
You're So Rude Lane-McLagan 3:41
Love Lives Here Lane-Stewart-Wood 3:04
Last Orders Please Lane 2:33
Stay With Me Stewart-Wood 4:37
Side Two
Debris Lane 4:36
Memphis Berry 5:29
Too Bad Stewart-Wood 3:12
That's All You Need Stewart-Wood 5:06
Rod Stewart-vocals, harmonica
Ron Wood-lead, slide, acoustic, pedal steel guitars, vocals
Ian McLagan-piano, organ, vocals
Ronnie Lane-bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals (lead on You're So Rude, Last Orders Please, Debris)
Kenney Jones-drums, percussion
Harry Fowler-steel drums (That's All You Need)
§Cover Models-Edwin Belchamber; Photo-Rodger Banning
Produced by: Faces & Glyn Johns

Note: To see the amazing poster, go here (it's in many high rez pieces).

Stay With Me / You're So Rude
Stewart-Wood (4:37) / Lane-McLagan (3:41)
Warner Bros 7545, 12/71 T20 T20



Inseparables Separated

For about four years, Rod Stewart and Faces put out alternating albums (which for most folks were from the same rock factory). Well crafted records (unlike their booze-filled, rambunctious stage appearances) that featured great songs. These are the last two great offerings.

Rod's album featured excellent readings of Dylan's Mama You Been On My Mind, Sam Cooke's Twistin' The Night Away and Jimi's Angel. Tasty stuff, indeed

The Faces disc was (as usual) much brasher and included Woody singin' fer ya. When Rod The Mod stated in concurrent interviews that he thought the album sucked—well that was pretty much the end of that partnership. One crappy live Faces album followed (with a new bassist, after Ronnie Lane quit) and Rod went about his solo ways.

Never A Dull Moment
Mercury SRM-1-646
7/72 T20 [UK: 7/72]  #1 
Full Cover

First Inside Cover

Album was tri-fold cover
Second Inside Cover

Side One
True Blue Stewart-Wood 3:28
Lost Paraguayos Stewart-Wood 3:58
Mama You Been On My Mind Dylan 4:26
Italian Girls Stewart-Wood 5:01
Side Two
Angel Hendrix 4:04
Interludings Wood 0:40
You Wear It Well Quittenton-Stewart 4:21
I'd Rather Go Blind Foster-Jordon 3:53
Twistin' The Night Away Cooke 3:15
Stewarty [Rod Stewart]-vocals
Woody [Ron Wood]-electric guitar
Ian (I'm Fantastic) McLagan-piano, organ
Ronnie (It Wasn't Me) Lane-bass
Micky (I'm Not Feeling Very Well Today) Waller-drums
Dick (Tricky Dicky) Powell-violin
Kenney ("You Queer") Jones-drums (True Blue)
Spike (I Prefer Jazz) Heatley-upright bass (Mama You Been On My Mind)
Gordon Huntley-steel guitar (Mama You Been On My Mind)
Brian [Auger?]-chest piano
Martin Quittenton-acoustic guitar
Lindsay Raymond Jackson-mandolin
Pete Sears-piano, bass
§Cover Art-John (Where's The Postcards) Craig
Produced by: Rod Stewart


Angel / What Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)¹
Hendrix (4:04) / Sutton (2:45)
Mercury 6052-198 [UK], 11/72 T20

Listed here for the fantastic b-side that didn't appear here until CD era

Ooh La La
Warner Bros BS-2665
3/30/73 BB [UK: 4/73]  #1 
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Open mouth

Album had trick cover
squeeze and the mouth opened and eyes moved!
Lyric Sheet

Side One
Silicone Grown Stewart-Wood 3:06
Cindy Incidentally McLagan-Stewart-Wood 2:35
Flags And Banners Lane-Stewart 2:02
My Fault McLagan-Stewart-Wood 3:06
Borstal Boys McLagan-Stewart-Wood 2:53
Side Two
Fly In The Ointment Jones-Lane-McLagan-Wood 3:48
If I'm On The Late Side Lane-Stewart 2:35
Glad And Sorry Lane 3:07
Just Another Honky Lane 3:35
Ooh La La Lane-Wood 3:35
Rod Stewart-vocals, banjo (Flags And Banners)
Ronnie Wood-guitar, slide guitar, bouzouki, vocal (lead on Ooh La La)
Ian McLagan-piano, organ, harmonium, vocals
Ronnie Lane-bass, vocals (lead on Flags And Banners, Glad And Sorry)
Kenney Jones-drums, percussion
Neemoi (Speedy) Aquaye-percussion
§Album Design-Jim Ladwig; Photo-Jak Kilby
Produced by: Glyn Johns


Steve, Mac & Kenney reform Small Faces for a couple of albums (77-78).
Woody becomes a Stone and Rod The Mod sings forever.


Small Faces- Room for RaversHighly recommended!
The Faces
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