Richard & Mimi Fariņa
Dick Fariņa & Eric Von Schmidt ♦ Mimi Fariņa & Tom Jans 
All songs credited to Fariņa are by Richard, unless preceeded by M (for Mimi)

Dick Fariņa & Eric Von Schmidt
Folklore Records F-LEUT/7 [UK]
Back Cover

Side One
Johnny Cuckoo trad 4:27
Jumping Judy trad 3:55
Glory, Glory† trad 2:34
Old Joe's Dulcimer trad 2:55
Wobble Bird trad 2:44
Wildwood Flower trad 1:56
Overseas Stomp† trad 2:43
Side Two
Lonzo N'Howard trad 3:30
You Can Always Tell trad 3:00
Xmas Island† trad 3:18
Stick With Me Baby Farina 3:32
Riddle Song trad 1:10
Cocaine† trad 4:03
London Waltz Farina 3:10
Dick Fariņa-guitar, dulcimer, vocals (lead on: Wobble Bird, Xmas Island, Riddle Song)
Eric Von Schmidt-guitar, vocals
Ethan Signer-fiddle, mandolin, guitar
Blind Boy Grunt [Bob Dylan]-harmonica, backing vocals†
Produced by: Tom Costner

Note: Recorded in London, Jan 14 & 15, 1963
Read "Postively 4th Street" (by David Hajdu)—the story of Bobby, Joanie, Dick, Mimi, and many others to get the story.

1st Big Sur Folk Festival(June 21, 1964)

Celebrations For A Grey Day
Vanguard VSD-79174
Back Cover

Side One
Dandelion River Run Fariņa 1:42
Pack Up Your Sorrows Fariņa-Marden 2:58
Tommy Makem Fantasy Fariņa 1:29
Michael, Andrew, And James Fariņa 5:07
Dog Blue Fariņa 1:42
V. Fariņa-Langhorne 3:30
One-Way Ticket† Fariņa 3:24
Side Two
Hamish Fariņa 1:47
Another Country‡ Fariņa 4:00
Tuileries Fariņa 1:45
The Falcon Fariņa 3:38
Reno, Nevada† Fariņa 3:07
Celebration For A Grey Day Fariņa 3:47
Richard Fariņa-dulcimer, guitar, vocals
Mimi Fariņa-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Bruce Langhorne-guitar† ‡
Russ Savakus-bass†
Charles Small-piano†
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Newport Folk Festival(July 22-25, 1965)
2nd Big Sur Folk Festival(Aug 1, 1965)

Reflections In A Crystal Wind
Vanguard VSD-79204
Back Cover

Side One
Reflections In A Crystal Wind Fariņa 3:29
Bold Marauder Fariņa 4:05
Dopico Fariņa 3:55
A Swallow Song Fariņa 2:49
Chrysanthemum Fariņa 2:27
Sell-Out Agitation Waltz Fariņa 2:52
Hard-Loving Loser Fariņa 4:39
Side Two
Mainline Prosperity Blues Fariņa 6:26
Allen's Interlude Fariņa 2:55
House Un-American Blues Activity Dream Fariņa 3:10
Raven Girl Fariņa 5:10
Miles M Fariņa 2:55
Children Of Darkness Fariņa 4:05
Richard Fariņa-dulcimer, guitar, vocals
Mimi Fariņa-guitar, autoharp, vocals
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Charles Small-piano, celesta
Felix Pappalardi-bass
Russ Savakus-bass, string bass
Alvin Rogers-drums
John Hammond, Jr-harmonica
Produced by: Maynard Solomon


Reno, Nevada³ / One Way Ticket³
Fariņa (2:45) / Fariņa (2:50)
Vanguard VRS-35030, 2/66

Pack Up Your Sorrows² / Joy 'Round My Brain²
Fariņa (2:39) / Fariņa (2:36)
Vanguard VRS-35032, 2/66

Richard Fariņa Apr 30, 1966, Carmel Valley, California, motorcycle accident
During book signing party for the recently published Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me
3rd Big Sur Folk Festival(July 10, 1966) Mimi
Festival(Oct 23, 1966)
4th Big Sur Folk Festival(June 28-29, 1967) Mimi
Newport Folk Festival(July 15-16, 1967) Mimi
Newport Folk Festival(July 25-28, 1968)

Vanguard VSD-79263
Back Cover

Side One
The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood Fariņa 4:17
Joy 'Round My Brain Fariņa 3:47
Lemonade Lady Fariņa 2:02
Downtown Fariņa 1:34
Almond Joy Fariņa 2:12
Blood Red Roses Fariņa 2:30
Morgan The Pirate Fariņa 5:38
Side Two
Dopico; Celebration For A Grey Day† Fariņa 6:40
House Un-American Blues Activity Dream† Fariņa 3:50
A Swallow Song*(Joan Baez 45) Fariņa 2:45
All The World Has Gone By* Baez-Chappell-Fariņa 3:41
Pack Up Your Sorrows(alt electric version) Fariņa-Marden 3:00
Richard Fariņa-dulcimer, guitar, vocals
Mimi Fariņa-guitar, autoharp, vocals (solo on: The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood and Morgan The Pirate
Joan Baez-guitar, vocals*
Bruce Langhorne-guitar
Grady Martin-guitar
Charles Small-piano
Fritz Richmond-bass, washtub bass
Russ Savakus-bass
Al Rogers-drums
John Hammond, Jr-harmonica
Kyle Grahan-harmonica
Produced by: various

*Recording by Joan Baez, produced by Richard Fariņa that was to be an album
†Recorded at 1965 Newport Folk Festival [7/25]


5th Big Sur Folk Festival(Sept 7-8, 1968) Mimi
6th Big Sur Folk Festival(Sept 13-14, 1969) Mimi
7th Big Sur Folk Festival(Oct 3, 1970) Mimi & Tom
Celebration At Big Sur(Apr 9, 1971)

Take Heart
A&M SP-4310
Back Cover

Side One
Carolina Jans 4:10
Charlotte M Fariņa 3:29
Kings And Queen M Fariņa-Jans 4:33
The Great White Horse Owens-Scott 4:03
Reach Out (For Chris Ross) M Fariņa 3:33
Side Two
Madman M Fariņa-Jans 4:00
In The Quiet Morning (For Janis Joplin) M Fariņa 3:10
Letter To Jesus M Fariņa 3:19
After The Sugar Harvest M Fariņa-Jans 3:28
No Need To Be Lonely Jans 4:58
Tom Jans-guitars, vocals
Mimi Fariņa-guitar, vocals
Craig Doerge-piano, organ, electric piano
Sneaky Pete Kleinow-pedal steel guitar
Leland Sklar-bass
Russ Kunkel-drums
Jim Keltner-drums, percussion
Emil Richards-percussion, tamboura
Edgar Lustgarten-cello
Produced by: Michael Jackson


8th Big Sur Folk Festival(Sept 25, 1971—last one) Mimi & Tom
Letter To Jesus / Madman
M Fariņa (3:19) / M Fariņa-Jans (4:00)
A&M 1302, 10/71



Birmingham Sunday Joan Baez (5) 10/64
Children Of Darkness Joan Baez (Joan) 8/67
Hard Loving Loser Judy Collins (In My Life) 11/66
Morgan The Pirate Iain Matthews (If You Saw Thro' My Eyes) 6/71
Pack Up Your Sorrows Judy Collins (Fifth Album) 9/65
  Joan Baez (45) 6/66
  Peter, Paul & Mary (Album) 7/66
  Al Kooper (45) ?/66
Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood Pete Seeger (God Bless The Grass) 1/66
Reno, Nevada Iain Matthews (If You Saw Thro' My Eyes) 6/71
Swallow Song Joan Baez (45) 6/66


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