Ian [Iain] Matthews
Matthews' Southern Comfort

Matthews' Southern Comfort
Decca DL-75191
Back Cover

UK Inside Cover

Side One
Colorado Springs Eternal Barlby 2:25
A Commercial Proposition Thompson 6:18
The Castle Far Barlby 5:29
Please Be My Friend Matthews 2:42
What We Say Matthews 2:27
Dream Song Matthews 2:13
Side Two
Fly Pigeon Fly Barlby-Hamwood 2:49
The Watch Barlby-Cornford-Matthews 3:34
Sweet Bread Barlby 4:48
Thoughts For A Friend Matthews 3:17
I've Lost You Barlby 2:25
Once Upon A Lifetime Barlby-Matthews 4:22
Ian Matthews-vocals
Richard Thompson-electric, acoustic guitars
Simon Nicol-electric guitar
Gordon Huntley-pedal steel guitar
Roger Coulam-piano, Hammond organ
Ashley Hutchings-bass guitar
Gerry Conway-drums, congas, tamborine
Pete Wilsher-fuzz steel guitar (Colorado Springs)
Dolly Collins-flute organ (The Castle Far)
Pol Palmer-flute
Marc Ellington-finger symbols
Produced by: Ian Matthews and Steve Barlby


Colorado Springs Eternal / The Watch
Barlby (2:25) /Barlby-Cornford-Matthews (3:34)
Decca 32664, 6/70


Second Spring
Decca DL-75242
Back Cover

UK Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Ballad Of Obray Ramsey Matthews 2:27
Moses In The Sunshine Barnwell 6:25
Jinkson Johnson arr Matthews 5:31
Tale Of The Trial Matthews 2:43
Side Two
Blood Red Roses arr Matthews 2:30
Even As Barnwell 2:53
Darcy Farrow Campbell-Gilette 3:36
Something In The Way She Moves Taylor 4:52
Southern Comfort Fricker 7:55
Ian Matthews-vocals
Marc Griffiths-lead guitar, vocals
Carl Barnwell-acoustic guitar, banjo, vocals
Gordon Huntley-steel guitar
Andy Leigh-bass, vocals
Ray Duffy-drums
Tom Paley-banjo (Ballad Of Obray Ramsey)
Roger Churchyard-fiddle (Jinkson Johnson and Southern Comfort)
Martin Jenkins-mandolin (Southern Comfort)
Produced by: Ian Matthews and Southern Comfort


Woodstock / Ballad Of Obray Ramsey
Mitchell (4:26) / Ian Matthews (2:27)
Decca 32774, 11/70 BB


Later That Same Year
Decca DL-75264
12/70 BB
Back Cover

Side One
Woodstock Mitchell 4:26
To Love Goffin-King 4:35
And Me Matthews 4:36
Tell Me Why Young 2:03
My Lady Matthews 1:35
And When She Smiles (She Makes The Sun Shine) Anderson 2:09
Side Two
Mare, Take Me Home Anderson 3:38
Sylvie Barnwell 6:08
The Brand New Tennessee Waltz Winchester 2:57
For Melanie Barnwell 6:50
Road To Ronderlin Matthews 2:18
Ian Matthews-vocals
Mark Griffiths-lead guitar
Carl Barnwell-guitar
Gordon Huntley-steel guitar
Andy Leigh-bass
Ray Duffy-drums
Roger Coulam-piano
Tristan Frye-vibraphone
Keith Nelson-banjo
Timothy Kraemer-string arrangements
Produced by: Ian Matthews

Note: Woodstock replaced Jonah on the US release.

Hearts / If You Saw Thro' My Eyes
Matthews (3:12) / Matthews (3:20)
Vertigo VE-101, 1/71

Desert Inn / Reno Nevada
Matthews (3:30) / Fariņa (4:47)
Vertigo VE-102, 5/71

Mare, Take Me Home / The Brand New Tennessee Waltz
Anderson (3:38) / Winchester (2:57)
Decca 32845, 6/71 BB


If You Saw Thro' My Eyes
Vertigo VEL-1002
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Desert Inn Matthews 3:30
Hearts Matthews 3:12
Never Ending Matthews 2:48
Reno Nevada Fariņa 4:47
Little Known Matthews 2:55
Hinge Matthews 1:20
Side Two
Hinge Matthews 0:25
Southern Wind Matthews 3:10
It Came Without Warning Burham-Jacobs 4:01
You Couldn't Lose Matthews 3:35
Morgan The Pirate Fariņa 6:41
If You Saw Thro' My Eyes Matthews 2:34
Ian Matthews-vocals
Andy Roberts-acoustic guitar
Richard (The Fly) Thompson-guitar
Pat Donaldson-bass
Tim Renwick-guitar
Gerry Conway-drums, percussion
Keith Tippett-piano
Sandy Denny-piano, harmonium, vocals (If You Saw Thro' My Eyes)
Del Newman-String Arrangements
Produced by: Ian Matthews


Tell Me Why / To Love
Young (2:03) / Goffin-King (4:35)
Decca 32874, 10/71 BB



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